‘iCarly’ Revival Set But Reportedly Not All Of The Original Cast Are Returning

A revival of the wildly popular Nickelodeon television series iCarly is set to premiere on Paramount+. The show followed the lives of a brother, sister and their wacky bunch of friends, and it was a smash for the network from 2007-2012. Sadly, it appears that not all of the cast will be joining the reboot, […]

Jennette McCurdy Gets Candid About Eating Disorder, Says Her Mom Did Not Help

Jennette McCurdy is opening up about her battles with a long and hard eating disorder. Today, the iCarly star penned an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post wherein she detailed her battle with anorexia and bulimia, which began when she was just 11 years old. The actress decided to break her silence in light of […]

Jennette McCurdy’s ‘Between’ Gets Renewed For Season 2 On Netflix

Jennette McCurdy has officially moved on from her days on iCarly. McCurdy’s new show, Between, was just picked up for a second season, despite the fact that the show has been flying under the radar. Jennette’s new show is now House of Cards, but Between has apparently been picking up enough eyes that Netflix believes […]

Jennette McCurdy: Miley Cyrus Applauded By ‘iCarly’ Actress

Jennette McCurdy says she applauds Miley Cyrus in a lot of ways. The former iCarly actress recently spoke to the HuffPost Live, and spoke highly of the “Wrecking Ball” singer. “I applaud Miley in a lot of ways,” McCurdy said. “I don’t know her personally — I’ve met her at a few events, and she’s […]

Jennette McCurdy: Does She Applaud Miley Cyrus With Dyed Pubic Hair? [Pics]

Jennette McCurdy hit the public eye with her role on iCarly. Recently, McCurdy spoke to Jimmy Fallon and joked with the host about the possibility of an iCarly reunion with Miranda Cosgrove and the rest of the iCarly gang. While Jennette McCurdy has admitted that she often overthinks things, she is also careful about the […]

Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About ‘Sisterly’ Spats With Ariana Grande

Jennette McCurdy is opening up about the tension with her Sam & Cat co-star Ariana Grande, saying that the two had “sisterly” spats and nothing like the bad blood portrayed in the media. Sources had claimed that McCurdy was upset that Grande was making more money, leading to tension building and the show ultimately going […]

Netflix: No Binge Watching New Series Starring Jennette McCurdy

Netflix recently announced that there will be no binge watching of its new series, Between, starring Jennette McCurdy. Netflix, the hugely successful online video streaming service, has become popularized in American culture in large part for its allowance of binge watching. Binge watching is the act (well, really, the lack of actual action in all […]

Jennette McCurdy On Sexy Selfies: ‘I Am Proud Of My Choices’

Jennette McCurdy wants everyone to know that she is not a role model and she is proud of her choices. In a rather lengthy rant on Reddit earlier this week, the Nickelodeon star took to the internet to address her recent image problem. As reported by The Inquistir, the iCarly star took to Reddit to […]

Jennette McCurdy On ‘Sam And Cat’ Controversy: I Am Not A Role Model

Jennette McCurdy is finally speaking out about the controversial ending to her show Sam & Cat, saying that she does not want young fans looking to her as a role model. McCurdy was at the center of a pair of controversies that led to the show’s cancellation. First there were the nearly nude pictures of […]

Jennette McCurdy: ‘I’m Not A Role Model, I Don’t Try To Be’

Jennette McCurdy, known for her roles on a variety of Nickelodeon shows, has been having a difficult year following the release of her rather sexual photos to the internet and the cancellation of the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat. While many are criticizing McCurdy on her recent actions, she wants the world to know that […]

Jennette McCurdy Tweets Condolences To Ariana Grande

Ever since the rumored feud between Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, tensions have been high between both of them and they did not seem to have a lot of contact. Fortunately, it looks like this rumored feud might finally be over since Jennette McCurdy tweeted her condolences to Ariana Grande and her family about the […]

Jennette McCurdy Isn’t Too Proud Of People Magazine Quote

Jennette McCurdy recently sat down for an interview with the folks at People magazine. Unfortunately, the actress said something that she ultimately regrets. Before you fire up Twitter and begin posting about the McCurdy scandal dwelling within the pages of the popular publication, it’s worth noting that the quote in question isn’t outrageous, titillating, or […]

