Jill Duggar Says She Never Expected To Distance Herself From Supersized Clan: ‘We’d Had Enough’

Jill Duggar Dillard revealed she never expected to distance herself from her supersized clan in a new interview with People Magazine. She claimed that she and Derick Dillard were through with being told how to live their lives. The best way to handle the situation was to put some space between themselves and her parents, […]

Jill Duggar Reveals She’s ‘Not On The Best Terms’ With Her Family In New Video With Husband Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar told fans she is healing from a rift with members of her famous family. The former Counting On star and her husband, Derick Dillard, gave their followers an update in a new Q&A video on their official YouTube channel. In the update, titled “Learning From the Past & Preparing for the Future,” the […]

Jill Duggar Says She Chose To Start Wearing Pants After ‘Growing As A Couple’ With Her Husband Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar — who now goes by her married name, Jill Dillard, on social media — said she bucked her conservative Christian family’s tradition of not allowing girls and women to wear pants after she and her husband, Derick Dillard, discussed things and grew as a couple. The 29-year-old and her siblings were thrust into […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Notice Something Strange About Jill Duggar’s 1st Birthday Cake For Baby Samuel

Jill Duggar Dillard has done it again. The former Counting On star hosted a first birthday party for her youngest son, Samuel, earlier this month, but her recently posted photos of the bash had some fans scratching their heads. The 19 Kids and Counting daughter posted videos of her son’s first birthday celebration to the […]

Jill Duggar Rocks A Pair Of Shorts And Tank Top Impressing Fans With Her New Style

People are so used to seeing Jill Duggar in a dress or skirt for so many years that it’s almost a shock when she steps out in something else. She seems to have gotten the Jinger fever lately. Everyone was pretty shocked to see Jill in a pair of pants a few months ago. Now […]

Jinger Duggar Is Feeling The Texas Heat During Her Pregnancy, Fans Give Helpful Tips On Staying Cool

Jinger Duggar is about 32 weeks pregnant, and she is getting into the home stretch and it looks like she is really feeling the heat now. The Counting On star took to her Instagram account to post the weather forecast for Laredo, Texas, where she and her pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, live. It showed that […]

Derick And Jill Dillard Explain Family Trip To Colorado: Son Was Sick During Hour-Long Walk To Chick-Fil-A

Derick and Jill Dillard released information about their recent Colorado trip Saturday evening. Among other details, they discussed Jill and the kids being left in a hotel room while Derick joined his mission group, and their young sons being sick on the trip, which included, according to Jill, an hour-long walk for fast food. Derick […]

Duggar Parenting Methods Called To Question Again With Jill Dillard’s Instagram Pic

The Duggars are in the line of fire again after Jill Dillard’s recent Instagram post, with critics questioning the family’s parenting methods. Jill shared a picture of herself and son Samuel Scott Dillard nestled in her arms while wrapped in what appears to be a blanket. Some of the former Counting On personality’s followers inferred […]

‘Rebel Duggar’ Jill Dillard: Viewers Say Her Nose Ring Isn’t What You Think

There has been an ongoing discussion among viewers about whether Jill Duggar Dillard’s (relatively) recent nose piercing makes her the family member who has rebelled the most against Jim Bob and Michelle’s strict clothing rules. While Jill’s cousin, Amy King, used to be called the “rebel Duggar” for wearing jeans on the show, sisters Jinger […]

Jill Dillard Updates Website After Criticism, Viewers Still Say She’s Got It Wrong

Jill Dillard, former reality star from the shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, stays in contact with her former viewers through social media platforms and her family’s website. After a recent update, Jill promoted her site a bit more, and added a new recipe. Drawn to the Dillard Family site through Jill’s social […]

Jill Dillard: Duggar Daughter Accused Of Plagiarism; Viewers Say She’s Stealing Content For Website

Jill Dillard, Duggar daughter and ex-reality star, recently updated her family’s website and has been promoting it on social media. The content includes family photos, a blog, and a page of recipes. However, the viewing public noticed something when Jill announced a “new” recipe posted Easter weekend. The recipe, for a stuffed zucchini dish, wasn’t […]

Derick Dillard Says He’d Support Jill Dillard Getting An Abortion — On One Condition

Speaking out against abortion is one of Derick Dillard’s Twitter themes, along with Bible verses, Jazz Jennings, and, most recently, a claim that he and Jill Dillard weren’t paid for appearances on the Duggar family’s reality show. The former reality star also frequently engages with his social media followers, answering some of their questions about […]

Are The Adult Duggar Kids Even Getting Paid? ‘As Far As We Could Tell, We Were Volunteers’

