Justin Bieber Wants The World To Meet His New Baby Sister In Adorable Instagram Photo

Justin Bieber would like the world to formally meet his new baby sister, Bay Bieber. The 24-year-old popstar is gaining quite the entourage in terms of siblings as he recently welcomed his new baby sister to the world on Thursday, as reported by People. Little Bay’s birth brings Bieber’s sibling count to three, as he […]

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Reportedly Engaged

That was fast. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged according to eyewitnesses. TMZ reported that Bieber proposed to Baldwin at a resort in the Bahamas. Apparently, everybody at the resort was dancing and having a great time when Bieber’s security team had everybody put away their phones because something big was about to happen. […]

Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Pregnant And Justin Bieber Is Ecstatic, According To ‘NW’

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been dating on and off for several years already, but it seems that there’s no turning back this time because a new report revealed that the two are having a baby. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the 25-year-old songstress is pregnant and her boyfriend is ecstatic about it. He […]

Justin Bieber To Be A Big Brother Again As Dad Jeremy Announces Baby On The Way

The big news is out for Justin Bieber and it turns out that he is going to be a big brother again. People shared the news that Justin’s dad Jeremy announced that he has a baby on the way. Just a few days ago, Jeremy got married in Jamaica to Chelsey Rebelo and now he […]

Justin Bieber Posts Heartfelt Message To His Dad Jeremy: Inside Their Rollercoaster Relationship

Justin Bieber has had a warm and fuzzy social media feed as of late, as part of what seems to be a spiritual reawakening that has included tributes and shout-outs to the important people in his life. Now, the 23-year-old “Purpose” singer is expressing gratitude for his close relationship with his dad, Jeremy Bieber. In […]

Jeremy Bieber’s Comments About Justin’s Penis Are Just Plain Awkward

Fathers have every right to be proud of their sons, and Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy has more to be proud about than most. Justin is, after all, one of the biggest names in the teen pop world. Bieber has had a career that has so far stretched to almost a decade despite the fact that […]

Justin Bieber Almost Had His Throat Torn Out By A Tiger

Justin Bieber could have had his throat torn out by a stressed captive tiger, claims PETA, after the “Sorry” singer posted a picture of himself with a chained tiger, according to the Daily Mail. The photo was taken at Justin Bieber’s father’s engagement party in Toronto. http://instagram.com/p/BE15p07gvtt/ On the day of his father’s engagement party, […]

PETA Silent On Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Fur Coat Despite Attacking Justin Bieber Over Tiger Photo

Is PETA using Justin Bieber for publicity? Although the 22-year-old superstar was only a guest at a party where he gently petted a leashed tiger and posed for photos, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization has slammed the singer. PETA is claiming the tiger at the party was obtained from the Bowmanville […]

Justin Bieber Isn’t Just Great With His Siblings: 13 Amazing Biebs’ Moments With Youngsters

Justin Bieber has experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout his life. Bu, an undeniable constant has been his incredibly loving relationship with his younger siblings, Jaxon and Jazmyn, and the kids he gets to meet — whether randomly or through his charity work. You don’t have to go far to see the Biebs’ […]

Justin Bieber Abused As A Child? Inside The Shocking Bieber Tradition

Justin Bieber is taking a break from promo-ing his Purpose album, but that hasn’t stopped Bieber fans from bonding over the superstar on social media, posting throwbacks shots from the infamous side-swept fringe era and taking the time to wish happy birthday to Justin’s younger brother Jaxon, who turned six recently. Birthdays in the Bieber […]

Justin Bieber’s Dad Just Responded To His Nude Pictures, And It Was Really Creepy

You probably already know this, but some nude images of Justin Bieber were caught by the paparazzi and have being doing the rounds online over the last 24 hours. Some of you have probably already clicked across the world wide web to have a look at them. One person who certainly has is Justin Bieber’s […]

Justin Bieber’s Dad Vs. Dog Trainer: Inconsistent Story Amid ‘Abandoning’ & ‘Hurling’ Claims

A claim alleging Justin Bieber abandoned a pet puppy called “Karma” with a dog trainer in Canada has a lot of holes in it. Now, that’s complicated by an accusation that the singer’s father, Jeremy, allegedly hurled the dog off a second-story balcony. However, while noting the seriousness of an abandonment accusation, there are red […]

Justin Bieber Gets Misplaced Blame After Dad Reportedly ‘Abandons’ Puppy ‘Karma’

Justin Bieber has been accused of allegedly “abandoning” a pet puppy called “Karma.” However, original reports from 2013 — when the bulldog pup was bought by the singer — indicate Justin gave the animal to his father, Jeremy, to care for in Canada as a full-time arrangement. The Sun newspaper alleges Jeremy asked a Canadian […]

Did Justin Bieber Really Get ‘Told Off’ For Kicking A Ball At The Vatican?

