Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut Gobbles Up 413 Buffalo Wings During Hooters’ 12-Hour Challenge

Once again, Joey Chestnut is proving to fans that no eating contest is out of his realm. As fans know, Chestnut is the reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion and this past year, he scarfed down an impressive 71 franks in 10 minutes. The year prior, Chestnut broke the all-time record with 74 hot dogs. […]

Let Hooters Shred Your Ex’s Photo And Give You Free Wings On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Fortunately for the lonely, jilted, and/or bitter this February 14, Hooters restaurants will help ease the pain with a one-day offer to shred an ex’s photo and celebrate the occasion with some free chicken wings, The Takeout reports. The offer, aptly named “Shred Your Ex,” includes 10 free wings with […]

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Brittany Cartwright Is Being Inducted Into The Hooters Hall Of Fame

Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright is being honored by the company she spent so many years working for in the past. The former Hooters girl is currently being inducted into the restaurant’s Hall of Fame. Brittany traveled to Clearwater, Florida, this week with co-star Kristen Doute to receive the honor from the popular restaurant chain. […]

Terrence Jeremy Skeen: Fireman Who Allegedly Spit On Black Child, Called Him ‘N-Word’, Gets Job Back

Terrence Jeremy Skeen, the Kansas City firefighter who allegedly spit on a 3-year-old African-American child and called him the so-called “N-word,” has gotten his job back – at least for now, the Kansas City Star is reporting. Skeen’s attorney, Tom Bath, said that his client’s side of the story will come out at his trial, […]

Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor: Does Her Family Approve Of Him After ‘Pump Rules’ Drama?

Brittany Cartwright has been on Vanderpump Rules for a few seasons now, as Brittany and Jax Taylor met one another during a random trip to Las Vegas. While Jax was horrible at keeping his relationships alive, several of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars believed that Brittany was worth the fight and she could be the one […]

Teenager Allegedly Pretended To Be A Cop So He Could Be Facebook Friends With Hooters Waitresses

A Michigan teenager wanted really badly to be Facebook friends with Hooters waitresses, so he impersonated a cop in order to get their contact info, according to a criminal complaint. Now, he’s facing up to eight years in prison on felony charges of impersonating a police officer. As the Saginaw News reports, 18-year-old Nicholas M. […]

It’s National Chicken Wing Day — Where To Get Freebies And Great Deals

Today is National Chicken Wing Day, another food holiday that is observed in the wonderful month of July. Chicken wings are loved by everyone everywhere, and today you should appreciate the undoubtedly deserving chicken wing by eating some! According to the International Business Times, there are a few places that are offering great deals on […]

Kailyn Lowry’s Restaurant Habits Revealed: Best Friend Calls Her Out!

Kailyn Lowry has focused on her schooling and her family over the past couple of months. She could be wrapping up the last couple of semesters of her undergrad, durin which she has gained experience working with television and media. Teen Mom was filmed months ago, and she is currently filming the new season, but […]

‘Male Hooters’ Opens In Dallas: All-Male Tallywackers Eatery Has Scantily-Clad Waiters To Serve You

In the first of its kind, an all-male Hooters-style restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. Tallywackers is the newest eatery in the Lone Star State, which features men dressed in skimpy attire just like the famous Hooters babes. And here’s a twist that also sets itself apart from the popular wing franchise: diners […]

Male Hooters Opens: Same Theme But Named ‘Tallywackers’

An all male Hooters opens in Texas this month, according to People. Hooters has been around since 1983. There are about 460 Hooters throughout the United States. Most people know Hooters is a restaurant whose waiters are attractive young women who wear revealing outfits. Their sex appeal is what brings some male customers into the […]

Let’s Drool, Ladies, ‘Male Hooters’ Opens — Tallywackers Let’s You Hand Pick Sexy Waiters

This is just for you, ladies (and some gentlemen). Dallas now has the male answer to Hooters, the not-so-subtly named Tallywackers, which opened on Saturday. And just like we all know Hooters isn’t a reference to owls, it’s pretty clear what the new restaurant’s tongue-in-cheek name refers to. Let’s move on. According to CW33, Tallywackers […]

