Tamron Hall’s New Daytime Talk Show To Debut In Fall 2019

Today show fans that have been wondering what former co-host Tamron Hall has been up to will be happy to learn that she will soon be back on network television on a daily basis — she is getting her very own daytime talk show. Hall’s new series will be syndicated, but air on many ABC […]

Khloe Kardashian To Executive Produce Investigation Discovery Show ‘Twisted Sisters’

As a self-professed true crime fan, 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian announced that she’s the Executive Producer of a new show on Investigation Discovery called “Twisted Sisters.” According to Refinery 29, Khloe tweeted about the show, which premiered over Labor Day weekend, on Friday, saying it was a show about “what […]

New Investigation Discovery Series ‘Breaking Homicide’ Examines Intriguing Cold Cases

Breaking Homicide provides an in-depth look at some of the most fascinating cold cases around the country. During each two-hour episode, former Rhode Island Police Sergeant Derrick Levasseur and forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie tackle some of the most difficult unsolved murder cases. Broadway World shared that Levasseur and Mohandie travel from big cities to small […]

ID Uncovers New Insight Into Hollywood Murder Case Of Natalie Wood

Initially ruled an accident, the death of actress Natalie Wood is the mysterious Hollywood murder case that won’t go away. Even as recent as February of this year, Los County Sheriff’s investigators stated that Robert Wagner, her husband at the time, is now a person of interest, reported CBS News. “As we’ve investigated the case […]

Investigation Discovery Presents An Exclusive Clip Of A New Episode Of ‘The Coroner: I Speak For The Dead’

Since it first hit the airwaves, Investigation Discovery has become the premier home for true crime stories and series told from countless different perspectives. One of the biggest hits on the show is called The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead, which is hosted by Graham Hetrick, the coroner of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, who recently […]

Cassie Jo Stoddart, Brian Draper: The Movie ‘Scream’ Made Them Kill Idaho Teen Sitter–‘Murder Among Friends’

Cassie Jo Stoddart, 16, was found stabbed to death inside her aunt and uncle’s Idaho home 11 years ago. She was house sitting at the time of the murder. The case will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s show Murder Among Friends. The crime series will reveal that Cassie Jo Stoddart died at the hands of […]

Robert Schwartz, Clara Schwartz: Scientist’s Role Play Fantasy Sword Slay’ Profiled On ‘The Perfect Murder’

Robert Schwartz died in the worst way possible. He was stabbed to death with a long sword in his isolated farmhouse more than 15 years ago. According to tonight’s The Perfect Murder documentary, the sadistic killing was orchestrated by Robert Schwartz’ daughter, Clara Schwartz. Prosecutors alleged the crime was part of a role play fantasy. […]

Raquel Calderin, Jesus Maqueira: Missing Miami Wife’s Corpse Found In Florida Everglades On ‘Perfect Murder’

Raquel Calderin’s corpse and car were found in the Florida Everglades. Her husband, Jesus Maqueira, killed her. Investigation Discovery’s the The Perfect Murder will dramatize their story of mystery and intrigue tonight. Raquel Calderin went missing from Miami, Florida, five years ago. Miami detectives were finally led to the canal, where her body was eventually […]

Lynette Quast, Tom Craft: Dismembered Mother’s Head Found, Body Parts In McDonald’s Dump, On ID’s ‘Fatal Vows’

Lynette Quast, a Swanton, Ohio wife and mother, was murdered and dismembered in her home by her husband Thomas ‘Tom’ Craft in 1999. Investigation Discovery’s Fatal Vows will profile the grisly crime in the episode “Deadly Obsession.” Lynette Quast vanished after she told neighbors and relatives she was leaving Tom Craft and returning home to […]

Gwen Araujo: California Transgender Teen’s Killing On ID’s ‘Murder Among Friends,’ Cazares, Nabors, Released

Gwen Araujo, 17, was a transgender California teen who was found buried in the wilderness. Her death is the subject of the latest episode of Murder Among Friends on Investigation Discovery. Gwen Araujo was strangled and beaten at a house party before she was discarded in a shallow grave in California’s Sierra Foothills 15 years […]

Daniel Ott, Chad South: Dog Watched As Chop Shop Killer Shot Wrong Man In ‘The Perfect Murder’ For Hire Case

