Jeb Bush Denounces Texas AG’s Voter Fraud Suit Against Battleground States On Social Media

Jeb Bush — the former two-term governor of Florida and younger brother of former President George W. Bush — has come out strongly against a Texas suit aiming to invalidate the voting results in multiple key battleground states. The longtime Republican voiced his disapproval of the effort via Twitter on Thursday night, asserting that the […]

Viral Video Of Pete Buttigieg Campaign Event Sparks Comparisons To Jeb Bush’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg recently took the chance to speak with Iowa voters as many of his 2020 rivals remain in Washington, D.C., to act as jurors in the Senate impeachment trial. During a viral video of a campaign event, Buttigieg had an awkward moment that many are comparing to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” […]

Andrew Yang Gets Praise From Jeb Bush For Comments On ‘SNL’ Controversy

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently took to Twitter to address the past racist comments made by Shane Gillis, a new addition to the Saturday Night Live cast. CNN reports that Yang spoke about his experiences in the face of anti-Asian racism and suggested that he still believes Gillis should keep his job, pointing to […]

Donald Trump Comments On Barbara Bush’s New Biography: ‘Look What I Did To Her Sons’

President Donald Trump on Thursday expressed his thoughts on the criticism levied against him by Barbara Bush in a new biography, where the former first lady accused Trump of aggravating her health issues and suggested that she might no longer consider herself a Republican if asked about her affiliation. In an interview published Thursday by […]

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump’s ‘Going-Alone-Ism’ Is ‘Really Dangerous’

In a new interview with CNN’s David Axelrod, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, The Hill reports. According to Bush, who challenged Trump in the 2016 Republican primary, the president’s “unilateralism” and “going-alone-ism” on foreign policy issues is “really dangerous.” “We haven’t had a major crisis to deal with, but […]

Jeb Bush Says That Donald Trump Should Be Challenged By A Republican In 2020

Jeb Bush says that a fellow Republican should challenge Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2020, saying that Americans need a choice. As CBS News reports, Bush, who ran for president in 2016 and failed to earn his party’s nomination, said in an interview set to air on CNN on Saturday that other […]

Ann Coulter Criticizes Trump’s Proposal To End Shutdown: ‘We Voted For Trump And Got Jeb!’

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, not long after President Donald Trump announced his proposed compromise to end the ongoing partial government shutdown as it approaches its first full month. “Trump proposes amnesty. We voted for Trump and got Jeb!” read the first of Coulter’s tweets reacting to Trump’s offer, as […]

Embattled Broward County Elections Commissioner Brenda Snipes To Resign After Vote Counting Controversy

Broward County elections commissioner Brenda Snipes is resigning in the wake of the controversy surrounding vote counting in the midterm elections, Fox News is reporting. Florida’s votes for governor and U.S. Senate went to a recount, a move that drew criticism from President Trump among others. A judge found Snipes guilty last week of violating […]

Jeb Bush Should Have Punched Donald Trump In The Face, Says Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace has gone on record to reveal that she once told Jeb Bush he should have swung on Donald Trump for insulting his family. In hindsight, Wallace says it would have been worth it, even if it meant sacrificing his chances to advance towards the presidency at the time. During the taping […]

Barbara Bush’s Will Is Published And Two Of Her Kids Are Backup Executors

Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s will has been made public, and the primary executor is her husband, President George Herbert Walker Bush, age 94. Mrs. Bush died at home back in April of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at the age of 92, leaving behind five of her six children. But TMZ says that because […]

Barron Trump Attacked By ‘Classy’ Jeb Bush Claims ‘Washington Times’: Trump Kids Slap Back Over Insinuated Jab

Jeb Bush never mentioned Donald Trump’s name during a recent a speech at Yale. However, going by the repercussions that emerged once he was done, the headlines may have sounded as if he did. After the speech concluded, several audience members were interviewed, and they assumed that a quip Bush made about his own kids […]

Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush Reportedly Reach Deal To Buy Miami Marlins

Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are part of an investors’ group that has reached a tentative agreement to purchase the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria after their bid was accepted over several other interested parties. Once the negotiations conclude and necessary contracts get signed, assuming the necessary financing is in place, the transaction requires approval […]

Former Republican Candidate Jeb Bush Talks G.O.P. Gameplan, Trump, Where Hillary Went Wrong

Former U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush penned a column for the Wall Street Journal in which he discussed what should be the G.O.P.’s strategy, moving forward, in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election as President. “Donald Trump’s successful primary campaign was predicated on the idea that the G.O.P. needs a new messenger and a […]