The Duggar kids have been on television for almost 14 years, since their 2004 debut in 14 Children and Pregnant Again. Some of the Duggar kids have had their stories broadcast since before birth. In some states, strong laws protect children like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 offspring, resident nephew, and 10 grandkids (with […]

Derick Dillard Spills: ‘Exploitation’ By TLC, Sam In The NICU, More

Viewers of the TLC reality show Counting On have wondered for a while what’s going on with Jill and Derick Dillard and their sons, Israel and Sam. Since returning from Central America, the Dillard family has left the show (accounts vary regarding whether they did so voluntarily). Viewers have questioned what happened with Sam’s birth, […]

Could Jill Duggar Be Pregnant? Fans Speculate Over Recent Social Media Posts

Joy-Anna Duggar is anticipating the birth of her first child to take place at any moment. While bringing a child into the world can be a joyous time during where plenty of attention is paid to the new mother, fans of TLC’s hit series Counting On have shifted their attention to Joy-Anna’s older sister. Jill […]

Jill Duggar Dillard’s Husband Derick Defends Her Midwife Qualifications: ‘I Drove Her To Take The Test!’

Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband, Derick, has become social media famous for responding to viewers with snippets denying rumors, news snippets, and Duggar traditions. In his latest response, Derick addresses a story that’s more than two years old: Jill’s qualifications as a midwife. The Inquisitr published back in 2015 a doctor’s characterization of Jill’s as a […]

Blanket Training — Which Duggar Couples Will Use It? One Husband Says Not His Family

One of the many controversies surrounding the Duggar family, “blanket training” is a method of controlling children from a very young age. It involves placing temptations in front of a very young child, then hitting him for succumbing. The Duggar family has been criticized for using this, among other methods promoted by Michael and Debi […]

‘Counting On’ Return Date Announced: Duggar Family Blog Announces Date Of New Season On Their Blog

The Counting On return date has been revealed! After months of behind-the-scenes drama and speculation that the popular TLC show might not return at all, the Duggar Family revealed on their official blog that the show is returning – and provided the date! As InTouchWeekly reported, the news of the supposed return date comes from […]

How Jill Duggar Dillard And Husband Derick’s Social Media Could Affect Adoption Chances

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have spoken on reality TV about the desire to adopt. However, what they’ve been saying (and showing) on social media could present a barrier, if that continues to be a goal of theirs. Much of the controversy over the couple’s social media has been connected to Derick’s religious beliefs, and […]

The Duggar Family Refuses To Swim In Public And Other Odd Rules For The ‘Counting On’ Stars

The Duggar family are known for their strict rules, with some of them being obvious — like no sex before marriage — while others are a bit more mysterious. The stars of 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff Counting On have often spoken about their modest dress code, but what does that have to […]

TLC Cuts Ties With Derick Dillard After Negative Comments About Jazz Jennings

TLC Network has decided to cut ties with Derick Dillard after comments that he keeps making on Twitter. Fans noticed that Jill and Derick Dillard were not on the show much during the last season and it turns out that there is a reason. They went to their Twitter today to share the news with […]

A Quiet Shunning: Is Derick Dillard Being Shut Out By The Duggar Family?

Derick Dillard may be the current most controversial member of the Duggar extended family. His Twitter activity has been drawing responses from viewers who don’t agree with his hard-line stance on transgender people, LGBTQ rights, and religious freedom. While Josh Duggar has been largely relegated to the background and shadows of the family’s very public […]

Why ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Remains Unmarried, While Her Younger Sisters Start Families

For most people, being 27 and unmarried is not that big of a deal, but when you are a member of Counting On stars the Duggar family, the expectation is to be at least engaged, if not already married with children. Jana Duggar’s younger sisters all got married around the age of 21, and her […]

Duggar Family Feud: Extended Family Reportedly Shunning Derick Dillard After He Broke Strict Family Rules

A Duggar family feud is reportedly heating up, with reports that the family is now shunning Derick Dillard after he violated their strict rules on conduct. The husband of sister Jill Duggar has reportedly been on the outs for several weeks, Radar Online noted, with Dillard seated on the other side of the church away […]

Duggar Family Friends Confirm: ‘Counting On’ Episodes Edited To Hide Some Guests

The Duggar family’s reality show, Counting On, just closed another season. Viewers watched closely for Josh Duggar, since photos appeared to show him in the wedding party at one of the two weddings featured this season, and since his return has been rumored for a while. On Saturday, a family friend confirmed why he wasn’t […]

Jill Duggar Gushes About Sweet Gesture Of Derick Dillard, Says Girls Should Find A Guy Like Her Husband

Derick Dillard is becoming quite unpopular on social media after his anti-transgender rants and tweets about his staunch religious beliefs. But Jill Duggar is tuning out all the haters and sticking up to her man. In a new Instagram post, Jill gushed about her “hubby” and proudly shared how Derick recently surprised her with a […]

Does The New Season Of ‘Counting On’ Confirm Something Went Wrong When Jill Duggar Gave Birth To Samuel?

