Chester Bennington Anniversary: Fans Show Love For Former Linkin Park Singer Three Years After His Death

Fans are remembering the former frontman of the rock band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, on the third anniversary of his death, Republic World reported. The singer died by suicide on July 20, 2017, at 41 years old. Three years on, Linkin Park fans are expressing their love for the musician. Fans took to Twitter to […]

Clint Lowery Says Korn Ended Up ‘Probably Saving My Life’: Sevendust Guitarist Talks Sobriety & Solo Album

Guitarist Clint Lowery, co-founder and longtime axe man for Sevendust, is gearing up to release his first ever solo album, God Bless The Renegades, at the end of January 2020. He sat down for a phone interview — stay tuned for the full version of this Inquisitr exclusive! — to talk about the album, one […]

Motley Crue Biopic ‘The Dirt’ To Be Released By Netflix In March

Heavy metal band Motley Crue told everyone the band’s juiciest sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll secrets in the 2001 memoir The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. Not too long after the release of the New York Times bestseller, the group started discussions with various movie studios about turning their outrageous […]

Iron Maiden Announces ‘Most Complex Show To Date,’ 2019’s Legacy Of The Beast Tour

Legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden is going back out on tour in 2019. The British group revealed North and South American dates for its Legacy of the Beast Tour, which kicked off earlier this year in Europe. “We’re immensely proud of this show,” said lead singer Bruce Dickinson in a statement posted on Iron […]

Ozzy Osbourne Postpones Concert Due To Infection That Required Hand Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne had to cancel a show in California on Saturday, October 6, after he contracted an infection that required immediate surgery. The 69-year-old heavy metal singer has been on the road since late August on the No More Tours 2 jaunt, which is being billed as his farewell tour. He performed — in the […]

Ozzy Osbourne Drops Lawsuit Against AEG After Company Ends Block-Booking Policy

Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne dropped his lawsuit against live entertainment producers AEG on Friday, September 21, over its block-booking policy, according to Variety. The practice was actually part of a long-running turf war between AEG and rivals Azoff MSG Entertainment, and the singer’s suit was designed to stand up for artists. The lawsuit was […]

Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul To Be Interred In KISS Coffin, Just Like Dime, Memorial Planned For Sunday, July 1

It’s been six days since Pantera co-founder and drummer Vinnie Paul passed away. Now details are emerging about his funeral and a memorial for fans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul passed away in his sleep in Las Vegas on June 22. He was 54 years old. Although no official cause of death has […]

Judas Priest Start Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation Benefitting ‘Pioneering Treatment’

Heavy metal band Judas Priest launched a new initiative in honor of its longtime guitarist who is battling a very serious medical condition. The Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation will raise money for a new kind of treatment to fight the degenerative disorder. In the announcement on Priest’s official website, Tipton explained that even though there […]

Metallica Donates Polar Music Prize Money To Three Charities

Last Thursday, June 14, heavy metal band Metallica was awarded the Polar Music Prize in Sweden. In addition to a trophy, the band also received a monetary award equivalent to $130,000, which the group has now announced it will donate to charity. “The Polar Music Prize celebrates the power and importance of music and is […]

Metallica’s ‘Worldwired’ North American Tour Schedule And Promos Detailed

Events promoter and organizer Live Nation recently announced the full schedule for Metallica’s “Worldwired” North American tour. The upcoming North American tour will be the next leg of the band’s ongoing “Worldwired” tour, which originally started in October of 2016. The band has already been to different cities in South America, Asia, and Europe. The […]

Metallica And Lady Gaga’s Grammys Duet Doesn’t Hurt The Band’s Legacy [Opinion]

Metallica and Lady Gaga’s unlikely team-up at last night’s 59th annual Grammy Awards has created quite a buzz in the heavy metal community — either you love it or you hate it. Die-hard purists have slagged the performance as a further insult to Metallica’s iconic status and another case of “selling out,” while others believe […]

Elkin Ramírez, Kraken Lead Singer And Colombian Rock Icon, Dies From Brain Tumor

Elkin Ramírez, the lead singer of Colombian heavy metal and rock band Kraken, died on Sunday after a long battle with a malignant brain tumor. He was 54-years-old. According to El Colombiano, Ramírez’s death was confirmed by his son (linked page is in Spanish), Andrés Ramírez. The singer, who is fondly referred to as “Elkin […]