The murder of Daniel ‘Dan’ Ott will be profiled on ID’s The Perfect Murder in their latest episode titled “Garden of Evil.” Daniel Ott, 31, was shot and killed by an intruder named Chad South 11 years ago in his Geauga County, Burton Township, farmhouse. Chad South was hired by Joseph Rosebrook to kill Dan […]

Adrienne Shelly, Diego Pillco: Hollywood Actress Murdered By Illegal Immigrant Subject Of ‘The Perfect Murder’

Hollywood actress Adrienne Shelly’s death made headlines 11 years ago. Tonight, The Perfect Murder will resurrect the case through re-enactments and interviews on Investigation Discovery. Adrienne Shelly, 40, was found dead by her husband in their West Village apartment. Adrienne’s Shelly’s killing sparked outrage after it was discovered that Diego Pillco, the murderer, was an […]

Angel Garcia: ‘Disappeared’ Probes Theories On Missing Hartford, Connecticut, Teen Who Vanished On Dirt Bike

Angel Garcia’s story will premiere on the documentary show Disappeared this Sunday. Nineteen-year-old Angel Garcia disappeared from Hartford, Connecticut, six years ago. He vanished suddenly while riding a dirt bike. Investigation Discovery’s crime series profiles a new case each week. This appears to be the first time Angel Garcia’s story has been featured in a […]

John Valverde, Joel Schoenfeld: ‘The Perfect Murder’ Begins New Season With New York Vigilante Murder On ID

The story of photographer Joel Schoenfeld and his killer, John Valverde, the ex-con-turned-youth-saver, will be dramatized in a new episode of The Perfect Murder. The Investigation Discovery documentary will roll out several compelling and tragic stories of murder during the fourth season premiere. The first episode is called “A Shot in the Dark.” Investigators say […]

Richard Petrone, Danielle Imbo: ‘Disappeared’ Focuses On Missing Philadelphia Couple Who Vanished From Bar

Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo, two lovers, vanished into thin air from a Philadelphia bar in 2005. Their bodies have never been found. Disappeared will chronicle the missing persons case on Investigation Discovery. The victim’s family members and law enforcement officials will provide details for the story. Danielle Imbo, 34, and Richard Petrone, 35, were […]

Kayla Berg: ‘Disappeared’ On ID, Spotlights Case Of Missing Teen Last Dropped At Condemned Wisconsin House

Kayla Berg, a 15-year-old teen who vanished from her home in Antigo, Wisconsin, is the subject of the crime show Disappeared on Investigation Discovery, Fox-WSAW reports today. Every week Disappeared retraces the steps of missing people. Kayla Berg’s body has never been found, and police have no idea what happened to her. Two suspects first […]

Carli Bitterman, Jeffrey Dennis: ‘Fatal Vows’ Investigates Wyoming Murder By Former Police Officer On ID

Carli Dennis, aka Carli Bitterman, a police officer’s wife, was shot dead in her Wyoming home 11 years ago. Now, her story will be investigated on Investigation Discovery’s Fatal Vows, Citizens Voice is reporting today. According to court records, Jeffrey Dennis, a veteran cop, shot his wife and tried to make it look like a […]

Spencer Newcomer, David ‘Dave’ Wintermyer: ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Tackles Fatal Shooting Of Former U.S. Marine

Spencer Newcomer, 42, shot his neighbor, David Wintermyer, 47, dead after a lengthy feud over wood piles and dogs, WGAL-8 reported. Now, five years later, Investigation Discovery’s Fear Thy Neighbor will air the case tonight. The Fear Thy Neighbor episode pertaining to Spencer Newcomer’s case is titled “Monkey in the Middle.” Spencer Newcomer, who was […]

Robert Jones On ID’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’: Did Former Gay Lover Murder Far Rockaway Preacher Antoine Stone?

Robert Jones is serving time in prison for the murder of Antoine Stone, a Far Rockaway Beach street preacher who was gunned down over 20 years ago on the streets of Queens, New York. Their story will be profiled on Investigation Discovery Channel’s hit television show Reasonable Doubt. The show goes deep into the hallways […]

Bill Cosby ‘American Scandal’ Documentary Will Timeline Sexual Assault Allegations On Investigation Discovery

Bill Cosby’s shocking sexual assault allegation timeline will be the focus of a new show scheduled to air on the Investigation Discovery Channel. In the same vein as some of ID’s other exposé documentaries, this one titled Bill Cosby: An American Scandal, is sure to sting. Investigation Discovery digs deep to examine the rumors and […]

