James Deen Sexual Abuse Allegations Hang Over Porn Oscars Win

James Deen has gone from porn world golden boy to a divisive accused sexual abuse perpetrator in just a matter of months, but that hasn’t eliminated all of his support: James still picked up two statues at this year’s AVN Awards — the Oscars of porn. Still, that number is dwarfed by the amount of […]

‘The Canyons’ Director Bret Easton Ellis Says James Deen’s Rape Allegations Is ‘A Ridiculous Witch Hunt’

Adult film star James Deen has been accused of rape by a total of 10 women over the last month. Now, the writer of Deen’s first mainstream film The Canyons, is coming out in support of Deen, who has vehemently denied all of the accusations by the women that are all involved in the adult […]

James Deen’s Adult Company Under Investigation, Performer Holly Jee Speaks Out

James Deen’s adult company is under investigation amidst the sexual assault allegations that are continuing to surface on the internet. The California Watchdog agency announced that it would investigate James Deen’s production company after 10 women have accused the adult star of sexual assault and/or rape. Most of these allegations have occurred both on and […]

James Deen Breaks His Silence On Sexual Assault Allegations

After nine women have come forward and accused James Deen of sexual assault, the adult film star is finally breaking his silence. Aside from making a public statement on social media, James Deen, whose real name is Bryan Sevilla, has remained silent since former girlfriend and fellow costar, Stoya, accused him of rape in a […]

James Deen Rape Case: Studio That Dropped Deen, Kink.com, Faces Lawsuits Alleging Unsafe Conditions Including Transmitting HIV On Set

James Deen is already embroiled in controversy after several adult film stars have come forward to accuse him of rape, and now the San Francisco-based fetish porn company that once employed him is under fire as well. Kink.com is being accused of harboring unsafe work conditions, including allowing Deen to assault his co-stars and in […]

James Deen: Three More Women Speak Out About The Adult Film Star

Three more women who were associated with adult film star James Deen are speaking out since the sexual assault allegations that took off earlier this week. James Deen was hailed as the “boy next door” and “feminist hero” of the adult film industry. That all changed when his former costar and girlfriend Stoya revealed on […]

Joanna Angel Opens Up On James Deen Sexual Assault Allegations

Joanna Angel revealed the details about her alleged abusive relationship with fellow costar and ex-boyfriend James in a radio interview on Wednesday. The adult film star was a guest on the Jason Ellis’ SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, Dec. 2, to open up about James Deen’s alleged emotional and physical abuse. The adult actor is […]

Porn Star James Deen Hit With Another Sexual Allegation Claim, Dropped By Kink

Adult film star James Deen is currently at the center of a sexual allegation scandal. James Deen’s ex-girlfriend and adult film partner Stoya recently came forward to allege Deen of sexually assaulting her. In a series of tweets, Stoya, who is now a mainstream actress, accused James Deen of rape. Since then, an additional two […]

James Deen: Adult Film Star Responds To Sexual Assault Accusations

Stoya accused adult film star and former boyfriend James Deen of sexual assault in a series of tweets posted to her account over the weekend. Her tweets started on Saturday afternoon, according to a report via the Huffington Post. Stoya shared the simple but short tweet that revealed a lot about what happened during their […]

Farrah Abraham Heading To Adult Film Awards, Bringing Her ‘Love’ With Her?

Farrah Abraham seems to be quite busy nowadays, with appearances at nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, and special events. One big event that the former Teen Mom star will be going to soon is the movie awards show presented by trade magazine AVN (Adult Video News). This coming Friday, she’ll be making an appearance at the […]

Farrah Abraham Cries ‘I’m More Special Than Sex Tapes!’

