Gun Sales Have Skyrocketed To ‘Unprecedented Levels’ Over The Past Few Months

Gun sales in the United States have reportedly skyrocketed to “unprecedented levels” since the novel coronavirus mandated lockdowns instituted this past spring. A majority of sales have been by first-time purchasers, suggesting that citizens are fearful of the current climate in the country. According to CNN Business, around 40 percent of sales were from customers […]

Texas Police Chief Blasts ‘Smug’ Republicans For Failing To Enact Gun Control Legislation

In the wake of the death of Houston, Texas police Sgt. Christopher Brewster, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other members of the GOP in the Senate for failing to address gun violence, Newsweek reports. “I don’t want to see their little smug faces about how much they […]

New Orleans Shooting Leaves 11 People Injured With 2 In Critical Condition

A suspected gunman opened fire in New Orleans’ popular French Quarter district this morning, leaving 11 people injured, two of whom are in critical condition. According to People, the New Orleans Police Department received reports of a live shooting at 3:21 a.m. The authorities issued a statement detailing the timeline of events, reporting that officers […]

NRA Slams Trump Administration’s Gun Control Proposal

A Trump administration memo titled “Idea for New Unlicensed-Commercial-Sale Background Checks” has been leaked to the press. As Axios pointed out, the document calls for light gun control measures, including extending background checks to “all advertised commercial sales, including sales at gun shows.” If enacted, the new measure would close the so-called gun show loophole, […]

Democratic Senator Blasts Beto O’Rourke Over AR-15 Confiscation Promise

During Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate hosted in Houston, Texas, former lawmaker Beto O’Rourke grabbed a number of headlines after pledging to confiscate AR-15 and AK-47 rifles from gun owners in the United States, should he become president. As reported by The Inquisitr, O’Rourke, who has been a passionate and outspoken gun control advocate, told […]

Tomi Lahren Says Americans Need To Be ‘Armed And Ready’ For Immigrants

During a recent interview with Fox Business, Media Matters for America reports that conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren again stirred controversy with her comments on the necessity of the Second Amendment and her approach to dealing with increased immigration. Lahren highlighted that the government can’t protect every American all the time and suggests that the public […]

Beto O’Rourke Death Threat Reported To The FBI

Democratic candidate for president, Beto O’Rourke, announced in the latest debate that if elected to the highest office, he would require people to turn in their assault weapons. This sparked threats against the politician’s life, which he reported to the FBI. The Daily Mail is reporting that the person threatening O’Rourke is actually a Texas […]

Meghan McCain Is Almost Giving ‘Permission To Be Violent,’ Says Beto O’Rourke

Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke is holding back no punches when it comes to his new push for gun control. Accordingly, the Texan — who recently had two mass shootings in his home state — had fighting words for The View co-host Meghan McCain. According to The Daily Beast, O’Rourke slammed the blond pundit for her […]

NRA Is Labeled A Terrorist Organization By San Francisco’s Legislative Body

Newsweek reports that San Francisco’s board of directors passed a resolution Tuesday that labels the National Rifle Association (NRA) a terrorist organization. The declaration, written by District 2 Supervisor Catherine Stefani, accuses the NRA of using its wealth influence to “promote gun ownership” and “incite gun owners to acts of violence.” “All countries have violent […]

Ted Cruz Agrees To Debate Alyssa Milano On Gun Control

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ted Cruz recently dropped a biblical tweetstorm on Alyssa Milano after she asked where the Bible says owning a gun is a God-given right in her response to Rep. Matt Shaefer’s tweet. Per Fox News, Cruz cited the Bible to argue the right to self-defense and highlight the”unalienable rights” of […]

Alabama Teen Reportedly Confesses To Shooting All 5 Members Of His Family Dead

While lawmakers are still engaged in a heated debate on America’s gun-control issue, another tragic incident has been reported in Alabama. A 14-year-old teenager has allegedly confessed to shooting all five members of his family to death. As reported by CNN, the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office took to its official Twitter account on Tuesday, September […]

Ted Cruz Drops Biblical Tweetstorm On Alyssa Milano Over Gun Control, Second Amendment

Per The Inquisitr, Texas Representative Matt Schaefer’s comments about turning to God to stop gun violence following the West Texas mass shooting drew lots of criticism. Fox News reports that one such critic was liberal activist Alyssa Milano, who is no stranger to controversial comments. “Can someone cite which passage of the Bible God states […]