Byron David Smith: Murder Caught On Tape Old Vet Killed Teens, Haile, Nicholas, In Basement After Break-In

The Byron David Smith murder case will be documented on Hear No Evil tonight on Investigation Discovery. Byron David Smith shot and killed Haile Kifer and Nicholas ‘Nick’ Brady, two teens, during a break-in at his Little Falls, Minnesota, home five years ago. The retiree thought he’d get off if he could prove that it […]

DeCarol Deloney Cain: ‘Love Kills’ Details Indiana Flight Attendant Murder By Daughter Alyssa Barrett

DeCarol Deloney Cain’s brutal killing will be recounted on an episode of Love Kills on Investigation Discovery. DeCarol Deloney Cain was savagely murdered by Damarius McGriggs (Damarius Wren) and Alyssa Barrett. Alyssa is DeCarol’s daughter. Damarius was Alyssa’s boyfriend. Authorities say the flight attendant was killed three years ago in Crown Point, Indiana, because she […]

Robert Cushing, Robert McLaughlin: Cop Grudge Shooting Of New Hampshire Neighbor On ID ‘Motives And Murders’

Robert Cushing Sr., the man who police say was gunned down in his hallway after Robert McLaughlin, an obsessed neighbor, shot him through the front door, will have his story unfold on tonight’s Motives and Murders: Cracking the Case on Investigation Discovery. The episode based on the Robert Cushing murder case is “A Deadly Obsession.” […]

Donna Yaklich: ‘Evil Stepmothers’ Mother’s Day Episode Re-Lives Dennis Yaklich’s 1985 Colorado Murder On ID

The Donna Yaklich story is on Evil Stepmothers tonight on Investigation Discovery. While most of America is spending time with their lovable mothers during Mother’s Day, Investigation Discovery is bringing you the cases of the most evil and diabolical stepmothers of all time. ID viewers can enjoy a marathon of Evil Stepmothers episodes, which will […]

Teresa Lewis: ‘Fatal Vows’ On ID Begins With ‘Frightened’ Executed Inmate’s Murder Story Of Julian Lewis

Teresa Lewis, a mentally challenged woman who was executed for the murder of her husband, Julian Lewis, and her stepson, will make an episode of Fatal Vows on Investigation Discovery. The episode titled “Second Chance At Death” is the season opener. The show Fatal Vows examines marriages that have ended in tragedy. Julian Lewis’ family […]

Raul Rodriguez Killed Neighbor Kelly Danaher Over ‘Loud Music’ On ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Tonight

Raul Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor, Kelly Danaher, over a dispute seven years ago in Huffman, Texas. Now, Investigation Discovery is airing the case on their weekly documentary Fear Thy Neighbor. Tonight’s episode, titled “Neighbors on a Dead End,” will dramatize the tragic events of May 2010, when Rodriguez gunned down teacher and fellow […]

Michael Derek Johns: Notorious Taxi Bank Robber, AKA The ‘Brown Bag Bandit,’ Makes ‘Love Kills’ Episode

Michael Derek Johns, also known as Mike Johns the Brown Bag Bandit, will have his story told on an episode of Investigation Discovery’s Love Kills. Mike Johns (Michael Derek Johns) made headlines eight years ago when he robbed two Bradenton Banks with his lover and girlfriend Lori Davis. The notorious bank robber also robbed several […]

Marlys Wohlenhaus: Smiling Teen Farmhouse Murder By Serial Killer, Joe Ture, On ‘Motives And Murders’ On ID

Marlys Wohlenhaus was found murdered in an Afton, Minnesota, farmhouse almost 40 years ago. Her story, which took years to solve, will appear on an episode of Motives and Murders: Cracking the Case on Investigation Discovery. Marlys Wohlenhaus was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by serial killer Joseph Donald Ture, also known as Joe […]

Loretta Young, Patrick Pryor: Columbus Couple Killed By Campus Killer Carlo Owens On Investigation Discovery

Loretta Young and Patrick Pryor, a Columbus, Ohio, couple, were murdered near the campus of Ohio State University in 1999. Their story will be aired on Investigation Discovery’s crime series Detective. The killer was Carlo Lamarr-Marquis Owens, and the episode chronicling his story is “Campus Killer.” The Ohio story will be dramatized and will provide […]

Veronica Dunnachie, Russ Dunnachie: Gun Nut Wife Killed Stepdaughter And Husband On ID’s ‘Evil Stepmothers’

