Christian Cooper Says Death Threats Against White Woman Who Called Cops On Him Should ‘Stop Immediately’

Christian Cooper, the black New York man who had the police called on him by an angry white woman even though he was doing nothing illegal, says that the woman does not deserve the hate and threats she’s getting over the incident. As CNN reports, on Monday, Cooper was bird-watching in Central Park when he […]

Violent & Abusive Internet Trolls Exploit Video Communication App Zoom As It Gains Popularity

Video communications app Zoom is gaining popularity as increasingly more people are forced to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. One feature of the app is that people can join public hangouts, perfect for isolated remote workers who are feeling lonely. Unfortunately, this feature has become targeted by internet trolls who share explicit […]

The Broom Challenge Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy But It’s Sort Of A Hoax

The Broom Challenge has taken the internet by storm, but the truth is, it’s actually a hoax. There is no doubt that a broom can actually stand on its own, as proven by the countless videos and photos left by users participating in the newest internet fad. However, in the initial viral video clip that […]

Lil Bub Dead, Viral Celebrity Cat Passed Away In Her Sleep

Lil Bub, one of the first cats to go viral on the internet due to her precious appearance and uplifting backstory, has passed away at the age of 8, TMZ reports. The animal died peacefully in her sleep. Health Issues And Deformities The odds were stacked against Lil Bub from the moment she was born. […]

China Might Cause A ‘Dangerous’ Split In The Internet, FCC Chief Warns

China may be planning on utilizing its 5G technology to build its own version of the internet, Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has warned, per The South China Morning Post. Though this internet would be super fast due to its superior technology, it would nonetheless likely be heavily censored, which is why Pai has […]

Fox Business Network Suddenly Cuts Away From Trump Speech When He Starts Rambling About Tractors, The Internet

Donald Trump delivered a speech at a campaign rally-sale in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Tuesday, in a state where he defeated Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election by more than nine percentage points, despite losing the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz earlier, as Ballotpedia records. While in his usual fashion he breezed over numerous […]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Just Got The Green Light To Provide Broadband From Space

To date, truly ubiquitous internet access has been the stuff of science fiction. Not anymore. The Verge reports that the “FCC approves SpaceX’s plan to launch more than 7,000 internet-beaming satellites.” “Starlink is SpaceX’s ambitious project to provide constant, global internet coverage from orbit. The spacecraft in the constellation are meant to do a synchronized […]

FilmStruck, Streaming Service That Featured Classic Hollywood And Foreign Films, To Be Shuttered November 29

FilmStruck — the online streaming service owned by WarnerMedia that specialized in classic, foreign, “art house,” and Golden Age Hollywood films — will shut down as of November 29, the site announced on Friday. The service was home to the popular Criterion Collection as well as the Warner Bros. library of Hollywood movies dating back […]

Jeff Bezos Calls Modern Internet Culture A ‘Confirmation Bias Machine’

Speaking at the Wired 25 conference in San Francisco on Monday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos covered a wide variety of topics, from his current plans to develop a space tourism industry to his defense of Amazon’s relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense. Bezos also opened up about his take on the modern incarnation of […]

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Net Neutrality Law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to restore net neutrality in the state late Sunday, Reuters reports. Previously approved by the state Assembly and Senate, despite protests from internet service providers and cable lobbyists, California’s net neutrality rules are thought to be the strictest in the United States, according to Ars Technica. “While the Trump […]

Kylie Jenner Tries Cereal With Milk For The First Time: ‘Life Changing’

Kylie Jenner has had an eventful year. She became a mother, starred on her first Vogue cover, and Forbes announced she is close to reaching billionaire status. Now, the 21-year-old can check another big accomplishment off her 2018 checklist: trying cereal with milk. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Twitter on Tuesday […]

California Set To Pass New Net Neutrality Legislation, Pending Approval From Governor

California legislators approved a bill yesterday to pass some of the nation’s strongest laws regarding net neutrality. The new measure is headed for the governor, Jerry Brown’s, desk. Governor Brown has not yet indicated whether or not he will sign the bill. The new bill will prohibit internet providers from blocking certain content or giving […]

Algeria Shuts Off The Internet Nationwide To Prevent High Schoolers From Cheating On Exams

