Rolling Stones Debut ‘Scarlet,’ A Previously Unreleased Song From 1974 Featuring Jimmy Page Of Led Zeppelin

The Rolling Stones have released a new song for fans to enjoy, Rolling Stone magazine reported. “Scarlet” was recorded in October 1974 and features Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Blind Faith bassist Rick Grech. As The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards explained, the collaboration was a spontaneous one after The Stones and Zeppelin found […]

Led Zeppelin Announces First Authorized Documentary For Band’s 50th Anniversary

The surviving members of British rock band Led Zeppelin have taken part in a new documentary that celebrates the band’s 50th anniversary. The film, which has yet to be titled, is currently in post production, The Guardian reported. This will be the first time Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones have come together […]

Jimmy Page Has Loaned Stunning Pre-Raphaelite Tapestries To Tate Britain’s Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition

Jimmy Page, the 74-year-old guitarist extraordinaire, is also a self-proclaimed lover of all things Pre-Raphaelite, and has just loaned two stunning tapestries to the Tate Britain for their new Edward Burne-Jones exhibition which has officially opened today. As the Arizona Daily Star reports, these gorgeous tapestries depict scenes from the legend of King Arthur and […]

Jimmy Page Is Fuming Over Neighbor Robbie Williams, Whose Proposed Construction Plan Could Damage Precious Art

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is currently fighting to save the artwork and incredible heritage at his Grade-I listed Tower House home in Holland Park, something that could be in very real jeopardy if neighbor Robbie Williams wins his battle to build a massive basement in the 47-room home that he bought next door in […]

Christmas Surprise: Jimmy Page Reveals Led Zeppelin Will Release New Material On 50th Anniversary

One of the greatest rock bands in history, Led Zeppelin, is planning to release previously unheard material on the band’s 50th anniversary in 2018, according to Jimmy Page. Promising all “manners of surprises” during an interview with the Academy of Achievement, Led Zeppelin’s lead guitarist did not elaborate on what exactly the fans could expect […]

What Is Fate Of ‘Flaming June,’ The ‘Mona Lisa’ Of The Southern Hemisphere? Did Painting Survive Maria?

Pre-Raphaelite art fans around the world are awaiting news from Puerto Rico on the fate of Flaming June. Did the ubiquitous painting survive Hurricane Maria? The images coming from Puerto Rico are horrific. Roofs are blown off of buildings, people are wandering through knee-deep water, and communications are predicted to be out for months. Food […]

Did Robert Plant Just Confirm A Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Led Zeppelin is the one reunion fans have been holding out hope for through recent years, even amid other classic rock reunions, but it never seemed to materialize. Now, as Led Zeppelin nears a milestone, the band’s 50th anniversary, hope for that reunion has been restored. A vague message shared by none other than former […]

Led Zeppelin Legend Jimmy Page Accused Of Being A ‘Mentally ill Stalker’ By His Boy-Band Neighbor

Update: A representative of Robbie Williams reached out to Inquisitr with a statement from the singer. “I would like to offer my sincere apologies to Jimmy Page, my neighbour, for my comments made before Christmas about him in relation to my recent building works, in which I likened alleged behaviour on his part to suffering […]

Update: Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Trial Caused A Little Hell

Even though Led Zeppelin first released their song “Stairway to Heaven” in 1971, the copyright infringement civil trial that was filed in 2014 began only last week, and it centers around claims that part of “Stairway” was stolen from the song “Taurus,” which was released by the band Spirit on their debut album of the […]

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Copyright Case Could Result In Reallocated Royalties

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin reunited in a Los Angeles courtroom last week, on June 17, for their “Stairway to Heaven” copyright trial. The lawsuit claims the band ripped off a riff from the instrumental “Taurus” by the classic rock group Spirit. Billboard reports that the estate for Spirit’s late guitarist Randy Wolfe, also […]

Jimmy Page Takes The Stand For Animated Testimony In Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Plagiarism Trial

Jimmy Page was the first big name to take the stand in Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism trial. According to Rolling Stone, the was an audible gasp throughout the courtroom when a ponytailed Page was called up to the witness stand, despite the fact that there was never any doubt the royal rock star […]

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page Appear At Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Trial As Superfan Is Dismissed

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were front and center for the first day of Led Zeppelin plagiarism trial, which kicked off in Los Angeles more than 40 years after “Stairway to Heaven,” the song in question, was recorded by the iconic British band. Plant and Page sat with their lawyers as jury selection in the […]

Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Lawsuit Could Be Settled For $1 And Some Credit

