Hershey And Nestlé Hit With Major Child Slavery Lawsuit

Eight young adults are suing a number of chocolate companies — including behemoths such as Hershey and Nestlé — for what they claim is the knowing use and profit of child slavery in the Ivory Coast. The group of eight are all allegedly victims of the practice and were forced as children to pick cocoa […]

Human Rights Campaign Condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene Over ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Behavior

In a statement released Saturday, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) condemned Republican Party Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia over her “deeply disturbing” actions. The organization issued the statement on the heels of revelations that Greene threatened Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and endorsed assassinating prominent Democratic politicians. “The news that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene […]

Human Trafficking Raid In Brazil Frees 39 Slaves

Nearly 40 slaves have been rescued after being forced to work against their will in an illegal gold mine in Brazil. Modern day slavery remains a huge problem in many countries, and labor authorities have warned that the perpetrators are becoming more sophisticated in hiding their practices, despite human rights efforts. According to Al Jazeera, […]

There Are More Than 100 Uighur Detention Camps In China Than Previously Estimated, New Report Claims

A new report conducted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has claimed that there are over a hundred more Uighur detention camps throughout China than previously believed. The findings come as the Middle Kingdom has continued to fight against international criticism by insisting that the nation is scaling back on its “re-education” policies of the […]

China Institutes Mass Labor Program In A ‘Targeted Attack On Traditional Tibetan Livelihoods’

Reports from China are claiming that the communist nation has begun to displace a growing number of rural Tibetan laborers into “military-style training centers” with the goal of creating a new pool of factory workers, according to Reuters. International policy experts have voiced their worries that the move closely mirrors the regime’s actions in the […]

Angela Davis & Nikki Giovanni Share First-Ever Candid Conversation, Lending Their Legacy To GirlTrek Movement

Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni came together on Friday in what was promoted by GirlTrek, via Facebook, as “the first-ever joint candid conversation” between the two iconic African American cultural figures. During an eventful live event, the women were brought together by Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison — founders of the GirlTrek platform — for […]

Starbucks Slammed After 8-Year-Olds Were Found Working At Several Of Their Supply Farms

Popular coffee chain Starbucks has found itself in hot water after a documentary exposed several Nicaraguan farms that supplied the company relied on child labor. Worse still, the children were subjected to grueling working conditions and were hardly paid for their services. According to The Guardian, some of the children found working on the farms […]

Major Companies Like Apple & Nike Are Using Forced Labor, Alleges New Report

A withering new report has slammed numerous companies, including technology behemoth Apple and sportswear company Nike, for using forced labor to manufacture their products. Many workers who were reportedly coerced to work against their will were members of the Muslim Uighur minority in northwestern China. The report was written by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, […]

Amnesty International Accuses Hong Kong Police Of Torturing Protesters

Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Hong Kong’s police force of “unnecessary and excessive force” towards detained protesters in what it says amounts to “torture,” Bloomberg Quint reported. With riots raging over the influence of China on the now-independent ex-British colony, concerns are mounting that the news could pour additional fuel the civil unrest […]

Google Is Reportedly Strengthening Ties To Egypt, Despite Its Government’s Human Rights Abuses

A new report by The Intercept claims that Google is re-staffing its office in Cairo, Egypt, in the wake of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi seizing power in 2014 and a string of abuses by his government aimed at dissidents and activists. The government reportedly fuels these abuses using both mass and targeted internet surveillance, as […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Solitary Confinement ‘Torture’ After Believing Paul Manafort Will Be Held There

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called solitary confinement “torture” while being under the impression that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is going to be held there, Yahoo News reports. What’s more, he’s going to be held at Rikers Island, which is in the freshman Democrat representative’s home district. Manafort is currently serving a federal sentence at a […]

Facebook Joins ‘Dirty List’ Of 49 Companies Accused Of Violating Human Rights In Myanmar

Several companies from the U.S., U.K., France, Switzerland, and China have been added to a “dirty list” compiled of corporations accused of human rights or environmental violations in Myanmar, reports the Guardian. Also added to the list are companies allegedly involved with the country’s military, which has been accused of genocide. The list, created by […]

Transgender People In Chile Can Now Legally Change Their Gender On Official Documents

Transgender people 14-years-old and older in Chile will now be legally allowed to change their gender marker on official documents thanks to a bill signed into law by President Sebastian Pinera today. Chilean activists have been fighting for nearly five years to pass such a law, which human rights groups are praising as “historic,” according […]

