Laws Banning Hindu-Muslim Marriages To Fight ‘Love Jihad’ Gain Steam In India

Several states in India have proposed a new ban on marriages between Hindus and Muslims. The suggested laws come as many in the nation have been gripped by fears that Muslim men are forcing Hindu women to convert in a strategy deemed “love jihad.” According to The Straits Times, several politicians have spoken out about […]

Anti-France Protests And Boycotts Sweep The Islamic World After Emmanuel Macron Defends Muhammad Cartoons

Anti-France sentiment has continued to grow and spread across the globe as South Asian Muslims flooded the streets to torch an effigy of French President Emmanuel Macron. The 42-year-old leader has faced backlash after he defended the media’s right to publish satirical cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. According to France 24, huge crowds in […]

Deadly Clashes Break Out Over Armenia And Azerbaijan’s Borders

A deadly clash has broken out along the oil-rich border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The skirmish has claimed the lives of both military personnel as well as civilians. According to Reuters, at least a dozen people have been killed in the fighting. The area sits along the Nagorno-Karabakh border, which is internationally recognized as part […]

Mohammed Hits The Top 10 List Of Boys Names In The U.S. For The First Time Ever

For the first time ever, the name “Mohammed” (or one of its multiple variant spellings in the Roman alphabet) is one of the Top Ten baby names in the United States, as America’s ever-growing Muslim population tends to bestow that name on firstborn boys. There are few complications to sort out here before getting into […]

Daring Saudi Woman Ditches Her Abaya Robe, Walks On The Streets In Stylish Western Outfit In Riyadh

While women in Saudi Arabia are strictly required by law to wear an abaya robe over their clothes in public, some daring women in the religiously-conservative country are defying the norms and going out of their way to celebrate their freedom. One such rebel is Mashael Al-Jaloud, a 33-year-old woman whose name is recently trending […]

Royal Wedding Was Reportedly Threatened By Mohammed Saleh, Calling Himself ‘The Muslim Prince Of Spain’

A Spanish would-be terrorist calling himself “The Muslim Prince Of Spain” allegedly threatened to attack the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to emails released on Tuesday by a Crown Court. As The Sun reports, the Royal Wedding took place without a hitch, thanks in no small part to the Herculean security […]

Philadelphia Muslim Group Posts Video Of Children Singing About Chopping Off Heads, Lawmaker Wants A ‘Probe’

A Philadelphia Muslim group posted a video of children singing about chopping off heads, and now a New York lawmaker wants an investigation, Fox News reports. Last week, as Fox News reported at the time, the Philadelphia chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS) posted a video on its Facebook page in celebration of “Ummah […]

US Border Patrol Only Fed Pork Sandwiches To Muslim Detainee For Nearly A Week

Adnan Asif Parveen, a Muslim detainee at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Port Isabel, Texas, was recently held in custody despite having a permit allowing him to work in the United States. As HuffPost detailed in an article published on February 27, despite Parveen’s religious dietary restrictions, the young man claims […]

Ayatollah Khomeini Issued A Fatwa Calling For Salman Rushdie’s Death 30 Years Ago & Died 4 Months Later

It was 30 years ago today that then-Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, in the wake of the widespread controversy surrounding the publication of author Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses, issued a fatwa ordering devout Muslims to kill Rushdie for the offense of blaspheming against Islam and the prophet Muhammad. The then-89-year-old Khomeini proclaimed […]

Democrats Look To Change House Rules On Headwear To Accommodate Religious Beliefs Of New Lawmakers

The House of Representatives may change a rule on wearing hats in its chambers to accommodate individuals whose headwear is symbolic of their religious beliefs. The midterm elections of 2018 produced one of the most diverse outcomes of winners ever seen, according to reports from CBS News, including the election of two Muslim women for […]

Zayn Malik Attacked For Admitting He’s Not A Muslim

One Direction star Zayn Malik has caused an uproar on social media by revealing he doesn’t identify as a Muslim anymore. In an interview with British Vogue, the pop star who makes a point of never talking about his religious beliefs was asked if he “would call himself a Muslim now.” To which the singer […]

Sinead O’ Connor Announces She Is ‘Proud To Have Become A Muslim’

Former Catholic priest and singer Sinead O’ Connor has renounced Christianity and converted to Islam. The Daily Mail reports that the ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer took to Twitter to announce her surprise decision to become a Muslim and change her name to Shuhada Davitt. In Arabic, Shuhada means ‘Martyrs’. The Irish pop star, who […]

