Jack White Honors Eddie Van Halen During Riveting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance

Saturday Night Live paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen several times on the first show since the legendary guitarist’s death last week. Musical guest Jack White, who was a last-minute addition to the NBC late-night series after country singer Morgan Wallen lost his invite after violating pre-show COVID-19 protocols, appeared onstage with a cobalt blue […]

Jack White Bans Cell Phone Use At His Shows

Jack White has announced a ban on cell phone use for his upcoming tour. The singer, who will hit the road in support of his soon-to-be-released album Boarding House Ranch, has issued a press release that states his shows will be a “phone-free, 100 percent human experience.” “No photos, video or audio recording devices allowed,” […]

Kendrick Lamar Praised By President Barack Obama: ‘Breaking New Ground,’ ‘Doing Amazing Work’

Kendrick Lamar has just received high praise from President Barack Obama himself, according to Complex. The “Alright” rapper has managed to get Obama’s seal of approval just days before the 44th president leaves the Oval Office. Chance and Kendrick Lamar are Obama's favourite rappers https://t.co/ZK8BEJeDxW@kendricklamar #Music #Entertainment #News pic.twitter.com/Nvujony1V6 — RadioandMusic.com (@radioandmusic) November 2, 2016 […]

Watch Jack White Perform At ‘Prairie Home Companion’ 2.0 Kickoff [Video]

The new Prairie Home Companion, which some are calling “PCH 2.0,” now stars Chris Thile after former host Garrison Keillor left the show after 42 years. Although the new PHC host will not be permanently leaving California for the icy cold of Minnesota, he has already settled in nicely. Demonstrating that this is not your […]

Jimmy Fallon Humiliated By Clint Eastwood, Kevin James, Jack White: But At Least Renee Zellweger Was Nice To Him

Jimmy Fallon has had plenty of fun this month, according to Entertainment Weekly. The 42-year-old late night talk show host invited such big stars as Clint Eastwood, Kevin James, Jack White, and Renee Zellweger this month, and nobody regretted watching them clown around live! Good morning pals!! Jimmy @jimmyfallon definitely got the best dance moves!???????????????????? […]

Jack White Is Investing In Baseball Bats

Jack White, the rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter best known for the band The White Stripes, is now investing in baseball bats. Jack White and Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler are co-investing in the baseball gear company Warstic, according to Rolling Stone. White is an avid baseball fan, and he even once threw a pitch […]

Reclusive Jack White Pops Up At Neighborhood Potluck — And No One Knows Who He Is

Jack White seems to be more famous for his bizarre off-stage antics than his music these days. There was that run-in with the drummer from The Black Keys over an ongoing accusation from White that that other two-person blues band stole his sound. Then the hoopla over a very specific guacamole recipe that turned out […]

Jack White Branded A ‘Bully A**hole’ By Black Keys Drummer Who Claims The White Stripe Tried To Fight Him

Jack White has been branded a “bully a**hole” by the drummer of the Black Keys, who claims the former White Stripes signer attempted to start a fight with him in a NYC bar. It’s rare for an actual fight involving genuine fisticuffs to happen between two rock divas in the modern age, mainly because the […]

Jack White Surprise Shows: What You Need To Know About His $3 Concerts

Before he takes a break from touring, Jack White is going to perform a few surprise, acoustic shows at states in which he has never played. The cost of admission is only $3 per ticket, but White is being extremely secretive about this mini-tour. According to a post on his official website, Jack White will […]

Robert Plant Joins Jack White To Perform Led Zeppelin Classic [Video]

Robert Plant joined Jack White onstage earlier this weekend in South America, stepping in to recreate his classic vocals on Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song,” a piece that has recently found its way into White’s setlist. Jack White and his band were performing at Lollapalooza Argentina, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, on Saturday, March 21 […]

Jack White’s Guacamole Rider: Singer Responds To Controversy

Jack White’s “guacamole rider” has been the subject of some controversy since the University of Oklahoma leaked a document showing his requirements to play at a venue. The story has been shared as an example of the “diva” attitude of performers, but now White is speaking out about the reaction. Jack White was scheduled to […]

Jack White, University of Oklahoma At Odds After Student Newspaper Publishes Private Rider, Discloses $80,000 Guarantee

