Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Snaps Of Her ‘Early Riser’ Henry After He Falls Asleep At The Table

Jessa Duggar shared two sweet snaps of her “early riser” son Henry after he fell asleep at the table. The mother of three posted the pics as a way to demonstrate that her middle child can nod off anywhere since he gets up very early in the day. She also shared the images as a […]

Jessa Duggar Twins With Daughter Ivy In Series Of Sweet Snaps

Jessa Duggar twinned with daughter Ivy Jane in a series of sweet Instagram snaps, showing off an uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter at the same age. Jessa shared a series of eight separate uploads to the social media site where she posted side-by-side images of herself and her only daughter, shocking her social media […]

Fans Are Sure That Jill Duggar Is Hiding A Baby Bump In New Photo

Duggar fans think that Jill Duggar may just be the sixth member of the family who is expecting a baby. Every time a photo or video is released, they seem to be looking for a baby bump or some kind of hint that one of the women could be pregnant. Many suspected that Jessa Seewald […]

Anna Duggar Posts Throwback Photo, Fans Think She Is Hinting At More Baby Announcements

Anna Duggar just recently announced that she and husband Josh are expecting their sixth child in the fall. She is certainly not the only pregnant one in the family as there are three other girls who are with child. The former 19 Kids and Counting star shared a throwback snapshot on Thursday that has fans […]

The Duggar Grandkids Take Center Stage This Weekend In Sweet Instagram Photos

There is nothing more adorable than those Duggar grandkids that seem to be quite photogenic. This weekend, they took center stage in some snapshots that were shared on social media by their parents. There are certainly many of the little munchkins to go around in the TLC family with more on the way. On Friday, […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald Shows Off Growing Baby Bump in New 31-Week Photo

Jessa Duggar Seewald is now 31 weeks along in her third pregnancy and she is not shy showing off her growing baby bump. The reality star has given an update on Friday revealing how her third trimester is going so far. She posted a photo of herself and she appears to be just as healthy […]

Jana Duggar Is Teased About ‘Her Wedding,’ Jessa Seewald Hints About Big Announcement

Jana Duggar is currently 29 and still single. In most cases that wouldn’t be a big deal at all, but fans that have watched this family on reality TV for years are anxious to see the eldest female sibling have her happily-ever-after. TLC keeps touting that there is some sort of huge announcement coming up […]

Joy Duggar Proves That She Didn’t Abandon Son Gideon On His First Birthday

It appears that Joy Duggar did not abandoned her son on his first birthday after all. Fans went crazy with comments on Saturday after she posted on social media that she and husband Austin were out of town for a couple of days in Branson, Missouri. That’s when people chided her for not being with […]

Abbie Duggar Gets A Lesson In Cutting John David’s Hair From Sister-In-Law Jessa Seewald

It looks like Abbie Duggar is learning the ropes of officially being a part of the former 19 Kids and Counting family. She and John David have been married for three months now, and they seem very happy together. Now she is getting a lesson in cutting his hair, thanks to her sister-in-law, Jessa Seewald. […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald Gives First Peek Of Baby Number 3, Shares Sweet Sonogram With Fans

Jessa Duggar announced that she is expecting her third baby just three weeks ago and she now she has gotten her first look at what he or she looks like. She and husband, Ben Seewald, went to what appears to be their first appointment to get a sonogram to make sure the new baby is […]

Duggar Girls Jinger, Joy, Jessa, and Jana Promote Healthy Eating In Their Own Unique Ways

It looks like the Duggar girls are getting into the health craze just like everyone else to start off the new year right. Sisters Joy Anna Forsyth, Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, and Jana Duggar have taken to social media to promote their own different ways of healthy eating. First off, Joy had a series of […]

Jessa Duggar Gets A Lesson On Car Seat Safety And Snacking In Car After Sharing Adorable Snap Of Henry

Jessa Duggar shared a sweet photo of her youngest son Henry on social media just a couple days ago — and got more than she bargained for. It’s almost inevitable that whenever a pic of a celebrity kid is posted, there are going to be trolls who will try to mom-shame, or even dad-shame, them. […]

Jessa Duggar’s Son Spurgeon Makes Friends With A Furry Feline In Sweet Video

Jessa Duggar has been sharing a few adorable videos of her 3-year-old son Spurgeon recently on social media. One such clip revealed that the little guy just may be a cat whisperer as he has made friends with a furry feline. The Duggar daughter posted the short video on Instagram showing off her young son […]