Afghan Taliban Kidnaps Dozens Of Passengers After Attack On Bus Convoy

Taliban fighters are currently holding 21 people hostage in Afghanistan’s northern province of Kunduz after ambushing a convoy of three buses traveling in the Khan Abad district, reports CNN. Provincial spokesman Ismatullah Muradi told CNN that the buses were traveling from Badakhshan and Takhar to the capital Kabul and approximately 150 people were abducted after […]

Public Spaces In Netherlands To Introduce Burqa Ban

On Tuesday, the Dutch Upper House of Parliament issued a ban in Netherlands, which has now joined the other European countries that have already banned burqas, niqab, and other face-covering veils inside specific public places. These types of shrouds are still allowed on public streets. For anyone calling foul, wondering if burqas and niqab are […]

Supreme Court Upholds Donald Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0, Says POTUS ‘Possesses An Extraordinary Power’

In a 5-4 ruling along ideological lines, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that the third version of Donald Trump’s “travel ban” does not violate the United States Constitution, in an opinion issued Tuesday morning. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts said that the U.S. president has the Constitutional authority to block […]

Saudi Arabian Women Get Behind The Wheel For The First Time In 60 Years, As Driving Ban Ends

Saudi Arabian women are getting behind the wheel again, after the conservative and deeply-religious Muslim country lifted a 60-year-old ban on women drivers, BBC News is reporting. Nevertheless, many women fear harassment for driving, even though it’s legal again. Since 1957, women in Saudi Arabia have been under a de facto ban on driving. That’s […]

Denver Landlord Refuses To Allow Muslim Tenants To Lease Restaurant Space, Demands An ‘American Person’

A Denver landlord has been caught on tape refusing to allow tenants to lease restaurant space to a Muslim family, telling her agent that Muslims are “extremely dangerous.” As Greeley, Colorado, public radio station KUNC reports, Craig Caldwell had leased space from Katina Gatchis. Caldwell, owner of chicken-restaurant chain White Fence Farms, had closed one […]

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Claims Iran’s Actions In Middle East Could Cause New Wave Of Immigrants

Kicking off a three-day European tour, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday. The goal of his tour according to Reuters is to persuade leaders of Germany, France, and the UK that it’s in the best interest of their countries and the world to pull out of the multi-national Iranian […]

Donald Trump To Host Ramadan Dinner After Repeated Attempts To Ban Muslim Travel

During his first year in office, Donald J. Trump broke with tradition and decided against hosting a Ramadan dinner at the White House. The move, along with multiple attempts to ban Muslim travel, caused an outcry of intolerance and bigotry from lawmakers and the general public. But on Wednesday, Trump will return to patterns of […]

Three Kansas Men Charged With Plotting To Bomb Mosques, Kill Somali Muslim Immigrants

Three Kansas men were convicted Wednesday of plotting to blow up mosques and kill Muslims in the town of Garden City, where a meat-packing plant employs hundreds of Somali refugees, KSN-TV (Wichita) is reporting. Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen were all members of a home-grown militia group that came to be known as […]

Punish A Muslim Day: Viral Anti-Islam Campaign Lands In New York After Originating In England

“Punish A Muslim Day” has come to New York, and the NYPD is beefing up patrols around mosques and Islamic centers in the city out of fears that a trend that originated in England may gain traction in The Big Apple. As Yahoo News reports, a letter began circulating in the United Kingdom designating today, […]

New York Today: Three Muslim Women To Be Paid $180k Following NYPD Hijab Fiasco

New York City will have to pay three Muslim women $180,000 after they successfully filed lawsuits against the city and NYPD. This was after being forced to take off their hijabs for mugshots. According to the New York Daily News, the women who have accepted a $60,000 settlement each had filed lawsuits against NYC and […]

Arkansas Mosque Pays Fine Of Man Who Vandalized, Spray-Painted Swatikas Onto Their Building

An Arkansas mosque has forgiven the man who vandalized the building, even going so far as to pay the miscreant’s four-figure fine so he wouldn’t be destitute, KARK-TV (Little Rock) is reporting. Back in October 2016, Abraham Davis was caught on surveillance cameras vandalizing the Masjid Al Salam mosque in Fort Smith, a northwest Arkansas […]

Mixed Reactions Over Florida Man’s 15-Year Sentencing For Vandalizing And Leaving Bacon In Front Of Mosque

A Florida man who broke into a mosque, vandalized it, and left a slice of raw bacon inside has been found guilty of hate crime and has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars. Michael Wolfe, 37, a native of Titusville, Florida, pleaded guilty earlier this week. Wolfe broke into the Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in […]