Ronnie James Dio: Heavy Metal Icon Returns From The Dead In Germany

Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010 after battling stomach cancer. On Saturday, Germany held their heavy metal Wacken Open Air music festival and fans were stunned when they saw what appeared on the stage. They saw Dio, in hologram form, perform as it yelled out the heavy metal anthem “We Rock.” The Dio hologram […]

Barack Obama, Finland, And Heavy Metal: U.S. President’s Shout-Out To Heavy Metal At State Dinner Goes Viral

Barack Obama is hip to the heavy metal scene in Finland and he let an audience of Scandinavian leaders know it during a speech at the White House just last week. Leaders from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden had come together for an official state dinner and summit when the president made the remarks. […]

Rob Zombie Defends Babymetal As Trolls Hate On Facebook Photo

On Monday, Rob Zombie shared a photo of himself on Facebook, posing with Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal), Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal), and Moa Kikuchi (Moametal), who are collectively known as Babymetal. The Japanese band, Zombie, and numerous other bands including Slipknot, Scorpions, Lynyrd Synyrd, Megadeth, and Disturbed played at the Carolina Rebellion festival in Charlotte over the […]

Fine Brothers Entertainment Have BABYMETAL React To ‘YouTubers React To BABYMETAL’

Over the past two years, BABYMETAL, the hybrid heavy metal and J-pop idol music girl group, has exponentially increased in popularity. Performing songs in a genre they can clearly call their own, Su-metal, Yuimetal, Moametal, along with their Kami Band, have created a huge hardcore following who are highly devoted. To prove this fact, every […]

Iron Maiden Tour: ‘The Book Of Souls’ Tour Lands in Tacoma, WA [Photos]

Legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden knows how to get to their next show in a timely manner. The band made its way to the Pacific Northwest via a Boeing 747-400 airplane aptly dubbed “Ed Force One,” named after the band’s beloved mascot Eddie the Head. “Ed Force One” landed safely on the runway […]

Don Francks Honored By Director Jon Cassar Among Others

Don Francks passed away earlier this month on April 3 at age 84, another victim of cancer, and Francks has since been remembered by the many entertainment professionals whose lives Don touched throughout a multifaceted career. Francks explored his talents as a jazz musician, a vocalist, and an actor for far longer than most people […]

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi To Record Again With Singer Tony Martin

Black Sabbath, the most legendary heavy metal band in music history (and one of the original two heavy metal bands along with Deep Purple, both releasing their first headbanging music in early 1970), are on their final tour, which has straightforwardly been named “The End.” But it’s not the end for Sabbath guitar player Tony […]

Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth Talks Music, Mortality, And Leaving A Mark

Dave Mustaine, the outspoken frontman of Megadeth, has always had a lot to say about his craft and the music industry and life in general. But he believes his worldview has been altered somewhat by the passage of time, the result of the aging process and life’s experiences. In a recent interview, Mustaine talked about […]

‘Star Wars’ Theme Gets Metal Makeover By Galactic Empire — The Band [Video]

The Star Wars theme song is instantly recognizable by all Star Wars fans, and now it has been remade into a heavy metal version by the newly-formed band, Galactic Empire. Galactic Empire is also the name of the evil dictatorship, led by Emperor Palpatine, that is the nemesis of the Skywalker clan and the Rebel […]

Metallica – ‘Death Magnetic’ Turns Seven

On September 12th, 2008, Metallica released their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. A lot rode on that release. Metallica’s previous album, St. Anger, had been fraught with difficulties, including the departure of Jason Newsted, the band’s bass player who had replaced Cliff Burton in 1986, so much infighting within the band that management decided to […]

Black Sabbath Heralds ‘The End’ With Final Tour, But Metalheads May Get New Ozzy Album

After fifty years scaring mothers and Christians everywhere, “The End” has finally come for Black Sabbath, who announced their last tour Thursday. “It promises to surpass all previous tours with their most mesmerizing production ever. When the tour concludes, it will truly be the end,” the band announced, according to the Guardian. The tour will […]

Lady Gaga Says ‘I’m The Next Iron Maiden’

As it turns out, Lady Gaga’s fans may be misinterpreting the direction she wishes to take her music, especially if they make the mistake of comparing Lady Gaga to the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Even Judas Priest’s Rob Halford has recognized Lady Gaga’s ambitions, calling the pop artist a “heavy metal music maniac.” In fact, […]