Jessa Duggar Reveals Son Henry’s Green-Colored Breakfast Of Champions

Jessa Duggar has shared a few photos of sons Spurgeon and Henry this past week that have fans loving every minute of it. The curly-haired cuties were all dressed up earlier in the week for John David Duggar’s wedding. Now that they are back home in Arkansas, the boys are just chilling, and apparently hungry. […]

Jinger Duggar Shuts Down Comments After Getting Mom-Shamed Over Recent Photo Of Felicity

Mom-shaming is on the rise these days, but Jinger Duggar has found a way to deal with it all. Duggar gave birth to her baby girl, Felicity Nicole, just three weeks ago and is already getting some negative comments on social media about her parenting. The reality star posted an adorable photo of her daughter […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Secrets To How She Keeps Marriage To Ben Seewald Strong

Jessa Duggar Seewald knows what it takes to keep a strong relationship. After three years of marriage and two kids with husband Ben Seewald, Jessa is sharing with fans her secrets to how she and her husband make their relationship work. The Counting On star has her hands full with two young children – 2-year-old […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Notice Something Strange About Jill Duggar’s 1st Birthday Cake For Baby Samuel

Jill Duggar Dillard has done it again. The former Counting On star hosted a first birthday party for her youngest son, Samuel, earlier this month, but her recently posted photos of the bash had some fans scratching their heads. The 19 Kids and Counting daughter posted videos of her son’s first birthday celebration to the […]

Jessa Duggar Is Itching For Another Baby, Says A Girl Would Be Nice Since Meeting Niece Felicity

Jessa Duggar Seewald is becoming an expert in raising boys now that she has two sons. She had previously expressed her desire to add to her growing family as well. Now that she just got back from traveling to Laredo, Texas, where she met her new baby niece Felicity, her baby fever is even stronger. […]

The Duggar Family Celebrates Father’s Day With New Photos Of Babies Gideon And Garrett

There is no shortage of babies when it comes to the Duggar family. Jim Bob may just make out like a bandit on Father’s Day since he has 19 kids, not to mention 11 grandkids. The TLC stars got together at the family compound to celebrate the special day with their dad. That means plenty […]

Michelle Duggar Has A History Of Upstaging Her Kids

Michelle Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob, created a TV franchise after having 19 kids together, but it seems the Arkansas reality star is a little competitive with her daughters. After Michelle’s oldest son, Josh Duggar, made headlines for his alleged inappropriate off-camera antics, Michelle and Jim Bob’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled […]

Jinger Duggar Is Feeling The Texas Heat During Her Pregnancy, Fans Give Helpful Tips On Staying Cool

Jinger Duggar is about 32 weeks pregnant, and she is getting into the home stretch and it looks like she is really feeling the heat now. The Counting On star took to her Instagram account to post the weather forecast for Laredo, Texas, where she and her pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, live. It showed that […]

Duggar Family’s Homeschool Curriculum Questioned Again After Latest Social Media Posting

One of the Duggar family’s primary claims to fame is that they homeschool all their children — something that may not seem like a simple task, considering that we’re talking about 19 kids. However, some viewers have questioned just how much work it is for the parents, since Michelle Duggar has talked about passing off […]

Jinger Duggar And Husband Jeremy Vuolo Celebrate Thanksgiving With Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald

Fans of the Duggar family are excited when they post anything on Facebook or Instagram, and recently, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have been sharing photos of their Thanksgiving weekend. Although the Duggar family is very religious and their Christmas celebrations are a little different from the norm (as they forego a Christmas […]

A Quiet Shunning: Is Derick Dillard Being Shut Out By The Duggar Family?

Derick Dillard may be the current most controversial member of the Duggar extended family. His Twitter activity has been drawing responses from viewers who don’t agree with his hard-line stance on transgender people, LGBTQ rights, and religious freedom. While Josh Duggar has been largely relegated to the background and shadows of the family’s very public […]

Why ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Remains Unmarried, While Her Younger Sisters Start Families

For most people, being 27 and unmarried is not that big of a deal, but when you are a member of Counting On stars the Duggar family, the expectation is to be at least engaged, if not already married with children. Jana Duggar’s younger sisters all got married around the age of 21, and her […]

Jinger Duggar Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Jessa Seewald Amidst Pregnancy Rumors And Wedding Anniversary

Jinger Duggar may live hundreds of miles away from Jessa Duggar Seewald, but she still is her best friend. These two sisters have a bond like no other, even more special than the one they have with their other 17 siblings. Jessa was Jinger’s maid of honor a year ago, a day after she celebrated […]