Justin Bieber popped up in a vague story last week, claiming the pop star was told off by employees at the Vatican for kicking a ball around in the corridors of the historic buildings during a private tour. However, in every report on the topic: from Mail Online’s first-out-of-the-gate big number, the Catholic Herald’s brief […]

Justin Bieber Spends Big For Vatican City Private Tour, Gets Press Kicking

Justin Bieber is still enjoying his “world adventure” and has been in Rome, Italy, with his dad Jeremy for a few days. On Wednesday, the singer visited tourists’ favorite the Vatican City. The Biebs reportedly paid 20,000 Euros for the after-hours private tour, which also took in the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in […]

Justin Bieber Fans Besiege Rome Hotel As He & Dad Jeremy Continue To Explore Italy

Justin Bieber may be a pop culture anti-hero in the U.S., but in Italy they can’t enough. Bieber Fever descended on Rome’s luxury five-star Hotel de Russie on Wednesday (Oct. 8), as hundreds of young, female fans lined the street chanting “We want Justin!” The 20-year-old has been on something of a grand tour since […]

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez’s Canada Break: Jelena Reunion Or Mercy Mission?

It looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent time together in Canada at some point last week and over the weekend during 40th birthday celebrations for Justin’s dad, Jeremy. That is, according to an initial tweet by one of the guests at the family bash. There are strong indications Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez […]

Justin Bieber Ready For ‘New Beginnings’ After Baptism, Posts Harmless Family Video

Justin Bieber is apparently ready for “new beginnings” after a reported baptism and a family break celebrating his dad’s 40th birthday, after a week in which two videos of the then younger singer using the N-word surfaced. In the wake of a report that Justin Bieber was reportedly baptized in a New York City bathtub […]

Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million As Poster Boy For Hustler Strip Clubs, Yay Or Nay?

Justin Bieber has been offered $1 million by infamous porn mogul Larry Flynt to front TV commercials for his Hustler strip clubs. We have no words. Well, alright here’s a few. Justin Bieber may end up remembering May 2014 as the month his level of infamy officially became adult. Yes, we know he turned 20, […]

Justin Bieber Vs. Drake Bell: ‘Bitchcraft’ Visits Alleged Sins Of The Father On Son

Justin Bieber’s crashing of Drake Bell’s album release party last week after two years of one-sided bullying by Bell, saw the former Nickelodeon actor reach a new low over the weekend when he tweeted Bieber with a tabloid story claiming his father, Jeremy, allegedly kicked a then-teenage girl over a decade ago. After Justin Bieber’s […]

Justin Bieber ‘In A Happy Place,’ Hits Tokyo, Japan, With Mom Pattie Mallette

Justin Bieber flies to Tokyo, Japan, with his mom Pattie Mallette, leaving legal woes, feuds, and deportation petition debates behind. Justin Bieber is on the move again. This time, the young superstar has hit Tokyo, Japan. True to form whenever he travels somewhere far afield, the 20-year-old took to Twitter earlier today and asked his […]

Joe Jonas Didn’t Slam Justin Bieber But His Father: ‘Your Dad Is Your Party Animal’

Justin Bieber has come to the attention of Joe Jonas, who like everyone else, has an opinion on the “Baby” singer. But, contrary to what some outlets would have you believe, Jonas wasn’t slamming Bieber. At all. Opening up in the new issue of Scene Magazine, Joe is the latest celebrity to weigh in on […]

Joe Jonas Talks Justin Bieber’s Legal Woes, ‘We All Saw It Coming’

Justin Bieber may not like what Joe Jonas has to say about his legal woes and why he’s in trouble, but Jonas is talking anyway. Opening up in the new issue of Scene Magazine, Joe is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Justin’s dramatic year. While expressing sympathy for Bieber as having a tougher […]

Justin Bieber, Famed Tattoo Artist Eyeing 40,000 Feet Guinness World Record

Justin Bieber loves a tattoo. He also likes breaking records. Now it seems, he and one of his favorite tattoo artists could set a Guinness world record for “highest altitude tattoo” at 40,000 feet. The tattoo’s backstory isn’t amusing, but it’s likely key to understanding why Bieber selected the particular tattoos he chose. On January […]

