TV Host Calls Jack Black An ‘Absolute D—,’ Says He’s Had Numerous Bad Interviews With The Actor

Actors are often described as having difficult personalities, but it’s not every day that a journalist is so frank about his experiences with one. Apparently, Jack Black is something of a special case. In an interview with The Sun, British television host Vernon Kay described actor Jack Black as a particularly difficult interview. “I don’t […]

‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Dethrones ‘Frozen 2’ At The Box Office During Opening Weekend

Jumanji: The Next Level premiered in theaters this weekend, and it swiftly dethroned Disney’s Frozen 2 which was previously nested in the top slot at the box office. As The New York Times reminds us, this is the second time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has released the hottest movie in both the United States and […]

‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Post-Credit Scene Features Lamorne Morris Cameo & An Opening For Additional Film

Jumanji: The Next Level landed in theaters yesterday, and it featured a post-credit scene with a cameo from New Girl star Lamorne Morris that viewers are going to want to stick around for. Warning: The following contains spoilers from Jumanji: The Next Level. As fans of Jumanji make plans to head to the theaters to […]

Karen Gillan Shares ‘Jumanji’ Photography With Hilarious Captions Attached To Each Snap

Karen Gillan took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a collection of Jumanji photography featured by Vanity Fair. As her 6.6 million followers know, Gillan has been especially active on Instagram as of late. This is largely in promotion of Jumanji: The Next Level which was released in theaters yesterday. Warning: This article […]

Karen Gillan Ramps Up Instagram Activity & Her Followers Are Loving It

Avengers and Jumanji actress Karen Gillan has really ramped up her activity on social media as of late, and her Instagram followers are extremely supportive. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gillan took to her Instagram account just yesterday to share a hilarious video clip of herself and her Jumanji co-stars during a panel. In the […]

Karen Gillan Mastered Using Nunchucks During ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ Productions

Less than 24 hours ago, Karen Gillan shared a video clip of herself and her co-stars Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Jack Black speaking during a panel regarding Jumanji: The Next Level. The Instagram video clip featured Gillan gushing about how much fun she had during the production of the movie. “It was so much […]

WWE, Jack Black, More Comment On Passing Of Wrestler Silver King Who Died In The Ring Of Apparent Heart Attack

Saturday was a tragic day for the world of professional wrestling, as Lucha Libre icon and former WCW superstar Silver King passed away. As reported by The Inquisitr, Silver King was facing off against Juventud Guerrera in an event in London, when he ended up collapsing and dying shortly afterward. Since his passing, WWE, wrestling […]

Karen Gillan Reveals Jack Black Sings In His Sleep On Instagram

As her 2.6 million Instagram followers know too well, Karen Gillan is currently hard at work filming Jumanji 2. In between shooting scenes, Gillan has been regularly teasing her followers with behind-the-scene video clips and snapshots. A few days ago, Karen shared a short video clip of her co-star Jack Black who appeared to be […]

Karen Gillan Won’t Spoil ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Despite Jack Black’s Trickery

With a massive movie like Avengers: Endgame, secrecy is key as the smallest revelations can make fans extrapolate and theorize, and possibly spoil the entire movie. With the rise of the internet, movies can have entire endings revealed online, months before the movie releases. So movie studios are extra careful about what is and isn’t […]

Guitarist From ‘School Of Rock’ Arrested For Stealing Guitars

A former child actor who was best known for playing a young guitarist in the 2003 Jack Black movie School of Rock has been arrested for a crime that fits his most famous role: serially stealing guitars. Joey Gaydos Jr. — who played young guitarist Zack, aka “Zack Attack,” in Richard Linklater’s movie when he […]

Jack Black Takes On Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Routine With Hilarious Results

Anyone who has ever watched any kind of superhero movie knows that those characters are absolutely ripped. From bulging biceps to chiseled abs, they would have a hard time saving the world, lifting cars, throwing bad guys, and stopping helicopters with their bare hands if they weren’t insanely fit and strong. Behind the scenes, the […]

Jack Black Started A Gaming YouTube Channel And It Has Over 2 Million Subs Already

What happens when someone who’s already incredibly famous decides they want to step into the world of creating gaming videos on YouTube? Apparently, word travels fast and they almost instantly get as many subscribers as full-time content creators who’ve been at it for years. That’s exactly what happened with Jack Black, who just recently launched […]

A ‘Goosebumps’ Movie Was Once Planned With Tim Burton Attached, According To Creator R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine is probably best known for his work as the author of the Goosebumps series, a horror book series for children that was released in the 1990s. Stine also published a young adult series called Fear Street. From 1992 until 1997, 62 novels were released for the Goosebumps series. According to a recent interview […]