Jessa Duggar Pens Sweet Letter For Ben Seewald On Their Three-Year Wedding Anniversary

Jessa Duggar got emotional as she celebrated her third wedding anniversary with husband Ben Seewald. The Counting On star wrote a lengthy blog post on their family’s website where she listed down some of Ben’s outstanding qualities. “I thought we’d reached the pinnacle of our love on this day, three years ago,” Jessa began. “But […]

Why Do The Duggars Run Down The Aisle At Weddings? The Reason Revealed

The Duggars have been getting married at a rapid pace, with three of the children having weddings this past year alone. At the quick rate the children court and get engaged, there are likely to be several more coming up in the near future. As all of these weddings have been featured on Counting On, […]

Next Step In Josh Duggar And Sisters’ Lawsuits: More Dismissal Filings By Defendants

In two separate lawsuits, Josh Duggar and his sisters Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard, and Joy Forsyth, are suing a long list of defendants over the release of police reports detailing the alleged abuse of five underage female victims at Josh’s hands. Now more filings have been submitted in both Duggar cases, in which […]

Jana Duggar May Not Be In A Relationship, But She Is Courting Her Garden, Gets Praises From Sister Jessa

The love life of Jana Duggar seems to be a top priority for dedicated Counting On fans. Every time she is seen in the presence of a guy who is not a family member, rumors start flying about whether they are courting or not. Those rumors have been shot down, so it looks like the […]

Duggar Family Returns To Court: Judge Hears Jessa, Jinger, Jill, & Joy On Molestation Report Release

The Duggar family’s lawsuit returns to court Monday as a U.S. District Judge sets out to determine whether Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy Anna Forsyth (all nee Duggar) had their privacy rights violated when police records were released in accordance with a Freedom of Information Act request. A reporter for KNWA shared […]

Amy Duggar King: ‘I’m Not My Cousins, Wearing Shorts And Shirt To Swim Is Ridiculous’

Amy Duggar King responded to backlash on her social media timeline this weekend, telling followers that she’s sick of being compared to her cousins, and that she shouldn’t be judged by the standards Jim Bob Duggar has set for his family. In the process, she hinted that she may have once felt ashamed for living […]

Duggar News: Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Adorable Toddler Art, Fans Say She’s Better At Parenting Than Jill

Jessa Duggar Seewald has always looked up to her mother and older sister Jill for parenting advice. Since becoming a mother herself, Jessa has admitted to asking her sister and mother for tips in raising her own children. After Henry’s birth, however, Jessa seems to have hit her stride with her own, unique parenting style, […]

Duggar Family Lawsuit: In New Filing, Sisters Say County Employees Acted With Intent, Should Have No Immunity

There’s an update on matters in the Duggar family’s lawsuit — or, more specifically, the lawsuit Jinger Vuolo, Jessa Seewald, Joy Forsyth, and Jill Dillard filed against their county in Arkansas, and county employees, among other entities. A filing in court Monday reflects that the four sisters want to be certain that individuals employed by […]

Josh Duggar Describes ‘Traumatic Experience’ As A Teenager, Says He’s Been Forced To Relive It

In the latest lawsuit associated with his family, Josh Duggar indicates that as a teenager, he suffered a traumatic experience and that he’s being forced to relive that experience thanks to the publication of a police report detailing abuse allegations from that time. After Josh had rescinded a request to join his sisters’ lawsuit against […]

Duggar Family Causes A Stir With Photo Of Josh Duggar And Jessa Seewald’s Children

No matter what the Duggars do, it is likely to draw mixed reactions given the sharp divide between fans and critics of the Quiverfull family. A recent pic the Duggar family shared showing two grandkids “at work” is the latest to bring the divide to foreground. The “offending” image in question shows Josh Duggar’s daughter […]

Duggar News: ‘New’ Photos Of Sisters Don’t Show Any Baby Bumps In Sight

The latest Duggar news suggests that there won’t be any pregnancy announcements any time soon, based on two photos posted (one is above, the other is pasted below) on the family’s official Facebook page. However, there may be a catch. While the Duggar girls are all looking lovely and there isn’t a baby bump in […]

Duggar Sisters’ Lawsuit ‘Misguided,’ Seeking Money, Says City Of Springdale

Two years ago, the Duggar family was the center of public scandal when police documents were released showing that the oldest sibling had molested several of his younger sisters, as well as at least one person outside the family. However, that was the barest beginning of what would proceed to be two years of public […]

Jeremy Vuolo: Duggar-In-Law Derides Catholic Church, Says It ‘Defiled The Term Saint’