Fans have long suspected that something went wrong with the birth of Jill Duggar Dillard’s youngest child, Samuel Scott. Although the family confirmed that things were fine with the baby, not as many photos of him appeared on Jill’s social media as they did when she gave birth to her son, Israel. Additionally, Jill’s Instagram […]

Derick Dillard: Duggar Husband Shows Support For Trump, Viewers Ask Where Donations Went, Again

While the rest of the Duggar family have been less vocal than usual about supporting a specific candidate in the most recent election cycle, Derick Dillard has been open about his choice. In a recent series of posts, Dillard chronicled a trip to D.C. with his church, then finally expressed his support for Trump with […]

Next Step In Josh Duggar And Sisters’ Lawsuits: More Dismissal Filings By Defendants

In two separate lawsuits, Josh Duggar and his sisters Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard, and Joy Forsyth, are suing a long list of defendants over the release of police reports detailing the alleged abuse of five underage female victims at Josh’s hands. Now more filings have been submitted in both Duggar cases, in which […]

Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Hiding Her Baby Bump? ‘Counting On’ Stars Fuel Shotgun Wedding Rumors

Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth announced her pregnancy just three months after she married Austin Forsyth, rumors of a shotgun wedding have followed the couple. The gossip is heating up even more, now that Duggar-Forsyth has posted two cryptic baby bump photos, and doctors are saying the Counting On star definitely got pregnant before she got […]

Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Use A Tortilla To Protect Samuel From The Sun, Haters Have A Field Day

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, like the rest of their family either named “Duggar” or who married into the family, are no strangers to controversy, even when it comes down to ridiculously mundane things. And this week, the pair are caught up in a controversy over what may possibly be the most mundane thing imaginable: […]

Derick Dillard: Duggar Husband Responds To Firing Rumors, Asks Viewers What He Should Do

Derick Dillard, who joined the Duggar family in 2014, less than a year before a release of records would bring the family a new type of notoriety, has been creating controversy of his own. On social media, Derick has called out a young transgender child, calling her a “non-reality,” misgendering her, and leading TLC, the […]

Jill Dillard: Duggar Brothers Might Join U.S. Military

Jill Dillard announced to her Instagram followers Monday that some of the Duggar brothers might join the U.S. Military. The declaration came as viewers questioned why the Duggar family would promote paramilitary organizations such as Alert Academy, when none of them chooses to serve in any actual military capacity as adults. Jill responded to one […]

Duggars Release Baby Samuel’s Latest Pics Amid Derick’s Twitter Scandal, Fans Accuse Damage Control Attempt

The Duggar family has released the latest batch of baby Samuel’s photos on their official website, but the reception of the Counting On community has been polarized at best. Announced through the family’s official Facebook page and Jill’s Instagram account, Samuel’s latest baby pics were met with a mixture of criticism and accusations from members […]

Duggar Family Lawsuit: In New Filing, Sisters Say County Employees Acted With Intent, Should Have No Immunity

There’s an update on matters in the Duggar family’s lawsuit — or, more specifically, the lawsuit Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, Joy Forsyth, and Jill Dillard filed against their county in Arkansas, and county employees, among other entities. A filing in court Monday reflects that the four sisters want to be certain that individuals employed by […]

Duggar Family News: Jill’s Sickly Look, Baby Samuel’s Jaundiced Appearance Continue To Spark Worry Among Fans

It took them a while, but the Duggars have finally released the first set of photos featuring Samuel Scott Dillard, the latest addition to the iconic reality TV family. Apart from this, Jill Duggar Dillard, who has been absent in social media for some time, was also featured in the first publicly-shared album of the […]

Josh Duggar Describes ‘Traumatic Experience’ As A Teenager, Says He’s Been Forced To Relive It

In the latest lawsuit associated with his family, Josh Duggar indicates that as a teenager, he suffered a traumatic experience and that he’s being forced to relive that experience thanks to the publication of a police report detailing abuse allegations from that time. After Josh had rescinded a request to join his sisters’ lawsuit against […]

Jill Duggar Due Date In Question: Will She Give Birth This Week?