Jack White was reportedly furious after the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma disclosed his $80,000 performance guarantee and rider, which included a recipe for homemade guacamole that was requested for White’s crew as well as a New York strip steak dinner. During the performance, White called out the newspaper for publishing the full […]

Jack White Blacklists University Of Oklahoma After They Publish His Secret Guacamole Recipe In Newspaper

Jack White threw a fit when the University of Oklahoma campus newspaper, the Oklahoma Daily, posted his concert contract and tour rider, which included his secret guacamole recipe. William Morris Entertainment has blacklisted the university from any future concerts by Jack White or other artists under their label because “they don’t want any other artists […]

Jack White – Live Stream His Sold Out Madison Square Garden Show Tonight

Jack White’s sold out Madison Square Garden show in New York City will be streamed live on the internet tonight at 9:00 EST. The concert will continue to stream back-to-back for 72 hours after its completion. Jack White currently enjoys a status that many other musicians only dream about. A performer, producer and occasional actor, […]

Coachella 2015 Lineup Announced Amid Varied Reactions

It’s that time of year again when Coachella will be here before we know it. AC/DC, Drake, and Jack White were officially announced Tuesday morning as headliners for this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The three day festival takes place on two back-to-back weekends in April in Indio, California with an identical lineup for […]

Stephen Hawking Will Be A Guest Vocalist On Pink Floyd’s New Album

Fans of Pink Floyd were shocked to learn that after a 20-year hiatus, the band would be releasing a brand new album. The LP is called The Endless River and the album cover art has already been released. But an even more unusual bit of Pink Floyd news has been hitting the web today. Famous […]

Jack White’s Keyboardist Found Dead In Mexico — Tour Canceled

In the middle of Jack White’s Mexican tour his keyboardist, Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, has passed away. Jack White, the former front man for the band the White Stripes, has canceled the remainder of the tour dates. According to CNN, White’s keyboardist was found dead in his Puebla, Mexico hotel. Consequence of Sound reported that a […]

Sad Jack White Meme Now Totally A Thing

For some reason Jack White is everywhere this week, covering Lorde’s “Royals,” showing up at baseball games needing a hug, playing historically long concerts. If you’ve seen the “sad Jack White” meme but lack the context, apparently the star was spotted looking less than thrilled during a recent Chicago Cubs game, context unknown, though probably […]

Watch Jack White Cover Lorde’s ‘Royals’ And Die Sighing

Jack White, who has a proven history of making every cover magical no matter what, did a version of Lorde’s “Royals” earlier this week — and like, it’s almost impossible to come by a clip of this fantastic, amazing nonsense. Putting aside Jack White being basically a man who possesses God-like powers, with capabilities to […]

Jack White’s Asylum: Insane And Disease-Ridden Secret Gig

Jack White outdid all his other impromptu gigs the past few years with his latest secret show in London held on July 2. The show, which had a medical theme, was done in conjunction with the Punchdrunk theater company. Fans who were lucky to witness the secret event had to follow online clues. White posted […]

Jack White Conquers Charts With Creative New Release

Rock musician Jack White has never been the type of guy who follows the crowd. The quick success of his recently released solo record Lazaretto suggests that when your name is Jack White and you make a living playing music around the world, there’s no problem with marching to the beat of your own drum. […]

YouTube Streaming Music Controversy: Will Block Indie Artists

It now appears that YouTube is even susceptible to the pressures that come from signing major label deals with the music industry. According to Forbes.com, YouTube will soon start blocking videos from independent artist labels, much like XL Recordings and Third Man Records, that host artists like Adele and Jack White. The reason for this […]

Musician Jack White Gets His Own Delicious Ice Cream Flavor

You may know musician Jack White as the mind behind The White Stripes, a solo musician, or someone who truly belongs in an overly praised Tim Burton movie, either way White has been revered for years as a musician due to his many contributions over the years. So it only makes sense that the next […]

Jack White Never Talks To Meg, Ever

Former White Stripes frontman Jack White has opened up about his relationship with other half of the band, Meg, and the now solo artist has some bleak insights for fans hoping against hope for a reunion. When Jack White discusses the White Stripes, you definitely get the feeling that he (like us) sort of regards […]

