Harry Reid Blasts Donald Trump: ‘There’s Something Wrong With That Man’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Friday, former Democratic Senator Harry Reid slammed President Donald Trump, Raw Story reported. Reid — who was the Senate majority leader when Democrats last had control over the upper chamber — was asked by anchor Brianna Keilar to weigh on Trump’s recent suggestion that Joe Biden is “against […]

Elizabeth Warren Touts Barack Obama And Harry Reid’s Praise In New Nevada Ad

Scheduled to take place on February 22, the 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses could be an opportunity for White House hopefuls who underperformed in Iowa and New Hampshire to gain some momentum in the presidential race. One such candidate is Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who failed to make an impact in both states. On Saturday, Warren […]

Harry Reid Says Democrats Should Not Underestimate Donald Trump: He Is A ‘Very, Very Smart Man’

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Saturday, retired Democratic politician Harry Reid said that President Donald Trump is a “very, very smart man,” warning Democrats against underestimating him in 2020. Reid, who served as a Senator from Nevada and as Senate Majority Leader, told CNN’s David Axelrod that he has changed his mind about […]

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Says He Wishes Al Franken Would Run For Office Again

Al Franken has an important former ally in his corner regarding a potential return to the U.S. Senate. The former Democratic senator from Minnesota resigned in 2016 amid allegations that he acted in an inappropriate manner with women, but has recently said he regrets the decision. Now, the former lead Democrat in the U.S. Senate […]

Donald Trump Is ‘Amoral,’ ‘The Worst President We’ve Ever Had,’ Says Harry Reid

Donald Trump is “amoral” and “the worst president we’ve ever had,” former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in an interview with New York Times Magazine. The Nevada Democrat, known throughout his career for his almost uncomfortable bluntness, has not shied away from criticizing the president. He called Trump a “human leech,” a “con man,” […]

Former Pentagon UFO Official Says The U.S. Has Evidence To Prove The Existence Of Aliens: ‘We Found A Lot’

A former Pentagon official claims that the United States funded a mysterious space program which unearthed a lot of evidence supporting claims that aliens do exist, according to CNN. Luiz Elizondo, who resigned from the Department of Defense last October owing to excessive secrecy surrounding the mysterious program, said the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program […]

The Pentagon Spent Over $130 Million Of Defense Budget Studying UFOs

In 2007, the Pentagon set up a secret program directed at studying UFO sightings and reports, with a hidden annual budget of $22 million per year, the New York Times has reported. This is the first time that the Defense Department has acknowledged such a program existed. While not actually a classified project, its existence […]

Top Democrats Are Rallying Behind Keith Ellison To Become The Next DNC Chair

Democratic leaders are coalescing behind a progressive to become the next chairman of the DNC. Minnesota’s Keith Ellison added another key endorsement from the Democratic Party to become the next DNC chair thanks to outgoing Senate minority leader Harry Reid. “My friend Keith Ellison is a terrific leader and a strong progressive who knows how […]

Harry Reid Attacks Donald Trump, Holding Nothing Back

Harry Reid is not taking the election of Donald Trump lying down. While many Democratic leaders, including Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and current the President, Barack Obama, have graciously accepted Trump’s win, the outgoing Senate Minority Leader is going after the President-elect with everything he has. Reid ruthlessly attacked Trump in a statement released Friday […]

Elizabeth Warren And Harry Reid Making Strategic VP Maneuvers

Elizabeth Warren has long been a favorite for Vice President in the Democratic race for the White House, but several of her colleagues in the Senate do not want to see that happen. That’s not because she wouldn’t be good at the job, but rather because of what she could leave behind, as described by […]

Is It Time For Bernie Sanders To Make A Graceful Exit? Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Gives His Two Cents

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid urged Bernie Sanders to give up the fight so the Democratic Party can rally behind Hillary Clinton to craft a unified campaign against the surging Donald Trump. In an Associated Press report, Harry Reid said that sometimes people need to recognize that they are behind and make a graceful exit, […]

No Joking Matter: Democrats Aren’t Laughing At Donald Trump Anymore

When Donald Trump announced his bid for the GOP nomination, Democrats everywhere didn’t even bother to hide their laughter. Shortly after the real estate mogul and former entertainer made his descent down an escalator at his own Trump Tower and announced his bid, the Democratic National Committee quickly issued a statement that poked fun both […]