Farrah Abraham, the 22-year-old former “reality” TV star who released a “sex tape” in May of 2013, is now lamenting what she says was all a big mistake. Abraham told InTouch Magazine that the tape “ruined my life.” Initially, she claimed the tape had been “leaked,” but her performance was quickly revealed to be a […]

Lindsey Lohan Loses Laptop With Nude Pics, Offers Then Retracts Reward

Troubled star Lindsey Lohan, once a promising actress and now primarily famous for her widely-publicized behavioral and legal issues, has lost a laptop that reportedly contains a cache of nude photos of Lohan herself, the entertainment gossip site TMZ reports. On Tuesday, Lindsey Lohan took to Twitter to lament the loss of her laptop computer. […]

Bret Easton Ellis Blames Lindsay Lohan On ‘The Canyons’ Failure

There’s throwing people under the bus, and then there’s what Bret Easton Ellis thinks about Lindsay Lohan. Ellis, who was just one of a few people behind the debacle that was The Canyons, isn’t exactly someone who kept quiet through any stage of the Lindsay Lohan vehicle. Serving as the film’s writer, Ellis is sounding […]

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘The Canyons’ Gets A New Trailer [Video]

A new trailer for the Lindsay Lohan thriller The Canyons has arrived online. It’s been a long hard road for writer Bret Easton Ellis and director Paul Schrader’s storied project. After getting rejected from such notable film festivals as Sundance and SXSW, it seemed the thriller may never enjoy a proper release in the US. […]

First Look At Lindsay Lohan And James Deen In ‘The Canyons’

It seems like problems surrounding The Canyons happened as soon as the film attached Lindsay Lohan to be its lead star. Tons of gossip stories have been written about the ongoings from pre-production to post-production, notably one op-ed titled Here’s What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie was a real account that […]

James Deen Not Happy With Farrah Abraham’s ‘Pregnancy Publicity Stunt’

Farrah Abraham’s porn co-star James Deen is not happy with the Teen Mom star, who recently — and very publicly — bought a pregnancy test shortly after the release of their “sex tape.” “I keep trying to stay out of the drama and let it pass, but it just seems like it’s one thing after […]

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham: From Anal Porn To Diet Pill Endorsements

From pregnant teen, to anal porn superstar, to corny diet pill endorsements-is there anything Teen Mom Farrah Abraham can’t do? Just days after Farah Abraham’s sex tape debut, the Teen Mom has announced her first endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, a company that sells “diet and fat loss pills.” After Abraham received a fat wad […]

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Crashes Vivid Site And Shatters Kardashian’s Previous Record

It looks like Kim Kardashian is going to have to take a backseat to the Farrah Abraham sex tape. The Teen Mom sex tape apparently aroused so much interest, that it caused the Vivid Entertainment site servers to crash, according to TMZ. Abraham’s sex tape garnered so much interest, that it attracted over 2 million […]

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Star Says She Sounds Like ‘A Dying Horse’

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape is out, and the reviews are pouring in. Thus far, one unflattering entry comes courtesy of another former Teen Mom star, Catelynn Lowell, who says that Abraham sounds like “a dying horse.” Ouch! It hasn’t even been a month since Abraham filmed a professional pornographic video with industry funnyman James Deen, […]

Farrah Abraham Sells Sex Tape For Six-Figure Sum

Farrah Abraham was apparently wise to hold out for the millions she felt entitled to for the rights to her sex tape with pornographic actor James Deen. According to TMZ, the 21-year-old Teen Mom alum has inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment to distribute her sex tape for almost one million dollars. The title the […]

Dr. Phil And Farrah Abraham Trade Blows Over Sex Tape, ‘Entitled’ Attitude [Video]

Say what you will about Dr. Phil, but this time he might be right on the money. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham appeared on his program to defend herself over her DUI arrest and pornographic film, but received no sympathy from the celebrity psychologist. Abraham has been the subject one head-scratching scandal after another in […]

Farrah Abraham Doesn’t Want To Be Mean, But James Deen’s ‘Penis Is Small’

As Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s sex/porn tape scandal threatens to swallow her whole, she seems keen to take everyone down with her, lashing out at co-star James Deen for leaking the rumored tape’s true nature to the press. Rumors regarding a possible Farrah Abraham sex tape hit the web last week, with the reality […]

Farrah Abraham Attempting To Block Vivid From Releasing Sex Tape

Former Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham is reportedly now trying to block her sex tape from being released. That’s not all that unusual, except that she staged the film with pornographic actor James Deen and was in talks to sell it for a couple million bucks. Rumors of a Farrah Abraham sex tape began […]

