Hayley Atwell Posts Cryptic Photo Suggesting Peggy Carter Is Back In ‘Avengers 4’

Avengers 4 is currently filming in Atlanta, and some famous Marvel heroes have been spotted on set, despite intense secrecy. Shooting for the film has been kept top secret, as to not spoil any plot lines in Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out in May next year. One secret may have been exposed yesterday when […]

Could Hayley Atwell Come Back As ‘Agent Carter’ For Season 3 Now that ‘Conviction’ Has Stopped Production?

Hayley Atwell fans were not surprised when it ABC announced that Marvel’s Agent Carter would not be renewed for a third season last summer, since by then it was well understood that Atwell would be heading the network’s newest law-themed drama Conviction. Now it looks as though Hayley maybe looking for more work. On Tuesday, […]

Woman Crush Wednesday: Hayley Atwell — ‘Black Mirror’ Griever & Captain America’s Crush

When Marvel’s Agent Carter struggled to succeed in the ratings as a mid-season fill-in for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC was impressed with Hayley Atwell enough to give her the lead in a new crime drama, Conviction. And while Conviction won’t be renewed for a second season, the recent buzz around the new season of Black […]

Hayley Atwell Set To Return As Agent Carter, But There’s A Catch

While Hayley Atwell has moved on with Conviction, the actress has made no secret of the fact that she regrets losing her Agent Carter role, frequently commenting that she holds out hopes of reprising her Peggy Carter in any number of mediums from television to the big screen. It seems Atwell is getting her wish. […]

‘Conviction’ Star Hayley Atwell On Her New Role And Hanging Onto Peggy Carter

Perhaps no one was more upset by the cancellation of Marvel’s Agent Carter than Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell, but the actress has accepted the end of the series to the extent that she has moved on to a new project. Now starring in a new ABC drama, Conviction, Atwell opens up about her new […]

‘Agent Carter’ Still Has A Hold On Haylee Atwell

Hayley Atwell is already involved in a new project, again working for ABC in the new drama Conviction, but, even as Atwell infects her followers with her excitement for the new project, the actress admits she still is holding out hope for an Agent Carter revival. Shorter seasons are a big rage now, so there’s […]

‘Agent Carter’ Star Hayley Atwell Is Campaigning To Revive Series

Agent Carter retired from the ABC line up this past may, but the series’ star, Hayley Atwell, isn’t taking the cancellation of the Marvel series well at all. In fact, Atwell is letting everyone know, fans and critics alike, that she’s more than just hoping for an Agent Carter revival. She’s pushing for it. This […]

Hayley Atwell’s Hilarious Response To Captain America Kissing Sharon Carter At Peggy Carter’s Funeral

Probably the creepiest superhero scene ever took place in Captain America: Civil War. Of course, I’m referring to Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter sharing a passionate kiss at the funeral of her auntie, Peggy Carter. Yep, it was weird. Obviously, fans were a little perturbed by this brash brand of tonsil hockey since Steve Rogers […]

‘Agent Carter’ Season 3 Airs On Netflix? Hayley Atwell, Dominic Cooper Hoping For Renewal

Agent Carter Season 3 may end up happening after all. The cast and fans are doing everything they can, campaigning non-stop for streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon to pick the cancelled ABC series back up. Stars Hayley Atwell and Dominic Cooper continue to remain hopeful for a renewal. At the 2016 MegaCon in […]

‘Agent Carter’ Canceled: Rumors Point To ‘Agent Carter’ Ending After Season 2

Agent Carter getting canceled shouldn’t surprise fans that have been paying attention to ratings. Though Agent Carter hasn’t been officially canceled just yet, there are more strong rumors suggesting the show will come to a close following Season 2. A report from Variety.com states that Agent Carter “will likely be axed” in the coming days. […]

‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ Season 3 Renewed Or Canceled Over Ratings? Hayley Atwell Cast For ‘Conviction’

Will we see Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 3 renewed or canceled now that Peggy Carter has been given her Hollywood ending? Some reports seem to believe there is good reason to believe the TV show will be renewed for a third season and actress Hayley Atwell believes the finale leaves plenty of room for more […]

‘Agent Carter’ Finale Leaves Hayley Atwell ‘Out In Limbo’

Agent Carter just aired its season finale, but was it also a series finale? That’s a question Hayley Atwell is left pondering, as much as the fans of the series. That’s not to say there’s been talk of canceling Agent Carter. Nothing of the kind. In fact, there’s been no talk at all. A decision […]

‘Agent Carter’ Actress Bridget Regan Teases Dottie’s Return

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Agent Carter. Russian spy Dottie Underwood, played by Bridget Regan, will return in a two-episode event on Marvel’s Agent Carter, as Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) feels compelled to seek out her help on a delicate case. While this certainly is a welcome opportunity for Dottie to escape her […]

‘Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Might Leave Marvel For New Lead Role

Hayley Atwell, known for her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America and TV’s Agent Carter, might be giving up the field for the desk. A new ABC drama, Conviction, has offered her a leading role as Carter Morrison. But how important is Hayley Atwell’s new role? Atwell is most-known as Peggy Carter, companion of […]

Marvel’s TV Heroes: ‘Agent Carter’ And ‘Daredevil’ Season Two News

[WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead] The days are getting shorter and summer is almost over, and fall is right around the corner, bringing with it news of the second seasons for Marvel’s heroes, Agent Carter and Daredevil. Agent Carter In the penultimate episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter‘s first season, Chief of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Roger […]