Okilly Dokilly! Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Set To Take Arizona, And The Internet, By Storm

When it comes to heavy metal bands, there are dozens of different sub-genres — black metal, death metal, nu metal, thrash metal, to name a few — but one Arizona band has started their own sub-genre that they’re calling “Nedal.” The band is called “Okilly Dokilly,” and they’re the world’s first Ned Flanders-themed heavy metal […]

R.I.P Christopher Lee: The Screen’s Most Prolific Star

This week, fans around the world said goodbye to the most prolific movie actor of any generation, Sir Christopher Lee, who died last Sunday at the age of 93. Christopher Lee became recognized in 2007 by Guinness Book of World Records for most screen credits, which at the time stood at 244 before Lee acted […]

Otep Shamaya Puts Attacker In His Place During Show

Metal rocker Otep Shamaya recently became the would-be victim of a violent assault during a performance in Belvedere, Illinois. However, Metal Sucks reports that the singer showed the attacker that she wasn’t going to be bullied. Now the incident has become the talk of most major music publications, and fans of metal music. She’s even […]

Metal Megaliths Motorhead Announce New Album ‘Bad Magic’

Heavy metal megaliths Motorhead have announced that they are celebrating their 40th anniversary in style by releasing a new album this summer. The album is to be titled Bad Magic and will hit record stores in August. Bad Magic will be the 22nd studio album release in the band’s 40-year career. A press release on […]

Music Box Films Will Bring ‘We Are Twisted F****ing Sister’ [Video]

Following a deal that has entered Music Box Films into a multi-year partnership with Amazon Prime Instant Video, a press release announces that the film distributor has acquired We Are Twisted F—ing Sister from director Andrew Horn. We Are Twisted F—ing Sister is a rock documentary that recounts the history of Twisted Sister, known to […]

Fan Impaled, Dies At Chevelle Concert, Group Pays Respect, Some Fans Demand Refund

After a fan was impaled at a Chevelle concert in Chicago on Friday, those who knew him described him as a beloved friend and family man. Kyle Kirchoff died in a grisly accident when he plunged from a catwalk at the Aragon Ballroom. Meanwhile, some fans in attendance caused a stir on social media after […]

Ozzy Osbourne Needs To Apologize, Says Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has issued a statement saying that he is not interested in rejoining the legendary heavy metal band until frontman Ozzy Osbourne issues a public apology. In a report from Rolling Stone, the 66-year-old musician said that he has been in a feud with the band since 2012 and will not […]

Three Little Girls Perform Metallica Cover And Nail It [Video]

Performing heavy metal music isn’t just for boys. At least, that’s what Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra, three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, ranging in age from nine to 14, have proven with a video of their performance of a Metallica cover song. Their band is called The Warning, and the three sisters are trying to raise […]

Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister Confirms Cause Of Bandmate A.J. Pero’s Death

In a tweet posted yesterday, March 23, Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider confirmed that bandmate A.J. Pero died due to a heart attack. On the same tweet, Snider further revealed that the Twisted Sister drummer had advanced heart disease. A Twitter user named Rob Tipton sent Snider a question inquiring as to the cause […]

Twisted Sister Drummer AJ Pero Dead At 55

The drummer for Twisted Sister has been found dead at age 55, a recent report from the BBC says. AJ Pero was taken to a hospital in New York where he was pronounced dead soon after his arrival. His death was announced some time after 11 a.m. The band have not yet commented on the […]

Heavy Metal Cover Of ‘Grease’ Song “You Better Shape Up” Goes Viral [Video]

A group put a heavy metal twist on “You Better Shape Up” from the hit play and movie Grease. The heavy metal tribute band Tragedy is responsible for the song and video, which was filmed at Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School. In the video, we hear lines from the movie, such as band […]

Watch This 15-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Shred ‘Through The Fire And The Flames’ In A Viral Video

A video of a 15-year-old girl expertly playing the guitar part of “Through the Fire and the Flames” has gone viral. The 15-year-old musician, identified only as Tina S, apparently lives in Paris, according to her Facebook page. Already the young musician has developed a rather large fan base for a random teenager: her Facebook […]

Pantera Guitarist Dimebag Darrell’s Grave Allegedly Vandalized By Indiana Metal Band

The metal community is rising up in outrage after an up-and-coming band allegedly claimed to have desecrated the grave of late Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, as an inflammatory photo was posted to Instagram. The account to which the photo was uploaded, “crustyplague,” has since been deleted, along with the image, according to Loudwire, yet […]