Veronica Castillo Dunnachie, a woman who gunned down her stepdaughter and husband, will have her case covered on the brand new season opener for Evil Stepmothers this week on the ID channel, Herald Democrat reports. Authorities say three years ago, a deranged Veronica Dunnachie shot and killed Russell “Russ” Dunnachie, 50, and his daughter, Kimberly […]

Michael Zagars, Fred Heilman: From Beers To Blood In Deadly Wasilla, Alaska, Feud, On ID’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’

The murder of Michael Zagars, a frontiersman who was gunned down by his neighbor in Wasilla, Alaska, nine years ago, will be featured on the documentary Fear Thy Neighbor on Investigation Discovery. The title of the episode this week is “Feud on the Frontier.” https://twitter.com/dean_gaga/status/842520331755704320 On Fear Thy Neighbor, Michael Zagars and Fred Heilman are […]

McKinley ‘Mac’ Phipps, Barron Victor: Wrongfully Convicted Or A Killer? Louisiana Rapper On ‘Reasonable Doubt’

The story of McKinley “Mac” Phipps, Jr., a rapper also known as Mac, The Camouflage Assassin, will air on the premiere of Investigation Discovery’s brand new crime series, Reasonable Doubt, AL reports. McKinley “Mac” Phipps was convicted of murder in the 2000 death of Barron Victor Jr., in Louisiana. The two people examining the case […]

Nathan Trapuzzano, Simeon Adams: Teen Killer Should Be Shot Dead, Victim’s Mother Believes

On See No Evil this week, the murder case of Nathan Trapuzzano will air on Investigation Discovery. The young family man was shot dead on the streets of Indianapolis as he went for a morning walk three years ago. The killer was a teen named Simeon Adams. See No Evil tells each dramatic story by […]

Lisa ‘Monza’ Monzo: Missing Teen’s California Murder By Michael Patrick Ihde On ID’s ‘Motives And Murders’

The rape and murder of Lisa Monzo (Lisa Monza) will air on the upcoming season premiere of Motives and Murders: Cracking the Case. For the episode titled “More Than A Sister,” it appears that the name of the victim was changed from Lisa Monzo to Lisa Monza for the documentary crime show. Lisa Monzo’s case […]

Ronald Ragland, Robert Mitchell: Neighbor Feud That Left Dad Dead, Son Injured On ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ On ID

This week’s Fear Thy Neighbor will examine the 2010 shooting death of 53-year-old Robert Mitchell Sr., a Brandywine, Maryland, man who was shot by his neighbor. Authorities say Ronald Ragland and the Mitchell family had an ongoing dispute, which ended in bloodshed. Mitchell Sr.’s son, Robert Mitchell Jr., 18, was injured in the attack but […]

Casey Crowder, Kenneth Osburn: ‘See No Evil’–Did Trucker Murder Missing Arkansas Teen Found Dead In Woods?

See No Evil is on the case of Casey Crowder, the missing teenager who was found dead in the woods of Desha County, Arkansas over ten years ago. Police say her killer was a trucker named Kenneth Osburn. On See No Evil‘s episode titled “Breakdown at Daylight,” Dumas, Arkansas detectives will retrace facts in the […]

Richard Glossip: Death Row Inmate Doesn’t Want To Die, On Investigation Discovery Documentary

Richard Glossip, a man fighting for his life on death row, is hoping that his life will be spared. That’s what you will see in tonight’s crime special Killing Richard Glossip, which will air on the Investigation Discovery channel. Former hotel manager Richard Glossip was convicted of murder in the baseball beating death of Barry […]

Natalie Mirabal: Headless Body Of Apostolic Colorado Church Wife Subject Of ‘Real Detective’ Documentary

The grisly case of Natalie Mirabal, the young Apostolic church member whose headless corpse was found in Lefthand Canyon almost two decades ago, is the subject of the next Real Detective on Investigation Discovery (ID). Real Detective sifts through the files of seasoned detectives to bring you the most baffling and tragic stories of murder. […]

Chelsea DeBoer Talks True Crime: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gives Her Take On Casey Anthony Case

Chelsea DeBoer is a famous reality star herself, as she has filmed 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 for years. Chelsea has documented her journey as a single mother to little Aubree, as she gave birth to her when she was just a teenager. Over the years, fans have seen her struggle with her […]

Christie Wilson, Mario Garcia: Missing California Blackjack Player Body Not Found, Watch ID’s ‘See No Evil’