‘The House With A Clock In Its Walls’ Takes First Place In Weekend Box Office

The House with a Clock in its Walls is smashing box office expectations, having taken number one this weekend with a respectable $26.8 million. Yahoo! also reported that Michael Moore’s newest venture, Fahrenheit 11/9, did not fare so well. It was a fairly quiet weekend at the box office as summer winds down and fall […]

Jack Black Calls Donald Trump A ‘Piece Of S**t’ At His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Jack Black was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, and he used the occasion to take a dig at another person who’s been honored with such a star: Donald Trump. As The Independent reports, Black became the 2,645th person to receive a star on the Walk of Fame, an […]

Steven Spielberg Told Eli Roth To Make ‘House With A Clock In Its Walls’ Scary

Eli Roth is not exactly known for his filmography of children’s movies. The filmmaker has previously made such brutal horror films as Cabin Fever, Hostel, and Hostel: Part 2. All three of the aforementioned movies contained graphic violence, nudity, and were considered to be indicative of a horror genre that was growing more and more […]

Amazing Covers Of The AC/DC Classic ‘Back In Black’ To Add To Your Weekend Playlist

In 1980, Australian rockers AC/DC released their seventh studio album, Back In Black, featuring a title cut by the same name. It was the first AC/DC album that featured Brian Johnson on vocals, who replaced Bon Scott, who had died only a couple of months prior to heading into the studio. The album became a […]

Jack Black Brings In The Rock And Kevin Hart To Send A Rebuttal To Chris Hemsworth Over Rock Battle Response

Jack Black is finally responding to Chris Hemsworth’s apparent confusion over what a “Battle of the Jams” is, and the challenge that was issued over the use of “Immigrant Song” in Thor: Ragnarok. In fact, it seems that Black is ready to officially bring the challenge back to Hemsworth, as he calls on his Jumanji: […]

Chris Hemsworth Responds To Jack Black’s ‘Immigrant Song’ Challenge

On November 9, Jack Black posted a video to Instagram in which he challenged Chris Hemsworth to a rock battle over the use of “Immigrant Song” in his new movie Thor: Ragnarok. According to Black, Thor took the song from School of Rock and a scene in which the actor could be seen rocking out […]

Jack Black Challenges Chris Hemsworth To A Rock Battle Over ‘Immigrant Song’

With Thor: Ragnarok proving to be a massive success at the box office, one of the key songs from the film, Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity. However, this is certainly not the first time that the song has been a big part of a movie. In fact, the song […]

Dwayne Johnson Shares First Trailer For ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle ‘

The first trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has just been shared by Dwayne Johnson on his Facebook page. Introducing his new film, where he plays a “super explorer who may have a strength or two,” Johnson let his followers privy to a modern take on the classic Jumanji, where he “can take down […]

‘Jumanji 2’: How The ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Sequel Will Pay Tribute To The Late Robin Williams Revealed

Jumanji 2, called Welcome to the Jungle, finally revealed on Monday how the film would pay tribute to the late Robin Williams. As previously reported by the Inquisitr in May of 2016, Jumanji 2 promised to honor Robin Williams, the star of the 1995 film Jumanji. However, details of how the Jumanji reboot planned to […]

‘Goosebumps’ Movie Sequel Promo Reveals Iconic Horrorland Setting, Plot Details

It has been established for a while now that the Goosebumps movie is getting a sequel, and Comingsoon was the first online source to report that the crew just dropped a huge update about its iconic setting. The magazine that originally carried the news, License Global, even included some promo art for the movie that […]

The New ‘Jumanji’ Movie Is Set In A Video Game, Plus Jack Black Is A Teen Girl

The remake of the 1995 classic kids movie, Jumanji, will be based on a video game rather than a board game. The newly named, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, will see four characters pitted against dangerous animals as they solve puzzles to get themselves freed from the video game version of Jumanji. The official synopsis […]

Jack Black Likens Donald Trump To Charlie Sheen When He Was On His ‘Winning’ Kick

Actor Jack Black was at the Sundance Festival this weekend, when he was at the Variety Studio to promote his new film, The Polka King. Black is the star of the film, playing a polka sensation who ran a Ponzi scheme. Then the conversation turned to politics and the Sundance Women’s March and Trump becoming […]

Angelina Jolie On Her Children, Humanitarian Work, Working With Jack Black, And Her Top Ten French Wine