Harry Reid Joins Ted Cruz In Political Maneuvering After Justice Scalia’s Death

Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator and Minority Leader from Nevada, has wasted no time in political maneuvering in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s untimely death Saturday. While not the first to have his voice heard — that distinction goes to GOP presidential primary candidate Ted Cruz — Reid does take an antithetical […]

Harry Reid Calls Justice Scalia ‘Racist’ After His Remarks On Affirmitive Action

The Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia “racist” after the justice made controversial comments about African Americans. Justice Scalia made the controversial comments during an oral argument on affirmative action. The case that the Supreme Court is hearing is Fisher v. Texas, a case that the Court has already heard […]

Harry Reid: Investigation By Troy Rawlings Links Democratic Leader To Utah Bank Fraud, Money Laundering

The Harry Reid investigation continues as Utah lawyer Troy Rawlings digs into the past of the Democratic leader. Former Utah attorney generals John Shurtleff and John Swallow were arrested in 2014 for engaging in so-called “pay-to-play” schemes, where they traded political favors with businessmen. These men included Jeremy Johnson, who accused Swallow of being involved […]

The Feds Are Going To Burning Man, Too — In A $1 Million Compound Complete With Air Conditioning And Ice Cream

Sex, drugs, and techno dubstep in the desert. The feds are coming to Burning Man too, but they’ll be relaxing in an air-conditioned compound with soft serve ice cream. The Bureau of Land Management is refusing to grant a permit for the Burning Man music and culture festival unless organizers pay more than $1 million […]

Mitt Romney To Fight Evander Holyfield

Mitt Romney may have bowed out of the 2016 presidential race back in January, but that does not mean he isn’t up for a fight. Romney, who ran for president in 2012, and Evander Holyfield, five-time heavyweight boxing champion, are set to face off at a charity fight night event in Salt Lake City, Utah, […]

Senate Democrats Rally Against Obama, Stop Trade Initiative In Its Tracks

Obama is facing resistance on the Hill for one of his highest economic priorities, but it’s not the Republicans this time; for the most part, it’s Democrats. The President’s own party in the Senate is poised to filibuster a bill that would return trade promotion authority back to the White House. Now Republicans and President […]

Harry Reid Wants NFL Commissioner To Act ‘Swiftly And Decisively’ On Redskins’ Name

In the wake of the suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to act on having the name of the Washington Redskins changed. According to a post on his official website, Reid took to the Senate floor to address his issue with […]

Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquaio: CBS Executives Saves Fight Just Eleven Days Away From May 2

In just eleven days, the world will find out if either “Money” or “Pac-Man” will be crowned the greatest boxer within this generation. Because of its marquee status, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio is turning out to be the biggest dream match ever, as proven by the fact its weigh-in will actually charge admission just […]

Obama Sick Of Senate Delays: ‘Enough, Call Loretta Lynch For A Vote’

President Obama showed some frustration with the Senate during a press conference, saying he’s had enough of the delays in Loretta Lynch’s confirmation process. He explained that sometimes the dysfunction on the Hill just goes too far, and this is one of those times. Obama first nominated Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney […]

Ted Nugent Wants To Shoot Harry Reid?

Ted Nugent fantasized about shooting Harry Reid, according to multiple liberal-leaning media outlets that covered the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Nashville. The rock icon called former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid a “lying p***k” and stated that he would “shoot him,” if the opportunity presented itself, according to Salon. Timothy Johnson of […]

Harry Reid’s Real Reason For Retiring?

Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader from Nevada, has announced he will not be seeking reelection to his U.S. Senate seat, the New York Times reported yesterday. Reid would have faced a tough challenge from Republicans if he sought re-election in 2016. Many believe the reason Harry Reid is retiring is due to an eye […]

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Is Retiring, Endorsing Charles Schumer

Not long after an exercise mishap left him blind in one eye, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he won’t be running for re-election in the Senate. According to Politico, Reid’s eye injury was the primary factor behind his retirement. The accident has caused the Democratic senator to re-evaluate his life and career, […]

Harry Reid Hit With Exercise Band, Suffers Broken Facial Bones

Harry Reid was sent to the hospital Thursday night after an exercise resistance band broke, hitting him in the head and breaking “a number of ribs and bones in his face.” Doctors say the Senate Democrat from Nevada will make a full recovery, just in time for the incoming Republican majority. He will be the […]

President Obama Rallies In Vegas! Going For Broke On Immigration Reform

President Obama is heading to Vegas! And while the general rule is, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” it probably won’t apply much to President Obama on Friday. He wants his message on immigration reform to be heard, betting it will be embraced by the millions of undocumented immigrants who will benefit from his […]

Republican Takover Is Obama’s Fault, Chief Of Staff For Harry Reid Claims

Harry Reid’s chief of staff is blaming President Barack Obama for Republicans takeover of the Senate and solidifying their majority in the House of Representitives. David Krone, the Nevada Senator’s chief staffer, told the Washington Post that the President and the White House were not “up to speed”‘ prior to the 2014 Midterms. Senator Harry […]

Harry Reid Picks The One Race That Could Cost Democrats The Senate

Harry Reid is showing serious concern over the Senate races that will be decided in Tuesday’s midterm elections. With a number of polling websites forecasting a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate — and a hold of control over the House of Representatives — the outlooks are pretty grim for Democrats. Having the GOP control […]

Harry Reid Bodyguard Roughs Up Reporter Jason Mattera [Video]

One of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bodyguards roughed up reporter and conservative gadfly Jason Mattera in an incident captured on video. No stranger to political street theater, Mattera, currently the publisher of the Daily Surge, approached Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, to ask the senator how he got so rich on a government […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Government Shutdown May Push Extended Benefits Off Until 2015

The 2014 unemployment extension bill is dead in the water, but U.S. Congressman Brad Schneider of Illinois believes that unemployment insurance for benefits needs to be extended immediately. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the shift in the American work force has led to growing legions of freelancers and independent contractors. Unfortunately, trouble is […]

Harry Reid Apologizes For Offensive Comments About Asians

Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate majority leader, has apologized for comments he made in speech to the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. Reid told the audience at a local hotel/casino that “The Asian population is so productive. I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Could John Boehner’s Job Provisions Work Like Maine’s Food Stamps?

The 2014 unemployment extension bill has Senators Dean Heller and Jack Reed scrambling to figure out how to pay for the legislation, but John Boehner’s job provisions requirement still hangs around like ironic elephant in the room. But could the food stamps program in Maine be a method by which they could kill two birds […]

Obama Amnesty Executive Order Allegedly Imminent

Illegal immigrants may soon be granted amnesty in the form of work permits by the stroke of President Barack Obama’s pen. A Democratic Senate aide said the president is planning to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain in the United States courtesy of an executive order, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. President Obama is expected to […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Will High U.S. National Debt Kill Social Security Benefits Programs In 2015?

The 2014 unemployment extension bill keeps getting kicked down the road by Congress, but it’s possible that a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) may indicate hard times ahead for Social Security programs in general, including unemployment benefits. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the CBO has Social Security Disability running out […]

Illegal Immigrants: Multiple Bills Introduced To Combat Massive Border Crossings

Illegal immigrant children from noncontiguous countries cannot be turned around at the border or immediately deported. Approximately 60,000 iillegal aliens have crossed the Texas border so far this year — about one-third of them children. Congress has begun drafting bills to address the issue which some consider a humanitarian crisis, others an invasion, and some […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Jack Reed And Dean Heller Seeking New Way To Fund Benefits

The 2014 unemployment extension bill in both the House and Senate is in trouble but Senators Jack Reed and Dean Heller say they are not giving up and they are currently working on a new way to fund their EUC bill. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Heller claims President Obama “needs to be […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Extension Doomed? Obama, Republicans Raid Funds To Pay For Highways

The 2014 unemployment extension that Democrats have been attempting to pass since April may have finally seen its doom sealed Tuesday when the Republican-led House of Representatives passed a highway bill that raids the same funds that were supposed to go toward paying for the unemployment extension. “This is now the second time they’ve taken […]

