Hope Hicks Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Traveling With Donald Trump This Week

Hope Hicks, a White House aide who works closely with Donald Trump, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Bloomberg reported that she flew on Air Force One to and from the Trump campaign rally in Minnesota and to and from the debate on Tuesday with the president. The outlet’s Jennifer Jacobs and Jordan Fabian were […]

Hope Hicks Was Behind Donald Trump’s St. John’s Church Appearance, Reports Claim

Reports from both The New York Times and the Daily Mail claimed that presidential adviser Hope Hicks was behind President Donald Trump’s controversial St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square appearance, which led to peaceful protesters in the area being tear-gassed to make way for the president. According to The New York Times, a White House official […]

Hope Hicks Is Returning To The White House As Donald Trump Purges Staff

Hope Hicks, the loyal aide and eventual communications director of President Donald Trump, is reportedly returning to the White House after a two year absence, according to Politico. The move comes as Trump has fired several members of the White House staff — including Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman — in the wake of impeachment […]

Jason Miller, Ex-Trump Aide, Loses Job After Jerry Nadler Tirade

Jason Miller was a staffer on President Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 who was scheduled to serve as White House communications director, but did not take that job after allegations that he had an affair and fathered a child with a fellow staffer. He instead joined CNN as a commentator, a job he left last […]

Hope Hicks Reportedly Testifies That Trump Is ‘Serious’ About Accepting Foreign Intelligence

Former White House aide Hope Hicks appeared in front of a House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and was asked to speak about her former boss’s opinion that there isn’t anything wrong with taking information from a foreign country in order to help beat political opponents. Hicks reportedly told lawmakers that she found his statement troubling […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts ‘Lifetime Drama’ Media Coverage Of Hope Hicks Subpoena

In a series of tweets, freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat from New York, lashed out at The New York Times on Sunday in response to an article published about President Donald Trump’s former communications director Hope Hicks, The Hill reports. The article has been widely met with scorn online, with critics pointing out that […]

Hope Hicks Story Leads To Roasting Of ‘New York Times’ Over ‘Existential Question’

The New York Times ran a piece this weekend about former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, who was recently given a subpoena to testify before Congress about her knowledge of alleged misdeeds by the Trump Administration. The piece, by Maggie Haberman, as well as the way it was presented on the Times’ social media […]

Mueller Report Reveals That Trump Administration Asked Fox News To Edit Interview Footage

With the Mueller report released, the media and public continue to pick through the investigation’s results. Per Hill Reporter, reporter Laura Rozen discovered a section of the report that reveals that President Donald Trump’s team asked Fox News to cut out certain portions of an interview he did with Maria Bartiromo. In the 2017 interview, […]

Hope Hicks Said Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Looked ‘Really Bad’

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that President Donald Trump’s former White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks, thought that the 2016 emails between his son Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian agent looked “really bad.” According to the Mueller report, Hicks made the comments during a White House meeting in late June 2017 with herself, […]

Hope Hicks Accused Of Lying To Robert Mueller During Special Counsel Investigation

The Independent reports that Hope Hicks is being accused of lying to Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the investigation into the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. His comments were made during a recent ABC News meeting with Mark Corallo, a former spokesperson for Donald Trump’s legal team. Corallo claims that the former […]

Trump Confidante Hope Hicks To Cooperate With Investigation

Hope Hicks, former White House communications director for the Trump administration and long-time associate of the president, has agreed to cooperate with an investigation into the president’s possible obstruction of justice, according to CNN. The investigation is spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee. The committee is exploring a variety of issues that include, but are […]

‘New Fox’ Names Former White House Executive Hope Hicks As Head Of Communications & Executive VP

The Los Angeles Times reported in August that New Fox, the network that will be left behind after the 21st Century Fox portion of the company is bought by Disney, would be something of a drastic change from former programming under the media umbrella. The new network would be a combination of Fox Communications and […]

Hope Hicks Could Return As Donald Trump’s Chief Of Staff, Critics Worried He Is Tampering With A Witness

Hope Hicks may be in line for a return to the White House, and critics worry that Donald Trump may be bringing back his former confidant to get their stories straight ahead of the president’s interview with Robert Mueller. Last weekend, the former White House communications director was seen on board Air Force One as […]

Hope Hicks Seen Boarding Air Force One, Prompting Allegations That Trump Is Witness Tampering In Russia Probe

Hope Hicks appears to be back in Donald Trump’s inner circle, and critics believe that the reunion with the president is tampering with a potential witness in the Russia investigation. Hicks left the White House earlier this year as one of the longest aides to Trump, dating back to even before his run for presidency […]

Hope Hicks Could Return To The White House As Chief Of Staff

Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Chief of Staff John Kelly will be out of the White House by the end of July. The two people believed to be the strongest candidates to replace him at this time are Mick Mulvaney, who currently heads the Office of Management and Budget and serves as acting […]

Poll: President Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Hit New Record Lows