Peter Capaldi Teases ‘Doctor Who’ Exit, While Hayley Atwell’s Time Lord Dreams Are Dashed

Hayley Atwell made one simple comment on Twitter about her desire to not just have a role on Doctor Who, but to be the Time Lord herself, and the Internet lost its collective mind. But one lifelong Doctor Who fan, author, and comedian has quickly dashed Atwell’s Twitter dreams, serious or not, by saying that […]

Hayley Atwell: I Want To Play ‘Doctor Who’

Hayley Atwell has announced that she’d love to play Doctor Who during a Q&A, which has immediately provoked fans to urge the show’s producers to consider her for the part. Atwell made this admission on Twitter as she was peppered with questions by her fans. The 33-year-old actress was originally asked whether she’d simply like […]

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Funeral — Who Died? — Plus Chris Evans, Frank Grillo On Set [Photos]

A Captain America: Civil War funeral was filmed on Monday and more photos of Chris Evans walking on set have surfaced. Marvel is moving full steam ahead with its production of the sequel, Captain America: Civil War and we now know someone dies, but who? Before moving ahead we must warn you that the following […]

‘Agent Carter’ Renewed: ABC Brings Back ‘Agent Carter’ For Season 2

Agent Carter will be back for season 2. ABC renewed Agent Carter on Thursday, May 7, bringing back the Marvel character for another year on the network. It’s unclear what Peggy Carter will be up to this time around, but the writers have a lot to build off in a successful first season. As a […]

‘Agent Carter’ Continues Repelling Viewers As Critics Continue Promoting It

Agent Carter continues repelling viewers, even as critics continue promoting the Marvel Entertainment TV series on ABC. Deadline Hollywood reported that audiences stayed away from the latest episode of Agent Carter, even as the series pulled out all the stops to attract them. “But despite an unspoken Black Widow, the roar of the Howling Commandos […]

As ‘Agent Carter’ Debuts, Hayley Atwell Says ‘Hollywood Should Want To Make Female-Centred Projects’

The creative team behind the new Marvel TV series Agent Carter is now basking in the glow of exceptionally good reviews, following the premiere of the highly anticipated show on ABC on Tuesday January 6. Instrumental in that success is lead actress Hayley Atwell, who has lovingly crafted the character since her first appearance in […]

‘Agent Carter’ Spy Series Leaks Intel Ahead Of Debut

[Minor spoilers ahead.] Agent Carter, the latest offering from Marvel Entertainment, has leaked intelligence on what fans can expect from the limited TV series focusing on the fictional World War II era spy. People Magazine scored an exclusive sneak peek at Agent Carter ahead of its debut on January 6, 2015. “In the clip, we […]

Hayley Atwell Taking Lead Role In Captain America Spin-Off ‘Agent Carter’

It seems the rumors are true! According to most accounts, Hayley Atwell will be playing Peggy Carter in the forthcoming Agent Carter, a spin-off from Captain America. Agent Carter is set just one year after the events which took place in Captain America: The First Avenger. It focuses on the life of Agent Carter, to […]

Agent Carter: Captain America Flame Getting Spinoff TV Show

Agents of SHIELD isn’t the only TV show the Marvel Cinematic Universe has in the queue. They’re also in the early stages of prepping Agent Carter, a potential series based on Captain America’s love interest in The First Avenger. According to The Hollywood Reporter, details are still pretty scarce and no deals have been made. […]

Stanley Tucci Says Hayley Atwell Will Have A Cameo In ‘Captain America’ Sequel

Although Stanley Tucci won’t appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the actor said Hayley Atwell is slated for a cameo in the upcoming sequel. This is certainly news to fans of the superhero flick. During a recent interview, Atwell said she wouldn’t appear in the follow-up. Unless Tucci is severely mistaken, it would seem […]

British Thriller ‘The Sweeney’ Gets A Trailer [Video]

British action thriller The Sweeney just debuted its first official trailer online. You can watch it below. The Sweeney is described as an “exhilarating action thriller” about the Sweeney Flying Squad who use criminal methods in order to dispense justice and enforce the law. Here’s the official synopsis of The Sweeney: “Tearing up the streets […]

Jimi Hendrix Lives: BBC Unveils Unheard Song ‘Somewhere’

Jimi Hendrix lives, musically at least. A previously unreleased song Somewhere was played by the BBC 6 Music on Monday morning and is part of a forthcoming album. The album, titled People, Hell, and Angels, contains 12 tracks and arrives on March 5. According to NME, the tracks were originally intended for First Days Of […]

Hayley Atwell Won’t Be Back For ‘Captain America 2’

Actress Hayley Atwell has confirmed that she won’t be back for Captain America 2. Fans of the series shouldn’t be overwhelmingly surprised that Atwell won’t reprise her role as Peggy Carter in the film. Since the stories take place several decades apart, her involvement outside of flashbacks would be understandably limited. According to Timeout, Haley […]

Hayley Atwell on Groping Chris Evans’ “Man Boob”

Actress Hayley Atwell was extremely hands-on for her role in Captain America: The First Avenger – which hit theaters July 22nd. In one scene, the 29-year-old actress gropes costar Chris Evans’ chest after he undergoes a radical science experiment that transforms him into a beefed up action hero. “That was an instinctive moment. I literally […]