Algeria’s decided that education is important enough to shut down the internet nationwide for an hour a day between June 20 and 25. Additionally, Facebook will be blocked during the entire duration of the exam period. The move is being done in order to ensure that high schoolers don’t cheat during their national high school […]

Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow, FCC On Track To Remove Rules As Scheduled

Net neutrality protections, first put in place during the Obama administration, will end on June 11. Ever since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in December to rescind the rules, members of Congress, tech companies, and numerous advocacy groups have fought without success to keep net neutrality in place. Net neutrality rules were enacted to […]

Newark Embraces Orwellian Surveillance By Citizens On Fellow Citizens

Newark, New Jersey, residents beware: someone may be watching you as you go about your daily routine. And not just police or those with authority, either. It could also be your neighbor, or someone you’ve never met. Called the “Citizen Virtual Patrol,” the city of Newark is inviting everyone to join in on a surveillance […]

Patrick J Adams, Meghan Markle’s TV Husband, Eats Crow After Calling Out Body Shamer On Instagram

There’s nothing worse for most people than being criticized for their weight or the way they look in photos. Unfortunately for Patrick Adams, Meghan Markle’s TV husband on the show Suits, a simple incident has blown up into something that he wasn’t prepared to deal with. While Adams was at the airport on his way […]

The FCC Thinks American Broadband Standards Are Too Fast And Defined Too Aggressively

Net neutrality, the principle that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet the same without discriminating or charging differently, is effectively dead. The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality on December 14 last year, dismantling net neutrality regulations. This has set the ground for the repeal to go into full […]

Meghan Markle’s Hat Dubbed ‘Poo Emoji’ Look-Alike, Designer Remains Unknown

From most reports, Meghan Markle rocked her first Christmas event with the Royal Family but what she wore on her head has the wheels of social media churning as they try their hardest to describe it. This is one hat that will be remembered if Meghan should ever decide to recycle it for another event […]

Net Neutrality Isn’t Gone Just Yet, And Is Likely To Stay At Least Through 2018

Net neutrality has been on everyone’s minds lately, especially now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has, as of last week, voted to end the rules that, theoretically at least, ensure a free and open internet. And while alarmist headlines in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Fox Business, and TechCrunch have all mourned […]

FCC Repeals Net Neutrality: Is The Internet Doomed?

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission gathered for their December Open Commissions Meeting and, much to the chagrin of internet users the world over, elected to overturn the Obama-era net neutrality laws established in 2015. Central to the concept of net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers should not be able to slow […]

Breakthrough In Quantum Encryption Could Secure The Internet From Common Attacks

Scientists have developed advances in quantum encryption that could protect the future internet from the most common security attacks. They created a high-speed encryption system that could prevent hackers from breaking into computer systems. The study was published in the journal Science Advances. It was led by scientists from Ohio State University, Duke University, and […]

Melania Trump Is A Man, Claims Internet Conspiracy Theory Video With 17,000 YouTube Views In Two Days

After years of Internet trolls attacking former First Lady Michelle Obama with claims of “proof” that Michelle is a man with a penis, trolls are now attacking First Lady Melania Trump with claims that she is a man. The video titled “Melania is Male” is going viral, with the offensive video from the “MrE” YouTube […]

The Day Fake News Broke The Internet

Although October 1, 2017, will go down in history as the day the worst mass shooting in modern US history took place, it will also be remembered as the day when fake news took over the internet. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, stories sprang up of accounts concerning what took place, as […]

Website CamSoda Allows Men To Login Through A Penis Recognition System — Yes, Really

A recently-launched site known as CamSoda reportedly features one of the first login systems of its kind: A digital recognition system that grants men access to the site with their penises. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, Metro explains that the intriguing new software requires male users to only share photographs of their private parts […]

Net Neutrality Day: Will The FCC End The Internet As We Know It? #NetNeutrality Sparks Twitter Debate

Net Neutrality Day has taken off yet again as activists speak out through online and in-person protests to fight what they view as an attack on internet freedom from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which threatens to strip net neutrality rules put in place under the Obama administration, reports The Hill. But not everyone […]

Is The Bromance Between Justin Trudeau And Emmanuel Macron Blossoming?

