Margot Robbie Explains How Harley Quinn Will Be Different In James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’

Margot Robbie recently answered a fan question on Twitter in preparation for the DC FanDome event happening on Saturday, in which she revealed that fans will see a new side to her character Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. “I always have such a ball playing Harley Quinn. Every time I’ve done it […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Fans Call For Ayer Cut Of Film To Be Released

Suicide Squad fans are asking for the original cut of the film by David Ayer to be released, as reported by Cinema Blend. The “Release the Ayer Cut” movement has taken to Twitter today in the hopes that Warner Brothers and HBO Max will release Ayer’s original version to the public. The 2017 film was […]

‘Birds Of Prey’ Actor Bruno Oliver Shares How To Make Harley Quinn’s Beloved Breakfast Sandwich

Bruno Oliver plays the short-order cook Sal in the recent DC Comics film, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. He stars in one of the most talked-about scenes in the movie, where Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) gets her favorite egg sandwich to go. Variety recently spoke with the actor and […]

Hannah Stocking Is The Spitting Image Of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn In Video With Pierson Fodé As The Joker

Hannah Stocking transformed herself into Harley Quinn for her latest hilarious Instagram video. On Wednesday, Hannah shared a snippet of her Birds of Prey parody with her 17.5 million followers. The internet personality was the spitting image of Margot Robbie, the actress who plays Harley in the new movie. According to the caption of Hannah’s […]

Kaley Cuoco Stuns In A Black Hermes Dress At The Annie Awards

Kaley Cuoco attended the Annie Awards for the first time on Saturday night, and she looked gorgeous in a dark designer gown. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kaley’s animated DC Universe series Harley Quinn was nominated in the Best TV/Media — General Audience category. Kaley voices the cartoon’s titular character, a psychotic Batman foe who […]

Kaley Cuoco Flaunts Legs In Short Lacy Dress For ‘Harley Quinn’ Press On ‘Fav Morning Show’

Actress Kaley Cuoco appeared on The Today Show this morning to promote her new DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, and she thrilled her Instagram fans by showing a behind-the-scenes look at her appearance on the show. In the video, Cuoco opened her mouth in surprise as she pointed to the drawn picture of Harley Quinn. The […]

Kaley Cuoco Talks To Kelly Clarkson About Her ‘Effing Awesome’ New Role

Fans of Kaley Cuoco and Kelly Clarkson can look forward to watching two of television’s biggest female stars sit down together later today. The Big Bang Theory actress and The Voice coach will chat about some of Kaley’s upcoming projects this afternoon on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the official Instagram page for Kelly’s second […]

Margot Robbie Flaunts Sexy Harley Quinn Look As She Wraps Up Shooting ‘Birds Of Prey’

Margot Robbie has put on her Harley Quinn uniform for the last time. On Monday, the 28-year-old Oscar-nominated actress wrapped up filming for the hotly-anticipated all-female superhero movie, Birds of Prey. Brimming with excitement, the Australian beauty couldn’t wait to share the news with her fans, and took to her Instagram page to make the […]

Margot Robbie Rocks The Harley Quinn Look As She Films Epic Car Scene For ‘Birds Of Prey’

Birds of Prey is currently still filming and won’t hit theatres until February, but DC Comics fans are already hyped about the epic all-female spin-off of Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad. The internet practically lost it when Margot Robbie announced last September that she would reprise her role as the incredible Harley Quinn, the crazed criminal […]

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Wont Return For ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the breakout star of 2016’s Suicide Squad, but she’s not part of the James Gunn-directed sequel, Forbes reports. The world expected Suicide Squad to be a change of pace for Warner Bros’ DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) following the dark tone of the underwhelming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The […]

Margot Robbie Shows Off Toned Abs & Lithe Legs In Dazzling Appearance As Harley Quinn

Earlier this week, DC Comics fans got their first look at the return of their beloved Suicide Squad supervillain, Harley Quinn. The crazed criminal girlfriend of the notorious Joker is coming back on the big screen in 2020, in the epic all-female sequel Birds of Prey. On Monday, Margot Robbie – who first broke the […]

Margot Robbie Shares First Glimpse At Harley Quinn’s Return In ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

Margot Robbie is giving DC Comics fans everything they need to kick-start the week — a first look at her beloved character of Harley Quinn in a behind-the-scenes snap from the set of the Suicide Squad sequel, Birds of Prey. The actress — whose character was one of the high points for critics from the […]

Kaley Cuoco Is The New Harley Quinn In DC’s Animated Universe

Kaley Cuoco is the new Harley Quinn. E! Online reports that the Big Bang Theory star is set to executive produce and star in a new animated series centered around the iconic cartoon/comic-book character. The announcement about Cuoco’s new role was made at Comic-Con in New York. Harley Quinn will be available for streaming on […]