Woman Arrested After Trespassing At Justin Bieber’s Atlanta Rental Home

Atlanta police arrested a woman Wednesday who entered Justin Bieber’s temporary Atlanta home uninvited and fell asleep. According to CNN, 25-year-old Qianying Zhao from nearby Doraville was discovered when “a family member found the woman sleeping in one of the home’s bedrooms shortly after 5 pm.” Bieber is renting the so-called ‘spaceship’ mansion from Atlanta […]

Justin Bieber’s 20th Birthday Continues In Bahamas Amid #50 Million Twitter Reach

Justin Bieber stepped out of teenhood into the big 2-0 on Saturday, March 1. The singer and a group of family and friends flew out of Atlanta, Georgia the day before his birthday, arriving in the Bahamas on his B-Day. The festivities appeared to be a low-key but happy affair for a young superstar who […]

Justin Bieber’s Dad Jeremy Blasts Tabloid ‘Fiction’ He Left ‘Wife’ And Family To Party

Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy, has blasted media reports that he has left his former partner “to party” with his son, as “fiction.” The Daily Mail, a UK tabloid, exclusively reported on February 27 that Jeremy had split from Erin Wagner — the mother of their two young children Jaxon, 5, and Jazmyn, 6 — ending […]

Justin Bieber Not Like ‘Misconceptions,’ Says Chantel Jeffries In First, Ambiguous Interview

Chantel Jeffries, known in tabloid parlance as Justin Bieber’s ‘shotgun stunna’ just before he was arrested for suspected DUI in Miami Beach last month while allegedly drag racing with his friend Khalil Sharieff, was always going to find her way to a television screen. So now that that’s out of the way, what did the […]

Justin Bieber Has Competition, Mom Pattie Mallette Sings Great In First Recording Session

Justin Bieber and Pattie Maltette’s famously close bond has seen plenty of sweet moments over the years. Now, they may have outdone themselves. According to tweets between the pair, Pattie stepped into a vocal booth for the first time on Thursday to record a song written by the 19-year-old. Earlier today, Justin had nothing but […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom Says ‘Pray For Him’ Amid Anger Over ‘Hands Off’ Parenting Style

Justin Bieber’s 2014 already makes 2013 look like a walk in the park and we’re still only two months in. But, despite the tide of criticism over her son and her parenting style with father Jeremy, none can be more concerned about the singer than his mom — Pattie Mallette, who raised him solo for […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom In Hiding From Public, ‘Everyone Is Judging Her’

Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette is said to be so overwhelmed by her son’s controversies and a sense that “everyone is judging her” as a bad parent, that she is reportedly “in hiding” from the public. This news came as a shock to IQ as it follows a source interview published Wednesday by E! News […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom ‘Genuinely Concerned’ But Going Nowhere

Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette is “genuinely concerned” about her son, but is going nowhere but by his side amid the storm of criminal charges and dramas currently engulfing him. Some observers and many media reports have been quick to accuse Pattie and Justin’s dad Jeremy as enablers of their child’s misfortunes. But while Jeremy, […]

Justin Bieber’s Allegedly ‘Abusive,’ New Jersey Pot Plane Investigated By FAA

Justin Bieber’s New Jersey-bound private fight last week is under investigation by Federal Aviation Administration, who are “looking into allegations” that passengers interfered with the flight crew. The 19-year-old star, his father Jeremy, and ten others flew on a chartered Gulfstream IV plane from Ontario, Canada, into New Jersey’s Teterboro airport for a round of […]

Justin Bieber And Dad Allegedly ‘Extremely Abusive’ On Super Bowl ‘Pot’ Plane

Justin Bieber, his father Jeremy, and 10 associates they traveled with on a private plane on Friday have been described as “extremely abusive verbally,” while allegedly smoking enough marijuana that the jet crew had to wear oxygen masks, according to a new report. The 19-year-old star leased the luxury Gulfstream IV from Toronto, Canada, to […]

Justin Bieber Alleged Limo Assault: Allegedly Ignited Over Radio Volume

Justin Bieber surrendered to Toronto police Wednesday to be charged with assault over an alleged altercation with a limousine driver in December last year. Now, rumored details of the alleged dispute over the car radio volume have emerged. The alleged incident took place in the early hours of December 30 when the teen star and […]

Justin Bieber Defended By Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Stay Off My Side?

