Obama Has Weird Sports Videos As Part Of His Legacy As President

President Obama’s goodbye video has American mourning the loss of another great leader, and part of the reason America loved him and the First Family so much is due to their sense of humor. Thankfully, for Obama fans, there are lots of weird sports moments that happened during his presidency that were caught on video. […]

New iOS 10 Beta Set For Release This Friday, September 2?

If a recent release pattern from Apple is to be considered, developers and public testers might have a new iOS 10 beta to install beginning Friday, September 2. Based on the previous rollouts, the iOS 10 developer beta 8 and public beta 7 were released by Apple just last Friday, August 26. A week prior […]

ATM Scam Warning: Beware Hidden iPods Filming Your PIN Number At Cash Machines

Authorities are warning ATM users of a new scam that involves an older model iPod that records the user entering his or her PIN number into the cash machine as well as the numbers on the debit or credit card. The incident was originally discovered at an ATM in Heaton Moor, Cambridge where a hidden […]

iOS 10 Beta 6 Download: List of Compatible iPhone, iPad And iPod Models Here

Apple recently released the iOS 10 beta 6 for public testers. Registered developers can download the iOS beta 7, but it’s basically the counterpart of the sixth beta available for the public testers. The latest iOS 10 beta versions arrived just four days before the previous release. MacWorld reported that the iOS 10 public beta […]

Apple Watch Not A Complete Flop: Steady Sales 15 Months After Release

Despite all the reports that the Apple Watch is a flop, there are reports that sales are still steady, even though the device was released 15 months ago. Mac Rumors has the news. “Nearly fifteen months after the Apple Watch launched in the U.S. and eight other countries on April 24, 2015, new data shows […]

New Apple Watch Could Be 40 Percent Thinner

Even though the 2015 Apple Watch failed to cause a lot of excitement and sales, many are still looking forward to the 2016 Apple Watch. MacRumors reported on new information about the next Apple Watch Friday morning, which is based on information from the popular Apple analyst, Brian White. “Meanwhile, White predicts that the Apple […]

Jeff Williams: Apple’s New Chief Operating Officer

Some big changes were made in Apple’s executive team on Thursday. Apple promoted Jeff Williams, previously the Vice President of Operations, to Chief Operating Officer, as originally reported by Apple Insider. This is Apple’s first operating chief since CEO Tim Cook, who was named the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011. Jeff originally joined […]

Apple Eliminates 256 Apps That Absorb Personal Data

Apple has often been the subject of scorn — as with every other major cellular and software platform producer — when it comes to their terms of service and accusations of collecting information without their users’ knowledge. Now, however, Apple seems to be safeguarding you and your information when it comes to your iPhone and […]

The iPhone, iPod, And MacBook Are More Popular Than The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch appears to be Apple’s biggest failure in several years. According to CNN Money, there is more interest in the iPod than there is in the Apple Watch. “A search on Google (GOOG) Trends comparing five of Apple’s products — iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — reveals that people are searching […]

Fix Apple Watch Yourself With iFixit Apple Watch Repair Guides For Battery, Screen, More

The iFixit team released four Apple Watch repair guides on Friday, according to MacRumors, to help DIY enthusiasts fix the latest in wearable technology themselves. Two of the iFixit guides focus on replacing the battery and the screen and the other two focus on fixing the damage created when opening the watch to fix it […]

Apple Watch: Where, When, And Why To Get It

The official release of Apple’s latest and greatest product, the Apple Watch, will be officially released this week, (April 24). Now the question Apple fans are asking is, where can I get it? Unfortunately, the answer to where to get the Apple Watch isn’t as simple as the question. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch are […]

Pat Robertson Tells Mom To Beat iPod-Listening 11-Year-Old ‘Twerp’ Son — ‘Big Daddy’s Home! Wham!’