Led Zeppelin could make that nasty “Stairway to Heaven” copyright lawsuit go away for a mere dollar, but they would have to give credit to a songwriter who died nearly 20 years ago. Lawyers representing Los Angeles rock band Spirit are reportedly willing to settle their plagiarism case aimed at the iconic 1971 Led Zeppelin […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion Welcomed By Jimmy Page, But Robert Plant Says It Was A ‘Jukebox’ And Won’t Go ‘Back To The Same Old Sh*t’

Led Zeppelin is the British rock band that soared for 12 years, from 1968 to 1980, and ended with the death of drummer John Bonham. Despite being out of the limelight for 35 years, the band has still hung on through the use of their music in soundtracks. The Star reports that the most recent […]

Weird Al: 4 Artists Who Have Said No To A Parody — And 1 Artist Who Won’t Even Allow Him To Make Eye Contact

Weird Al Yankovic has just announced the first set of dates for his Australian and New Zealand tour, following the release of his latest album, Mandatory Fun, in 2014. Weird Al is coming to Australia next year. — Alex Lee (@alex_c_lee) September 27, 2015 Weird Al spoke with Australian Channel Nine’s Today show, and […]

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page Vows ‘No More Studio Stuff’

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been consumed with the unique project of creating expanded sets for the Led Zeppelin albums Presence(1976), In Through the Out Door (1979), and Coda(1982), all of which are to be released on July 31. It might seem like a daunting task, but it was one that Jimmy has […]

Robbie Williams And Jimmy Page In Celebrity ‘Neighbours From Hell’ Stand Off

Take That star Robbie Williams and former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page have reportedly become the worst of neighbours. Perhaps surprisingly it is not hell-raising antics, drug use, or interest in the occult that has brought the musician neighbours into conflict. According to the Daily Mail, Williams and Page have fallen out over Robbie’s proposed […]

Jimmy Page’s Girlfriend, 25, Steps Out With Him In London: Who Is She?

Jimmy Page’s girlfriend is only 25, and that is causing many people to talk about the singer. According to Yahoo News, Jimmy Page and his rumored girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet, were seen out in London on Tuesday. The couple held hands as they walked down the street near his home together in their matching leather jackets. […]

Robert Plant Joins Jack White To Perform Led Zeppelin Classic [Video]

Robert Plant joined Jack White onstage earlier this weekend in South America, stepping in to recreate his classic vocals on Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song,” a piece that has recently found its way into White’s setlist. Jack White and his band were performing at Lollapalooza Argentina, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, on Saturday, March 21 […]

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Blown Away: Young Percussionists Cover ‘Kashmir’ In Viral Video

When a percussion group from Kentucky decided to cover Led Zepplin’s song “Kashmir” and two other hits, they never imagined it would get the attention of Jimmy Page himself, and now the video has gone viral. The legendary guitarist was so impressed that he had to share the adorable group’s rendition of their famous song […]

Jimmy Page To Release ‘Sound Tracks’ Box Set

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has announced the release of Sound Tracks, a special edition box set compiling his compositions for the films Lucifer Rising and Death Wish II. In an announcement on Page’s website, the album is described as a quadruple box set, containing not only the original works but also rare, never-before-heard tracks. […]

War Of Words Erupts Between Led Zeppelin Legend And His Boy Band Neighbour

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page has become embroiled in a bitter planning dispute with his neighbor and former Take That member Robbie Williams. The rock god and the pop prince are neighbors in the Holland Park area of west London, and Robbie’s plans to do up his £17 million mansion have not gone down at […]

No Led Zeppelin Reunion: Robert Plant Tears Up $800 Million Contract

Editor’s Note: the original source article for this story, published by the Mirror, has been deleted from their Web site. The Guardian has since heard from Robert Plant’s PR folk, who called the story “rubbish.” Looks like we’re all a little dazed and confused… The song may remain the same, but the pay was just […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion: Robert Plant Rips Up $300 Million Contract, Refuses To Rejoin Legendary Band

A Led Zeppelin reunion tour, backed by an astonishing amount of money put up by British billionaire Richard Branson, will never happen — because singer Robert Plant ripped up a contract that would have paid him about $300 million to play 35 concerts with the the legendary band in just three cities. The information about […]

Hear Miley Cyrus’ Lo-Fi Led Zeppelin Cover [AUDIO]

Miley Cyrus uploaded a rather low-quality recording of the 1969 Led Zeppelin classic “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ to her Soundcloud page, continuing what has become seemingly an obsession with 1960’s music and culture. Cyrus also recently teamed up with the Flaming Lips in concert to perform a version of The Beatles’ “Lucy In the […]