Jack White’s Divorce From Karen Elson Finalized

Jack White’s divorce from British singer and model Karen Elson has been finalized. A Nashville judge signed the divorce agreement on November 26, according to The Associated Press. The divorce agreement names Elson as the primary residential parent for the former couple’s two children, 7-year-old Scarlett Teresa and 6-year-old Henry Lee. White will have about […]

Jack White’s Ex-Wife Granted Restraining Order

Jack White’s ex-wife Karen Elson has been granted a restraining order against the former White Stripes vocalist. A Nashville circuit judge granted the order last Monday. White is prohibited from having “any contact with [Elson] whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties’ minor children.” Elson has primary custody of the former […]

Jack White Saves Masonic Temple In Detroit

Jack White recently saved a Masonic Temple in Detroit from foreclosure. Although the musician originally made the donation anonymously, word soon spread that it was his money that prevented the temple from being put on the market. Detroit Masonic Temple Association president Roger Sobran said the Temple’s Cathedral Theater will be renamed the Jack White […]

New Zealand: Where Tenacious D Delivers The Weather Report

Probably not the best guys to talk about serious flooding, tornadoes and other major catastrophic events. On the other hand … funniest weathermen in New Zealand!

Jennifer Lawrence A ‘Brilliant Role Model,’ Karen Elson Says

Jennifer Lawrence has been declared a “brilliant role model” by model-turned-singer Karen Elson, the former Mrs. Jack White. Elson made the comments to Harper’s Bazaar in the May issue of which she also graces the cover. Speaking about her daughter Scarlett, whom she had with White, Elson stated, “Scarlett’s friend’s mother said to me the […]

Jack White Explains Radio City Walkout, Disses Crowd

Jack White’s Radio City gig in New York last year definitely got the rocker some bad press, as he managed to get only 45 minutes into a set at the large venue before storming off the stage, never to return. At the time, Jack White‘s Radio City Music Hall performance was understandably poorly received by […]

Jack White Named Official Ambassador Of Record Store Day 2013

Jack White has been appointed as the official Ambassador of Record Story Day 2013. Record Store Day is an annual international event, held on the 3rd Saturday in April, celebrating vinyl records and hard copy recordings sold in actual physical independently owned music stores. Record Store Day 2013 will be held on April 20. Spin […]

Jack White Drops Sexiest Grammys F-Bomb, Already ‘Deep’ Into Blunderbuss Follow-Up

Whether or not Jack White cursed live on TV last night at the Grammys remained a topic of debate — social media seems to have distinctly heard the f-word, while CBS claims it isn’t so — but the musician and former White Stripes frontman certainly made an impression with his impassioned performance during the ceremony. […]

Jack White F-Bomb During Grammys Performance Escapes The Censors

A Jack White F-bomb reportedly slipped past CBS’ censors on Sunday night as the former White Stripe performed at the Grammys. White was on stage to perform “Love Interruption” with Tennessee musician Ruby Amanfu when he appeared to add the words “f— me” to the lyrics. As the word isn’t part of the original song, […]

Jack White To Perform At Grammys After 9-Year Break [Video]

Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes) will be performing at the Grammys next month for the first time in nine years. MSN reports that White will be joined by Carrie Underwood and the Lumineers on stage next month at the Grammy Awards Show. The Recording Academy announced the newest lineup on Thursday, which also […]

Jack White Says Meg Was ‘Uninterested In White Stripes’

Jack White says that Meg White was “uninterested” in The White Stripes. Despite a close musical partnership, an apparent friendship (even following divorce), and both critical and commercial success, Jack White says that his former White Stripes collaborator Meg White was difficult to work. Though the pair found acclaim in the early 2000s, quickly becoming […]

Jack White Criticizes Lady Gaga, But Then He Doesn’t

Lauded musician Jack White doesn’t much care for Lady Gaga, opining that the singer is “all artifice.” In a recent interview with Esquire UK, White criticizes celebrity culture as a whole, arguing that celebrities often go out of their way to appear relatable, which inadvertently creates unfair expectations of what’s normal. “The goal of modern […]

Jack White Debuts ‘I’m Shakin’ ‘ Music Video

Rocker Jack White has debuted the music video for “I’m Shakin’, ” which comes to us from his debut solo album titled Blunderbuss. The song is a cover of the popular R&B hit of the same name. The song was originally performed by Little Willie John, an R&B singer from the 1950s and 1960s. The […]