Pat Robertson dispensed some advice for a viewer who emailed in to his 700 Club broadcast Thursday asking the 84-year-old televangelist what to do about her 11-year-old son who had taken to listening to music on his iPod that didn’t meet his parents approval. And Robertson, as he always does, had an answer. That answer […]

Apple On Target To Become A Trillion Dollar Company

Apple is on target to becoming a trillion dollar company. Yes. You read that right. That’s Trillion with a ‘T’. That’s larger than the gross national product of Switzerland. Some current investors think the value of Apple Inc. has already surpassed the trillion dollar mark, but most experts on Wall Street say it will be […]

Man Calls 911 Over 4,000 Times — Dispatchers Give Him A Surprise Gift Instead Of Jail

Dispatchers at Valley Emergency Communications Center in Utah answer thousands of 911 calls every day, but in one week, they received 4,000 calls from just one number — and when they found out why, the serial caller was given a gift rather than jail time. Every time the man called 911, there would be no […]

iPod Classics Selling For Big Bucks Now That Apple’s Discontinued Them

iPod Classics are a hot item online on sites such as eBay and Amazon this holiday season after Apple discontinued them in October, and some of the old devices are currently fetching higher prices than the current Apple iPods! According to Metro, when Apple was selling the iPod Classic it retailed for £229, or around […]

Apple Tried To Delete Music On Your iPod That You Didn’t Get From Apple

A new lawsuit being heard says that Apple tried to delete songs on customers’ iPods that they acquired from non-iTunes or non-Apple sources. According to BBC News, the class action lawsuit is being brought by both individuals and businesses, and is being heard in a U.S. district court in California. The court case will include […]

iPod Classic No More? Tim Cook Talks About Why The Original iPod Had To Go

The Wall Street Journal had a candid interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. In the interview one hot topic item was discussed, the death of the iPod classic. The interview took place on Monday while speaking at the WSJ.D conference in Laguna Beach, California. Cook was mainly talking about the new Apple Pay system and […]

Is Richard Branson Claiming He, Not Steve Jobs, Invented iPod And iTunes?

Sir Richard Branson, not Steve Jobs invented Apple iTunes and the iPod, this according to the Virgin boss. It sounds like a far-fetched idea, one that, if true, would rewrite history as it’s been recorded and delivered in the oral tradition of technology revolutions. The Independent wrote about the startling claim Richard Branson made and […]

iPod Classic End Of Life Comes To Pass

Almost 13 years after its original debut in October 2001, the iPod Classic’s end of life has come to pass. As our own Kevin Bostic reported on the arrival of the Apple Watch, the device that changed how people consume music was silently removed without fanfare or mention when the Apple Store site was relaunched […]

The Apple Watch Will Be A Smash Hit, But It Just Killed Another Of Apple’s Products

Nobody should be surprised that Apple’s new Apple Watch has probably sent its competitors back to the drawing board; that’s pretty much Apple’s modus operandi for new tech. What is a bit surprising is that Apple may have just sounded the death knell for one of its other products even as it announced the Apple […]

Man Who Filmed Female Colleagues In Bathroom With Hidden iPod Pleads Guilty

A man from Southwark in south London has been given a six month suspended sentence, a year-long supervision order, and been placed on the sex offender’s register, for filming his female colleagues in the bathroom with a hidden iPod. Robert Kelly, a publishing manager, also pleaded guilty to five other voyeurism offences after he was […]

iOS 7.1.1 Finally Released By Apple: How To Install Vital Bug-Fixes And Security Updates

Apple has finally released the much awaited (and badly needed) iOS 7.1.1 update which includes a number of vital bug-fixes and security updates. The fixes include keyboard responsiveness and performance issues fixes for the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The release notes advise that the the latest update, with build 11D201, the following fixes […]

Should Apple Replace Its USB Power Adapters For Free?

