‘Vikings’ Season 5: Michael Hirst And Jonathan Rhys Meyers Discuss Bishop Heahmund’s Fate

Episode 15 saw the death of yet another character in History Channel’s Vikings. Now, the series creator, Michael Hirst, breaks down what happened in the latest episode of Vikings. SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about Episode 15 (titled “Hell”) of History Channel’s Vikings Season 5. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet […]

‘Tudors’ Jonathan Rhys Meyers Says He’s Not An Alcoholic, He’s Allergic To Alcohol

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers explains that he has a complicated relationship with alcohol, but he’s not actually an alcoholic. Many episodes of what Meyers calls “problem drinking” rather than alcoholism have been in public and the latest on an airplane. The Tudors actor explains that the whole problem stems from an allergy. The Daily Mail […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Detained At LAX For Fighting And Smoking

These days, there’s very little you can do “wrong” on a plane before you’re detained, but when you’re fighting and smoking on a plane, the long arm of the law is going to catch up with you, and quickly. And Jonathan Rhys Meyers found this out the hard way when he was detained at Los […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Wife Shares Tragic Ultrasound Video Showing Miscarriage, Explains Actor’s Relapse

Vikings actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has relapsed into depression and alcoholism after learning that his wife had suffered a miscarriage. The 40-year-old actor was spotted at the Dublin International Airport last weekend, appearing to be heavily intoxicated. According to The Sun, onlookers saw Jonathan Rhys Meyers “staggering around” while trying to board a flight to […]

‘Vikings’ Season 5 News: Heahmund Will Be A ‘Huge Addition’ As He Clashes With Ivar

Ever since Jonathan Rhys Meyers joined the cast of History Channel’s Vikings, fans have been wondering about his character, Heahmund. It is known he will be a religious warrior who goes up against the Vikings in Season 5. Other than that, news has been scant about this character. However, the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, finally […]

‘Vikings’ Season 5: First Look Images Show Bjorn In The Desert, Ivar And Heahmund Battle It Out Together

While fans anxiously await the announcement of the premiere date of Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings, new images have finally been released for the upcoming season. Already they paint an epic picture of what will happen in Season 5. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) is revealed on camelback riding through the desert. Ivar the Boneless […]

‘Vikings’ Season 5: Do We Know Anything Else About Heahmund Yet?

Ever since the announcement was made that Jonathan Rhys Meyers was joining the cast of Vikings, the news has been scant in relation to his role. Finally, in the Season 4 finale, viewers got their first glimpse of his character, Heahmund, a religious warrior who also has a penchant for the ladies. Now, as news […]

‘Ananyzapata’ Meanings From ‘Vikings’ Finale Season 4, Episode 20

Although it has been almost one month since the final episode of Vikings Season 4, Episode 20 aired, there are still fans trying to get to the bottom of the last scene of the Season 4 finale where the words anany zapata are displayed. As far as being an effective cliffhanger, there are plenty of […]

‘Vikings’ Season 5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Character Introduced In Season 4 Episode 20 Finale

The season finale of Vikings Season 4, episode 20 will continue the battle in Wessex and introduce a new character played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The actor will play a major role in Vikings Season 5, and we have details about the character and what to expect in the upcoming season. The promo for Episode […]

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Finale: Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Character Is Introduced As A ‘Religious Warrior’

The Season 4 finale of Vikings will finally introduce Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character, Heahmund, a religious warrior. But who is Heahmund, and how will his arrival affect the other characters moving forward into Season 5 of Vikings? SPOILER ALERT: This article contains historical content that may provide spoilers for Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings. […]

‘Vikings,’ Season 5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Role Is Finally Revealed

Ever since Jonathan Rhys Meyers was cast for Season 5 of History’s Vikings, fans have been speculating which historical character he would play. Finally, news has been released in regard to who Meyers will be playing. SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 5 of History’s Vikings as well as the historical aspects of some of […]

‘Vikings,’ Seasons 4 And 5: The Latest News On Episodes, New Characters And Predictions [Spoilers]

With Season 4 of History’s Vikings winding up, fans are already looking forward to the next season. So, what do you we know already for Season 5 of Vikings in regard to news, new characters and episodes? SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about Seasons 4 and 5 of History Channel’s Vikings as well as […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Welcomes New Baby With Interesting Name As Rumors About His Role In Vikings Continue

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who will be appearing in the History Channel’s hit TV show Vikings, has another big announcement to throw on top of that. He and his fiancée, Mara Lane, have just given birth to their first baby. While this may be his first time acting as a father, Meyers has considerable experience acting […]

Is There A Season 5 Episode List For History’s ‘Vikings’ Yet?

