‘Indiana Jones 5’ Will Not Be Directed By Steven Spielberg, James Mangold In Talks To Direct

There aren’t many franchises left that have only one director attached to them, but that was the case with Indiana Jones. Through its first four installments, the series had only ever been directed by Steven Spielberg. For the fifth installment, that’s all about to change. According to a report by Variety, Spielberg is set to […]

Harrison Ford Confirms That ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Is Happening, Will Begin Filming In A Few Months

Harrison Ford is getting ready to pick the whip back up. In an interview with CBS News, the actor confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 will begin shooting in roughly two months. Although the film still has no official title, the movie is reportedly slated to be released on July 9, 2021, per Birth.Movies.Death. There’s a […]

Harry Hamlin Reveals He Got Caught Talking Smack About Steven Spielberg During Crazy ‘Indiana Jones’ Audition

Harry Hamlin says he will never work with Steven Spielberg, but it’s for a surprising reason. The 68-year-old actor said he got caught talking negatively about the legendary filmmaker during an audition he didn’t even realize he was on. Hamlin, who is married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, has an impressive […]

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill React To The Death Of ‘Star Wars’ Original Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew

Star Wars fans across the universe are mourning the death of Peter Mayhew. The towering actor, who portrayed “the original Wookiee” Chewbacca in the famous film franchise, has passed away at age 74. Mayhew died with his family by his side at his home in North Texas, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Now, fans […]

‘Indiana Jones’ Mini-Land Reportedly In The Works For Disney’s Hollywood Studios

At the current time, Walt Disney World has a lot of different projects happening and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is seeing the majority of it. Toy Story Land opened earlier this year and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open in late fall of 2019. There are a handful of other things happening at the […]

Noomi Rapace Tapped For Role In Season 2 Of Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Series

According to Deadline, Amazon screened the premiere of their new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series at San Diego Comic-Con Friday and followed up with the breaking news that Noomi Rapace has been selected to be a series regular on Season 2, which has already been green-lit. The Swedish actress, best known for her break-out role […]

‘Indiana Jones 5’ Pushed Back To 2021

Variety confirms that the fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise has officially been pushed back a year to 2021. It was reported by Variety a couple weeks ago that the film could possibly be pushed back a few months to maybe a year due to differences over a finished script. Collider reported that Jonathan […]

Harrison Ford Serves Sexy Senior Teas As He Prepares To Film ‘Indiana Jones 5’ In Los Angeles

Inasmuch as Harrison Ford is an A-list actor, and has been for decades, he’s best known for two roles in particular: Han Solo in the Star Wars films, and Indiana Jones in the titular films of the same name. According to the Daily Mail, Harrison Ford stepped out of a plane that he piloted, when […]

‘Indiana Jones 5’ Release Pushed Back For Months, Maybe A Year

The release of Indiana Jones 5 may be delayed according to Variety for as much as a year. The movie, originally slated to hit theaters in 2019, then pushed to July 2020, will be delayed yet again, this time due to a change of writers. Crew members have already been given the news and schedules […]

Ryan Gosling Reroutes Attention On Daughter To Harrison Ford, Eva Mendes Hustles After Having Kids

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are notorious for keeping their kids out of the public eye. Considering that he is an Oscar-nominated actor about to release Blade Runner 2049 — one of the most highly anticipated films of 2017 — and she is an ex-Hollywood actress now delving into the commercial fashion world, it can […]

Chef Ben Ford Gives Tips On Summer Grilling, Offers New Hope To Those Living With MS

Charity work has always been important to Chef Ben Ford. However, working to help people living with multiple sclerosis is especially important to him, as his mother, Mary Marquardt, was first diagnosed with this condition when he was a teenager. He got involved with the Reimagine MySelf project to help people improve their lives with […]

Is The Force Still With The Han Solo Movie? Acting Coach Reportedly Hired To Help Alden Ehrenreich

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story breathing new life into the Star Wars saga, fans have come to believe that there is nothing the massive sci-fi franchise can do wrong. Naturally, fans have grown heavily excited for the upcoming Han Solo movie, which is poised to become another […]

Directors Chris Miller And Phil Lord Unexpectedly Leave ‘Han Solo’ Spinoff Movie After Filming Already Started

In a very strange turn of events which seemed to come out of nowhere, directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord have suddenly left the Han Solo spinoff movie after filming already started. With production having already started on the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, it comes as an incredible surprise that the directors […]

#StarWars40th: On The 40th Anniversary Of A Galaxy Far, Far Away, We Get Spoilers For ‘The Last Jedi’

It’s very hard to believe, but today marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, a film which told the impossible tale of a farm boy, a space cowboy, a princess, a Wookie, and two droids hurling off into space into a galaxy far, far away to fight the forces of evil in the form of […]

Han Solo Movie: First Official Set Photos Released, Did Disney Accidentally Give Away The Secret Location?