Kiss Frontman Paul Stanley On West Texas Mass Shooting: ‘Prayers Are Not Enough’

On the heels of another deadly mass shooting over the weekend that left at least seven dead and scores more injured, renewed calls for government action on gun control have extended beyond the halls of Washington, D.C. Paul Stanley, rocker and co-vocalist for the legendary band Kiss, issued a call for action in a Sunday […]

Texas Republican Matt Schaefer Says The Solution To Gun Violence Is Praying To God

A white male identified as Seth Ator went on a shooting spree Saturday in Odessa, Texas which left seven victims and the shooter dead. Per CNN, 22 people were injured by the rampage, in which the shooter opened fire down roads and the highway from his vehicle. Per USA Today, many are calling for tightened […]

Donald Trump Says West Texas Shooting ‘Hasn’t Changed Anything’ In Regards To Gun Control Talks

After an unidentified gunman went on a shooting spree Saturday in West Texas, killing seven and leaving more than 20 wounded, calls for tighter gun control were once again heard across the country. The shooting came on the final day of August, the same month that Patrick Crusius and Connor Betts carried out mass shootings […]

Donald Trump Backtracks On Payroll Tax Cuts, Gun Control Legislation

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump reportedly backtracked on two promises he had recently made. As HuffPost reported, while speaking to reporters outside the White House, the president said that he is not looking to cut more taxes. “I am not looking at a tax cut now. We don’t need it because we have a strong […]

Almost 90 Percent Of Americans Support Expansion Of Background Checks For Gun Control, Says WSJ/NBC Poll

A Wall Sreet Journal/NBC poll of 834 registered voters conducted between August 10 and 14 suggests that 89 percent of Americans are in favor of Congress expanding background checks to cover all firearm sales and transfers. In addition, Axios reported that 79 percent are in favor of “red flag” laws that aim to give law […]

Republican Gun Control Memo Urges Focus On ‘Violence From The Left’

In the wake of the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings, the pressure is on Republicans to pass gun control laws. The Hill reports that the House Republican Conference recently circulated a memo ⁠— dated August 6 and written by Richard Hudson ⁠— to rank-and-file members that focused on the party’s strategy of […]

Bernie Sanders Roasted On Twitter As #MyBernieStory Trend Gets Hijacked

On Monday, supporters and critics of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is running in the Democratic presidential primary, took to Twitter and caused #MyBernieStory to trend nationwide. Some took aim at Sanders’ behavior following his loss in the 2016 primary against would-be nominee Hillary Clinton. Sanders was notably reluctant to say whether he would support […]

Republican Pundit S.E. Cupp Reveals She Is No Longer An NRA Member, Calls For Gun Control

During the opening monologue of Unfiltered, broadcast on Saturday, Republican pundit and CNN host, S.E. Cupp, made an emotional plea for gun control, Raw Story reports. “Welcome to Unfiltered where tonight we address the United States of hate. It’s been one week since 31 people were killed in mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton,” […]

Kacey Musgraves’ Gun Control Comments Cause Fox News Hosts To Say She’s Been ‘Dixie Chick-ified’

Country music star Kacey Musgraves has drawn the ire of Fox News for her recent comments on gun control, Yahoo News reports, with the network saying she’s been “Dixie Chick-ified.” The reference is to a decade-old controversy surrounding the then-popular music act and their comments about then-President George W. Bush. A couple of days ago, […]

Kamala Harris Demands Congressional Action On Gun Control After Back-To-Back Mass Shootings

During a Sunday segment of CNN’s State of the Union, 2020 Democratic hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris issued a strong call for action in the wake of two deadly mass shootings that rocked America over the weekend. Within a 24-hour period, 30 Americans lost their lives at the hands of murderers in the cities of El […]

Madonna’s Graphic ‘God Control’ Music Video Makes A Statement In Support Of Gun Control

In recent years, gun violence has increased exponentially, with more and more fatal shootings happening each month. There continues to be mixed opinions regarding how to solve this issue the nation continues to face, with some saying mental health needs to be made a higher priority while others feel that gun control is the only […]