Fox News Host Accused Nancy Pelosi Of Sexism

Nancy Pelosi was deemed guilty of sexism by Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In addition to being a top ratings getter on the cable news network, Kelly is also a licensed attorney. The sexism label was levied against the California Democrat after Pelosi said Americans should be “very afraid” of the U.S Supreme Court. The […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: President Obama ‘Needs To Be More Engaged,’ Claims Dean Heller

The 2014 unemployment extension has been introduced in both the House and the Senate but some people are criticizing President Obama for not being engaged with Congress during the legislation process. In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a lady picked up food stamps and welfare while driving a Mercedes Benz, political pundits were […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: House Bill Matches EUC Senate Version, Removes Retroactive Benefits

The 2014 unemployment extension bill in the House of Representatives is a bipartisan effort by multiple Republicans and Democrats who wish to see unemployment benefits extended for the long term unemployed. But Democrat Dan Kildee of Michigan and New Jersey Republican Frank LoBiondo also matched one key component that is unpopular with the unemployed. In […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Republican Supporters Claim John Boehner Was Right To Deny More Benefits

The 2014 unemployment extension is still on the lips of many, but now that the unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest levels in six years, it’s claimed by Republican supporters that John Boehner and the House of Representatives were right to deny the extension of further unemployment benefits. In a related report by The […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Boehner Out Of The Picture? Dems Appeal To McCarthy Instead

The 2014 unemployment extension effort has turned into a matter of political gamesmanship as Democrats in the House of Representatives try to get around their biggest obstacle to bringing a benefits extension measure to a vote — Republican House Speaker John Boehner. Boehner’s refusal to bring a Senate unemployment extension bill passed in early April […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: New Bill Hits Senate — With One Big Difference

New hope for a 2014 unemployment extension appeared possible Tuesday, as the two senators who have pushed the hardest to bring back the unemployment benefits that were cut off for job seekers six months ago, introduced a new extension measure to the Senate on Tuesday. The bill differs significantly from an earlier unemployment extension measure […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: New Senate Bill To Be Introduced This Week By Dean Heller And Jack Reed

A new 2014 unemployment extension bill in the Senate will be introduced by Senators Dean Heller and Jack Reed this week. But some people may not be happy that the new unemployment benefits package will not include retroactive payments. In a related report by The Inquisitr, studies of the long-term unemployed show that they increasingly […]

Kevin McCarthy: Blame Harry Reid For Washington Gridlock, Not Obama

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), current whip, and newly elected House Majority Leader, is blaming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for the gridlock in Washington D.C. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked if he would be willing to work with President Obama as majority leader. “I believe you can work with anybody,” […]

Benghazi Suspect Arrest Another ‘Distraction’ In Long Series Of ‘Distractions,’ GOP Charges

The dramatic arrest of a suspect in the 2012 Benghazi attack announced Tuesday morning would seem to be cause for celebration for all Americans, as the tragic siege of a U.S. diplomatic outpost in the Libyan city claimed the lives of four Americans, including the United States ambassador. But as the day went on, it […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Should The 99 Weeks Group Receive Benefits And Retroactive Pay?

The fight over the 2014 unemployment extension bill has been mostly waged by politicians, but even among the unemployed there seems to be disagreement on at least one issue: Should the people who have already reached 99 weeks in unemployment benefits continue to be supported within a new unemployment extension bill? In a related report […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: More Than 3 Million Job Seekers Lose Benefits As Of This Week

With no 2014 unemployment extension able to pass both houses of congress — or even come to a vote in the Republican-led House of Representatives — the number of long-term unemployed job seekers to lose their benefits crossed the 3 million mark earlier this week, according to statistics from the House Ways and Means Committee. […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Democrats Lose Interest In Extending Benefits Due To The Mid-Term Elections

The 2014 unemployment extension is dead in the water with both Republicans and Democrats trying to blame each other for allowing the unemployment benefits bill passed by the Senate to expire in the House of Representatives. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the original unemployment extension bill would have extended benefits until June 1, […]

Unemployment Extension 2014: Senate Bill, Hope For Jobless, Dies As House Leaves Without Vote

Hope for an unemployment extension in 2014 appeared dead Friday, as the US House of Representatives left town for another recess without the unemployment benefits bill that passed the Senate on April 7 — and which would have extended benefits through the end of May — ever coming to a vote. While it is theoretically […]