‘Big Brother 21’ Cast Members Apologize For Leaked Group Chat Containing Racial Insensitive Remarks

Some of the cast members from Big Brother Season 21 have come under fire again after a group chat was leaked on Twitter last night. The screenshots showed Nick Maccarone and Jack Matthews being racially insensitive yet again after the former suggested Jack would shoot something black on a reunion camping trip that would cause […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Cast’s Group Chat Leaked Online Revealing Racist Remarks

A group chat between some cast members of Big Brother Season 21 has been revealed on Twitter, showing some very disturbing remarks. BB21 is known for being one of the most problematic seasons in the show’s history due to racial insensitivity from more than one cast member, and these new texts are proving some of […]

‘Big Brother’ Evictee Analyse Talavera Explains Where She Wants Her Relationship To Go With Jack Matthews

There have been two main showmances from Season 21 in the Big Brother house. After briefly hooking up with Kathryn Dunn, Jackson Michie eventually set his sights on Holly Allen and the two have been inseparable ever since. The second showmance was between evictees Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera who have finally been reunited in […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Houseguest Kemi Fakunle Shades Jack Matthews On The Night Of His Eviction

The relationship between Jack Matthews and Kemi Fakunle wasn’t one of patience and understanding this season on Big Brother. The hatred in the relationship seemed to be one-sided and resulted in some rather disturbing behind-the-back smack talk. Once Jack Matthews was called out for his inappropriate comments regarding Kemi after he was evicted, he apologized […]

‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Jack Matthews Further Clarifies His ‘Rice Pudding’ Comment

Jack Matthews might be one of the most disliked Big Brother players of all time after he was caught multiple times on the live feeds saying completely inappropriate comments. Jack has been accused of racist behavior in the house, mostly for how he interacted with roommate Kemi Fakunle, and also for making a comment about […]

Julie Chen Confronts ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Jack Matthews Over Racist Comments On Live Episode

Big Brother fans witnessed a blindside on Thursday night’s live eviction episode of the CBS reality show. When Jack Matthews was evicted from the game, host Julie Chen confronted the controversial contestant about derogatory comments he made on the live feeds that were not shown on the CBS telecast until now. During Matthews’ exit interview, […]

Spoilers For ‘Big Brother 21’: Alliances Shift In Big Ways In Week 6 & One Nominee Is Desperate To Flip Votes

Wednesday night brings a new episode of Big Brother 21, and spoilers suggest that there will be some intense moments airing. Fans who follow the live feeds are already up to speed on most of what will be shown in this August 7 show, but a few additional BB21 teasers have come together throughout the […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Week 6 Power Of Veto Ceremony Is Held And An Eviction Target Solidifies

It is Week 6 in the Season 21 Big Brother house, and spoilers tease that a controversial houseguest will soon be evicted. The Power of Veto ceremony was held on Monday, and the results reveal the final nominees for the week. Jessica Milagros won Head of Household for Week 6 and she nominated Jack Matthews […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Episode Reveals Blowout That Destroyed The House

Last Thursday night’s live eviction show on Big Brother was a run-of-the-mill broadcast until host Julie Chen let the viewers know that all-out war broke out in the house just hours before they went live. Since the live feeds are down before an eviction, fans weren’t able to see what transpired on their CBS All […]

‘Big Brother’ 21 Week 6 Spoilers: First HOH Tie Breaker Vote Expected

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Week 6 is proving to be the most complex week of this season in the Big Brother house. Jessica Milagros nominated Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction and solidified those selections after she won the Power of Veto competition Saturday afternoon. Only eight houseguests […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Week 6 Spoilers: Plan Solidifies To Send One Houseguest Packing

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. It looks like a major player could be sent out the door in Week 6 as plans are coming together to boot one houseguest out this coming Thursday. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jessica Milagros is the newest Head of Household (HOH) and nominated Jack […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Week 6 Spoilers: HOH Puts Two Nominees On The Block