‘Birds Of Prey’ News: Jurnee Smollett-Bell Is Black Canary, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is Huntress

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment are working hard to assemble a star-studded cast for the upcoming film Birds of Prey, which will feature a group of superheroines and anti-heroines working together to fight a nasty crime lord in a Batman-less Gotham City. Actress Margot Robbie is headlining the project, which she told Moviefone is […]

Joker And Harley Quinn DCEU Movie Writers Discuss Outrageous Script

Over the last week, new pictures and details about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker origin movie have been released by the film’s director, Todd Phillips. In different posts on his Instagram page, Phillips unveiled what his version of the character looks like in his human form, as Arthur Fleck, and in clown makeup as the supervillain. But […]

Batman Gets A Much-Needed Update In ‘Batman Ninja’

With continued murmurings of disappointment over Ben Affleck’s take on Batman, with rumblings that Jake Gyllenhaal might be the one to take over the live action role of the Caped Crusader, one might wonder how to salvage Batman from his current look. Enter Batman Ninja, a new subtitled film due out in Japan sometime in […]

Jared Leto And Margot Robbie Set To Reprise Their Roles As Joker And Harley Quinn In Their Own Movie

Just one day after Warner Bros. announced that they were moving forward with a Joker origin story that would not be a part of the DC Extended Universe, it seems that plans are steadily coming together for a Joker and Harley Quinn film starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. Final negotiations are in the works […]

Liev Schreiber Shocks World By Bringing Son To Comic-Con Dressed As Harley Quinn

When it comes time for Comic-Con, people dress up in costumes for the big event. Liev Schreiber actually went to the event with his children. Yahoo! shared that Liev Schreiber had his two boys with him, but he is getting a lot of mixed feelings for what one of his sons dressed up as for […]

Joker And Harley Quinn Cosplay Swinging Couple Shot By Police At Australian Club

Australian Joker and Harley Quinn cosplay costuming club patrons had an unfortunate encounter with local police, who had opened fire on them. It was believed that the two were in the course of intercourse, publicly demonstrating their eroticism in front of the Inflation night club patrons when the raid occurred, according to The Age. It […]

Margot Robbie Shares Her Beauty Secrets — You Won’t Believe What She Puts On Her Lips

Margot Robbie has made a name for herself by choosing quality roles and maintaining a strong presence among Hollywood’s elite, but that doesn’t mean she’s not concerned with the practical concerns of maintaining her beauty. The actress, who will next be seen in Goodbye Christopher Robin, has shared some of her quirky beauty habits so […]

‘The Batman’ Is One Of Four Dark Knight Movies Planned For 2019

The Batman is said to be on course for a November 2019 release date, but if a new rumor circulating around the internet is true, it could be only one of four films planned for that year to mark the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader. Take this for what it is, but someone from […]

‘Batman And Harley Quinn’ Hook Up To Reign In Poison Ivy [Video]

Batman is jumping back into action in a new animated movie and, while he will have a partner in this new story, Robin won’t be the one teaming up with the Caped Crusader. Instead, as the Batman and Harley Quinn title reveals, the Dark Knight will be going a little darker and creating an alliance […]

DCTV: Harley Quinn, Kevin Smith’s Daughter, Victim Of Human Trafficking On ‘Supergirl’ [Recap]

Harley Quinn was on the most recent episode of Supergirl, but it wasn’t the croquet mallet-toting vixen from Gotham City who shares the DC Universe with Superman’s cousin. In an episode directed by Kevin Smith, his daughter Harley Quinn Smith — who was named after the popular villain from DC Comics — played Izzy, a […]

Harley Quinn Will Pull Double Duty, As She Appears On ‘Gotham’ And Returns To DC Comics

While the success of Suicide Squad is still being widely debated, there was one DC character in the film who made a very big impact among comic book loyalists and new fans. Margot Robbie brought Harley Quinn to character with just the right level of enthusiasm, sex appeal, and crazed villainy to delight both casual […]

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn To Return, Plus A Relationship With Megan Fox? Rumors Swirl Surrounding Suicide Squad Followup Movie, ‘Gotham City Sirens’

Cult classic character Harley Quinn will make her return to the big screen next year as part of Warner Bros.’ next big-budget film, Gotham City Sirens. The movie is set to be directed by Suicide Squad director David Ayer and executive produced by Margot Robbie, the actress who portrayed the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn, in […]

‘Gotham City Sirens’ — Megan Fox And Will Smith To Join Margot Robbie In ‘Suicide Squad’ Spin-Off?