In May, fans of the fictional “bromance” between former U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were disappointed when social media began buzzing with fantastical reports of Trudeau “leaving” Obama for French President Emmanuel Macron. While visiting Italy for the G-7 summit earlier this year, Emmanuel and Justin were photographed standing on […]

Internet Goes Wild Over Photo Of Pompeii Volcano Victim Giving Himself ‘A Hand’ Before His Death

A man on the verge of death in Pompeii 2,000 years ago may have spent his final moments engaging in a little “self-love,” before becoming the victim of a raging volcano. An image of the man’s remains was shared through Instagram via an account belonging to the Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii on June […]

iPhone 8 To Feature 5G Internet Speed Being Tested By Apple?

Will the upcoming iPhone 8 ship with the newest 5G wireless internet technology being set up by Apple? Fans sure hope so. Time are changing and as the demand for internet and mobile data increases, the need for better and faster wireless internet speed also arises. Various companies and providers are already dabbling into 5G, […]

UFO Sightings Have Risen Dramatically Over The Last Three Decades, But Why?

Statistics show that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of UFO sightings in the past 30 years, according to statistician Sam Monfort, and he put together a few graphics to illustrate the data. Using nearly 105,000 UFO reports submitted since 1905, not only is there a marked increase in the number of […]

Internet Personality Chris Crocker: Remixed, Revisited, And Royally Underappreciated [Opinion]

Like his favorite pop idol, the legendary Miss Britney Spears, no one ever expected Chris Crocker to make it past 2007; hypothetically speaking, that is. Despite the brush of infamy that befell the now 29-year-old Tennessee native following his genuine-in-intent “Leave Britney Alone” viral video for a time, the majority of those who are familiar […]

Net Neutrality Foe Ajit Pai Named By Trump To Lead The FCC

Net neutrality and Donald Trump may be the next battle that the American people will see running through the news. That’s because Trump just named Ajit Pai, a known enemy to the net neutrality policy the FCC currently holds, to chair the FCC during his administration. Although net neutrality has mostly been a battle that […]

Grayson’s Story: Mother Fights Back As Terminally Ill Son Becomes An Internet Meme, Gathering Others To Battle Internet Trolls

The mother of a terminally ill child is fighting back against Internet trolls that have turned images of her son into a viral meme. Other parents are joining her cause as the battle against Internet shaming rages on. Jenny Smith, of Alabama, felt her heart sink when she was browsing social media and found that […]

How To Erase Yourself From The Internet: New Website ‘Cleans Up Your Digital Existence’ With Only A Few Clicks Of The Mouse

A new online service, called, offers to expunge your online existence with only a few clicks of the mouse. The service claims it can help you to erase your online footprint and “clean up your [digital] existence.” According to Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck who created, the website offers you an […]

FBI Controlled 23 Child Pornography Websites As Lures For Predators? Documents Reveal Disturbing Sting Set-Up?

There are documents that reportedly show that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) not only knew about the existence of 23 websites designed specifically for child pornography purposes but also were given authorization to control said websites in its effort to lure, track, and capture child predators. And it is those same alleged documents that […]

Cyber Wars? Vigilante Hacker Responds To Russia Computer Attacks

An American vigilante hacker known simply as the Jester broke into Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website Friday night leaving behind an annoying emergency alert sound and a warning to stop messing with the United States. The self-described gray hat hacker Jester was retaliating for the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee emails […]

Julian Assange Is The Safest Person In The World Right Now

When Julian Assange lost internet access, the rest of the internet exploded. Tweets went flying, Facebook groups got swarmed, posts about it were at the top of Reddit, and Periscope feeds appeared at the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange lives. People stayed up late, pacing and sharpening their pitchforks saying “Do it. I dare you. Please […]

Dave’s Massive Red Cabbage Takes The Internet By Storm As Controversy Rocks National Giant Vegetable Championships

David Thomas’ massive cabbage has become an Internet sensation after becoming the world record breaking cabbage at the National Giant Vegetable Championships during the Malvern Autumn Show in Worcestershire. During the National Giant Vegetable Championships, three other vegetables also claimed a “world’s biggest” award. However, David Thomas’ red cabbage took center stage as it beat […]

Texas Sex Sting Nabs 25 Men Who Thought They Were Meeting Teenagers For Sex, One Man Brought A Toddler With Him

A Texas sex sting has caught 25 men who thought they were meeting teenagers for an illegal rendezvous, but instead met uniformed police officers, The Washington Post is reporting. One of the men allegedly brought a toddler with him. Police in Harris County, Texas, used social media and online chat rooms and, pretending to be […]