Facebook Under Fire For Allowing Man In South Sudan To Make Post Auctioning Teen Daughter As Child Bride

Facebook is coming under fire for allowing a man in South Sudan to make a post auctioning off his 17-year-old daughter to the highest bidder as a child bride. As the Guardian reported, the post from the war-torn African nation gained viral attention and was allowed to remain up for several days as a group […]

Human Rights Groups Initiate Lawsuit To End Coerced Sterilization Of Indigenous Women In Canada

Human rights groups are banding together in Canada to call for the end of the coerced sterilization of indigenous women, reports The Guardian. A class-action lawsuit against health officials aims to seek compensation for the violation of the rights of at least 60 women in the province of Saskatchewan. Although the lawsuit has yet to […]

Amnesty International: Venezuela Murder Toll Worse Than War Zones, Government Responsible

The Venezuelan government is responsible for the “worst human rights crisis in its history,” according to Amnesty International. The human rights organization’s latest research into violence and abuse in Venezuela, published September 20, states the following. “Firstly, the state has failed to guarantee the right to life in a context of violence between private individuals. […]

Stop And Search Policing Increases Crime: Report

The practice of police stopping and searching pedestrians increases crime rates, according to a report released Tuesday by a British charity. Published by charity StopWatch, the report looked at the experience of Londoners targeted by the London Metropolitan Police for searches. The charity said it found evidence suggesting stop and search tactics can push otherwise […]

China Accuses Sweden Of Violating Human Rights After Hostel-Booking Confusion

An incident involving three Chinese tourists at a Swedish hostel has resulted in a diplomatic argument between China and Sweden, reports The Guardian. A disagreement between Chinese tourists, two parents and their son, and the Generator Stockholm hostel over a check-in time resulted in the hostel calling the police and having the family forcefully escorted […]

California Becomes First State To Condemn ‘Corrective’ Surgeries On Intersex Children

Advocates for intersex children have been fighting against so-called ‘corrective’ surgeries for decades and California just made history by becoming the first U.S. state to denounce these surgeries. California State Legislature passed a resolution on Tuesday which took a firm stand against medically unnecessary procedures on children who were born with intersex conditions. The resolution […]

Tommy And Kiko: Chimps Don’t Have Human Rights Or Personhood Rules Court, Chimpanzee To Stay Locked In Cages

The quest by Nonhuman Rights Project to free the chimpanzees Tommy and Kiko from caged confinement has reached an end. The organization had hoped to secure the animals the same legal status as humans so that the chimps could be moved to an animal sanctuary. But the New York Court of Appeals voted to let […]

Gun Control Advocates Place 7,000 Pairs Of Shoes In Front Of US Capitol As Message To Congress

Prior to the planned National School Walkout this week and the upcoming march on Washington on March 24, the global advocacy group called Avaaz has staged a unique demonstration in front of the Capitol building in Washington. According to a report from CBS News, the demonstration itself involves the use of 7,000 pairs of shoes […]

Saudi Arabia Grants Citizenship To Sophia The A.I. Robot, Who Once Said She Will ‘Destroy Humans’

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has officially granted citizenship to Sophia, an artificial intelligence robot who reportedly once said that she will “destroy humans.” Sophia the robot was developed by the Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics. Saudi Arabia’s decision to grant Sophia the right to citizenship makes the country the first in history to have […]

Controversial Program Allows Tennessee Inmates To Get Out Of Jail Early If They Agree To A Vasectomy

Inmates in White County, Tennessee, have the option of shaving 30 days off of their jail sentence — so long as they are willing to undergo a vasectomy to prevent being “burdened with children” upon their release. The controversial program implemented by General Sessions Court Judge Sam Benningfield in May has now made national headlines, […]

Iran Election 2017 Results Delight Russia: Putin, President Rouhani – Both Accused Of Human Rights Violations

Russia is apparently quite happy about the Iran election 2017 results. President Hassan Rouhani enjoyed an emphatic win in the presidential election. Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory message to his Iranian counterpart. According to a translated version of the Kremlin statement, Putin sent a telegram to Rouhani congratulating him on a convincing […]

Jimmy Carter Voted For Bernie Sanders In The 2016 Primary, Carter Reveals During Talk

Jimmy Carter and Bernie Sanders met Monday night for a conversation centering on human rights at the Carter Center in Georgia. The two discussed a number of important topics and at one point, Jimmy Carter casually revealed to the world that he voted for Sanders in the primary, according to the Daily Beast. Bernie Sanders […]

Trump Invites Rodrigo Duterte To White House

https://rumble.com/embed/vki5n/ It was revealed Sunday that Donald Trump had invited Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte to visit him at the White House, a new release from The New York Times reports. Duterte, current president of the densely-populated island country, has already stirred up large amounts of international controversy during his first year in office via allegations […]

Who Is Aya Hijazi, The American Aid Worker Trump Freed From Egyptian Prison?