Apple is facing some criticism for charging to replace some third party USB power adapters that according to the company could pose safety concerns. Following controversy after a Chinese flight attendant passed away due to being electrocuted while answering her iPhone after getting out of the shower, while the device was charging with a fake […]

‘Limbo’ Coming To iOS This July

Limbo, the incredibly addictive puzzle-platformer from Playdead, is headed to iOS this July. If you haven’t played this enjoyable indie game on either PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, or Vita, then you should schedule some time with the game next month. Out of all the modern platformers I’ve recently tried, this one easily ranks as […]

iTunes: What It Needs After 10 Years

iTunes has been around for 10 years and will need a few things to make it another 10 years. Apple’s media hub iTunes started out as little more than something you used to load your iPod, making it a simple bridge. After ten years, it’s gotten more complicated with videos, audiobooks, and a music store, […]

Apple’s Stock Takes A Dramatic Plunge

Apple’s stock has been taking quite a hit for the last few months causing it to plunge 12 percent. Even though the company is doing great overall, confidence in the company is not as strong as it used to be. CNNMoney reported that the stock fell 9 percent in premarket trading and that the impact […]

New iPod Touch And Nano Coming Soon From Apple

Apple’s new iPod Touch 5 and Nano might be just around the corner if news reports are to be believed. Customers who pre-ordered the iPod Touch 5 have received messages telling them Apple is “preparing for shipment.” If that’s the case, then the likely official release date might be as early as October 9. Other […]

Body Piercer Gives Himself Magnetic Implants To Hold iPod

A professional body piercer from Newfield, New Jersey has taken his love for body piercing and technology to the natural extreme. Digital Trends, Dave Hurban, 21, surgically implanted four titanium studs into his wrist and use them to magnetically secure his iPod Nano. The project called iDermal allows him to smiply attach his iPod to […]

Retro-Inspired GameDock Turns iDevice Into Game Console

For those who like to play mobile games, but don’t like the feel and inconsistancy of touch-screen gameplay, the GameDock may be just what you’re looking for. According to TechCrunch.com, an Oregon-based team at Cascadia Games has developed this retro-inspired piece of hardware and have put it on Kickstarter for funding. The GameDock has a […]

Apple Hints At iOS 6, iCloud To Gain Photo And Video Sharing Features

A beta version of iCloud for developers has tech enthusiasts looking to iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. “Apple is preparing to add Notes and Reminders to iCloud.com, as evidenced by Apple’s iCloud beta test portal for registered developers. The changes popped up on Friday […]

Apple Patents Steering Wheel Remote Control

Apple had patented a steering wheel remote control for controlling your iPhone, iPad or iPod tunes in the car and on the go, Patently Apple reports. The recently granted patent filing, which the Apple fan website focusing on patents recently reported, is for a device that you can clip to a steering wheel to control […]

Upgrading Your Mac in 6 Easy Steps

Apple Avoided Billions In Taxes (Allegedly)

Think of Apple Inc. and you think of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founding the tech giant in a garage in Cupertino, California, the same town that now houses Apple’s main corporate headquarters. This is where the iPhone, iPod, iMac, and iPad are designed and where the world’s eyes turn when looking for the next […]

Apple’s newest iPod to fit in your ear?

Apple Inc. has been riding the wave of success with its popular iPhone, iPad and iMac lines. However, the company’s iconic iPod MP3 music players, while still leading in the portable music player (PMP) field, have increasingly become relegated to irrelevance. While sales of the iPod line of PMPs have remained strong, they have not […]

Apple brings more of the iPad to the Mac with OSX Mountain Lion [video]

Apple Inc. has announced its intention to bring even more aspects of its best selling iPad tablet computer (soon coming in an 8″ size?) to the desktop with the sequel to its OSX Lion operating system to be called Mountain Lion. Due to come out this summer and debuted in a video on Apple’s website, […]

The Empire Strikes Back

I guess that makes the record Emperor Palpatine?