Angelina Jolie is a world-renowned actress and celebrity mom who constantly seeks to achieve balance between her work and personal life. Apart from her professional commitments, the actress also serves as an ambassador for several humanitarian causes. As a Special Envoy for the United Nations, the empathetic Angelina Jolie has a strong sense of responsibility […]

Angelina Jolie Wants To ‘Be In Battle All The Time’

As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue ignoring all of the countless headlines suggesting their marriage is in crisis mode, the Kung Fu Panda 3 actress recently opened up in a new interview. Jolie spoke with Sunday Express about how “not” fun she is and reveals a more vulnerable side to her personality, while also […]

Angelina Jolie Opens Up: ‘I Can Take Things Too Seriously’

While wild rumors are flying about the internet over the relationship between Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt, the actress and director reveals that life is far less dramatic than the gossip. In fact, Ms. Jolie admits that much of what does go on in her private life with her family is her own fault […]

Jack Black Dead? Actor’s Band Tenacious D Tweets About His Death, Later Insists Account Was Hacked

A tweet about actor/comedian/musician Jack Black’s death momentarily sent the internet in a tizzy. The fact that the tweet was from the Black’s music band, Tenacious D, appeared to lend authenticity to the sad news. However, the death hoax was soon exposed after the band’s official Twitter account posted a follow up tweet, which noted […]

Jack Black Joining The Cast Of Next Year’s ‘Jumanji’ Remake

Jack Black is the latest star to be attached to next year’s Jumanji remake. A little while ago it was announced that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be starring in a reboot of the 1995 film, already a pretty big name in itself. However, the cast roster for the upcoming film is only continuing to […]

Bernie Tiede, The Mortician Who Inspired The Film ‘Bernie,’ Returns To Court For Re-Sentencing

Bernie Tiede, the Texas mortician who inspired a Hollywood film after he was convicted of murder, is returning to court Wednesday for a re-sentencing trial. Bernie Tiede was freed on bond two years ago after his sentence of life imprisonment for the murder of a wealthy widow was thrown out of court in light of […]

Jack Black’s Beef With Leonardo DiCaprio: Count How Many Times He Throws Shade In One Interview

Jack Black has never met his Kung Fu Panda co-star Jackie Chan despite filming in the same animated franchise for over eight years together, according to Xpose. The 46-year-old actor, who is currently promoting the latest animated installment of the franchise, Kung Fu Panda 3, revealed the news last week. Both Jackie Chan and Jack […]

‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ Confirmed: Will The Original Cast Return?

With the box office success of the Kung Fu Panda 3, fans of the franchise are starting to wonder if they will ever get to see a fourth movie. By the looks of it, it seems like a Kung Fu Panda 4 movie is not far from happening. Most of the original cast, including Jack […]

Will Smith’s First Public Appearance After Being The Butt Of Chris Rock’s Jokes At Oscars

Will Smith was all smiles and showing peace signs during his first public appearance after being poked fun at by Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony, according to E! Online. Chris Rock, the host of the 88th Academy Awards, addressed Will Smith and his wife Jada’s calls to boycott the most important ceremony for the […]

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Proves They Own Box Office, ‘Star Wars’ Makes History After Standing At $2 Billion Worldwide

Jack Black’s masterpiece has done it again. The third installation of the Kung Fu Panda trilogy has stayed at the top of the box-office charts this week. Having the Super Bowl weekend added to the hype. More people were coming in to Kung Fu Panda compared to the newly released films like Hail, Caesar and […]

Jack Black Comically Slays On ‘Infinite Challenge’ — ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Star Highly Praised By Korean Variety Show

Internationally, Jack Black is well-known as an actor and a comedian. Though he’s been an actor since 1982, Black started getting attention around 2000 with High Fidelity. He followed-up with other star roles in films Shallow Hal, School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and Tropic Thunder. Those roles eventually pigeon-holed him as a goofy character for […]

Jack Black Shoots Down ‘The Walking Dead’, Calls Popular Show A ‘Zombie Soap Opera’

In the age of zombies, where every other television series, movie, and novel features the shambling re-animated ghouls, Goosebumps actor Jack Black has something to say about everyone’s favorite zombie series, The Walking Dead — it’s more soap opera than scare-fest. In an interview with USA Today, 46-year-old Jack Black admits that while he and […]

Stephen Colbert And Jack Black Create Political Campaign Song Any Candidate Can Use: ‘My Kind Of America’ [Video]