Georgia Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney To Long-Time Customer, Says Surgery Was A Success

A Hooters Girl from Roswell, Georgia, gave one of the restaurant’s long-time customers a life-changing gift. Waitress Mariana Villarreal hadn’t worked at Hooters long when she met Don Thomas. Thomas suffered from kidney cancer which resulted in the loss of both of his kidneys. Mariana, who had recently lost her grandmother to kidney failure, immediately […]

Georgia Hooters Waitress Donating Kidney To Long-Time Customer Suffering From Kidney Cancer

Don Thomas lost both of his kidneys to kidney cancer. However, on Friday, he will get the life-saving kidney he needs thanks to an unlikely source: a Hooters waitress from Georgia. Mariana Villarreal, a Hooters waitress, barely knew Don Thomas when she offered to give him one of her kidneys. The Hooters waitress says that […]

Tallywackers: The Male Version Of Hooters Restaurants Is Going To Be Opening Very Soon

There is a male equivalent restaurant to Hooters coming soon, and well, there were no subtle hints dropped in the name of it. It’s blatantly obvious what the restaurant is going to be based on, and that’s why it is called Tallywackers. It’s currently set to open up sometime in May. Now, for those that […]

Move Over Hooters: Here Comes Tallywackers! New Dallas Restaurant To Offer Half-Naked, Beefcake Waiters

A new restaurant opening in Dallas promises to be to women (and/or gay men) everything that Hooters is to dudes: Tallywackers will offer scantily-clad males with rock-hard bods serving up customers’ food and drinks, E! Online is reporting. “Tallywacker,” in case you didn’t know, is a juvenile, schoolyard slang word for “penis,” much like “Hooters” […]

$250,000 Hooters Server Racial Discrimination Case: Fired Woman Wins Lawsuit

A $250,000 lawsuit win for a Hooters server is making headlines this week. According to NBC News, a waitress was fired in 2013 from a Hooters location in Baltimore. Farryn Johnson was not fired for poor performance on the job, but for the highlights in her hair. Johnson is African-American, but in 2013, she had […]

As The Restaurant Industry Struggles, ‘Breastaurants’ Are Booming

Over the years, the restaurant industry has seen a decline in growth, in both production and profits. The primary reason for the sudden fall has to do with how people’s eating preferences have evolved. Restaurateurs want satisfying choices lacking in fast food chains but within efficient time, something full-service chains aren’t known for. As a […]

Amy Adams Hooters Waitress: Actress Talks About ‘Great’ Job’, Gives Advice To Young Women

Who knew Amy Adams used to work for Hooters when she was a young girl in high school? The Golden Globe winner spoke to the media on Sunday night and had some great pieces of advice for young girls. Adams, who is one of the most respected Hollywood stars for her easy going ways, gave […]

First Hooters, Now Shooters: Waitresses At Colorado Eatery All Pack Heat

Back in the 80s, Hooters restaurants became famous around America, and not just for the great burgers, but because all the waitresses were “well-endowed” in the breast area and wore tiny t-shirts with the restaurant’s logo proudly displayed in “3D.” But times have changed and Hooters isn’t doing so well, as that kind of objectification […]

Twin Peaks Restaurant Out-Sexes Even Hooters

Twin Peaks restaurant is a Dallas-based chain that has 16 beers on tap, “well-built” burgers, and swarm of scantily clad female wait staff serving more than just french fries. You don’t have to guess which three of these traits is making Twin Peaks the fastest growing restaurant chain in America. Twin Peaks’ very mission is […]

Hooters Shares A Rape Joke, Nobody Laughs

Ever the bastion of beers, feminism, and chicken wings, Hooters is once again courting controversy, this time with the restaurant chain’s social media team apparently posting a rape joke. As you’ve probably guessed, this has all gone over quite well. The post popped up on Hooters’ Facebook page on Saturday, linking to an outside site. […]

Hooters Waitress Lost 128lbs To Land Job At Restaurant After Being Told She Was Too Fat To Work There

