Playing As OddJob In ‘GoldenEye’ For Nintendo 64 Is Officially Cheating, Rare Developers Say

So many millennials spent a large amount of their childhood crowded around their favorite console, fighting over first party controllers and who would get to play next. Arguments over whose turn it was would arise, settled down by a raft of snack foods and soda pop, and eventually, permanent bonds were formed between friends who […]

Horror Movie-Themed Bath Bombs Are Now Available

An Etsy shop is bringing horror movie and bubble bath fans horror movie-themed bath bombs for favorites such as IT, Jaws, Silence Of the Lambs, and so many more, reports Altpress. Fans are buying Bubble Mania Co.’s dark and scary aesthetic bath bombs. These bath bombs come in more than just movie themes, being crafted […]

Here’s How To Stream ‘Shark Week 2018’ So You Don’t Miss A Thing

Yes, they’ve been making headlines this summer for munching on the occasional swimmer, but they are also intriguing creatures we want to learn more about. The Discovery Channel has just the answer to our burning curiosity about the apex predators through its annual Shark Week event this week. Shark Week 2018 is back with a […]

Two New Posters Debut For ‘The Meg’ And One Gives An Awesome Tribute To ‘Jaws’

Summer is one of those times of year when the beach calls for you when you’re outside and a Jaws marathon calls for you when you’re inside. It’s hard not to want to watch the movies that make you want to go to the beach, but also have you wanting to avoid it. Prepare to […]

Horror Movie Reviews: Top 10 Highest-Grossing Horror Movies Of All-Time

The horror movie genre is hotly in demand this month as Halloween lurks around the corner. While the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It is undoubtedly the most buzzed-about horror movie of the year, and Pennywise is expected to become everyone’s go-to costume for Halloween, it hasn’t quite conquered the No. 1 spot in the […]

Killer Whale Castrates And Eats Great White Shark

It sounds more like a horror movie than real life, but researchers have confirmed that at least four great white sharks have been partially eaten during the past two months, and the main suspect is the area’s killer whale population. Although these incidents don’t mark the first known attacks of killer whales on great whites, […]

Best Movies on Netflix September 2016—’Jaws,’ ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and More

In September 2016, Netflix is releasing a sweeping amount of movies that’s sure to thrill audiences. Subscribers look forward each month to new titles for their viewing pleasure, and September won’t disappoint. From classic films of yesteryear to modern blockbuster hits, the titles on this list are considered some of the best movies on Netflix. […]

‘The BFG’ Director Steven Spielberg Reveals His Worst Moment

Steven Spielberg’s latest masterpiece, The BFG, is about to hit theaters in a matter of days. As the premiere draws near, Spielberg takes time to talk about the milestones of his career and the projects he would never take on. Among those milestones, Steven comments on what role he envisions for George Lucas in the […]

‘Jaws’ Began Its Reign Of Terror On This Day In 1975

Jaws was released on this day in 1975, and the summer tradition of going for a swim would never be the same. According to The Telegraph, Jaws is considered Hollywood’s original blockbuster film. The classic tale of man versus shark was the first movie in cinematic history to gross more than $100 million at the […]

‘Fallout 4:’ Five Hidden Movie Easter Eggs For The Dedicated Film Buff

It’s been little over a month since Fallout 4 was released to critical acclaim across the globe, and the latest game in the Fallout universe sold 12 million copies in less than 24 hours, grossing $750 million in sales. It’s no surprise the game has become a huge success; after all, the fans have been […]

‘Jaws’ And ‘Back To The Future’ Reboots May Be On The Way

Potential reboots of several major Universal franchises, including both Jaws and Back To The Future, may be on the way, according to a new report regarding Steven Spielberg’s future plans. The news comes almost as an aside from the Hollywood Reporter. In a report published on September 2, the news outlet discussed the possibility that […]

As The Mythbusters Take On ‘Jaws’ For Shweekend, Here Are Five Facts You Never Knew About Quint

Sharks are returning to Discovery for Shweekend 2015, and with it the Mythbusters are set to once again take on the most famous shark movie of all time, Jaws, examining the cinematic duel that pitted Brody, Quint, and Hooper against cinema’s most feared great white shark. Robert Shaw’s performance as the obsessed shark hunter Quint […]

USS Indianapolis: The True Story Of A U.S. Navy Ship That Sank In Shark-Infested Waters Causing Feeding Frenzy

The sailors on the USS Indianapolis experienced a real-life horror movie as their ship sank in shark-infested waters in the South Pacific. Survivors of the terrifying ordeal recount how they fought off sharks as hundreds of the creatures descended on the blood-filled waters as fellow sailors were eaten alive. Of 1,197 men on board the […]

Watch ‘Jaws’ The Way It Was Meant To Be Seen! [Video]

“You’ll never go in the water again!” It has been 40 years since Jaws hit theaters the first time, striking fear in the hearts of teenage beachcombers everywhere and that fierce great white shark is coming around to theaters again for the anniversary of Jaws‘ original release. June 21 will mark the second time Jaws […]

Surfing Wipeout Of The Year: Pedro Calado Survives Pounding During Massive Historical Swell [Video]

Puerto Escondido is a world-renowned surf break on the Pacific side of main land Mexico, known for its grinding power and ability to maintain surfable shape in massive conditions. At the same time it’s a beach break with a shifting sand bottom and likewise shifting mountainous peaks of waves, making it difficult to line up […]

The ‘Jaws’ Baby Bed Is One Of The Coolest Things Ever, And It Has Gone Viral

When it comes to doing something for your children, you really want to give them the world. One couple really wanted something unique for their baby boy and they wanted something that couldn’t be bought again by someone in just any old store. That is why they were happy to place their sleeping child in […]

Shark Loving Uncle Builds ‘Jaws’ Themed Crib

Michael Joseph Melaccio’s uncle, enamored with the movie Jaws, took it upon himself to fashion a crib for his nephew, featuring the film’s iconic shark and recreating one of its most famous scenes. Joseph Reginella decided to build the unusual crib for his 2-month-old nephew because of his love of the film, according to Metro. […]

‘Jaws’ Reboot Pitched By Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is interested in rebooting the Jaws franchise and he has even figured out his pitch to propose to Steven Spielberg, if he’s called upon to launch it. During his chat with Wall Street Journal, the Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Tusk director, revealed his unique idea behind how Amity Island can become scary […]

Iconic New James Bond Villain To Appear In Next Film?