Controversial Pope John Paul II Prophecy Reportedly Revealed By Vatican Insider

Pope John Paul II spoke of a vision he received about the future of Europe that a Vatican confidant has now revealed in a lecture celebrating the Pope’s memory. Monsignor Mauro Longhi, who often accompanied Pope John Paul II on hiking trips when he was a student, suggested that the pontiff revealed this prophecy to […]

Mattel Releases Barbie Doll Wearing A Hijab For The First Time Ever, In Honor Of Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

For the first time ever, toy maker Mattel has issued a Barbie doll wearing a hijab, in honor of Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad, NBC News is reporting. Beginning in 2015, the Barbie “Shero” Program (“Shero” being a portmanteau of the words “she” and “hero”) has honored women who have pushed boundaries, challenged gender norms, and […]

Trump Cities ‘Islamic Terror’ As A Cause Of Rising Crime In Britain, British Government Says Otherwise

Donald Trump cited “the spread of radical Islamic terror” as a cause of the rise in crime in England and Wales, a claim that British authorities say is not true, The Guardian is reporting. In the early morning on Friday, Trump posted a tweet about the latest British crime statistics. “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom […]

Milo Yiannopoulos Says Forget Gay Marriage — ‘Gays Should Be More Concerned About Radical Islam’

Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has spoken out saying that he doesn’t care about gay marriage and that gays in the West should be more concerned about the threat of radical Islam. Milo has previously given speeches saying that Islam is going to destroy Europe and that the open border dreams of leaders like Hillary Clinton and […]

British Jihadist Warns Americans: ‘We Will Slaughter You In Your Own Houses’

An Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighter, believed to be a British national, has posted a disturbing video online warning Americans that “we will slaughter you in your own houses.” Authorities suspect that the short clip was filmed in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is an ISIS stronghold that has often been […]

North Dakota Woman Caught Threatening To Kill Somali Muslims Gets Fired From Her Job, Boss Tries To Apologize

A North Dakota woman who was caught on camera threatening to kill Somali Muslims has been fired from her job, the Grand Forks Herald is reporting. Amber Elizabeth Hensley was captured on video harassing and threatening to kill a group of Muslim women who had recently immigrated from Somalia. In the video, captured on Tuesday […]

Muhammad Ali Was A Muslim, But You’d Never Know From ‘Deliberate Scrubbed’ Social Media Accounts

Is Muhammad Ali’s Islamist past being scrubbed from social media? According to a new report, one source certainly thinks so. If you were just learning about Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay, you’d know he was a devout humanitarian, a civil rights activist an Olympic gold medalist and was “The Greatest of All Time.” Moreover, according […]

Donald Trump And Austria’s Hans Doskozil Prepare For Balkans Conflict

Donald Trump releases presidential memorandum citing the Balkans as a national security threat to the United States of America. Across the Atlantic, Austrian defense minister Hans Doskozil issues a dire warning to Europe about the Balkans region. The issuance of Trump’s presidential notice and Doskozil’s statement both point towards an impending Balkans conflict. It is […]

Trump Travel Ban Is Back On: Supreme Court Allows Portions Of Law To Go Into Effect

The Trump travel ban is back in effect, sort of. The Supreme Court on Monday allowed portions of the ban to go into effect but promised to re-visit the issue when the court convenes for its next session in the fall, the Washington Post is reporting. In a rare court victory for the Trump administration, […]

Louisiana Republican Congressman Clay Higgins On Suspected Islamic Radicals: ‘Kill Them All’

First-term Louisiana Republican Congressman Clay Higgins has thrust himself into the national spotlight with a controversial Facebook post. On Sunday, just hours after the latest horrific ISIS terror attack in London Saturday evening, Higgins took to social media to write about America’s “war with Islamic horror.” The Louisiana Republican Congressman went on to suggest that […]

Muslim Students From Brooklyn Technical School Want Prom Dates Changed Because Of Ramadan

Officials from the Brooklyn Technical High School in New York have turned down a demand made by Muslim students to change the date of their senior prom because the dates conflicted with their observance of Ramadan. According to a Fox News report, a group of students, a majority of them Muslim, had started an online […]

Sesame Street’s ‘Blessed Ramadan’ Leaves Some Christians Feeling Slighted

The long-running children’s program, Sesame Street, wished a blessed Ramadan to celebrants on Friday, but not everyone was pleased. A number of individuals, identifying themselves as Christians who felt slighted by the lack of attention to holidays including Easter and Christmas, turned to social media to express outrage. On Friday, the first day of Ramadan, […]

President Of Austria, ‘There Will Come A Day Where We Must Ask All Women To Wear A Headscarf’

The president of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, has called for all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims in an effort to fight against “rampant Islamophobia,” which is said to be occurring in Austria, according to Yahoo!. The president has received some backlash as he seems to be at odds with Austria, who […]

Sonu Nigam Calls Azaan ‘Cacophony’: Indian Singer’s Muslim Prayer Call Controversy On Twitter Misinterpreted?