Donald Trump Either Perjured Himself During Deposition, Or Lied During National Debate, Evidence Reveals

A report out by Newsweek this week has revealed startling contradictions between Donald Trump claims, suggesting that he either lied during a national debate to Jeb Bush, or, perjured himself in a 2007 deposition about the very same topic. Newsweek says, “there’s no third option.” The contradictions stem around whether or not Donald Trump buys […]

Republican Infighting Intensifies As Kasich, Priebus Spar Over Trump

Infighting between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and Ohio governor and former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich is highlighting rifts in the GOP once again. It’s safe to say this has not been a “Kumbaya” election cycle for those within the Republican Party. While Donald Trump has drawn record […]

Jeb Bush, The GOP, Would Have Benefited From Sen. Sanders’ Superdelegate Enigma

A longstanding proverb says that “Hindsight is 20-20.” In this current election cycle, there is no other place where that truism resonates more than with the GOP’s plight with Donald J. Trump as its nominee for President of the United States of America. Somewhere, party elders, aka the Republican establishment regret not having adopted the […]

Jeb Bush Allegedly Believes Donald Trump’s Campaign May Be A Conspiracy, Hillary Clinton Was Hand-Picked To Win

Former GOP presidential candidate, Jeb Bush allegedly believes that Donald Trump’s campaign may be a conspiracy to ensure that Hillary Clinton will be elected as president in November. Bush took to Twitter to claim that Hillary and Donald are “thick as thieves” and “are on the same team.” Most people hate to admit it, but […]

Jeb Bush’s Son, George P. Bush, Endorses Trump, Disses Dad By Supporting GOP Nominee

Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush, has endorsed GOP nominee,Donald Trump in hopes to unite the Republican Party. The Texas land commissioner endorsed his father’s rival, despite the nasty rhetoric the two had during the primaries, reported CNN. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush were on a bit of a warpath throughout the primaries. Most […]

Gary Johnson Polls: Many 2016 Voters ‘Feel The Johnson’ After Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton

Gary Johnson’s poll numbers are rising! The Libertarian Party candidate is enjoying unprecedented support for a third-party nominee, and as disappointed Bernie Sanders voters weigh their options now that Sanders has officially put his support behind Hillary Clinton, the former New Mexico governor may attract even more potential voters to his side. On Tuesday, Rare […]

Jeb Bush Believes Trump’s Alternative, Make Believe World, Will Disappoint His Supporters

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are likely never going to exchange Christmas cards. While Bush was soundly defeated in the Republican primary when he ran against Trump, the former governor of Florida is still throwing verbal punches at his former opponent. In a round of interviews on Monday, Jeb Bush said, among other things, that […]

John Kasich Won’t Endorse Trump: ‘I Just Can’t Do It’

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich said Thursday that he won’t endorse Donald Trump, the party’s presumptive nominee for president, “at this time”. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Kasich is the latest in a number of Republicans, including Lindsey Graham, who have come out in opposition to Trump’s nomination for the presidency. .@JohnKasich on Trump: At […]

Happy Birthday, Barbara Bush: A Former First Lady Turns 91

Barbara Bush is American royalty, but unlike most royalty, no scandals have ever marred her reputation. As wife to President George H. W. Bush, she comported herself exactly as one her in position should have, and as mother to President George W. Bush, she became a national emblem of motherhood. Today, America wishes her a […]

Donald Trump’s Convention To Get Skipped By GOP Governors And Senators — ‘I Can Watch It On TV,’ One Tells ‘New York Times’

A growing number of Republicans will not be going to the Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention in July, a sign that many in the GOP are nervous about the effect the former reality TV star will have on their bids for re-election, the New York Times is reporting. Two of them are Trump’s former opponents […]

Paul Ryan Would Step Down If Donald Trump Asked Him To

Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House and Republican convention chairman, made quite a wave last week when he said that he was not willing to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump yet. While some other Republicans, such as Sarah Palin, have spoken out against Ryan after this, Ryan seems unfazed and made an […]

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz, Slamming Donald Trump As ‘Vulgar’

When the Republican race for the presidential nomination first began, it was a claustrophobic platform with twelve different candidates in the running. It was a platform on which many of the candidates simply struggled to have their voice heard. One candidate who particularly struggled was Jeb Bush who called an end to his campaign last […]