‘The Canyons’ Co-Star James Deen Slams James Franco, Paul Schrader

Porn actor and The Canyons co-star had a few choice words for director Paul Schrader and James Franco. Since production began, rumors have been swirling that there was trouble on the set of Paul Schrader’s thriller. Although many have dished on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, co-star James Deen has kept his perspective on the subject contained […]

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Canyons’ Co-Star Says She Acted Like ‘A Child’ On Set

James Deen, the pornographic actor who co-stars with Lindsay Lohan in the upcoming film The Canyons, has slammed the troubled actress, saying that she acted like “a child” while on set. Lohan’s attempt at a career comeback has suffered several missteps and a lot of criticism. Though it initially looked like she was working hard […]

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Canyons’ Co-Star Defends Leaked Audio Tape [Video]

Lindsay Lohan has been getting extra criticism lately, causing some of her co-stars to speak out in defense of the troubled actress. James Deen, pornographic actor and co-star on The Canyons, has joined the pro-Lohan camp, defending her over a recently leaked audio tape from the set that paints her in a negative light, reports […]

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Liz & Dick’ Co-Star Insists LiLo Is No Diva

Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick co-star Grant Bowler has come to the actress’s defense after a damning story was published suggesting that Lohan was more trouble than she was worth on the set of the polarizing Lifetime film. A New York Times Magazine article titled “This Is What You Get When You Hire Lindsay Lohan […]

What Porn Stars Are Saying About California Condom Law ‘Measure B’

Beyond the re-election of President Barack Obama, a number of smaller measures were approved across the country, representing significant wins for marriage equality and marijuana legalization. Another proposal, “Measure B,” a regulatory law requiring porn stars in California to wear condoms during filming was also passed, and has earned a fair share of criticism. The […]

Lohan Stars In New Trailer For ‘The Canyons’ [Video]

Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, The Canyons, got another trailer today and it’s just as strange as the first. The new trailer plays like an SNL skit mocking bad movies. Screen writer Bret Easton Ellis is introduced as a “Twitter-obsessed author,” director Paul Schrader is introduced as a “never-nominated director,” and Lohan is introduced as a […]

Lindsay Lohan Drama ‘The Canyons’ Gets A New Retro Trailer [Video]

Director Paul Schrader’s The Canyons, which stars Lindsay Lohan and porn actor James Deen, is gearing up for release sometime next year. As such, a new trailer has found its way online, though it’s a little different than what you may have expected. Instead of giving viewers a straightforward preview of the troubled actress’ potential […]

Lindsay Lohan Wants Jennifer Lawrence Bad

Lindsay Lohan has her sights set on a gorgeous Hollywood starlet. She has let the world know that she wants to get her hand on Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games. Don’t think she has taken too many lessons from her work on the Canyons with porn star James Deen, she doesn’t want to be […]

Lindsay Lohan Spends The Fourth with James Deen

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, the costars that swear they aren’t sleeping with each other has made another appearance together. This time it was at a party for the Fourth of July. Making porn mainstream as Jenna Jameson once did, it doesn’t seem like Deen’s hating the free publicity these outings are giving him. First […]

Porn Star James Deen Says He Is Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan

Porn Star James Deen is not giving “The Canyons” co-star Lindsay Lohan a taste of his sexual skills according to an interview he gave to Animal New York. Deen told the website that he adamantly denied he got freaky with the former Disney star saying, “I can definitely, honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are […]

Lindsay Lohan Meets with Porn Star James Deen

When Lindsay Lohan isn’t stirring up trouble on the set of her Lifetime film Liz & Dick, she’s apparently chatting up porn stars, one specifically, James Deen, who is set to be her new co-star. The pair was seen laughing it up and getting more acquainted with each other during a dinner at LA’s The […]

Lindsay Lohan’s New Co-Star: Porn Star James Deen

It’s not what you think. Lohan isn’t hurting for cash so hard that she’s resorted to porn. The actress is currently on the comeback-trail, and has been cast in her next role opposite leading man (and porn star) James Deen. Lohan, currently working her wardrobe off playing Liz Taylor in Liz & Dick,has been cast […]