The 24th installment in the James Bond franchise is set to begin principal photography this December, and early reports suggest that a new, iconic villain may be set to square off against the debonair British secret agent. As notes, Bond 24 will begin filming on Dec 6th, with actor Daniel Craig reprising the role […]

Richard Kiel, Bond Villain ‘Jaws,’ Dies At Age 74

One of the most iconic Bond villains has died. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Richard Kiel, best known for his portrayal of James Bond’s supervillain Jaws, has passed away at the age of 74. The actor had been hospitalized after breaking his leg earlier in the week, but it is still unclear if that was […]

The Jaw Dropping Shark Week Event Now In Full Swing! (Video)

Shark Week is now here — “television’s longest running must-see summer TV event returns to Discovery Channel.” Shark Week has been going on for 27 years to be exact. Shark Week fans will drop their jaws at the lineup of shows and events scheduled throughout the week. The Discovery Channel reveals that there will be […]

‘Shark Week’ Begins, But Has Fiction Overcome Fact?

It’s that time again when the Discovery Channel rolls out seven days of shark-themed programming affectionately called “Shark Week.” But in the 27 years that Shark Week has thrilled cable TV audiences, the programming has become less about science fact and has devolved into more science fiction. What started out as informative shows that helped […]

Modern Megalodon? ‘The Submarine,’ Legendary Great White Shark, May Be Real

A new report suggests that a legendary great white shark that terrorized South Africans 35 years ago, nicknamed “The Submarine,” may have actually existed, leading some to assert that a Megalodon may still prowl the waters of the southern Atlantic. “The Submarine” was reported in False Bay, South Africa, an area that is still famous […]

CA Shark Attack Victim Speaks Out: Shocking Attack Footage And Interview [Video]

It sounds like a scene from the movie Jaws, but California shark attack victim Steven Robles lives to tell his horrifying story. It all started Saturday morning while Steven Robles was out for his routine swim from Hermosa Beach north to Manhattan Beach, according to ABC News. At the same time, a fisherman, who claims […]

These 20 Candid Movie Photos Will Make You Watch Your Favorite Flicks In A Whole New Way

Why do we love movies? This American-born form of entertainment can take us to places we may never go, show us lives very different from own, or just provide us with two hours, give or take, of much-needed distraction from the stresses of everyday life. We love movies because they’re magic, and we all need […]

Shark Attacks Shouldn’t Surge With Great White Shark Population

Scientists are noting a surge in the great white shark population off the Eastern U.S. and Canada. A study published in PLOS ONE by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists (Seasonal Distribution and Historic Trends in Abundance of White Sharks, Carcharodon carcharias, in the Western North Atlantic Ocean), claims that the population of the elusive […]

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas Exchanged Some Sweet Ads That Became A Tradition

Two of the most legendary movie directors in American history, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been longtime friends, so when in 1977, Lucas hit it big with Star Wars, Spielberg decided to take a full page ad to congratulate his old pal. Naturally, once one did it, the other one had to follow suit […]

Woman Arrested For Biting Car Roof So Hard She Left Teeth Marks

A woman In Britain was arrested following a roadside argument in which she allegedly bit into the roof of a car so hard, she left teeth marks in the paint. The accused woman, Rhian Jeremiah, aged 26, bit into the Fiat 500 in a place called Cardigan in West Wales. According to eye-witnesses, a crunching […]

‘Jaws’ Reboot Might Be In The Works At Universal

Here’s a rumor that is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers: Universal could be moving forward with a reboot of Jaws in the very near future. Director Steven Spielberg’s classic shark flick is considered to be the very first summer blockbuster. When it opened in theaters back in the 70s, the movie earned […]

OCEARCH Is Tracking a Real Life ‘Jaws’ Off The Coast Of The Hamptons

Did you ever want to track a real life ‘jaws’? Now you can, and it is off the coast in the Hamptons. The great white shark was tagged on Sept. 12, 2012 in Cape Cod. According to data from OCEARCH, the female shark is a carcharodon carcharias, measuring 16-feet, and weighing in at 3,456-pounds. On […]

‘Jaws 3-D’ Could Finally Be Headed To Blu-Ray

Jaws 3-D could finally be headed to Blu-ray, according to IGN. The high-definition version of the three-dimensional sequel was originally supposed to arrive on retail shelves the same day as Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. However, August 24 came and went, and Jaws 3D never manifested. Fans of the film were understandably disappointed. During the 12 Hours […]

Great White Shark Carcass Washed Ashore Near Cape Cod

Westport, MA – Marine biologist Greg Skomal is performing a necropsy on a 13-foot great white shark carcass which washed ashore near the Rhode Island state line on Friday night. The carcass weighed an impressive 1,500 pounds. South Shore and Goosewing beaches were closed through Sunday while patrol boats searched the area for more remains […]