Even though Star Wars fans already know, in their heart of hearts, that Harrison Ford was — and is — the only person who could ever bring the swash-buckling space pirate Han Solo to life, the new Han Solo movie is trying to get us to accept a young Alden Ehrenreich as the young version […]

Ryan Gosling Was A Toddler When The First ‘Blade Runner’ Was Released, Now He’s The Key To The Sequel

When the original Blade Runner was released in 1982, it showed the main star Harrison Ford shooting replicants and making out with hot ladies on the set. Ryan Gosling, meanwhile, was just a toddler. More than 35 years later, the tables have turned. And Ryan Gosling is now the key to the sequel of Blade […]

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer Used Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling To Distract You – Here’s What You Missed

Blade Runner 2049 dropped a new trailer and, while the Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling led teaser presents a suspenseful crime thriller, there’s much more going on. Among the action and beautiful, yet dark, sci-fi imagery seen in the trailer, Blade Runner 2049 hints at a more insidious story, one which mirrors the present war […]

The Trailer For ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Has Arrived And It Shows A Dark Future In Fantastic Fashion

https://rumble.com/embed/vl2pn/ Some trailers have been released already for films coming out at the end of the year and into 2018, but it seems to have taken forever for the second Blade Runner 2049 trailer to arrive. Finally, it was dropped on Monday afternoon, and it brought forth a magnificently dark look at a future that […]

Harrison Ford Is Not Looking Forward To The Han Solo Movie

The Han Solo movie is one of the most anticipated films currently in production, as the millions and millions of Star Wars fans count down the months until they can see exactly how Alden Ehrenreich brings a younger version of the iconic smuggler to the big-screen. But there’s one individual that’s really not looking forward […]

‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Rumor: Benicio Del Toro’s Character A Familiar One, Bears Connection To Han Solo

Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi newcomer Benicio Del Toro will portray a character who is heavily connected to Han Solo (Harrison Ford), according to the latest reports about the film. Well-known Star Wars watcher and YouTuber Mike Zeroh has provided some exciting information about whom Del Toro plays in Star Wars: Episode […]

‘Star Wars’ May Be Preparing To Eliminate Iconic Characters

There’s really nothing quite like Star Wars in respect to the franchise’s scope and fanbase with expansions from the films into television, comic books, novels, video games, and so on. While much of this may not be considered canon by hardcore fans, this still leaves plenty of myth and material upon which to drive the […]

‘Star Wars’ Star Carrie Fisher Predicted Her Own Death, Says James Blunt

James Blunt, music artist and friend to the late Carrie Fisher, is coming forward to reveal that the Star Wars actress may have foreseen her own death and revealed that information to him in a quirky way. As Blunt recounts the time he spent with Fisher, sharing that he felt that she was like a […]

Was Harrison ‘Han Solo’ Ford At Fault In Recent Near Airplane Crash?

Earlier this week, Harrison Ford had a close call with a Boeing 737 at John Wayne airport in southern California, and the FAA is investigating the matter. On Monday, the Han Solo actor was coming in for a landing at the John Wayne airport, and air traffic controllers sent Ford the instructions for landing. He […]

Actor Harrison Ford Nearly Crashes His Plane Into Boeing 737 With 110 Passengers

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5bt8db Actor Harrison Ford was involved in a nearly catastrophic collision with an airliner in California on Monday. The Hollywood star was piloting his private plane, a single-engine Husky, when he mistakenly missed the runway at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, and landed instead on the taxiway, passing dangerously low over an […]

Carrie Fisher Asked Harrison Ford To Sing Over Her Oscar Death Reel Before She Died

When Carrie Fisher died at the end of December, she’d insisted beforehand that her obituary should read, “drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.” It turns out that the Star Wars legend had another post-death detail planned out, too, as she asked Harrison Ford to sing over her Oscar death-reel. During Carrie Fisher’s interview […]