The Christie Wilson no body murder case will play out on an episode of See No Evil on Investigation Discovery this week. 27-year-old Christie Wilson vanished from a Lincoln, California, casino over a decade ago. Security video from the casino showed that Christie Wilson left with Mario Garcia. She was never seen again. See No […]

Beverly Carter: ‘Web Of Lies’– Real Estate Agent Murdered By Arkansas Killer Aaron Lewis

The missing real estate agent known as Beverly Carter, whose dead body was found in a shallow grave in the woods three years ago, is the featured story on the most recent episode of Web Of Lies. TheInquisitr brought you the story of Beverly Carter months ago when it aired on Dateline NBC. The Web […]

‘Disappeared’: Kortne Stouffer Timeline Retraced In Missing, No Body Found Case On Investigation Discovery

The case of Kortne Stouffer, a missing Palmyra, Pennsylvania woman, will air on Investigation Discovery’s true-crime series, Disappeared, Lancaster Online reported. Disappeared is a riveting docu-series that examines America’s most frightening missing persons stories. Twenty-one-year-old Kortne Ciera Stouffer vanished without a trace five years ago. Since then, the investigation has led to few clues, and […]

Gail Smith, Timothy Smith: ‘Murder Comes To Town’ Jealous Brother Wanted Berryville Council Sis Dead

Gail Smith was murdered in her home eight years ago by a man who was hired by her brother to kill her. If it wasn’t a documented true story, it would be unbelievable. But according to Investigation Discovery’s documentary, Murder Comes To Town, that’s exactly what happened. Authorities say that Gail Smith’s brother, Timothy Smith, […]

Casey Anthony Never Before Seen Prison Video About To Be Released

Casey Anthony jailhouse conversations videos never before seen by the public will begin airing tomorrow in a three-part miniseries on the Investigation Discovery network. The gruesome and tragic murder of little Caylee Anthony will also be a focal point of the upcoming documentary special. The Investigation Discovery miniseries, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery will […]

Casey Anthony: Did She Have Help Dumping Dead Daughter’s Body? ‘Murder Mystery’ On ID Tonight

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery is a three-night television documentary event about the death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. It will unearth the case that riveted the nation in 2008 when the child’s dead body was discovered in a wet grassy area not far from Casey Anthony’s home. Casey Anthony claimed that her daughter was […]

Nikki McPhatter, Theodore Manning: Killer Had Sex After Murder Of Woman He Met Online, On ID’s ‘Web Of Lies’

When 30-year-old Nikki McPhatter met the handsome 30-year-old Theodore Manning on an online dating site, she thought she’d met the man of her dreams. But tonight on Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies, viewers will learn that Theodore Manning savagely murdered Nikki McPhatter in his Columbia, South Carolina, home after she went there to break up […]

Megan Sharpton On ID: Body Found Burning In Tennessee, Murdered By Donnie Jones

Erika “Megan” Sharpton, also known as Megan Sharpton, was a Tennessee woman who was found dead and burning in what was thought to be a grass fire five years ago. Her killer was Donnie Frank Jones Jr, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for her rape and murder. Investigation Discovery has picked […]

Michelle Busha: Blue Earth State Trooper Hitchhiker Murder On ID’s ‘Jane Doe’

Michelle Busha, the missing hitchhiker who was murdered by state trooper Robert Leroy Nelson more than 30 years ago, will be the subject of a documentary that will air on Investigation Discovery this Tuesday night. Who Killed Jane Doe will follow the case of a Bay City, Texas, teen who disappeard without a trace as […]

Amanda Taylor: Facebook, Instagram ‘Crime Scene Selfie’ Killer On ‘Web Of Lies’

The Amanda Taylor Facebook and Instagram selfie killer story will be fleshed out on a new episode of Web off Lies on Investigation Discovery. Twenty-four-year-old Amanda Taylor was responsible for the ghastly murder of her former father-in-law, Charles Taylor, in Christiansburg, Virginia, two years ago. On Tuesday night’s Web of Lies episode, titled “Crime Scene […]

Johnnie Mae Williams: Louisiana Serial Killer, Sean Gillis, On ‘Killing Fields’

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, serial killer Sean Gillis, and the woman he murdered, Johnnie Mae Williams, are still being discussed years after the brutal serial killings occurred. Last week, Investigation Discovery’s Killing Fields covered the case. On that episode, Major Herbert searches for two missing women who vanished in 2003. A tip leads detectives to the […]