Iron Maiden Singer Battles Cancer

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his tongue, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The Iron Maiden frontman has been undergoing cancer treatments since mid-December, when a small tumor was discovered on the back of the singer’s tongue during a routine medical check […]

Black Sabbath Star Tony Iommi: Cancer Won’t Slow Me Down

Heavy metal rock legend Tony Iommi has opened up to the Mirror about his battle with cancer, and the Black Sabbath star insists that his illness will not stop him rocking. Tony had just started to work on a new album with Black Sabbath bandmates Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, when he found out he […]

Christopher Lee: 92-Year-Old Actor Releases Heavy Metal Christmas Song ‘Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing’

Sir Christopher Lee may be well known for his iconic acting roles, but he’s going to go down in history for so much more too. The 92-year-old actor has released yet another heavy metal Christmas track, and this year’s song is a great and festive one called “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing.” As Metal Injection stated, […]

Oderus Urungus’ Death Given Viking Funeral By GWAR In Honor Of Dave Brockie

Oderus Urungus’ death has resulted in something of a first, since Dave Brockie’s funeral was held twice. Once as a man, and second with a Viking funeral held by GWAR in order to honor the passing of their frontman. In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of Brockie’s dreams was to open a restaurant […]

Audrey, Age 10, Kicks Butt On This Slayer Song, But What About Kate, The Singer? Whoa!

Hey, heavy metal fans and headbangers everywhere! Meet your next guitar god — sorry, goddess. This is 10-year-old-Audrey, whose version of a not-easy-to-play-at-all metal classic by Slayer is taking the internet by storm. But as amazing as Audrey’s guitar skills clearly are, check out the vocals by Audrey’s younger sister Kate. Now that, dear friends, […]

Oderus Urungus: Gwar Frontman David Brockie Dies Aged 50

Oderus Urungus (real name David Brockie), the lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Gwar, has died at the age of 50. In a statement to Billboard, Violent J from Insane Clown Posse said Brockie’s death was a “terrible loss to the world.” Police officers were called to David Brockie’s home on Sunday evening; when […]

Dave Brockie Dead: Oderus Urungus Of GWAR Is Second Band Member To Die Young

Dave Brockie is dead at the age of 50. The GWAR mastermind and frontman, aka Oderus Urungus, was discovered by Richmond police after they received a phone call from Brockie’s roommate on Sunday night, March 24th. Sometime in the early evening, Dave Brockie died in his apartment. Police currently do not suspect any foul play […]

‘Rise Of The Triad’ Lands Pre-Order Trailer [Video]

Rise of the Triad just blasted away with a pre-order trailer! The fast-paced remake of the classic ’94 Apogee (then 3D Realms) first-person shooter is slated to hit PC at the end of July, and the developer has released a trailer with a sweet heavy metal background to get us pumped up. Rise of the […]

Marilyn Manson And Alice Cooper Team-Up For ‘Masters Of Madness’ Tour

Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper, two of shock rocks’ finest and most celebrated artists, have united for the first-time ever in their new “Masters of Madness” tour. The two rock stars met in the past during a music festival in 2007 and have obviously created a friendship since connecting six years ago. The tour began […]

Christopher Lee Releases Heavy Metal Christmas Tracks

Christopher Lee, yes that one, has released two heavy metal holiday covers just in time for Christmas. Loudwire broke the story that the 90-year-old actor has lent his voice to heavy metal covers of classic Christmas tunes “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night.” I guess when you’ve appeared in over 275 films over an […]

Swedish Man Is Granted Disability Benefits For Addiction To Heavy Metal

A Swedish man has allegedly been granted state disability benefit because of his addiction to heavy metal. The Global Post, is reporting that 42-year-old Roger Tullgren, has consulted his three psychologists to clarify his addiction to the genre. Because of his devotion to the music he has attended over 300 concerts in the last year, […]

And The Most Popular Alternative Religion In The UK? Jedi It Is

Census statistics published today revealed the fictional “Jedi” creed as the most popular alternative faith in Britain after traditional, legally recognized religions. The extraordinary findings were released as part of the UK’s 2011 National Census — a statistical snapshot of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (Scotland excluded itself), which breaks down the numbers for everything […]

A Proper Response To Conservative Protestors

The true way a believer should counter protest!