An overweight mother-of-three was so embarrassed by a nasty comment about her size she received while wearing a Hooters t-shirt that she lost 128lbs and then got a job at the restaurant chain. Cearra Swetman, who hails from Florida, has relived her tale to Fox 4, and she admitted that she made the life changing […]

Fired Waitress: Hair Complaint Not First Accusation of Discrimination Against Hooters

A fired Hooters waitress who said her hair color led to her dismissal is not the first compliant of discrimination lodged against the restaurant chain. Farryn Johnson, a black Hooters waitress from Baltimore, claims she was fired because of her hair. Johnson said she was told that, as a black woman, it was not natural […]

Black Hooters Waitress Fired Over Blonde Highlights

Baltimore, MD — A black Hooters waitress is accusing the restaurant of racial discrimination after she was fired because of her blonde highlights. Farryn Johnson told CBS Baltimore that she was fired from her job at the Harborplace Hooters in August after managers told her that her hair color violated employee image standards. The 25-year-old […]

Hooters Waitress Forced To Wear Wig, Files Lawsuit

A Hooters waitress has filed a lawsuit against the company after she was allegedly forced to wear a wig after having brain surgery. Sandra Lupo has sued the restaurant chain in federal court after she was approached by her managers about wearing a wig to hide her short hair and cranial scar. When she refused […]

Hooters Ad Campaign Taking Aim At Chipotle

A new string of Hooters ads are taking aim at Chipotle restaurants. Hooters has begun a new advertising campaign encouraging viewers to “Step Into Awesome.” The new series of commercials promotes Hooters as the place to be to catch some sports viewing and tastier food. According to the Huffington Post, the new ad campaign also […]

Hooters Revamping Brand Image To Maybe Attract More Women

Hooters is revamping its brand image a little bit, in order to make the chain more friendly to female customers. As much as I, a female, personally like Hooters crispy little wings, it is a bit misogynistic in there for my tastes. And before anyone accuses feminists of not having a sense of humor, I […]

Hooters Patron Lets Strangers Borrow His BMW, Shockingly Strangers Keep the Car

Fairfax City, Virginia – Don’t let strangers at Hooters take your car, even if they have a really important social event coming up — one Virginia man had to learn this important life lesson the hard way, by lending out his BMW to two people he didn’t know from Adam at a local Hooters. Due […]

Pay It Forward Fail: Man Lends Out BMW To Strangers, Never Sees It Again

An excessively kind and trusting man lent out his BMW to a down-on-their-luck couple on the condition they bring it back the next day. Guess what? They didn’t. The 46-year-old Burke, Virginia man was at a Hooter’s restaurant in Fairfax City when a couple came in saying that their car had broken down on their […]

San Antonio Man Gets Hit By Car While Being Chased By Man In Gorilla Suit

A San Antonio man was rushed to the hospital after he ran into traffic while being pursued by a man dressed in a gorilla suit and was struck by a vehicle early Friday morning. A man leaving the Hooter’s Restaurant just off of US 281 N and Bitters who witnessed the bizarre event as it […]

Hooters Tips

I don’t know what’s more galling- that he stiffed the poor girl, or that he’s attempting to take the moral high ground after dining at Hooters.

It seems Hooters has a weight restriction and we’re not talking about the wings [Video]

Hooters, the restaurant that feminists love to hate which puts it on my lists of places to go to before I die, apparently has some previously unknown restrictions for its female staff. According to Hooters employee Cassie Smith, who weighs in at 132 pounds and stands five foot eight inches, she has been put on […]

Newsflash: Bigger boobs, bigger tips

Finally, someone has found the answer to a question academics and non-academics have pondered for a long time: does research grant money cover trips to Hooters? Cornell University’s Prof. Michael Lynn spoke to the Cornell Daily Sun about a survey of 374 waitresses, their perceived “sexiness,” and how it relates to the gratuities they receive […]

That night in Bethlehem – Hooters style

Well some have said that chicken wings are a gift from above. hat tip to techno! techno!! techno!!!