This Picture Of Harrison Ford And Alden Ehrenreich Having Lunch Will Make ‘Star Wars’ And Han Solo Fans Ecstatic

It’s been a rather tumultuous month to be a Star Wars fan. The release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story left moviegoers enraptured, especially as it included the surprising appearances of some cult characters from the franchise, but this was devastatingly undercut with the sad, sad news of Carrie Fisher’s death on December 27. […]

Carrie Fisher’s Passing: ‘Star Wars’ Actors Speak Out About The Actress

Steven Spielberg once said about Carrie Fisher: “She didn’t need The Force. She was a force of nature.” Today, The Force has a little less energy in it with news of the actress’s passing. Earlier today, family spokesman Siman Hall released a statement from Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd to People magazine, that her mother […]

Carrie Fisher Dead At 60: The Amazing Career Of The ‘Star Wars’ Princess Leia

Star Wars fans all over the world are mourning the death of Carrie Fisher, the actress who played the iconic role of Princess Leia Organa. Dead at the age of 60 from a severe heart attack, Fisher spent over 40 years in Hollywood. Working as an actress and as a writer, Carrie Fisher built a […]

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Stars Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling Share A Hot Tub And A Bottle Of Scotch

Although there’s a 30-year gap between the original Blade Runner and the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner 2049, that time has only given time to develop a plot exciting and suspenseful enough to entice Harrison Ford fans. Not all of Ford’s fans are waiting for Blade Runner 2049, however. Some of them, like Ryan Gosling, are […]

‘Star Wars’ Actress Carrie Fisher Reported To Be In Stable Condition After Suffering Massive Heart Attack

Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, has told the Associated Press that his sister is now “out of emergency” after being stabilized at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Carrie’s brother said that he was unable to discuss the matter further, nor give any other details at this time. The Star Wars actress, […]

‘Blade Runner 2049’: Ryan Gosling Joins Harrison Ford In Sci-Fi Sequel [Video]

The trailer for the Blade Runner sequel has just been released, and it gives fans a first look at the Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling starrer. In the clip, Ford can be seen telling Ryan Gosling’s character about replicants being either a huge help to humanity or a danger that needs to be controlled. “If […]

Sneak Peek Behind ‘Blade Runner 2049’: Is Deckard Human Or Replicant?

2017 is almost upon us, and October 6, 2017, will see the new release of Blade Runner 2049. What can we expect from this long-anticipated film, and will we finally get to see whether Deckard is human or replicant? If you think back to the original Blade Runner, you might remember that the film begins […]

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Has Its Teaser Trailer Released Along With Official Synopsis

https://rumble.com/embed/ves2h/ Earlier today, the teaser trailer for the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel released online. Only hours after Trailer Track tweeted the movie’s official synopsis, the teaser hit the internet and offered a look at the Blade Runner world decades later after the first film. Ladies and gents, seems we could also be getting, yes, the […]

Ryan Gosling Reveals Getting Punched By Harrison Ford On The Set Of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Was ‘A Rite Of Passage’

It’s a rare thing to be manhandled by the guy whose face is synonymous with Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but that’s exactly what happened to Ryan Gosling on the set of Blade Runner 2049 when he was accidentally punched by none other than Harrison Ford. And the plucky young thespian rather enjoyed the experience […]

‘Star Wars’ Lead Mark Hamill Says He Was Too ‘Self-Involved’ To Catch Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford Affair

After the whole world has marveled at the revelation that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had been involved in a brief love affair during the filming of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Mark Hamill has stepped up to confess that even he didn’t know about the tryst. While Fisher and Ford were […]

Harrison Ford Isn’t In ‘Blade Runner 2’ That Much, Teases Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has revealed that he filmed most of Blade Runner 2049 without Harrison Ford, which suggests that the 74-year-old’s role as Rick Deckard in the sequel won’t be as substantial as was originally predicted. Ryan Gosling made this admission while talking to Fandango about his work in La La Land, the musical from Damien […]

‘Star Wars’ Star Carrie Fisher Says She Never Expected Anyone To Read Her Memoirs

When Carrie Fisher revealed that she had once been involved in a passionate love affair with her Star Wars co-star, Harrison Ford, the revelation lit the internet ablaze with gossip and intense fan interest. Now, as Fisher prepares to release much more about her Star Wars past and the romance she shared with Ford, she […]

Carrie Fisher Fesses Up To Harrison Ford Affair And ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Reacting