Season 4 of History’s Vikings has been extended this year, meaning, instead of Season 5 now playing, it is the second half of Season 4. However, what do we know about Season 5 of Vikings and is there an episode list yet? SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about Season 4 and 5 of History […]

‘Vikings’ Season 5: Which Characters Will Jonathan Rhys Meyers And Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland Play?

It has been announced WWE star, Edge (also known as Adam Copeland), has signed on for Season 5 of History Channel’s Vikings. Along with this cast announcement, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the other new cast member for Season 5, but who will they be playing? Spoiler alert: This article discusses the historical aspects of some […]

History Channel’s ‘Vikings’ Renewed For Season 5, New Cast Member Announced

Fans of History Channel’s Vikings can rejoice today after it was announced the historical series has been renewed for a fifth season. And following in the footsteps of season 4, season 5 will also contain 20 episodes. Jana Bennett, the president and general manager of History, made the announcement via a press release today — […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Admits To Relapsing After Being Spotted With Vodka Bottle

A few days ago actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was captured looking worse for wear with a bottle of vodka in his hand. The Dracula star, who is a recovering alcoholic, looked disheveled, and because of his appearance, fans grew worried about Meyers’ condition. Now, just a week and some change later, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Spotted With Vodka Bottle, Pics Leaked

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was recently spotted by photographers, and he does not look like he is doing very well at all. The Tudors actor was photographed leaving a shop while holding a bottle of Vodka and a bright blue shopping bag. The 37-year-old actor was dressed in a grey T-shirt that was stained along […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Was ‘Slightly Horrified’ ‘The Tudors Lasted So Long

The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers said he was “slightly horrified” that the Showtime series ran as long as it did. Meyers played King Henry VIII in the historical drama and told Radio Times that he started to feel burned out in the later seasons. He also said he had to put himself in a […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Thinks He Looks Like A Villain

Dracula star Jonathan Rhys Meyers thinks he looks like a villain. The star of NBC’s new blood-sucking series recently sat down to discuss the role with the folks at The New York Post. During the conversation, Jonathan Rhys Meyers said he plays the bad guy because he looks like one. “I suppose there’s a kind […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dismisses ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Rumors

Jonathan Rhys Meyers said he doesn’t believe rumors that he could be cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. The 36-year-old dismissed reports that he would be reuniting with director JJ Abrams. Rhys Meyers co-starred in Mission: Impossible III in 2006. The rumors started circulating in May. “Look, I’ve worked with JJ,” Rhys Meyers told Entertainment […]

End Of Summer 2013: Movies You Don’t Want To Miss In August

With summer approaching an end within the next few weeks, it seems like 2013 has been a jam packed year at the movie theater, but there are still some good films you don’t want to miss coming in August. This is just a sample of what this writer thinks are the movies that could be […]

NBC Releases Dracula Musical Trailer [Video]

Are you ready to sink your teeth into NBC’s Dracula? If you’re excited about the new fall show starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, we have something else to get your blood pumping. NBC has released a music video trailer to promote the Dracula series. It’s a new form of promotion, but it’s one that makes sense […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Circling ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Role

Now that Star Wars Episode VII has its director in JJ Abrams, it looks like the ball is rolling in the casting department. Rumor has it that period piece actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is being looked at by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, word is circulating tha,t if Jonathan Rhys […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Out Of Hospital After Rumored Relapse

The Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers left a London hospital on Thursday after he was taken to the facility when paramedics found him slumped over on the floor of his London home on Tuesday night. Meyers was found when police responded to an emergency call. The actor reportedly refused treatment for half an hour before […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hospitalized in Reported Suicide Attempt

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 33, has been hospitalized in London- reportedly after he attempted suicide. Brit media sources say Rhys Meyers has been in and out of rehab five times for a “drink problem.” Emergency services were dispatched to the actor’s home, and The Sun says Rhys Meyers refused assistance for 30 minutes after […]