Stephen Colbert is out to help presidential candidates find the best entrance songs for their campaigns. Choosing the right song is really harder than it looks. Just ask Donald Trump. Since he first announced his intention to run for president, Trump has gotten negative reactions from Neil Young, REM, and most recently Steven Tyler for […]

Comedy & Music Come Together As Amy Poehler & Jack Black Sing Bette Midler Song At Festival Supreme

Comedian, writer, actress, director, producer — in addition to these titles, Amy Poehler can now add “singer” to her résumé. As Time reported, the heartfelt duet by Amy Poehler and Jack Black was a welcomed surprise at Festival Supreme 2015, hosted by Black’s musical outfit Tenacious D. As a long-time Bette Midler fan, it’s no […]

Jack Black Talks About His Cocaine Abuse And Playing R.L. Stine In ‘Goosebumps’

This month, Jack Black will hit the big screen in a new movie about monsters run amok, Goosebumps. Yet, the School of Rock star known for his upbeat, funny characters recently revealed some real monsters that have troubled him in the past. In a recent Parade interview, Jack Black opened up about a gloomier time […]

Natasha Lyonne Wants You To Support The Iran Deal Rather Than End Up ‘Totally Fried By A Nuclear Bomb Dead’

Orange Is The New Black fans know Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols. There has been much speculation about Nichols fate in season 3 of OITNB, but Natasha Lyonne is keeping quiet about what might happen to her character in season 4, having much sympathy with another TV show where the fate of a character is […]

Boy George, Jack Black Perform The Doors’ Hit ‘Hello, I Love You’

Boy George and Jack Black paid tribute to Jim Morrison with a solid duet performance of the hit song, Hello, I Love You. During a recent appearance on Conan, Boy George was asked to identify some of his biggest musical influences over the years. Watch @BoyGeorge and Jack Black cover ‘Hello I Love You’ with […]

Attentions 90s Kids: ‘Goosebumps’ Is Now A Movie And The Trailer Will Make Your Day [Trailer]

Children of the 90s, get ready to be very, very happy. The horror series we all loved and devoured when we were pre-teens is now a movie. Yes, that’s right, Goosebumps is coming to the silver screen. The movie, which will — of course — be released right before Halloween, stars Jack Black as a […]

What The ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Trailer Didn’t Show: Po Meets Future Girlfriend, Reunites With Family, And Finds New Villain

The Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer is finally out, making January, 2016 the date will hit theaters worldwide. But apart from the new Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer released this week, Dreamworks Animation released several stills from the official Kung Fu Panda 3 movie, teasing the upcoming reunion between Po and his family. Po and […]

Jack Black To High School Graduates: ‘Don’t Waste Your Time Or Money On College’ [Video]

Jack Black addressed the 2015 graduating class of Flordia’s Monteverde Academy with a tongue-in-cheek speech that offered what he called “golden nuggets of wisdom.” One of those was how the students should skip college altogether unless they are going into a specific field. Before the speech began, Black acknowledged that he knew two of the […]

Jack Black, Jimmy Fallon Remake ‘More Than Words’ Video

Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon recently remade the “More than Words” music video in a way that only Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon could have done. The remade video aired during Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon since Jack Black was one of Fallon’s featured guests. Instead of settling for the on-stage […]

Brad Pitt Loses ‘Fight Club’ Fight To Pair Of Flip Flops, Sports Nasty Cut At Light Up The Blues Concert

This past weekend, Brad Pitt took the stage at the third annual Light Up The Blues concert, in front of a sold-out crowd of 3,000 people, with a very noticeable gash on the left side of his face that had everyone wondering who Pitt had gone a few rounds with to earn him such an […]

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Defends Superhero Films Against Oscar Elite

Many comic book fans took notice that several people at the Oscars on Sunday took jabs at superhero films. Everyone from host Neil Patrick Harris to Jack Black had some harsh criticism of comic book movies, raving about “Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Jediman, Sequelman, Prequelman,” and “formulaic scripts.” Among those annoyed by this little digs was […]

‘School of Rock’ TV Series Coming To Nickelodeon

Jack Black’s 2003 comedy School of Rock is coming to Nickelodeon as a TV series, Huffington Post is reporting. Production is scheduled to begin this fall, according to E! Online, and will premiere Spring 2015. As of this post, Jack Black is not attached to the project, although he may appear in a guest role […]

The X-Files: See How Many Of Your Favorite Movie Stars Got Their Start On The Landmark Fox Show

The X-Files was a landmark is the history of television, though when the Fox Network science fiction drama debuted on September 10, 1993, very few fans or critics predicted that the show would go down as one of TV’s most original and innovative series. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson — who was just 24 […]