Ted Cruz Attacks President Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’: GOP Senator Claims Move Will Kill Free Speech

Republican senator Ted Cruz has launched a scathing attack on President Obama over what the GOP is calling an “internet giveaway”. Cruz has joined forces with other prominent Republicans in order to fight White House plans to give up its oversight of the internet. The Obama administration is currently trying to lobby support from leading […]

London Mayor Sadiq Khan To Allow For Social Media Policing

London mayor Sadiq Khan is going to allow policing of what he deems “hate speech” with the help of several social media platforms. London authorities are already underway in getting together a team of people to take action against civilians who participate in “hateful” or “abusive” rhetoric, as reported by Breitbart. “The office of London’s […]

The Internet Turns 25, Happy Birthday To The First Public Website Created By CERN

It has been 25 years since the Internet made its public debut, opening the doors to dancing baby gifs, private messages, social media, and online news sources, to name a few of the things the Internet has brought to life and made possible. Although the Internet has ingrained itself into our lives to the point […]

Facebook Is Reducing Clickbait In Your News Feed — And You Can Probably Guess How They’re Doing It!

Facebook announced on Thursday that the company has taken a major step in decreasing clickbait that appears on your News Feed. The social media giant defines clickbait as any headline withholding information in an attempt to lure a user’s click. Facebook’s Alex Peysakhovich, research scientist and behavioral economist, and Kristin Hendrix, user experience researcher, issued […]

Rise Of The Machines: Control Robot Armies With Your Cell Phone, Bots Could Assemble Themselves

New advances in robotics and artificial intelligence means robots could not only replace humans in manufacturing, but also in battle against a deadly enemy or in the depths of outer space. New internet-based software out of the University of Texas would allow a human to control multiple robots at one time, which is a good […]

Slender Man Stabbings: Wisconsin Girls Who Allegedly Stabbed Classmate To Be Tried As Adults

Two Wisconsin girls charged in the so-called “Slender Man” stabbings can be charged as adults, the Associated Press is reporting. The two girls, who cannot be identified because they are juveniles, were both 12-years-old at the time of their alleged crimes; they are now both 14. Prosecutors have been angling to have the girls tried […]

No Right To Privacy For Internet Users: Big Brother Gets Federal Court Approval

Internet users apparently have no legal right to privacy. Senior U.S. District Judge Henry Coke Morgan Jr. has ruled that “people should have no expectation of privacy on their home PCs because no connected computer ‘is immune from invasion,’” reports eWeek. The ruling stems from a case where the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took […]

Google Fiber: Dallas Becomes Potential Location, Here’s Why

Google Fiber in Dallas may soon be a reality, as Google announced that it has begun exploring the possibility of bringing the service to the city, which would be its third in the Lone Star State after Austin and San Antonio. The latter is currently in the works. As of right now, Google Fiber cities […]

There Are At Least Two Michelle Gregg’s In Ohio, And The One Whose Son Didn’t Get A Gorilla Killed Is Getting Tons Of Hate Anyway

As you are no doubt aware by now, an Ohio woman named Michelle Gregg is the mother of a boy whose actions led to the death of Harambe, a beloved gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. What you may not know is that Michelle Gregg is not a particularly uncommon name, and at least one other […]

Texans Want To Know Where The Internet Is And If Girls Poop

Texans want to know where the internet is located and if girls poop, according to a study of the most popular Google search terms separated by state. The writers over at Estately, a real estate listing site, compiled a huge list of internet search terms and ran it through Google Search Trends to discover which […]

Utah Lawmaker Wants Porn Blocked From The Internet, Looks To U.K. Anti-Porn Laws For Guidance

A Utah lawmaker would like to see pornography blocked in the Beehive State and has been looking at anti-pornography measures already in place in the United Kingdom, the Independent is reporting. You may recall that last month, Republican Senator Todd Weiler was the chief architect behind a piece of legislation declaring porn a “public health […]

Time Warner Cable Is Going Away

Time Warner Cable has long been the second largest provider of cable and internet services to many people throughout the U.S. But now, that era is about to go away, and Time Warner Cable is making its last curtain call. Now that rival competitor cable company Charter Communications has finalized a deal to purchase the […]