Indian Singer Sonu Nigam is in the middle of a controversy, after he said in a tweet that Muslim prayer calls are nothing but cacophony. He also said on Twitter that it is “forced religiousness.” Nigam, regarded as one of the top singers Bollywood has ever produced, does not like the fact that his sleep […]

Bill Maher: ‘There Are No Christian Terrorist Armies’

Bill Maher seldom takes on a role as defender of religions, but the liberal late night talk show host and comedian found himself in that position on a recent episode of his HBO series Real Time. During the Friday night, March 24, episode, Bill butted heads with Louise Mensch and Chris Hayes over the topic […]

Texas High School’s Prayer Room Under Fire By Attorney General Ken Paxton

For years, religion has had trouble staying in the public school system, as these schools are unable to sponsor anything of the sort. However, a Texas high school seems to be bucking the trend and starting a debate in doing so. Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas put a room together in 2009 for students […]

1 Million Muslims In India Sign Petition Against Cruel Divorce Practice

Over a million Muslim Indians have signed a petition calling for an end to a controversial divorce practice known as triple talaq, CNN reports. According to the practice, a Muslim man can divorce his wife simply by saying the word “talaq” three times. “Talaq” means divorce in Arabic. Now over a million Muslims across India […]

Islam Will Overtake Christianity As The World’s Largest Religion By 2070

A recent research published by the Pew Research Center shows that Islam is growing faster than any other religion in the world. As of 2010, there were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, which was almost 23 percent of the global population at the time. While Christianity may still be the world’s largest religion, it […]

Pakistan Wants Facebook’s Help To Fight Blasphemy

Authorities in Pakistan have asked Facebook to help them in their investigation of blasphemous content posted by Pakistanis. A court hearing in Pakistan last Thursday threatened to ban Facebook altogether, along with other social media sites, if they fail to censor posts that insult Islam. Pakistan’s top level investigation bureau, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), […]

Islam Will Overtake Christianity As The World’s Top Religion By 2070: Pew Report

A new report released by the Pew Research Center claims that analysis of global demographic trends shows that Islam will overtake Christianity to become the most popular religion in the world by 2070. The global population of Muslims will catch up with Christians in 2070 and then overtake it. By 2100, there will be one […]

Trump Rejects Homeland Security Intel Claiming Travel Ban Targets Aren’t Threat

When President Donald Trump pushed out his controversial travel ban earlier this month, many assumed that he had intelligence telling him these places were threats, but that is not true, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The travel ban affects Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and the Sudan. All countries are Muslim-populated, but […]

Trump Tweets ‘Love’ To A Muslim: DNC President Nominee Keith Ellison

Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison is currently in the running for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) president nominee at their meeting held February 23 through 25. While Keith Ellison is a allegedly a shoo-in to become the next DNC president when elections are held on Saturday, February 25, according to NBC News, his one unexpected ally […]

No Lindsay Lohan Hasn’t Converted To Islam, But She’s Thinking About It

Lindsay Lohan has denied rumors that she has converted to Islam. Lohan sparked the rumors last month when she deleted all of her previous pictures from Instagram and erased all previous posts from her Twitter account. According to US Weekly, at the time of the great social media cleansing, a representative for Lohan stated Lindsay […]

Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Is So Disgusting And Backhanded That It’s Literally Illegal [Opinion]

Donald Trump has crossed a line with his new Muslim ban executive order, and it really goes to show that our new president needs to get his priorities straight and learn to do his job. Last Friday, reports CNN, Trump signed a major executive order that many see as so ridiculously selfish and unjust that […]

Texas Mosque Burned To Ground After Immigration Order Signed By President Donald Trump

A mosque in Texas was completely destroyed by fire within hours of President Donald Trump’s announcement that he signed an executive order restricting immigration of migrants from Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and Somalia. The Islamic Center of Victoria was consumed in flames at around 2 a.m. on Saturday when firefighters arrived. A worker […]

Muslim Ban: Department Of Homeland Security Will Continue To Enforce Travel Ban, Issues Statement On Recent Litigation

One day after massive protests broke out over President Trump’s decision to bar the entry of refugees from select Muslim-majority countries, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement clarifying their stand on the issue. According to Fox News, the statement issued by the department also touched upon the recent ruling by a federal judge […]