Carrie Fisher revealed a three-month affair with Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars in a recent interview with People. Fisher, who is promoting her upcoming book The Princess Diarist, made Star Wars fans swoon with the revelation of the 40-year-old secret of the affair with Ford as they relished in discovering the chemistry […]

Ryan Gosling’s Surprise Appearance, Shock Revelation That He Is Not Married, And How To Win A ‘Nice Lunch’ With Gosling

Ryan Gosling has made a surprise appearance at the end of La La Land’s London premiere, according to Time Out. The Crazy, Stupid Love actor sure knows how to make his fans scream with excitement. Last month, Ryan Gosling appeared at the end of La La Land’s British premiere at the London Film Festival in […]

Company Sued For $2 Million After Harrison Ford Left With Crushed Leg On ‘Star Wars’ Set

A firm was forced to pay $2 million Wednesday for violating health and safety breaches after Harrison Ford had his leg crushed by a hydraulic door on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Guardian is reporting. The Foodles production company, a U.K. firm, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching health and […]

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Leaks Suggest Han Solo Survived Fall

Star Wars: Episode VIII news is being kept secret, as is the case with every Star Wars project, but early rumors and leaks are beginning to piece together a sparse plot. While most have accepted the death of Han Solo as a fact, some Star Wars fans haven’t been so willing to let go of […]

Ryan Gosling To Join Jared Leto And Harrison Ford In ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel, Rekindles On-Screen Romance With Emma Stone In ‘La La Land’

Ryan Gosling has company for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The 35-year-old actor is not the only actor who has signed up for the sequel, as Suicide Squad star Jared Leto and Star Wars actor Harrison Ford are set to star in the upcoming sequel as well. Apart from Ryan […]

‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Set Accident Leaves One Dead

The upcoming Blade Runner sequel has suffered a serious setback in an accident which has claimed the life of one set worker. There are no details as to the cause of the accident as of yet, but a spokesperson for the Blade Runner film says an investigation is underway. Cast and crew mourn the loss […]

Is ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ The End For Luke Skywalker?

Star Wars: Episode VIII has wrapped production, as director Rian Johnson revealed earlier, but fans still have a long wait before the film hits theaters. A year away, much speculation will undoubtedly flourish on the internet with fans trying to flesh out the plot for the new Star Wars film, but at least one part […]

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Actor Harrison Ford Could Have Been Killed

All of the excitement surrounding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens may have caused fans to forget that one of the Star Wars franchise’s biggest names was injured on the set during filming, but Harrison Ford hasn’t forgotten. It’s likely that Walt Disney Studios will never forget the incident either, considering a dispute […]

Alden Ehrenreich Selected To Head Han Solo Trilogy In ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off

Star Wars and its offshoot films are one of the biggest franchises currently prospering in Hollywood, so it seems to make sense that Disney would be doing everything possible to capitalize on the Star Wars name. Taking one more step toward building that franchise up, Walt Disney Studios is working towards producing a Han Solo […]

Disney Could Be Planning An Overly Expansive ‘Indiana Jones’ Universe Like That Of ‘Star Wars’

Disney purchasing Lucasfilm years ago led to a lot of speculation and many fans wondering what would happen with their favorite franchise. Already, there has been much success with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and there is much more to come. Now, it is known that Indiana Jones 5 is happening, and that Harrison Ford […]

‘Star Trek Beyond’: Happy Campers, McCoy Meets Solo, And A Life Beyond Chekov?

When it comes to the Star Trek universe, almost anything could happen. With Star Trek Beyond, the newest reboot adventure to hit the big screen on July 22, Karl Urban, who plays Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the new series of Star Trek films to hit theaters, said that the actors involved in Star Trek […]

Concept Art For ‘Blade Runner 2’ Has Been Revealed And Shows A Very Grim Los Angeles

There isn’t a whole lot known about Blade Runner 2 as the long-awaited sequel is just going to be accepted no matter what it brings to theaters. Well, as time goes on, more and more information will be coming forth and now, there is something very bleak to look forward to. Some concept art has […]

Harrison Ford Will Return For 5th ‘Indiana Jones’ Film, But What About The 6th?

Harrison Ford will be back for one more Indiana Jones movie to be released in a couple of years. After that, it sounds like the franchise will continue on, but with another actor leading the show. Ford first portrayed the character in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark before returning for 1984’s Indiana Jones and […]