While no date has been set for the release of Gotham City Sirens — a film on the fast track to join the DC Extended Universe with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn — rumors are already starting to spread about Megan Fox joining the cast as Poison Ivy and Will Smith making a cameo as […]

‘Gotham City Sirens’ Brings Margot Robbie Back As Harley Quinn

People are still talking about Suicide Squad, and one big reason for that is Margot Robbie and her portrayal of Harley Quinn, an experience that has inspired Robbie to pursue future DC Entertainment projects in which she may reprise her antihero character. Gotham City Sirens is one such project, and as rumors surface that Megan […]

Brad Pitt Moving On With Margot Robbie? How Angelina Jolie Tried To Block Him From Working With His ‘Crush’

Is Brad Pitt dating another blonde? A month following Angelina Jolie’s divorce filing, the Allied star has allegedly sparked a romance with Margot Robbie. An insider told OK! Magazine that Pitt is trying his hardest to work alongside Robbie on a new project. With Jolie no longer around to stop him, Pitt’s wish might come […]

Margot Robbie Joins Kylie Minogue To Campaign For Gay Marriage In Australia, Delights In ‘SNL’ Skits

Margot Robbie, the talented Australian actress, has earned her place among Hollywood’s top actresses by starring in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn, the DC Comics super-villain who saved the world by teaming with other villains. Now, the actress has become a real-life activist by joining forces with other celebrities and urging government authorities to legalize […]

Margot Robbie ‘Suicide Squad’ Workout Revealed, And Her Surprise Role In The New Harley Quinn Spinoff Movie

Margot Robbie can be credited for doing full justice to the character of Harley Quinn, the fictional DC Comics supervillain in Suicide Squad, her latest movie in which her character teams up with other villains to save the world. Margot Robbie???? — ️ (@BaddiiesFR) September 24, 2016 Margot Robbie’s role in Suicide Squad has […]

‘Suicide Squad’: Harley Quinn To Be Bisexual In Spin-Off?

Harley Quinn, the breakout character from DC’s summer hit Suicide Squad, is coming to a TV set and movie screen near you — and she might just be ditching the Joker along the way. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robie’s new first-look deal with Warner Bros. includes a Harley Quinn spin-off. And while […]

Despite Reports, Jared Leto’s Joker Will Not Feature In ‘Justice League’

One thing is certain, film goers love a good rumor. With the invention of the internet, web accessibility is at an all-time high, and cinema is more prominent in social culture than ever before, the R-word has become an almost uncontrollable beast. Deciphering fact from fiction is very difficult in this modern day and age, […]

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Spin-Off: What’s It About? Margot Robbie To Co-Produce

Harley Quinn is getting her own Suicide Squad spin-off film and Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in the recent Suicide Squad movie, will be co-producing. BREAKING: Margot Robbie has signed a deal to develop and produce #HarleyQuinn spin off films with Warner Bros. — DC Extended Universe (@DC_E_U) September 15, 2016 Margot Robbie […]

DC Might Be Planning A ‘Harley Quinn’ Solo Movie, But Is It Too Soon?

It’s fair to say that 2016 hasn’t been the best year for DC’s Cinematic Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released to polarizing reviews from both critics and fans alike — the debates are still tearing up forums on the internet — and Suicide Squad generated a similar response, the latter being criticized […]

Harley Quinn, Joker, Darkseid, And More — Top 10 Best Comic Book Villains In DC Comics

Harley Quinn and the Joker are some of the most popular villains in DC Comics, but there are so many more. There is no hero without a villain and every villain brings out the best, and often the worst, of the hero in a story. This list of the best comic book villains focuses mainly […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Cast On Batman’s Post-Credit Scene And Deleted Movie Content: Margot Robbie And Others Offer All The Need-To-Know Info, Plus What The Scene Could Mean For A Sequel And A First Look At Justice League

Suicide Squad has taken the box office by storm, but you’d be forgiven if the end credit scene still has you scratching your head. While parts of the scene were no great mystery, some of it was pretty open-ended. In that scene, We see Amanda Waller, who formed the gang of n’er do wells in […]

Will Smith Slams Trump’s Islamophobia At Dubai Press Conference, Trades Hilarious Insults With Margot Robbie

Will Smith has slammed Donald Trump and spoken out about the heightened level of Islamophobia in the West, according to CNN. The 47-year-old Men In Black actor may be playing a supervillain in Suicide Squad and an adversary of Batman in the comic books, but his recent anti-Trump rhetoric suggests that he is playing for […]

Margot Robbie’s Crazy Workout Plan To Prep For ‘Suicide Squad’