The Duggar family has previously created controversy through the way they speak of the Catholic faith, and a recent sermon by Jeremy Vuolo, who married into the family six months ago, suggests he will raise the same concerns. Jeremy preaches at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, and in a sermon uploaded to the church […]

New Duggar Family Photo Has Viewers Questioning The Kids’ TV Habits

A new photo posted to the Duggar family’s social media has viewers questioning whether the kids are being allowed to watch more television these days. The family has always maintained that they keep a certain distance from media, and Michelle Duggar has repeatedly fielded questions about how she justifies having no television set in the […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s ‘Love Lock’ Is Being Auctioned Off In Paris To Help Refugees In Distress

When Duggar daughter Jessa married Ben Seewald, the pair decided to honeymoon in Paris, France. Of course, the TLC cameras followed along as the pair toured the Eiffel Tower and numerous churches in the area. However, one special moment that was captured which involved the pair attaching their custom “love lock” to the bridge Pont […]

Jessa Duggar To Skirt Jinger’s Pants At Ohio Talk?

Jinger Duggar’s wardrobe change to include shorts and pants could see Jessa Seewald face some tough questions next month in Ohio. The older Duggar daughter is scheduled to speak at a ladies retreat which was earlier set for April. Organized in Middletown on June 24, the talk is exclusively for female-only audiences aged over nine. […]

Ben Seewald: Duggar Husband Gives Preview Of His Lecture On Evangelism — Why He Says Christians Get It Wrong

Duggar husband Ben Seewald recently released a short video through Jeremiah Cry Ministries that drops hints about what his role is in the upcoming Evangelism Reformation Conference. In the eleven minute video, Ben explains why he thinks evangelism in America needs a reform, what he thinks churches are getting wrong, and why he believes his […]

Ben Seewald: Duggar Husband Studies To Refute Catholicism While Jill And Derick Evangelize To Catholics

Duggar husband Ben Seewald is back on social media to share his thoughts on religion — and this time he’s taking aim at Catholic beliefs. Across his social media platforms, Seewald shared images and information about a book he’s currently reading that focuses on the difference between Catholic and Protestant beliefs. When some Catholic fans […]

Fans Upset With Jessa Duggar Seewald For Charging For Her Modesty Talk

Jessa Duggar Seewald made headlines recently when she announced she would be speaking in Ohio at the Heavenly Highway Tabernacle to give tips on how to dress modestly, yet still have a modern style. The event, entitled Fashionably Modest is scheduled for June 24 of this year. While many Jessa Duggar Seewald fans clamored to […]

Jessa Duggar Was Reportedly To Speak About Dressing Modestly To Prevent Sexual Assault, Controversy Ensues

Jessa Duggar (Seewald) is raising some serious eyebrows this week amid talk that she was scheduled to speak at the Middletown Ladies Retreat in Ohio (for her controversial Quiverfull religious movement) about the need to dress modestly to, in part, prevent sexual assault. The Quiverfull “church” is a patriarchal Christian group that adheres to very […]

Jinger Vuolo Wears Pants And the World Freaks Out, Duggar Fans Shocked To See New Photo

It looks like Jinger Vuolo has officially shocked the world. While Duggar fans are anxiously waiting for the reality star and her husband, Jeremy, to announce that they are expecting their first child, there is other news that may be even bigger than that. The newly married Counting On star has just been spotted wearing […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s Younger Son Turns 2-Months-Old, See The Cute Photos Of Henry & Spurgeon

It seems just yesterday that Jessa Duggar Seewald announced the birth of her second baby boy, but he’s already a couple of months old and cute as a button. Henry Wilberforce Seewald turned 2-months-old on Thursday, and his mom marked the occasion with an Instagram greeting. The Counting On star also announced that new photos […]

Jana Duggar Say She’s Not Allowed To Get Together With Married Siblings

There has been plenty of speculation about Jana Duggar and exactly what her role is in the family. Some viewers see Jana as the “Cinderella Duggar” or “stay-at-home-daughter,” whose job is to remain unmarried and run her parents’ household until the younger kids are old enough to care for themselves. Others believe Jana is just […]

Jessa Duggar Seewald And New Baby — In-Laws Leaking News Before Parents Again?

Jessa Duggar Seewald has said she likes to keep information about her babies before birth a secret. However, her in-laws may have thwarted that mission yet again. After all, it’s not only the baby’s sex that Jessa and Ben are notorious for treating as a massive surprise — they like to keep back a baby’s […]