Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Says He Didn’t Eat 40 Pizzas In 30 Days, He Just ‘Had’ Them

John Schnatter, the founder and ousted CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, claims that he was misunderstood when he suggested months ago that he had eaten 40 pizzas in 30 days, NBC News reports. Specifically, Schnatter says that he used the verb “had,” which is not the same as “ate.” Back in November of 2019, as […]

Papa John’s Considering Small Name Change Amid Scandals

Papa John’s is not having the best year. So, in an effort to help change consumers’ image of the company, it has taken the first step to rebrand the once-popular pizza chain. Ad Age reported that the pizza giant submitted paperwork in late August to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to tweak the spelling […]

Papa John’s Founder Launches Website To Make His Voice Heard After Ousting

According to CBS News, John Schnatter, the recently shunned founder of infamous pizza chain Papa John’s, is back in the public eye once again, this time for launching a website – – to air his grievances amid his former company’s attempts to “silence” him. On the website, Schnatter has posted a brief, personal letter […]

Papa John’s Sales Are Tanking Thanks To Founder John Schnatter’s N-Word Use

Papa John’s Pizza sales are plummeting, and while the obvious reason seems to be CEO John Schnatter’s use of a racial slur revealed earlier this year, Schnatter himself blames the new CEO for the company’s problems. As WYMT-TV (Hazard, Kentucky) reports, sales at the pizza carryout and delivery chain dropped 10.5 percent in July, while […]

Purdue To Return $8 Million To Papa John’s And Take Name Off Economic Center After John Schnatter’s Slur

The name of one of the world’s largest pizza giants is coming off of another building, leaving another college campus, and will see a lot of money come back its way. Purdue University is going to not only strip the name of John Schnatter from an economic center, but they are going to give back […]

Papa John’s Founder Sues Restaurant, Lawyer Says He Was ‘Quoting’ The N-Word And Not ‘Using’ It

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the restaurant he started, claiming that he was falsely accused of using the “N-word” during a conference call and that the company failed to defend him amid the controversies that led to his separate resignations as CEO, then as chairman. He also alleged that […]

Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Now Says That His Resignation Was ‘A Mistake’

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter wrote a letter to the company’s Board of Directors, saying his resignation as Chairman of the Board was a “mistake.” As ABC News reports, Schnatter resigned last week as Chairman of the Board of the company he founded, following reports that he had used a racial slur, commonly referred to […]

Papa John’s Founder Is Fighting His Forced Resignation, Plans To Bring Kanye West Into The Fold

Don’t worry, we’re just as confused as you are — John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s, has decided that no, as a matter of fact, he will not go quietly into that long good night, thank you very much. In fact, according to CNBC, he’s not only fighting what he’s calling his “forced resignation,” […]

‘Papa John’ Schnatter Now Says He Was ‘Pushed’ Into Using The N-Word

Fallout from this week’s news that Papa John’s founder John Schnatter used the n-word in a May conference call has been extensive. The news broke Wednesday, and before the day was over, Schnatter had resigned as the company’s chairman. He issued a statement through Papa John’s in which he acknowledged his mistake. “News reports attributing […]

Papa Johns Founder Resigns, Admits News Of Racial Slur Usage Is True In Statement

Once again, Papa Johns founder John Schnatter is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Last year, Schnatter found himself in hot water after condemning NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem before games. Following his statements, his pizza sales subsequently tanked. But rather than pointing the finger at himself, the founder blamed the […]

‘Papa John’ Schnatter Used The N-Word And Detailed Lynchings On A Marketing Call

The founder of Papa John’s pizza — the titular “Papa John” Schnatter — has come under fire, again, this time for allegedly using the N-word while on a business conference call. According to Forbes Magazine, an employee with “knowledge of the situation” told the outlet that the incident happened back in May 2018, when the […]

Steve Ritchie Named CEO Of Papa John’s, Stock Price Likely To Fluctuate As Investors React