Trump March To White House Sends Naysayers Into Mad Scramble

Donald Trump’s march to the White House has detractors from all quarters scrambling out of the woodwork to trip him up. His poll and primary contest wins have reduced a field of 17 contenders to a three-man race, forcing Grand Old Party (G.O.P.) leaders to join the ranks of Muslim groups, China lobbyists, and liberal […]

John Kasich Regroups Following SC Primary Results, Defunds Planned Parenthood In Ohio

Governor John Kasich’s polls and primary results have been consistently disappointing during the 2016 GOP primary season, particularly for the sitting governor of a very important swing state like Ohio. Kasich finished fifth in the South Carolina GOP primary on Saturday, yet former Florida governor Jeb Bush dropped out of the race for the Republican […]

Will Jeb Bush Back Donald Trump Now That His Campaign Has Ended?

Jeb Bush has officially dropped out of the presidential election race in 2016. But now that he’s on the sideline, will he back his nemesis, Donald Trump, despite earlier reports that he would rescind his pledge to support him? As reported by the New York Times, Jeb Bush officially suspended his presidential campaign after a […]

Jeb Bush Campaign Suspended After Poor Performance In South Carolina [Video]

Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, suspended his presidential campaign after a poor performance in South Carolina, reports NBC News. While the South Carolina primary results are still coming in this evening, Donald Trump has been declared the winner by multiple news outlets (with over 30 percent of the vote), with Marco Rubio and Ted […]

The Official Jeb Bush Website Now Redirects To Donald Trump’s Campaign Site It’s fair to say that Donald Trump has been pretty forthcoming in his attacks against other candidates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination so far. However, there’s one candidate that appears to have faced the brunt of those attacks more than any other and that’s Jeb Bush. Well, the battle between Bush […]

Jeb Bush Flaunts His Gun On Social Media To Show His Second Amendment Support

Jeb Bush — former Florida governor turned GOP presidential candidate — implied that his gun, with his name and title engraved on it, represents America. America. — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) February 16, 2016 News station KTLA says that the gun tweet is Jeb Bush’s desperate attempt at pandering to citizens of South Carolina with […]

How Did Jeb Bush Domain End Up Pointing To Donald Trump Site?

Billionaire Donald Trump continues making headlines by shaking up the GOP presidential race this election cycle, proving that a Washington outsider can be a front-runner for the nomination of the Republican Party. In an election year where politics and campaigns grow weirder and wilder by the day, it appeared Trump managed to pull off an […]

Jeb Bush Finally Gets His Voice As Donald Trump Attacks George Bush During GOP Debate

For one of the first times in the presidential race, Jeb Bush received resounding applause as he took on Donald Trump during the GOP debate. Bush, typically more timid on the stage, was unwavering as he exclaimed he was “sick and tired” of Barack Obama and Donald Trump attacking his family. The outburst came as […]

Marco Rubio’s GOP Debate A Strong Comeback After Weak New Hampshire Primary

Marco Rubio’s GOP debate performance Saturday night (February 13) has not been the most discussed topic this morning, but it should be. For a candidate taken down by a bottom of the pack governor in the last debate, things could not have gone better for Rubio last night. Let’s first look at the reason for […]

Ted Cruz: GOP Debate Could Benefit Texas Senator In South Carolina

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz may not have had the most memorable moments from Saturday night’s GOP debate in South Carolina, but that may be a good thing for his campaign. As Donald Trump spent minute after minute personally attacking former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the entire Bush political dynasty, Cruz just sat back and […]

Jeb Bush: GOP Debate In South Carolina Shows Candidate Still Has Life

Jeb Bush’s GOP debate performance Saturday night (February 13) showed the candidate still had some life in him and could be a contender, even if the pundits have counted him out. For anyone who has doubts about Jeb Bush’s ability to mount a comeback off his GOP debate performance, just look at how much Donald […]

Former President George W. Bush Rushes To Jeb’s Rescue

It is no secret that 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush comes from a long line of successful Republican candidates. Jeb’s own campaign, however, rests on shaky ground, prompting his brother, former president George W. Bush, to join his cause and hit the campaign trail. The Iowa caucus revealed Jeb Bush received only 2.8 percent of […]

Donald Trump Debate Performance Could Spell Trouble: Here’s Why It Probably Won’t

Saturday’s Donald Trump debate performance was not the candidate’s finest hour, according to many political pundits and the Twitterverse. If you were watching CBS News in real time and had access to the debate feed, then you would have been privy to the hits that the GOP frontrunner was taking from his fellow candidates. Hitting […]

