‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Cast Discuss Some Of The Show’s Unresolved Mysteries

Last year, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, was canceled after only one season by Freeform. Unfortunately, the Season 1 finale was filled with cliffhangers and unresolved mysteries. According to TVLine, several cast members recently reunited to give fans some closure and answers. On Saturday, Sofia Carson, Sydney Park, Eli Brown, […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Janel Parrish Rocks Vibrant Red Gown On Instagram

Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish – known for her role as Mona Vanderwaal – took to Instagram yesterday to treat her 6.6 million followers to a behind-the-scenes snapshot of herself rocking a vibrant red gown during a recent photo shoot. As those who follow Janel on social media know, the 30-year-old actress has been […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Actress Janel Parrish Marries Boyfriend Chris Long In Hawaiian Wedding

Janel Parrish, known for her role as the devious Mona Vanderwaal in Pretty Little Liars, officially became a married woman after saying “I do” to her boyfriend of two years, Chris Long, in a beautiful Hawaiian wedding, per Us Weekly. In real life, Parrish, 29, is nothing like her troubled PLL character, as she gathered […]

Lucy Hale Dishes On ‘PLL’ Co-Star Troian Bellisario’s Pregnancy News And Possible ‘PLL’ Reunion

They may no longer be castmates, but that doesn’t mean the bond the Pretty Little Liars formed has disappeared. Lucy Hale, who played Aria Montgomery for seven seasons, until the show’s end in June 2017, recently dished about how “happy” she is for her former co-star, Troian Bellisario, who’s expecting her first child. She also […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Stars Come Together One Last Time For An Emotional Goodbye

Tonight marks the end of the seven-year run of Pretty Little Liars and, along with learning the identity of supervillain A.D., comes an emotional farewell to a group of characters that has inspired a multi-generational fandom. As Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, and Janel Parrish prove in their emotional farewell, Pretty Little […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Spoilers: Janel Parrish Explains Mona’s Obsession With The Game

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is nearly finished and everyone is wondering what will happen during the final episodes. One character viewers have been talking about is Mona Vanderwaal. She seems obsessed and giddy over the board game that A.D. sent to the Liars. What is the deal with this character? In an interview, Janel […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ At Paleyfest Dishes On The Final Mysteries, And The End

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Pretty Little Liars Season 7B. As Pretty Little Liars nears the airing of Season 7B, which is to be the final installment of the Freeform show, teasers are keeping PLL fans both excited and fearful for those last 10 episodes. Feeding into that frenzy, a Paleyfest panel made […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Who Is Coming Back To Town?

Pretty Little Liars fans are generally regarded as world-class sleuths, taking small, hidden clues obscured on the set or in the script and figuring out what’s going to happen next on the show. But neither die-hard detectives nor the casual fans had to comb through hints to catch the next spoiler alert for the remainder […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Time Jump Spoilers: ‘A Free Life For 5 Years’ And More Mysteries

Pretty Little Liars is about to give its fans some big answers in the summer finale next week, and that means some things have to change, right? Who is Charles? How did Charles become A? But after that, with more show still left, what will that mean for the girls? There is going to be […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reveals Charles And It Is Not Who You Think! [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars is definitely pushing fans to the edge with the “who is Charles?” suspense, but it would seem that PLL fans will get the answer to that question when the Pretty Little Liars summer finale airs next week. In the meantime, PLL fans are […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers And Promo: Preparing For Charles, Plus A Prom Tease

The Pretty Little Liars thought they had it all figured out when it came to Charles – at least when it came to him being alive or dead. However, the most recent episode changed that, and now it seems his official return (or whatever you want to call it) is imminent, especially with that card […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Showrunner I. Marlene King On Season Six: ‘There Were A Lot Of Tears!’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars. In a rare opportunity, fans were invited to spend “An Evening with Pretty Little Liars,” courtesy of Citibank and hosted by The Grove in Los Angeles last Thursday night. The event emphasized the costumes seen throughout every season of Pretty Little Liars by honoring executive producer […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers Reveals The Torture Of The Dollhouse [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars. Last week’s Pretty Little Liars episode dealt with Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Aria (Lucy Hale) coming to terms with what happened in the dollhouse and, as PLL fans watched, the girls finally opened up to one another about what happened […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers Ask ‘Who Is Charles?’ And The Answer May Be Shocking [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars. Who is Charles? That’s the question Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are each trying to answer on Pretty Little Liars, and it’s the greatest mystery PLL fans everywhere are also trying to solve. The liars will definitely be […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Proves There Is An ‘A’ In Trauma