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Week 6 is in full swing in the Big Brother house after a massive blowout shook the players to their core on Thursday night. Just before the live eviction, the house erupted in a fight when a backdoor plan was being set into motion, which […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Head Of Household Winner For Week 6 Is Revealed

Big Brother 21 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that a new Head of Household is in place for Week 6, and this could shake things up. Alliances in the BB21 house were already crumbling on Thursday as Sam Smith tried to flip the house to save himself, and it looks like things remained shaky […]

‘Big Brother 21’: Who Was The Fourth Houseguest Sent Home?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Thursday night’s live eviction show. Week 4 has officially come to a close in the Big Brother house, as another houseguest has been sent packing. On Thursday night, Isabella Wang and Jack Matthews were sitting on the block after Jackson Michie pulled himself off earlier in the week by […]

Will ‘Big Brother’ Air Jack Matthews’ Racist Rice Pudding Remark? CBS Has Put Contestants On Blast In The Past

Big Brother 21 live feed viewers have not been happy with the “edit” Jack Matthews has received this season. Matthews has been accused of racism and bullying, and his questionable behavior had not been shown on the edited CBS reality show until last week when he was shown berating now-evicted houseguest Kemi Fakunle over a […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Jack Matthews Under Fire Again After Another Racially-Tinged Comment

Warning! Big Brother 21 spoilers ahead! Big Brother 21 contestant Jack Matthews is nominated for eviction this week, but spoilers have teased that he might not necessarily be in a lot of danger. A decision will not be formally made by the BB21 players until Thursday, but it seems that a recent comment he made […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Boss Says This Player Could Be ‘One Of The Biggest Surprises’ Of The Season

The Big Brother 21 cast consists of several competition “beasts” and savvy superfans, but one unexpected player could surprise everyone and win the whole shebang, at least according to showrunner Allison Grodner. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Big Brother boss was asked who she thinks has been playing the best game so far, […]

‘Big Brother’ 21 Week 4 Spoilers: Upcoming POV Ceremony Has The House In Shambles

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Things are really starting to get interesting in the Big Brother house after a somewhat lackluster season so far. While there has been plenty of drama regarding the houseguests and their personalities, game moves have stayed relatively mediocre and on par for the first couple […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Evictee Kemi Releases Official Statement On Twitter Regarding ‘Disgusting’ House Behavior

Kemi Fakunle has been officially evicted from the Big Brother house after losing a battle back competition alongside Ovi Kabir, David Alexander, and Cliff Hogg III. Kemi was forced to continue living in the house despite being voted out as a new twist for Season 21. Now that Kemi, David, and Ovi are out of […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Kemi Fakunle Blasts ‘Faux Jason Momoa’ Jack Matthews, Reveals Why He Hated Her So Much

Big Brother evictee Kemi Fakunle says her issues with Jack Matthews in the CBS summertime house stemmed from his attention-seeking personality, something she wasn’t willing to cater to. The Big Brother 21 player, who was sent packing alongside Ovi Kabir and David Alexander after losing the Camp Comeback “Path to Redemption” competition earlier this week, […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Week 4 Spoilers: One Houseguest Uses Their Whacktivity Power

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. Three special powers were given out over the past several weeks in the Big Brother house. The houseguests competed in different Whacktivity competitions, where the winner would receive a power that gave them an incredible advantage in the game. The three winners were Ovi Kabir, […]

‘Big Brother’ 21 Week 4 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. The week many Big Brother fans have been waiting for is finally here. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cliff Hogg won the fourth Head of Household competition just after being evicted. Cliff competed against Kemi Faknule, David Alexander, and Ovi Kabir in an effort to […]

Julie Chen Weighs In On Jack Matthews’ ‘Obsession Of Hating’ Evicted ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Kemi Fakunle