Ariana Grande Bids Goodbye To Sam & Cat As Speculation Soars On Show’s End

Nickelodeon announced today that the hit show with Ariana Grande and and Jennette McCurdy, ‘Sam & Cat,’ would finish its first season, and then would be no more. Fans may be disappointed, but it seems there are a number of reasons that the show had to come to an end. TV Line is crediting Ariana […]

Jennette McCurdy Ex-Boyfriend: Jennette Disses Ex, Says He’s ‘So Ugly’

Jennette McCurdy dissed her ex-boyfriend on Twitter, saying that he was “so ugly” that it makes her cry! According to WebProNews, McCurdy was apparently referring to her NBA star ex, Andre Drummond. The two dated for a short amount of time last fall, but apparently McCurdy finds him unattractive — assuming that is really who […]

Ariana Grande Addresses Jennete McCurdy, ‘Sam & Cat’ Drama On Twitter

Ariana Grande is getting a little tired of reading about the drama going on behind-the-scenes of her hit Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat. The singer is also fed up with rumors that she’s feuding with co-star Jennette McCurdy. When McCurdy skipped out on last weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards, many people immediately assumed that there was […]

Jennette McCurdy Unfollows Ariana Grande On Twitter As Feud Rumors Heat Up

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are good friends on Sam & Cat, but there’s apparently something nasty going down behind-the-scenes. The Inquisitr recently reported that the beloved Nickelodeon program is in danger of getting cancelled. While some believe that leaked photos of McCurdy in her undies prompted the network to think twice about bringing the […]

Jennette McCurdy: ‘Sam & Cat’ Canceled By Nickelodeon Due To Naughty Pics?

Nickelodeon have placed their show, Sam & Cat, on a production hiatus. This has led rumors about its imminent cancellation to gather pace and it could all be because of its star, Jennette McCurdy’s recent naughty pictures fiasco. Photos featuring McCurdy in just her lingerie were leaked last March, which then saw her sit out […]

Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy Battling ‘Sam & Cat’ Cancellation Rumors

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy might have to look for another job if there’s any truth to these Sam & Cat cancellation rumors. Of course, it’s highly doubtful that Nickelodeon will bid farewell to the show simply because a few risqué photos of McCurdy made the rounds online. Since there’s nothing outrageously shocking in the […]

Jennette McCurdy Underwear Picture: Racy Photo Of iCarly Star Leaks To Internet

A photo of Jennette McCurdy in her underwear in a racy pose has hit the internet, making waves for the former iCarly star. The pictures, which appeared to show McCurdy in a couple of poses, began circulating the web early this week. Though there was no confirmation that the Jennette McCurdy underwear photo is indeed […]

Ariana Grande Accused Of Using Cocaine By Perez Hilton

In what seems like insane news, Perez Hilton is at it again. This time, he’s accusing Nickelodeon star and recent singing sensation Ariana Grande of doing cocaine. How Hilton found this information out is unknown, but he claims in a tweet that someone saw her doing it, and he wanted to express his concerns. Hilariously, […]

Jennette McCurdy Thanks Fans For Support After Mother’s Death

Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy is having a rough weekend. Her mother Debra passed away on September 20 after a 17-year-long battle with breast cancer. McCurdy hasn’t commented on her mother’s death yet but the Nickelodon star has received several messages of love and comfort from her fans, friends and family. Noah Munck, who starred […]

Is Jennette McCurdy Dating Andre Drummond?

Jennette McCurdy, everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon star, has been exchanging Tweets and Instagrams with Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond. The iCarly star, aged 21, finally met Drummond, aged 20, after lots of flirting via social media. The Detroit Pistons center gave the game away when he posted a picture on Instagram of Jennette on July 17. Along […]

Jennette McCurdy To Star In ‘iCarly’ Spin-Off

In a few months, Jennette McCurdy will be saying goodbye to iCarly. But she won’t be saying goodbye to her character Sam Puckett. Nickelodeon has tapped McCurdy and Ariana Grande to star in a new spinoff tentatively titled, “Sam Cat.” According to The Canadian Press, the series will feature Sam Puckett from iCarly and Cat […]