Aya Hijazi, an American charity worker imprisoned in Egypt, returned home last week thanks largely to the efforts of President Donald Trump. Here is the shocking story of how she, her husband, and their fellow human rights workers were imprisoned in Egypt, but eventually freed thanks in large part to Donald Trump’s talks with Egypt’s […]

‘Secret’ Jail Cell In Manila Discovered, Police Asked Stunned CHR Reps Silly Questions

“Aren’t you happy that the 12 of them are all alive?” asked MPD Station 1 Commander Robert Domingo to the Commission on Human Rights representatives after the discovery of secret jail cell situated behind a bookshelf in Tondo, Manila, on Thursday night. The detainees found were cramped inside the hidden cell and were all said […]

Anti-Trump Parade-goers Post Melania’s Naked Photos On Outhouse At Trump Tower

Anti-Trump activists posted several photos of First Lady Melania Trump on the door of a make-shift outhouse outside Trump Tower, as captured by Getty Images photographer Kevin Hagen. They include one of the First Lady wearing a red swimming suit, with photos next to it displaying Mrs. Trump’s famous naked modeling photos that have been […]

Melania Trump Presents International Women Of Courage Awards: Meet The Winners

On March 29, First Lady Melania Trump presented the 2017 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Awards to 13 women from around the globe who have transformed their communities in the name of women’s empowerment, often in the face of personal danger. Although Melania’s speech has been highly publicized, let us take a look […]

Disabled Toronto Woman Barred From Bar Bathroom, Files Human Rights Complaint

A Toronto woman has filed a human rights complaint against the Pentagram Bar and Grill, a restaurant serving Chinese-Canadian food in Toronto’s east end, after she was allegedly refused access to their bathroom. Haily Butler-Henderson, 24, has spina bifida, a congenital disability resulting in permanent damage to her spinal column. She uses forearm crutches to […]

Ashton Kutcher Determined To End Modern-Day Slavery And Human Trafficking

Ashton Kutcher’s dream is to end modern-day slavery, and to this end, he co-founded Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, an organization against human trafficking. When people are exploited for sex or labor, the State Department defines this as Human Trafficking. The Washington Post reported that the celebrity actor and his ex-wife, Demi Moore, founded the […]

Yes, Ashton Kutcher Blew John McCain A Kiss At Senate Hearing

Sure, they look like an unlikely couple, but they seem to be making it work. Ashton Kutcher and Senator John McCain seem to have started a bromance at a hearing on human trafficking and sexual exploitation when they exchanged quips, which led to a bit of sass, and then, Kutcher blew a kiss to McCain. […]

Woman Scream Festival 2017 Will Hold Events in 32 Countries

The Women Poets International Movement will hold their annual Woman Scream Festival in March 2017 with at least 32 countries participating so far. Woman Scream is an annual international poetry and arts festival begun in 2011 by The Women Poets International Movement in partnership with Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream). This year’s festival will be […]

Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Trump’s Actions During First Week In Office

Donald Trump began his role as President of the United States with a very controversial move that has sparked outrage not only across the nation but around the world. The president made a bold move by putting an immigration hold in place which halts the immigration resettlement program for 90 days, restricting any immigration from […]

Backpage Adult Section Forced Closure Is A Human Rights Violation

On January 9, Backpage, an equivalent to Craigslist, was forced to shut down their adult section, according to a statement by the company, due to continued pressure placed on the company after credit card companies were pressured to not do business with Backpage by the United States government. The credit card companies abandoned business with […]

ISIS Atrocities Continue In Syria And Mosul: Reports Of 250 Children Crushed In Dough Kneader

As the battle in Mosul continues, more and more reports are coming to light of the atrocities waged by the Islamic State, both in Mosul and in surrounding areas. The Guardian reports that the United Nations has released a statement detailing preliminary reports of mass executions and a “long line of crimes against humanity.” A […]

North Korean Defections Increase As Tension Builds Over Missile Tests And Sanctions