Steve Ritchie will step up and become the new CEO of pizza maker Papa John’s International next month. Yesterday, John Schnatter, the company’s current CEO and founder, announced he is vacating the position. Ritchie started with Papa John’s 21 years ago as a customer service rep, earning minimum wage. Later, in 2006, he purchased and […]

White Supremacist Group ‘Alt-Right’ Makes Shocking Announcement On Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s pizza has been in the news quite a bit lately due to founder John Schnatter blaming the decline in sales on the NFL protests, namely those with players kneeling during the national anthem. Since Schnatter made the claim, Papa John’s has come under fire from the left, especially on social media. But now, […]

DiGiorno Pizza And Papa John’s Get Into An Epic Twitter War After Papa John’s Blames Low Sales On NFL Protests

It may not be delivery, but DiGiorno pizza is delivering some sick burns. The frozen pizza brand slammed Papa John’s after the founder and CEO, John Schnatter, blamed the NFL protests for his company’s dismal sales, leading to an epic Twitter war. Colin Kaepernick first started kneeling during the National Anthem at football games last […]

Papa John’s CEO Did What? John Schnatter Reportedly Dubbed A ‘Pizza Traitor’ For Two Ridiculous Reasons

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s, is reportedly being ridiculed because of pictures that recently surfaced online. Apparently, the notable pizza expert has broken two rules, and now many are calling him a “pizza traitor.” A seemingly innocent dinner engagement has ruffled quite a few feathers for two ridiculous reasons. According to TMZ, the 53-year-old […]

‘Papa John’ Schnatter Walks It Back On Obamacare Threats

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s, has come in for a fair bit of criticism after his repeated complaints about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare. Schnatter’s Obamacare opposition has been covered heavily for months now and across social media sites like Facebook, debates have raged, and many an infographic […]

Papa John’s Obamacare Cost: Five Cents Per Pizza

Papa John’s will have to fork over five cents per pizza to afford health care for its full time employees, according to UPI. Although Papa John’s International Chief Executive Officer John Schnatter has stated that providing health care for his employees would cost the company 10 to 14 cents per pizza, a recent Forbes study […]

John Schnatter: Papa John’s CEO Says Company Cutting Back Employee Hours Because Of Obamacare

John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s, said the pizza company is cutting back on employee hours and Obamacare is to blame. Schnatter, who had previously threatened to cut back on hours if President Obama was re-elected and Obamacare upheld, said that in order to pay for health care increases he will likely reduce workers […]

Papa John’s Price Increase Is Not ‘Because Of Obamacare,’ CEO Pledges To Pass Costs On To Consumers

COMMENTARY | Papa John’s price increase has become a political dispute in recent days, as the company’s CEO has threatened Americans who live in localities with apparently sucky pizza with a several-cents per pie increase… blaming the president and his controversial Obamacare act for their pricing policies. At the heart of the Papa John’s price […]

Obamacare Casualty, Papa John’s Pizza To Raise Prices To Cover Costs Of Health Care

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, has announced that he is going to have to raise prices on average about $.20 per order in order to compensate for the increased cost to his business to implement the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Schnatter joins a slew of CEO’s who say that the price of Obamacare […]

Papa John’s founder reunited with beloved Camaro, gives away free pizza

“Papa” John Schnatter saved his family’s business in 1983, but he had to sell his beloved 1971 1/2 Camaro to do it. He was too heartbroken to watch his beloved ride drive off into the sunset. And the business, that eventually grew into Papa John’s Pizza. Becoming a wealthy man in the intervening years, Schnatter […]

Don’t Eat Too Much Pizza, Says Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter

It’s not the kind of marketing message a company craves: John Schnatter, founder and CEO of pizza chain Papa John’s, has advised customers not to eat a lot of pizza. John Schnatter’s Papa John’s Comments John Schnatter’s comments came during an interview with the BBC’s “Radio Four” show in the U.K. this week. Schnatter was […]