Led Zeppelin’s Next Round Of Remastering Includes IV, Houses Of The Holy

For Led Zeppelin, the song remains the same. You have many new ways to buy it, though. Spearheaded by guitarist Jimmy Page, the reissuing of the band’s library will begin its second round with the releases of Led Zeppelin IV and Houses Of The Holy on October 28. Led Zeppelin IV was originally released in […]

No Led Zeppelin Tour Without Robert Plant, Says Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin fans looking for a grand reunion tour featuring Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham will have to be more patient. Jimmy Page continues his war of words with Robert Plant and consistent dropping of hints at a reunion tour by stating […]

Led Zeppelin Poised To Dominate Billboard Top 10

Rock giants Led Zeppelin are poised to conquer the charts once again, following the high-profile re-release of their first three albums. Billboard reports that the legendary band, which broke up in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham, is likely to see the reissues all chart within the top 10, a feat unrivaled since […]

Led Zeppelin Sued In Amazingly Entertaining Way

After threats issued last month, the estate of former spirit guitarist Randy “California” Wolfe has filed suit against Led Zeppelin, claiming that the British rockers lifted part of their biggest hit, Stairway To Heaven, from one of California’s songs. The suit, filed in the US District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania on May 31st, alleges that […]

Led Zeppelin To Play Glastonbury? Jimmy Page Speaks

Jimmy Page has spoken out during the vast led Zeppelin reissue campaign, addressing rumors that the band may one day re-form to play the Glastonbury festival, and what he said has Zeppelin fans raising their collective eyebrows. “I haven’t heard about anything since the 2007 O2 gig, but you never know do you,” Page said, […]

Unreleased Led Zeppelin Song Surfaces Ahead Of Reissues

Fans of Led Zeppelin received an unexpected surprise this past week when the band’s unreleased track “La La” made its way to the internet. Dating from the Led Zeppelin II sessions in 1969, the instrumental is included in the forthcoming deluxe-edition reissue of the iconic British album, according to a report in Rolling Stone. The […]

Led Zeppelin Sued Over Stairway To Heaven

Led Zeppelin’s reissues of their classic albums, set for release next month, may come with a side order of legal drama. The band is being sued over the authorship of its signature tune, “Stairway to Heaven.” Former members of the 1960s band Spirit claim “Heaven” is a copyright infringement on their song “Taurus.” “Taurus” is […]

Jimmy Page Prepping ‘New Songs’, Claims No Lack Of Material

Legendary guitarist and producer Jimmy Page has “lots of material,” according to a new interview with Rolling Stone, and the Led Zeppelin member plans to develop it in the coming months, with an eye toward a new album or tour on the horizon. “I have ideas of what I want to do,” the 70 year […]

Robert Plant Opens Up On Led Zeppelin Tour That Never Was

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is opening up about his decision to walk away from a tour that could have been the biggest of all time. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Plant addressed the topic of the failed Led Zeppelin tour, which many fans hoped would occur following the band’s long-awaited 2007 reunion. The […]

Led Zeppelin: Unreleased Tracks From Band’s Prime Coming On Reissued Albums

Led Zeppelin broke up in 1980 after ruling the rock music landscape for the previous decade. In 1982, the band issued its final album, appropriately titled Coda, consisting of unreleased tracks recorded throughout the legendary band’s career. And then, nothing. Until now. Starting on June 2, Led Zeppelin will begin reissuing their nine, classic original […]

Robert Plant Teases Led Zeppelin Reunion, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Robert Plant said he is open to the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion. The legendary musician sat down to chat with the folks at 60 Minutes in Australia earlier this year. During his appearance on the program, Plant said that his schedule was wide open in 2014 for a possible Led Zeppelin reunion. According […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion Possible, Robert Plant Says

A Led Zeppelin reunion tour could happen soon if Robert Plant has anything to do with it. The band’s frontman revealed that such a tour could occur as early as next year. “I’ve got nothing to do in 2014,” Plant said on the Australian edition of 60 Minutes. Plant also downplayed the idea he was […]

Robert Plant Snaps On Journalists: ‘Stop Asking About Led Zeppelin Reunion’

Robert Plant is sick and tired of fielding questions about a potential Led Zeppelin reunion. During a press conference to promote their newest concert film, Plant snapped on an Associated Press reporter who asked Led Zeppelin if the film’s release meant that fans could “anticipate something bigger” out of the band, like a potential reunion […]

Jimmy Page Isn’t Feeling Led Zeppelin Reunion

Jimmy Page has spoken out about the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion, and it doesn’t look very promising for fans of the classic rock band. Jimmy Page — appearing with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham — was at a press conference promoting the film Celebration Day when he put the kibosh […]