How to be like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn? Here’s her intense workout plan that helped prepare her for her role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad has been a huge success, regardless of the number of negative comments the film has received the past few days. But it is undeniable that much of […]

‘Gotham’ E.P. Says Prequel Series Will Spawn Their Own Harley Quinn

As Gotham heads into its third season, the showrunners are keeping their options open for future story arcs, which also means looking at new DC Comics villains to introduce into the show’s prequel tale. One such idea was recently revealed, just following the release of the Suicide Squad feature film and the ensuing love for […]

Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, And The Joker: How Faithful Was Movie To Comic Books In Detailing Harley And Joker’s Relationship? [Spoilers]

Asking for someone’s thoughts on Suicide Squad is like asking what color paint someone prefers; everyone gives you a different answer. Critics less than loved the movie, while fans of the movie and original comic books are raving. Whoever decided to get all these villains together to fight another, super-powerful villain was either a genius…or […]

Margot Robbie Loves Harley Quinn, Joker Spin-off Idea: Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Character Appear On ‘Gotham’?

Suicide Squad may have been severely panned, but Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn portrayal has received nothing but praise. Armed with this knowledge, the Australian actress is actively campaigning for a spin-off movie while Fox is angling to incorporate the unhinged anti-hero into Gotham’s storyline. Is it possible that we will see Harleen Quinzel in Gotham […]

‘Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, And Cast Attacks Film Differently

Critics thought Suicide Squad was bad, but what’s worse is that the cast doesn’t look too happy, either. After months of hype and excitement, Suicide Squad hits the theaters and instead of standing ovations and hoorahs, Suicide Squadreceived mass depression. [Warning: Please tread on with caution as we might spoil some details for you.] Joe […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Star Jared Leto Dishes On The Joker Possibly Going Head-To-Head With Ben Affleck’s Batman [Spoilers]

Fans are only days away from the highly-anticipated premiere of Suicide Squad. While many can’t wait to see some of their favorite DC villains in action, Jared Leto’s take on the Joker is getting plenty of attention ahead of the film’s release. Complex is reporting that Leto sat down and explained what it was like […]

DC Comics Gives The Suicide Squad And Harley Quinn A ‘Rebirth’

Suicide Squad hits theaters nationwide this weekend as the follow-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As part of the DC Extended Universe film franchise, Suicide Squad tells the story of how The Joker, Harley Quinn and an assortment of other villains team up to complete tasks for the federal government that guys like […]

Margot Robbie’s Death-Defying ‘Suicide Squad’ Stunt, What It Says About Story

According to Entertainment Weekly, Margot Robbie recently revealed an absolutely astonishing trick she learned in order to pull off an insane stunt in the soon-to-be-released Suicide Squad. To be more specific, Robbie learned to hold her breath underwater for five minutes. “It’s all about lowering your metabolic rate… you kinda, like, meditate underwater,” Robbie explained […]

Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Be DC’s ‘Deadpool’? Or Is It The Next ‘Batman V Superman’?

There’s a lot at stake for the DC movie universe when Suicide Squad debuts in theaters this week. And writer/director David Ayer knows it. He told Entertainment Weekly as much when asked about the pressure he now faces, brought on by the dismal performance at both the box office and from critics of DC’s supposed […]

Harley Quinn And Enchantress Get Their Own ‘Suicide Squad’ Promos [Watch]

Fans of the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad only have to wait for a little over a week before the premiere. Ever since the film’s first trailer was released, the DC Comics team hasn’t stopped teasing fans with sneak peaks at all of the characters involved in the worst superhero lineup to date. And the newest video […]

‘Bad Monkeys’ Novel And Upcoming Margot Robbie Film Demonstrates The ‘Glamor Of Evil’

Bad Monkeys has just been confirmed by Universal Pictures, according to Deadline. More interestingly, the Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie will star in the film, which is an adaptation of Matt Ruff’s 2007 novel of the same name. .@MargotRobbie is set to star in & produce thriller Bad Monkeys, via @THR […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Sets Harley Quinn Up To Kill It [Video]

Suicide Squad is an ensemble cast with no single character any more important to the story than any other. We should all try to remember that as Margot Robbie brings Harley Quinn to life in mesmerizing detail with her skimpy “Daddy’s Lil Monster” jersey and her witty one liners that might sound far too cheesy […]

Iconic Harley Quinn Jester Suit To Appear On ‘Suicide Squad?’

Suicide Squad is inching closer, and Harley Quinn is crazier than ever—will we see her don the iconic Harley Quinn jester suit from 1992? Those who have been reading DC Comics and are familiar with Batman: The Animated Series would be quite familiar with antagonist Harley Quinn, known to be quite a headache to Batman […]