Justin Bieber, surrounded by controversy and scandal, has an interesting new champion — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Yes, on top of his recent DUI drama in Miami Beach, being charged with assault in Toronto on Wednesday related to an alleged incident involving a limo driver last month (his lawyers say he is innocent and it’s […]

Justin Bieber, Mallette, Usher, Braun In Panama, ‘It Sure Looks Like An Intervention’

Justin Bieber’s decampment to Panama after an infamous week in Miami capped by a DUI arrest has set the scene for an intervention. TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda confirm the singer’s mom Pattie Mallette has joined manager Scooter Braun, mentor Usher, Ryan Butler a childhood friend, and forrmer “swagger” coach Ryan Good in Nitro City, […]

Jeremy Bieber: ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Reportedly Encouraged Justin To Smoke Pot, Drag Race

Jeremy Bieber is accused of being a “deadbeat dad” who encouraged his son to take drugs and may have helped set up the drag race that led to the pop star’s arrest this week. Justin was spotted with his father in the day prior to his arrest, and sources close to the pop star say […]

Justin Bieber, How Will This Movie End? [Video]

Justin Bieber jetted out of Opa-Locka Airport Miami, Florida, late Friday, a day after he was charged with DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license. The superstar and fellow arrestee Khalil Sharieff, also 19, were allegedly drag-racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini and a red Ferrarri, respectively, in a residential street […]

Justin Bieber Missed A Video Deposition On Thursday, Well He Was Slightly Busy

Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest in Miami Beach didn’t just bring a not quite unexpected fitting for an orange jumpsuit and more criticism than usual the teen star’s way. The 19-year-old’s Thursday morning alleged drag-race also meant he missed an important court-mandated video deposition. Bieber’s introduction to Miami’s penal system clashed horribly with a 10 am […]

Justin Bieber Entourage Accused Of Assaulting Limo Driver Amid Bodyguards Arrest Elsewhere

A member of Justin Bieber’s entourage has been accused of assaulting a limo driver hired to drive the singer and a group of his friends either late Sunday, December 29 or early Monday, December 30. Officers were called out to the intersection of University Ave. and Dundas St. in Toronto, where the driver for Bieber’s […]

Justin Bieber’s Grandfather Blanked For ‘Believe’ But ‘Was Never A Nice Man’

Justin Bieber’s paternal grandparents were apparently not invited to the teen star’s Believe movie premiere last week, even though his maternal grandparents and mother were at the Los Angeles event. It’s one of the gripes George Bieber has now publicly aired. But all may not be as it seems. According to Radar Online, George and […]

Justin Bieber Buys New Home For His Family For $850,000

A Justin Bieber headline that doesn’t make Beliebers want to hurl objects at their computer arrives with news the singer has shelled out serious money for a new home for his father and step-brother and sister. The 19-year-old reportedly paid out $850,000 for a “5-bedroom cabin-style pad” in his home state of Ontario where his […]

Justin Bieber Steps Up As Big Brother With Jaxon And Jazmyn [Video]

Say what you will about Justin Bieber, but the guy seems like an awesome big brother. Over the years, there’s been no shortage of pictures of the heartthrob doting on his step-brother and sister, Jaxon and Jazmyn. The youngsters — who live in Stratford, Canada — are the children of Bieber’s father Jeremy’s relationship with […]

Justin Bieber Showers Praise On His ‘Beautiful’ Mother, Admits He Is ‘Insecure’

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, has had a lot to fret over this year. But it seems the Nowhere But Up best selling author doesn’t have to question her son’s feelings for her. The “Baby” star recently opened up about his relationship with his mother, who gave birth to him at 18 after enduring an […]

Justin Bieber Goes Home, The Smoke And Mirrors Remains

Justin Bieber has returned to Canada to support his father Jeremy through knee surgery. Noting the Daily Star’s most recent story claiming his family has slammed the singer, this filial gesture throws up all sorts of questions. The 19-year-old left New York City where he and his much talked about new hair made the rounds […]

Justin Bieber’s Grandfather Blames Star For Dirty Mattress, Oddly Leaves Out One Thing

Justin Bieber’s grandfather has slammed the singer and said that he receives no financial help or any significant contact from the Canadian superstar. George Bieber, who is the father of Justin’s father, Jeremy, is reportedly “living in squalor” and sleeps on a “dirty mattress” in the front room of his small cabin in Mitchell, Canada […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom Talks Battery, Bad Press And Being A Different Parent

For Justin Bieber’s mother, the last few weeks can’t have been easy. As a tide of negative headlines engulfs the son she helped propel to stardom, Pattie Mallette has finally spoken out about how it feels to watch a storm she can’t control. Speaking to Access Hollywood this morning — ostensibly to promote her new […]