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars explored the aftermath of trauma this week with the exploration of how each of the liars is dealing with the aftereffects of their three-week long ordeal, and by the end of the episode, there couldn’t have been many PLL […]

Are Sasha Pieterse’s Shocking ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers True?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Pretty Little Liars. Of course, even the casual PLL fan knows that Pretty Little Liars premiered tonight, but that doesn’t mean the speculation and theorizing comes to a halt. On the contrary, PLL fans’ imaginations are going into overdrive and you can count Pretty Little Liars star Sasha […]

Janel Parrish Congratulates Val Chmerkovskiy And Rumer Willis On ‘DWTS’ Win

Actress and singer Janel Parrish was quick to publicly congratulate Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Rumer Willis on their Dancing with the Stars Season 20 win. After Val and Rumer took home the mirror ball trophy on Tuesday night’s finale episode, Janel tweeted that she called it right from the start. Janel reached the finals of Season […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Creepy New Guest Star And A Freaky Teaser [Video]

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. A new Pretty Little Liar is coming to Rosewood, if the latest reports are true, and this new cast addition has a talent for dancing. Maddie Ziegler, known for her appearances on Lifetime’s long-running Dance Moms series, is going to be appearing […]

Janel Parrish Delivers A New Single And Dishes On Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Character [Video]

Janel Parrish has been busy since Pretty Little Liars ended, and her Twitter followers were the first to see the fruits of her labors. Janel just released a new song through YouTube with the help of Vince Pizzinga. The song is called “Heart Made of Stone.” Ms. Parrish has always held an interest in music, […]

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Spoilers: A Time Jump, Answers About ‘A’ And More

The Pretty Little Liars season finale featured a moment that’s been teased for weeks (and even seasons) now: a big “A” reveal. But what does that mean for the girls moving forward? Can they ever get away from “A” (for, say, college?) First, a quick recap of what happened in the PLL season finale. While […]

Rumer Willis, Val Chmerkovskiy Dating Speculation Begins: Romance Ahead For ‘DWTS’ Pair?

The Dancing With the Stars 2015 season debuts Monday night on ABC and fans can’t wait to get started. Many are keeping an eye on Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy, and it seems the romance questions are already sprouting up. Rumer and Val are likely going to be serious contenders for the mirror-ball trophy this […]

Rumer Willis Makes Val Chmerkovskiy Wear Wacky Outfit During ‘DWTS’ Rehearsal [Video]

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy are trying to get a head start on their Dancing with the Stars competition by using a tried and true method of winning the hearts of fans: Team ValenRue is already posing for adorable Instagram photos. Rumer Willis recently shared the above shot of herself and Val looking cute and […]

Val Chmerkovskiy And Rumer Willis Coupling Up For ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

It looks like Val Chmerkovskiy will be dancing with another Pretty Little Liars star during this season of Dancing with the Stars. Val was recently spotted at dance practice with Rumer Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. The Daily Mail shared photos that show Val Chmerkovskiy and Rumer Willis practicing together at […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Over? Friends Worried Val ‘Will Break Her Heart’

The romance between dancer Val Chmerkovskiy and actress Janel Parrish might be coming to an end in the near future. According to Hollywood Life, an inside source claims that Janel is scared her former Dancing with the Stars partner is going to break her heart. Further reports claim that things are definitely not the same […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating: ‘DWTS’ Duo Caught Holding Hands In NYC

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish were spotted holding hands in New York City this week, making those dating rumors hang around. According to Hollywood Life, the Dancing with the Stars duo were spotted in the Big Apple on Wednesday, walking hand-in-hand through the snowy streets. Janel and Val are so cute omg pic.twitter.com/YM59wYXRJO — justyce […]

Janel Parrish: ‘You Were My Trophy,’ Ready To Get Serious?

Actress Janel Parrish may not have walked away from the Dancing with the Stars finale with the Mirror Ball trophy. However, she just might be leaving the competition with a serious relationship instead! Shortly after being told that she would receive third place when the results of the competition were revealed, Janel Parrish had a […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale: Who Won ‘DWTS’ Season 19?