Grand Theft Auto III Drops on iOS and Android [Video]

I know it’s common to marvel and wax about “how far games have come,” but dudes: Grand Theft Auto III can now be played on an iPhone. AN IPHONE. Jesus Christ, when I first sat down with Rockstar’s classic sandbox game in 2001, playing this on a damn phone felt centuries away. Never mind an […]

Apps Shaking on iPhone

I felt bad for them at first too, but then they all started leaving app holes, so screw them!

Behringer Debuts Massive 10,000-Watt iOS Dock

Audio specialist Behringer has revealed an upcoming 10,000-watt iOS dock known as the iNuke Boom. The system features both iPhone and iPod docking and weigns in at 700 pounds with a footprint of eight feet wide and four feet high. The 10,000-watt system, part of Behringer’s Eurosound product line aims to bring “professional audio engineering […]

Apple Posts A Celebration of Steve’s Life Online

Apple has posted a link on its website to a video of the company’s memorial services for its employees to celebrate the life of its founder Steve Jobs. The event, held last Wednesday in an outdoor amphitheater at Apple campus, was closed to the public. Reporters were even asked to stay away from the Apple […]

Every. Single. Time.

No matter how unknotted iPod or iPhone headphones are when you stick them in your bag or pocket, fifteen minutes later, this.

GameStop Wants Your iPod, iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad that’s just collecting dust, you can take it to GameStop for credit toward video games, gaming systems and downloadable content (DLC). GameStop president Tony Bartel, in introducing the new program, said: “By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put forward […]

GameStop to start selling, trading iOS devices

If you were planning on doing away with your old iOS device, you may want to hold on to it for a bit – at least if you do any shopping at GameStop. According to a report from 9to5mac, GameStop is set to start selling and trading iOS devices such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. […]

[Cool] ‘Balloon’ earbuds fit your ear, don’t fall out every three seconds

Hands up if as soon as you got your first Game Boy, you were a lifelong earbuds convert. Perhaps I’m dating myself. [/foreveralone] But earbuds have always offered a more desirable personal listening experience, unless you’re a DJ and you need those giant, hearing-test-at-school issue headphones. (Which, by the way, make you look like a […]

That weeping sound you hear is from Apple fanbois around the world

In a move that is sure to bring many an Apple fan to their knees in convulsions and reaching for box after box of Kleenex artist Paul Fairchild has taken some of the most iconic Apple gadgets and photographed them after they have been violently violated. On the other hand they are also the perfect […]

Zombie Sony Walkman returns from dead, mostly

It turns out that reports of the Sony Walkman’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. There was much gnashing of teeth and wailing earlier this month when reports circulated that the first portable music player many of us owned, the Sony Walkman, was nearing the end of its life as an available consumer product. While they […]

Hulu Plus announced, coming to iPad, Xbox 360, PS3, others

After being rumored for so long, it’s finally confirmed: a premium Hulu service for iPad, iPod, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, not to mention connected TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung, Vizio and Sony. As previously speculated, it shall be known as Hulu Plus, and will cost $9.99 a month. Whole seasons of shows that […]

WiFi Sync For iPhone – Speed Demo

Yesterday I wrote about the (hopefully) coming iDevice – iTunes WiFi sync. Today app developer Greg Hughes has treated us with another demo video. This time he shows us how relatively fast the synchronization works. To speed up the process you can also disable the inital backup that occurs, when you connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad with […]

WiFi iTunes Sync Coming Soon! But Will Apple Approve It?

Android users are already used to, what I doubt Apple will approve – syncing iTunes with your iDevice using WiFi. This isn’t stopping us naïve enough to start a small grassroot movement and hopefully goading Apple into approving the app. Developer Greg Hughes from Great Britain will submit it to Apple for approval later this […]

Whining to Apple – an exercise in futility

First my usual disclaimer when it comes to writing about Apple: I do not own any Apple products or stocks. I do not always agree with the company’s business practices. I do however think that they create and market some of the finest gadgets the world has ever laid fingers on. Now that is out […]