Big Brother host Julie Chen is as confused as viewers are by houseguest Jack Matthews’ hate for now-evicted player Kemi Fakunle. The longtime CBS host weighed in on footage of Jack’s tirade against Kemi over a water bottle she put in the cast’s communal refrigerator, and she is clearly on Team Kemi. In the clip […]

‘BB20’ Houseguest Kaitlyn Herman Responds To Jack Matthews Comment About Her Appearance

Note: This article is spoiler free! Big Brother Season 21 houseguest Jack Matthews has managed to annoy yet another former player of the game. Earlier this season, Jack shaded Angie “Rockstar” Lantry by saying he’d lose his mind if there was a player like her in his season. Now, Jack has made a comment regarding […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: A Final Three Alliance Is Formed Within Gr8ful

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 21. Another day, another alliance in the Season 21 house. The houseguests on Big Brother normally bite off more than they can chew when creating multiple alliances, and it looks like that’s what’s happening this season. The overwhelmingly dominant Gr8ful alliance has been in power all […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Houseguest Details Graphic Hookup With Alliance Member

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers about Big Brother Season 21. There will be NO spoilers regarding competition winners and gameplay. The houseguests of Season 21 are getting down and dirty… in the bedroom. In just two weeks, there have already been three different hookups amongst the players of the game. In last Thursday’s episode, […]

‘Big Brother 21:’ Fans Sign Petition To Remove Jack Matthews From The Show

Unfortunately, on many seasons of Big Brother, a villain wastes no time in showing their true colors, and in Season 21 it’s none other than Jack Matthews. Once the live feeds were officially on, Jack became a main topic of conversation on Big Brother threads across social media for his inappropriate comments. The Jason Momoa […]

‘Big Brother 21:’ Jack Matthews And Jackson Michie Spoken To By Production For Inappropriate Comments

It may not be evident to those who only watch broadcasts of Big Brother Season 21, but the diehard fans who watch the live feeds and keep up with the show on Twitter know that houseguests Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews are in very hot water. The two men have been caught on camera making […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Week 2 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21. It’s already Week 2 in the Big Brother house and Season 21 is proving to be one of the most dramatic yet. Last Thursday’s episode revealed a one-of-a-kind twist that has never been seen on the reality program before. Host Julie Chen announced Camp Comeback, […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Predict ‘Camp Comeback’ Twist Will Highlight Season 21 Racism

Big Brother host, Julie Chen Moonves, promised a never-before-seen twist on the CBS reality show, and she definitely delivered. During Wednesday’s live eviction episode, Moonves blindsided the Season 21 houseguests when she announced the new “Camp Comeback” twist. After houseguest Ovi Kabir was voted out of the game via a unanimous 12-0 vote, Julie told […]

‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Ovi Kabir’s Nightmare Power Turns Out To Be A Bad Dream Ahead Of Live Eviction

Big Brother 21 player Ovi Kabir’s chances of staying in the CBS summertime house are not looking good. After he was put on the chopping block as a replacement nominee for Cliff Hogg III after this week’s Power of Veto competition, Ovi’s previously earned Nightmare Power—which would normally allow him to wreak havoc on a […]

‘Big Brother’ Alum Fires Back At Season 21 ‘Beefcake’ Jack Matthews After He Said This About Her

Big Brother houseguest Jack Matthews got caught on camera talking smack about last season’s Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, and now she has some words for the “beefcake” BB21 contestant. The Big Brother Season 20 star fired back after a fan shared a video of Matthews making fun of her while talking about this season’s batch of […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Find A New Heartthrob In Jason Momoa Lookalike Jack, AKA ‘Jason Mimosa’

Big Brother already has a bona fide superhero in the house for Season 21. Tuesday’s premiere of the CBS reality show introduced the 16 new houseguests, but one of them was a serious standout. BB21 fans couldn’t help but notice that hunky Big Brother houseguest Jack Matthews, a 28-year-old fitness trainer from Tampa, looks like […]