Jack White Abruptly Ends Radio City Concert, Angers Fans

Jack White played a 45 minute concert at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night and ended without an encore, both facts that angered fans who paid big bucks to see the rocker perform. Touring in support of his new album Blunderbuss White simply walked off the stage, leaving fans to wonder if he was […]

Thom Yorke Hints At Radiohead Collaboration With Jack White

Thom Yorke dropped a huge hint at Bonnaroo Music Festival, where the band headlined on Friday, saying that Radiohead may have collaborated together with Jack White on something, before dedicating the song “Supercollider” to him. Sean from Radiohead At Ease commented that: “…given that Jack White’s Third Man Recordsstudio/shop/dreamatorium is located in nearby Nashville, I […]

Jay-Z, Jack White Provide Soundtrack For ‘The Great Gatsby’ Trailer [Video]

Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” isn’t the only piece of classic literature being turned into a film this year. Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann are currently working on an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” The first trailer for “The Great Gatsby” hit the internet today and the most surprising thing about the […]

Jack White Hopes To Set Guinness World Record For Most Metaphors Used On Stage

Jack White concerts are about to get strange. The former White Stripes guitarist has accepted a challenge from the Guinness Book of World Records and will embark on his Summer tour with one thing on his mind: to use as many metaphors as humanly possible on stage. White recently called the Guinness Book of World […]

Jack White Teams Up With Gary Oldman For Live Streaming Concert

Rocker Jack White is preparing to release his first solo album and in celebration of that event the singer/songwriter will stream a concert live online and it will be directed by none other than Gary Oldman. The live streamed event will be the first installment in season three of American Express’ “Unstaged” series” which teams […]

Jack White Doesn’t Know Why the White Stripes Split, Misses Band ‘So Much’

Although megatalented guitar sex god Jack White has managed to move past the White Stripes and find success in every single other venture in which he has engaged (including being in a supergroup, being in other groups, being in movies, and making real records in a fancy shop in Tennessee), he still pines for the […]

New Jack White Song – Love Interruption [Audio Track]

Jack White is about to drop his first solo album, ‘Blunderbuss’, in April of this year. But first he’s given listeners and White Stripes fans the chance to get a taste of what’s to come with ‘Love Interruption’. The obvious thing to say is it sounds very White Stripesy, but then it would. Personally, I […]

Loretta Lynn Out of the Hospital After “Scary” Night

Country legend Loretta Lynn is back home and taking it easy after a brief scare with Bacterial Pneumonia. Lynn, 76, was taken ill Saturday on her tour bus and transported to a hospital for treatment. A representative for the singer later disclosed on Lynn’s website: “Around 1:30 AM Saturday morning, Loretta awoke on her tour […]

[Video] Jack White vs. Stephen Colbert: Catholic Throwdown

Alas, I was not personally able to attend Jack White and Stephen Colbert’s Highline party today at Jack White’s ice cream truck even though it is only an hour from my house because I had to be an adult. And there are no Twitpics! However, over on Colbert Nation, there is a brilliant “Catholic Throwdown” […]

[Video] Jack White Vs. Stephen Colbert, Part Two

Wednesday night was totally funnier than Tuesday night, but Jack White is on Colbert again tonight- did you watch the last two installments? The Colbert Report Tags: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor Satire Blog,Video Archive

[Video] Jack White Versus Stephen Colbert, Part One

Stephen Colbert sits down with the the most epic musical genius of our generation- Jack White- at Third Man and makes him sing “Seven Nation Army” while Colbert eats yogurt. Pretty much the best Colbert segment of all time. White might be on again tonight but will definitely be back Thursday at which point I […]

Jack White, Wife Announce Split With Divorce Party

Regular readers of the Inquisitr know that Jack White is my soul mate, so this post will be a huge exercise in objectivity. You’re welcome. The most epic musical genius of our generation and wife Karen Elson are divorcing, it seems, but the notoriously private musician has taken the interesting step of hosting an event […]

Dolly Parton Says She’d Duet Jack White

Dolly Parton, whose song Jolene is one of the White Stripes’ most beloved covers, said she would duet Jack White because Jack White is totally awesome. Okay, the last part is total inference. But Parton says she’s “picky,” and how amazing would a Dolly/Jack duet be? Can you stand even thinking about it? Parton discusses […]