Jill Duggar Dillard is expecting her second child soon and fans are super excited about it. The reality star and her husband, Derick Dillard, will welcome another little boy into their family, likely in the coming days as she is due in early July. Counting On fans are well aware that it is, indeed, already […]

Jill, Derick Dillard Celebrate Their 3rd Wedding Anniversary: What Did The Couple Do?

Jill and Derick Dillard just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. This couple has one little boy, with another one the way. They couldn’t be more excited about the new baby. Us Weekly shared the details of their big anniversary, which they celebrated on June 19, 2017. Derick Dillard shared about their anniversary and what they […]

Duggar News: ‘New’ Photos Of Sisters Don’t Show Any Baby Bumps In Sight

The latest Duggar news suggests that there won’t be any pregnancy announcements any time soon, based on two photos posted (one is above, the other is pasted below) on the family’s official Facebook page. However, there may be a catch. While the Duggar girls are all looking lovely and there isn’t a baby bump in […]

Duggar Sisters’ Lawsuit ‘Misguided,’ Seeking Money, Says City Of Springdale

Two years ago, the Duggar family was the center of public scandal when police documents were released showing that the oldest sibling had molested several of his younger sisters, as well as at least one person outside the family. However, that was the barest beginning of what would proceed to be two years of public […]

Jeremy Vuolo: Duggar-In-Law Derides Catholic Church, Says It ‘Defiled The Term Saint’

The Duggar family has previously created controversy through the way they speak of the Catholic faith, and a recent sermon by Jeremy Vuolo, who married into the family six months ago, suggests he will raise the same concerns. Jeremy preaches at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, and in a sermon uploaded to the church […]

Duggar Family Posts Photo With Jill Dillard, Again Raising Questions About Return To U.S.A. [Update]

Update: Despite the previous statement from the Duggar family stating that Derick and Jill Dillard would not return to the U.S. until summer, as of the evening of May 18, they have posted that they have returned, some 20 hours after the old photo stirred up rumors. The Duggar family has posted a photo of […]

Jill Dillard: Duggar Family Denies Rumors That She’s Back In Arkansas [Update]

Update: though the Duggar family statement asserted that Jill Dillard would be in Central America until summer, as of May 18, she is reportedly home. Original story: In response to recent rumors about Jill Dillard, the Duggar family has issued a statement denying that she has returned to the United States. The rumor, repeated on […]

As Duggar Family Gears Up For New Reality TV Season, Their Religious Leadership Takes More Hits

The Duggar family is expected to return soon for another season of reality TV — but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Some very controversial religious ministries are associated closely with the Duggar name. These conservative groups are currently taking blow after blow, and it looks as though it’s far from over. It […]

Ben Seewald: Duggar Husband Studies To Refute Catholicism While Jill And Derick Evangelize To Catholics

Duggar husband Ben Seewald is back on social media to share his thoughts on religion — and this time he’s taking aim at Catholic beliefs. Across his social media platforms, Seewald shared images and information about a book he’s currently reading that focuses on the difference between Catholic and Protestant beliefs. When some Catholic fans […]

Jinger Duggar Faces Instagram Rumors As Pregnant Jill Dillard Does Mission Work

Jinger Duggar is starting her own life with her husband Jeremy Vuolo in Laredo, Texas. Since she is part of the Duggar family, it’s natural that all the fans of Jill & Jessa: Counting On are wondering when she will get pregnant and have her first baby. The couple got married just five months ago, […]

‘It’s Not A Vacation’ — Jill & Derick Dillard, Duggar Missionaries, Deny Claims

In a recent TLC video, Jill and Derick Dillard are responding to some of the criticism they’ve received about their time in Central America. While they say it’s a long-term mission trip, critics have called it a vacation and complained that the couple makes too many trips back to Arkansas. Even fans have expressed concern […]

Duggar News: Jill And Derick Dillard Return To Central America For Missions Work

Jill and Derick Dillard have returned to Central America for missions work, and it appears that the Duggar daughter and her family may be preparing for lifelong careers ministering in the impoverished area. As People reports, the 2nd-oldest Duggar daughter, and 4th-oldest Duggar child, and her husband believe that they’ve been called to serve as […]

Jana Duggar Say She’s Not Allowed To Get Together With Married Siblings

There has been plenty of speculation about Jana Duggar and exactly what her role is in the family. Some viewers see Jana as the “Cinderella Duggar” or “stay-at-home-daughter,” whose job is to remain unmarried and run her parents’ household until the younger kids are old enough to care for themselves. Others believe Jana is just […]