The Dancing With The Stars finale did not disappoint. The show kicked off with a look back on previous weeks, and some of the previous competitors took the stage to dance again including Lea Thompson (with Artem) and Betsey Johnson (with Tony). Almost all fan favorites from the current season were in the audience, and […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating, Falling In Love Ahead Of The Mirrorball?

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish deny dating, but they can’t deny just how close they have gotten over the past several weeks. With the Dancing With The Stars finale finally upon us, all eyes are going to be on these two, to see if there really is something more between them. According to Reality TV […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating: Janelskiy Preps For Finals, Saying Goodbye For Good?

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish still deny that they are dating, but that hasn’t stopped the public from speculating. While it is common for stars and their dance pro partners to get close during each season of Dancing with the Stars, some get more close than others. And while a lot of fans think that […]

Derek Hough Shares Sexy Photo Of ‘Special’ ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner

Derek Hough recently shared a gorgeous photo of Dancing with the Stars partner Bethany Mota that will have Berek shippers feeling all the feels. In a squee-worthy Instagram post, Derek Hough labeled Bethany Mota a “special girl.” The photo accompanying the post featured Bethany and Derek looking intense while practicing their freestyle routine for this […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Kiss: ‘Janelskiy’ Get Close, Deny They Are A Couple After Kiss

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish shared a kiss on last week’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, and many continue to wonder if their relationship has crossed the friendship line. According to NewsOXY, Val and Janel have been getting cozy off of the dance floor as well, and that is why many people think that […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating? ‘DWTS’ Kiss Sends Rumors Into Overdrive

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish dating rumors are at an all-time high after the two shared a kiss on last week’s Dancing with the Stars. As most fans know, last week was “America’s Choice” week, so fans voted on what they wanted couples to do during their dances. It comes as no surprise that fans […]

‘DWTS’: Janel Parrish Gushes About ‘Special Moment’ With Val Chmerkovskiy

Will Janel Parrish share another “special moment” with Val Chmerkovskiy tonight on Dancing with the Stars? The Pretty Little Liars actress recently revealed how she feels about one of the most magical moments she and Val have shared on the show: their romantic Romeo and Juliet contemporary routine. What Janel Parrish wrote about the dance […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating Rumors Heat Up Ahead Of ‘DWTS’ Quickstep

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish aren’t doing much to cool those dating rumors. In fact, the Dancing with the Stars partners have sort of just gone along with the gossip, perhaps because it is getting them votes. According to Entertainment Tonight, fans of the show have been given the chance to vote on what “adventure” […]

Janel Parrish And Val Chmerkovskiy To Kiss On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy will likely share a kiss at the end of their Dancing with the Stars performance on Monday. There have been persistent rumors that Janel and Val are dating, and they could use those reports to their advantage this week. According to ET Online, DWTS is playing up the pair’s showmance […]

Val Chmerkovskiy Drastically Changes Look For Romantic ‘DWTS’ Routine With Janel Parrish [Photo]

Val Chmerkovskiy recently unveiled a new look on Instagram, and Dancing with the Stars fans might have a hard time recognizing Janel Parrish’s partner. The Chmerkovskiy brothers love their facial hair, but they’re willing to lose it if their DWTS characters need to have smooth, youthful faces. Maks Chmerkovskiy shaved his off to become Mowgli […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating: ‘DWTS’ Partners Are ‘Hooking Up’ Says Source

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish are in fact dating, according to Hollywood Life. The Dancing with the Stars partners are reportedly hooking up despite denying that they are romantically involved with one another. Although the rumors have persisted for several weeks, it now appears as though fans are going to hear what they have wanted […]

Janel Parrish Val: ‘DWTS’ Dating Rumors Persist, Janel Still Denies Romance

Janel Parrish talked Val Chmerkovskiy dating rumors again, but she still says that she is not romantically involved with her Dancing With The Stars partner. According to UPI, the 26-year-old was pretty straight forward with her statement and insisted that there’s no love that transcends friendship between she and her pro. However, Janel does appreciate […]

Derek Hough And Bethany Mota Go On Spooky Date, Get Terrorized By Creepy Clown [Video]