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings dipped to new historic lows in a 50-state approval tracker poll conducted over the month of March. A Morning Consult poll found Trump’s approval among registered voters now stands at just 41 percent, compared to a 54 percent disapproval rating. Pollsters noted prior to March’s somber showing, Trump’s lowest approval […]

Trump Seals Hope Hicks Exit With A Kiss, White House Backbiting Ensues Over Replacement, Reports ‘CBS News’

Hope Hicks is officially out of the White House as President Donald Trump bid his long-time aide farewell on Thursday with an awkward kiss and a couple of handshakes. Hicks tendered her resignation as communications director around a month ago, but even before her last day, infighting and backbiting inside the White House has allegedly […]

Bill Maher Compares Trump White House To A Soap Opera, Teases Pence Will Reveal He’s A Woman In ‘Next Episode’

Bill Maher ripped into Donald Trump and his White House cohorts in a brutal opening monologue on Real Time Friday. The comedian dissected the events of the previous week, focusing on the surprise departure of former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, the new Jared Kushner scandal, and Trump’s “galling” comments about the Parkland school […]

Donald Trump Feeling The Pressure, Some Worry About Emotional State

President Donald Trump may be starting to feel all the mounting pressure, prompting a growing number of those around him to worry about his emotional state. According to the Washington Post, as Trump grows more channeled on perceived attacks against him, he has taken to obsessing over TV coverage of his administration and publicly striking […]

New Trump Approval Rating Poll Finds Americans Want White House Chaos To End After Midterms

It’s been another week of chaos and upheaval for the Trump White House, and a new poll finds that Americans are tired of it. USA Today reports that Americans are dissatisfied with the chaos rampant within the ranks of the current leadership in both the executive and legislative branches. Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to […]

Baldwin Addresses Gun Violence, Roasts Trump Over Departure Of ‘So Smart, So Hot’ Hope Hicks On ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live returned after a brief hiatus with Alec Baldwin’s Trump addressing gun violence and mocking the departure of Hope Hicks. The 59-year-old actor returned late-night Saturday to portray President Trump, just days after the latter tweeted that he was awful with his acting and doing a crappy job of reviving his stuttering career. […]

Donald Trump’s ‘Ability To Do Harm Is Going To Increase,’ According To Retired Four-Star General

In an interview with the Washington Post for an article published Saturday, retired four-star Army General Barry McCaffrey warned that American citizens should “be alarmed” about Donald Trump’s recent erratic behavior and the current chaos at the White House. The past week has been an extremely tough one for the president. Not only has Hope […]

Donald Trump ‘Angry,’ ‘Unglued’ When He Tried To Start A Trade War Over Aluminum Tariffs, Reports ‘NBC News’

Donald Trump’s surprise announcement this week of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports was borne out of the president being “angry” and “unglued” over several ongoing issues in the White House; anonymous staffers told NBC News. Trump’s Thursday announcement that he would be imposing strong tariffs on steel and aluminum imports came seemingly out of […]

Hope Hicks Has $10 Million Offer To Write Tell-All Book On Donald Trump White House, Bestselling Author Claims

Hope Hicks may soon be gone from the White House, but the woman who became one of Donald Trump’s closest confidants could have a nice going-away gift — a $10 million deal to write a tell-all book. Hicks had been described as the person in the White House closest to Donald Trump (other than his […]

Angry Trump Called Hope Hicks ‘So Stupid,’ Berated Her ‘White Lies,’ According To CNN’s Erin Burnett [Video]

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has quit her $179,700 job, with speculations about potential subpoenas or other reasons swirling around Hope, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, according to Wednesday’s episode of CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett, as seen in the attached video, Erin claimed that an unnamed source directly related Hope’s interview by […]

Hope Hicks Quits Her $179,700 White House Job Amid Subpoena, Firing Buzz: Trump Responds To Hope’s Resignation

Hope Hicks is quitting her role as White House communications director and as a top aide to President Donald Trump, as reported by the New York Times. The news that Hope is resigning appeared in the wake of Hicks testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, February 27, when she refused to answer certain […]

Hope Hicks Admitted To House Intelligence Panel That She Told ‘White Lies’ For Donald Trump

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks told the House Intelligence Panel on Tuesday that part of her job working for Donald Trump involves telling “white lies.” But the NYT says that after consulting with her legal team, Hicks attempted to clarify things by saying that she never told any kind of lies about the meeting […]

Hope Hicks Copies Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Choices As Ivanka ‘Falls From Favor,’ Writes ‘Business Insider’

Hopes Hicks, Donald Trump’s enigmatic White House communications director, who is often short on words, is presumably using fashion to do most of her talking as of late. Consequently, Hopes’ dress choices are speaking loudly, according to a Business Insider report. The site says Hicks has evolved in her look by moving on from channeling […]

Fired Aide Rob Porter Claims White House Officials Urged Him To ‘Stay And Fight’