Donald Trump Flip-Flops On Common Core, Bashes Jeb Bush For Supporting It, Then Says ‘We’re Going To Keep It’

Nobody cannot deny that within a span of months, Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party by storm. Trump’s aggressiveness mixed in with his disregard of political correctness has made him into one of the most-admired candidates for the 2016 presidential run. As a matter of fact, Trump is so popular among Republicans that he […]

George Bush Backs Jeb In TV Ad, But ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Parody Better The Original

George Bush entered the political arena again this past Sunday for brother Jeb Bush, hoping his presence would strengthen the younger Busher brother’s presidential campaign as pivotal primary stops in South Carolina and New Hampshire loomed. The entry brought about another perhaps unforeseen consequences thanks to the folks as Jimmy Kimmel Live! The ad George […]

Eminent Domain: Donald Trump And Jeb Bush Argue

The question of eminent domain came up during last night’s Republican debate, held in New Hampshire. To the amusement and dismay of the audience, Trump and Cruz went at it, arguing like an old married couple. WMUR TV’s anchor and political director, Josh McElveen, asked the question, reports the Washington Post. “Mr. Trump, you have […]

GOP Debate: That Awkward Moment When Ben Carson Causes A Traffic Jam, Introductions Confuses Doctor

It’s not every day that you witness a traffic jam as the Republican candidates are about ready to walk out to take their place at their podiums. That is exactly what happened on Saturday night as the start of the GOP debate in New Hampshire as the men were being introduced. Ben Carson seemed to […]

Jeb Bush Hit With ‘Seat Fillers’ Hoax, Rubio Suspected For ‘Amateur’ Stunt

Jeb Bush was the subject of a possible prank possibly before the Iowa caucus, when two young men stood up during his speech, claiming to be “seat fillers” and demanding to be paid. Who enlisted the men isn’t clear, but the prime suspect appears to be Marco Rubio for now. Things have not gone as […]

Jeb Bush Scrambles After Losing Big In Iowa, Calls For ‘Race Reset’ [Video]

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, once the establishment and media favorite to win the Republican nomination for president in the 2016 election, pulled a disappointing 3 percent of the vote in the Iowa caucus on February 1. Though he isn’t expected to fare much better in next week’s New Hampshire primary, Jeb Bush jumped into […]

Michigan Governor Finds Support Over Flint Water Crisis In Jeb Bush, But Not Matt Damon

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been called upon by angry residents of Flint, Michigan, and others to resign over the alleged cover-up of lead-contaminated water which people unknowingly drank and bathed in over the course of several months. Despite the anger and controversy, Snyder has thus far stayed on as governor of Michigan and vowed […]

Jeb Bush’s ‘Mommy’ Ad Draws Mockery From Donald Trump

Jeb Bush’s “mommy” advertisement just got a priceless reaction from Donald Trump himself. In a tweet published last night, Trump said Jeb’s “mommy” won’t help him with “ISIS, the Chinese, or with Putin.” Just watched Jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. Jeb — mom can't help you with ISIS, the Chinese […]

Donald Trump ‘White Genocide’ Tweet Sparks Intense Backlash Against The GOP Frontrunner

Donald Trump’s “white genocide” tweet has gone viral. Democrats who are hoping the retweet by the GOP frontrunner will finally be the thing that sinks his campaign will be soundly disappointed if past responses to Trump’s politically incorrect comments are any indication. Trump may not have known the background of the Twitter user he has […]

Jeb Bush Proposes Overhaul Of Federal Student Loans System

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has announced an education blueprint that includes a plan to redefine the federal student loan system. The proposal would see federal student loans replaced entirely with a line of credit that would be available to all high school graduates provide access to a $50,000 fund. It would form an education […]

Crime-Busting Philippine Mayor In Mexican Standoff With Drug Lords, Like Trump Versus El Chapo

Crime-busting Philippine Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has the elimination of “local El Chapos” as a major objective in his run for the presidency of his country. The reference to Mexican drug lord and Sinaloa drug cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is coincidental with the war of words going on between United States billionaire Donald Trump […]

Jeb Bush Presidential Ad Calls Donald Trump A Jerk, But Is Bush Exploiting Those With Disabilities To Further His Own Campaign? [Video]

Let the mudslinging begin! Jeb Bush has created a television ad painting Donald Trump as a jerk. The ad focuses on Trump’s alleged mockery of Serge Kovaleski, a reporter who suffers from some physical disabilities. Though Trump adamantly denies he was mocking the reporter’s ailment, reports Fox News, the event is still a topic of […]