Derek Hough and Bethany Mota celebrated Halloween early by visiting a haunted house together. The Dancing with the Stars partners looked pretty cozy in a photo that Bethany Mota posted on her Instagram page. Bethany put on a fearful face while Derek Hough hugged her tight from behind. “Me?!? scared?!? Neverrrr Haunted house time w@derekhough“ […]

Janel Parrish And Val Chmerkovskiy Wear Matching Halloween Costumes, Dance to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Theme On ‘DWTS’

Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy adore each other so much that they’re wearing matching Halloween costumes. (Isn’t this a couple thing?) The Dancing with the Stars partners recently stepped out wearing sexy animal costumes that Regina George would find absolutely fetch. However, instead of copying the Mean Girls character’s slutty bunny costume, they opted to […]

Maks Chmerkovskiy Addresses Meryl Davis Dating Rumors, Talks Val’s Relationship With Janel Parrish

Maks Chmerkovskiy just can’t escape questions about the nature of his relationship with his former Dancing with the Stars partner, Olympian ice dancer Meryl Davis. But now he’s not just being asked about his own love life — everyone wants to know what’s going on between his brother Val Chmerkovskiy and Pretty Little Liars star […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating? ‘DWTS’ Duo Have Feelings For Each Other

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish are not dating, but the two do have feelings for one another. During a recent visit with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood, Val and Janel were given a lie detector test. While the whole thing was really just a joke, you could tell that the Dancing with […]

Janel Parrish Helps Val Chmerkovskiy Get Chest Waxed, Stars In Lifetime Movie ‘High School Possession’ [Video]

Janel Parrish obviously wants her Dancing with the Stars partner to look good without his shirt — Val Chmerkovskiy’s hot bod might be helping her score a few extra votes week after week. Most DWTS fans probably think Val looks perfectly fine just the way he is, but unfortunately for the pro dancer, Janel Parrish […]

Val Chmerkovskiy And Janel Parrish Take Lie Detector Test, Talk Dating And Kissing [Video]

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish have such incredible chemistry on Dancing with the Stars that they’ve fueled a flurry of dating rumors. The dance partners recently appeared on Access Hollywood together, and hosts Kit Hoover and Billy Bush decided that simply asking Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish to respond to the dating rumors wasn’t good […]

Maks Chmerkovskiy, Meryl Davis Dating: ‘DWTS’ Brothers Do Dinner With Lady Friends

Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis went out on a double date with Maks’ brother Val Chmerkovskiy and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Janel Parrish. According to Us Weekly, the Chmerkovskiy brothers were joined by their lovely ladies (though there hasn’t been any confirmation that either brother is romantically involved with his “significant dance partner”) […]

Janel Parrish Splits With Payson Lewis, ‘DWTS’ Romance Brewing?

Dancing With the Stars fans who love a good showmance just got something big to buzz about, it seems. Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy have had some passionate dances this season on DWTS and many were hoping it would transition to something off-screen as well. Until now, Parrish had a boyfriend. However, it appears she […]

Alfonso Ribeiro Addresses ‘DWTS’ Controversy, Explains Origins Of ‘The Carlton’

Alfonso Ribeiro wants Dancing with the Stars fans to know that he doesn’t have an unfair advantage over his fellow competitors. Last week Alfonso dominated the dance floor, earning a perfect score for doing “The Carlton” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most fans were delighted with the way Ribeiro updated his intentionally-awful dance to […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating? Lea Comes In And Steals Val’s Heart!

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish dating rumors don’t seem to be slowing down any, even though the dance partners have said that they aren’t a couple. While Val and Janel seem to be doing a fine job tricking people into thinking that they’re hooking up (with all that amazing chemistry they’ve got going on), the […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Janel Parrish Responds To Rumors That She’s Dating Val Chmerkovskiy

Some Dancing with the Stars contestants have such great chemistry with their partners that they spark dating rumors. This year, Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish and pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy won the honor of becoming a hot tabloid topic. As The Inquisitr previously reported, rumors about Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy took a bizarre […]

Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel Parrish Dating? Duo Accused Of ‘Faking It’ For Votes

Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish have been looking pretty cozy on Dancing with the Stars, but are they dating? Well that’s been speculated for a couple of weeks now, even though the Pretty Little Liars actress has a boyfriend. New details about the couple’s seemingly budding romance have been revealed, however, and said details probably […]