Fired White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter is reported to now be telling associates he was urged by senior Oval Office officials to “stay and fight” for his post in the administration. Axios is reporting Porter, who was finally shown the door after two ex-wives stepped forward to claim episodes of physical and emotional abuse […]

Hope Hicks Wrote Boyfriend Rob Porter’s Domestic Abuse Response, Says CNN White House Reporter Jeremy Diamond

Hope Hicks was famous as a $180,000-per-year White House employee who favored wearing super-short skirts, according to writer Michael Wolff, and recently gained more fame when Hope was caught kissing Rob Porter, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, when recent reports about Porter and his ex-wives emerged, with Colbie Holderness claiming that Rob punched and […]

Hope Hicks’ Rumored Boyfriend Rob Porter Punched And Choked Ex-Wife, Says Colbie Holderness

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was recently spotted kissing Rob Porter and entering her apartment with the staff secretary of President Donald Trump, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, both of 40-year-old Porter’s ex-wives have come forward with harrowing tales of the abuse they say they suffered at his hands, according to Heavy. As […]

Hope Hicks And Rob Porter Seen Kissing After Porter’s ‘Willowy Blonde’ Ex Found Text Messages

Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump’s 29-year-old White House Communications Director, has really stepped out of the shadows in her role this year, after flying relatively under the radar in previous years. Earning nearly $180,000 per year, the former model was featured bigly in Michael Wolff’s controversy tome, wearing hard-to-maneuver-in short skirts and allegedly being told […]

Donald Trump Travels To Davos With ‘Work Wife’ Hope Hicks While Melania Heads To Mar-a-Lago

Hope Hicks, White House Director of Communications is one of the women in the Trump administration referred to by Michael Wolff and the NYT as one of Trump’s “Work Wives.” But now, Hope Hicks, 29, is the Trump “Work Wife” in the center of controversy as she is on the Trump trip to Davos, Switzerland […]

Hope Hicks Famous For ‘Hard-To-Maneuver-In Short Skirts,’ According To ‘Fire And Fury’ Author

Hope Hicks is featured prominently in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff, as proven by book excerpts that have made it to the public, as reported by the Inquisitr. The tome speaks of the 29-year-old Hicks’ unlikely rise to become one of President Donald Trump’s closest confidantes, even relating Hope’s […]

Trump To Hope Hicks: ‘You’re The Best Piece Of Tail’ Married Corey Lewandowski Will Ever Have, Says New Book

Revelations from Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, continue to shock readers even prior to the book’s publication. According to the author, President Donald Trump allegedly took pleasure in getting the wives of his friends in bed, after tempting the husbands to admit dissatisfaction with their sex lives and […]

Hope Hicks Copies Melania Trump’s Style: 29-Year-Old’s $179,700 Salary Buys FLOTUS-Like, Not Ivanka, Fashions

President Donald Trump has a White House Communications Director named Hope Hicks, a 29-year-old woman who draws the top White House salary at $179,700, as reported by the Inquisitr. Hope has stepped more into the spotlight as of late, so much so that the manner in which Hicks dresses has come under the spotlight of […]

Melania Trump Japan: 28-Year-Old Hopes Hicks Steals Spotlight From ‘Lady In Red’ First Lady At State Dinner

Melania Trump may have met her fashion match in the form of a White House aide. Mrs. Trump is accustomed to reaping all the attention about her fashion risks when she steps out in public. After all, she’s the First Lady of the United States. However, the newcomer, Hope Hicks, has reportedly stolen the spotlight […]

Hope Hicks: Trump Makes $179,700-Per-Year-Earning 28-Year-Old His White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks now has a permanent job with President Donald Trump. Hope is no longer merely the interim White House communications director, a job that Hicks gained in August. She will be working in the role on a permanent basis for President Trump, a White House spokesperson announced on Tuesday, September 12, according to CNN. […]

Hope Hicks, 28, Takes Scaramucci’s Place: Former Model Made Cameo On Soap, Doesn’t Have Twitter Account

President Donald Trump named Hope Hicks as the new interim White House communications director, taking on the post vacated by Anthony Scaramucci last month. The White House will make an announcement on a “permanent” White House communications director at “an appropriate time,” according to a White House official today. Hope Hicks is in the current […]

Hope Hicks, 28, With $179,700 White House Salary: Hope Accused Of Affair With Corey Lewandowski By Ex-Staffer [Update]

Editor’s note: Recently, a story based on a source associated with Claude Taylor was debunked as a hoax by the Guardian and disavowed by Taylor. In light of this, we advise any information derived from sources provided by Claude Taylor to be viewed in the light cast by this revelation. Hope Hicks is one White […]

Hope Hicks Relationship With President Sought By Google, Twitter Users Typing ‘Girlfriend’ In Search Engines

Hope Hicks is a name that pops up in the news, but if one begins typing Hope’s name into Google to find out more information about the 28-year-old current White House Director of Strategic Communications and President Donald Trump’s longest-serving political aide, the search engine begins to return search queries that show just what people […]