Over the last week, KBS has reported on a small group of defectors from North Korea, including a major-general who handled Kim Jong Un’s overseas slush funds and who is reportedly asking for asylum in China. According to the article, the defectors came with a North Korean diplomat they were separated from, who was also […]

Tibetan Academy Razed By China’s Government: Destroys Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

The Chinese government has begun evicting residents and destroying the Tibetan Buddhist Academy which sits 13,500 ft above sea level and western Sichuan province. Government workers began using bulldozers to demolish homes of the Tibetan Monks and nuns, citing overcrowding concerns and it being a fire hazard. The population at Tibetan Buddhist Academy has climbed […]

LGBT Rights Groups Silent As Clinton Foundation Accepts Millions From Countries That Hate, Imprison Gay People

Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidency, has been an outspoken advocate for LGBT groups during her campaign. Now, LGBT rights groups have remained silent as the Clinton Foundation has accepted millions from countries that hate and imprison gay people. Ms. Clinton frequently mentions her support for the gay community while disparaging policies […]

Kenya Court: Forced Anal Exams To Determine Sexual Orientation Are Legal

A court in the African nation of Kenya has affirmed the legality of using forced anal exams to determine male sexual orientation, despite a lawsuit filed that argued that the practice amounts to nothing more than degradation and even torture for those subjected to it. According to the court in Kenya, ruled over by Mombasa […]

ISIS Atrocity: 19 Yazidi Girls Burned Alive For Refusing To Be Sex Slaves

As ISIS experiences increased pressure to its claimed territory in Iraq and Syria from all sides, the extremists continue to pile on atrocity after atrocity, the latest being the burning alive of 19 Yazidi girls for the offense of refusing to be the sex slaves of their captors. Reports out of Mosul, Iraq, which has […]

Man Leaves Wife Because She ‘Fails’ Virginity Test, Later Reconciles

A “failed” virginity test prompted a man to leave his wife, but the couple later reconciled. The two live in Maharashtra, India’s third largest state, and the panchayat, a governing body of the caste system, made the annulment ruling after the husband presented white sheets that were not stained with blood after the couple consummated […]

Cambodian Government Makes Life Difficult For Opposition Party And Protesters

Activists in Cambodia have been urging the public to wear a black T-shirt every Monday since May 9, to support the release of human rights activists from the group ADHOC, who were jailed by the government. The campaign is simply called “black Monday,” but the government calls it an “urban insurrection” and has treated it […]

Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Still Ignored By Beijing, China Soft After Cultural Revolution 50th Anniversary Tears Leak In International News

Both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the original UN Charter were signed by China back when they were first crafted. Mainland China again agreed to the UDHR in 1971, right during the time China was in the midst of the Cultural Revolution. Despite agreeing to the document, the Communist Party has fought against […]

Saudi Human Rights Activist Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison, Amnesty Says He Was Exposing Systematic Human Rights Violations

A court in Saudi Arabia sentenced a human rights activist to eight years in prison on Sunday in what Amnesty International is calling part of the ongoing campaign to by Saudi authorities to stamp out activism. Abdulaziz al-Shubaily was the only founding member of the Saudi Association for Civil and Political Rights, also known by […]

Mexican Military Kill Rates Leave People Fearful

The military in most cities are there to serve and protect the citizens. It is much more common for military members in most nations to injure an individual who is threatening others’ safety, as opposed to killing them. However, in the nation of Mexico, this all seems to be turned upside down with the men […]

Fighting Human Trafficking: Does Talk Turn Into Action?

This is the year of pronouncements about fighting human trafficking. On the last day of 2015, President Obama declared January, 2016, National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. And today he announced how linking admission to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is going to fight this modern form of slavery. He was speaking at a […]

Hillary Clinton And Arms Deals — She Loses Support When Voters Learn These Details

Hillary Clinton’s record continues to be exposed to voters through online media sources. One major issue is the arms sales to countries that constantly and extensively abuse human rights — countries whose governments are donors of the Clinton Foundation. Mainstream media has been mostly silent on this and other hard-hitting Clinton issues. A large consortium […]

United Nations: UN Human Rights Expert Juan E. Mendez Claims Torture Is Still A Tactic Used In Sri Lanka Investigations

Juan E. Mendez made the claim that torture is still a tactic used in Sri Lanka investigations despite the fact its use had decreased since the island nation’s civil war ended seven years ago. According to ABC News, Juan E. Mendez, who is an expert for the UN pertaining to human rights, was on a […]