Swiss Voters Back Tighter Gun Control

Voters in Switzerland have backed tighter gun laws that conform with European Union regulations, BBC News reports. Although the country is not a member of the European Union, voting down the restrictions would have meant removal from the open-border area. With nearly 48 percent of Swiss households owning at least one gun, Switzerland has the […]

Sybrina Fulton, Mother Of Trayvon Martin, Is Running For Office

Sybrina Fulton, who has become an activist for ending gun violence and advancing social justice following the killing of her teenaged son, Trayvon Martin, is running for office in Florida, The Miami Herald reports. Fulton is pursuing a seat on the Miami-Dade County Commission. Among other candidates, Fulton will be running against Miami Gardens Mayor […]

Kamala Harris Says That She Would Invoke Executive Power For Stricter Gun Control Within 100 Days If Elected

With the Democratic field being such a crowded one, it has been difficult to separate the policy priorities of the many contestants. While some of the candidates are still struggling to announce bold policy decisions, others like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are eager to stake their claim with clear-cut positions on matters. This week, […]

‘I’ll Never Stop Exposing Your Deadly Agenda’: Activist Hits Back At NRA Following Social Media Firestorm

Supporters have flocked to the defense of Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, after the National Rifle Association, intentionally or not, incited their followers to attack her on social media, Yahoo! reports. Following a post shared by the NRA, Watts has been flooded with death threats and then […]

‘Get Over Here! Boom!’: Trump Re-Enacts Terror Attack With Finger Guns In NRA Remarks

President Donald Trump repeated his assertion that the 2015 terrorist attacks at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris could have been prevented by armed concertgoers, The Hill reports. Trump made the remarks during his speech to gun rights advocates attending the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, which took place on Friday in Indianapolis. “Paris, France, they […]

Following NRA Infighting, New York Attorney General Launches Investigation Into The Group’s Financial Ties

Following weeks of infighting within the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Daily Beast reported on Saturday that New York Attorney General Letitia James has launched an investigation into the organization’s financial improprieties. The NRA’s leadership has found itself beleaguered with its CEO, Wayne LaPierre, and its former president, Oliver North, blaming each other for trying […]

More Children Killed By Guns In 2017 Than On-Duty Police Officers And Active Duty Military, Study Shows

The rate of children dying from gun violence in America is growing at an alarming rate, with experts worried it could be enough to label it as an epidemic, per a report from Newsweek. According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, more children were shot dead in 2017 than on-duty police […]

Judge Blocks California’s Ban On Gun Magazines Over 10 Rounds

A federal judge blocked California’s ban on gun magazines over 10 rounds on Friday, according to new reports from NBC News and The Hill. U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez delivered the ruling Friday, citing concerns over Second Amendment rights to block the proposed law. While buying and selling magazines over 10 rounds has been illegal […]

New Mexico To Confiscate Guns From Domestic Abusers In Landmark Bill

The state of New Mexico is taking measures to ensure that people who are domestic abusers will not be able to purchase guns, and will have to give up any existing guns they own in order to protect their accusers. On Thursday of last week, the House of Representatives passed the measure in a 38-31 […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams ‘Splinter Group’ Of Democrats Who Supported Amendment To Gun Control Bill

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the “splinter group” of Democrats who supported a last-minute amendment to the historic gun control bill that passed the House last week, reports the Huffington Post. The bill passed the House 240-190 and becomes the most important piece of gun control legislation over the last two decades. As reported, the bill would […]

Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo Sign ‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Bill

The gun control debate has been a controversial one in the past few years, with many calling for stricter laws in the wake of multiple mass shootings that have claimed the lives of thousands, including many innocent children. While the continued shootings have outraged millions, others have been outraged by the possibility that the government […]

‘Target Practice’ Headline Next To Photo Of Nancy Pelosi In N.R.A. Magazine Draws Criticism

According to the New York Times, the new issue of the National Rifle Association’s magazine The American Sportsman has drawn scrutiny for featuring a photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and former Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona with a bold headline alongside them that reads “Target Practice.” Giffords was shot in the […]

Parkland Mothers Seen Embracing In Iconic Photo Are Now Divided On Gun Control

Two mothers who were photographed embracing outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High during a mass school shooting now have different opinions when it comes to gun control laws, NBC News is reporting. On February 14, 2018, a gunman killed seventeen students and staff at the school. Now, the mothers pictured in the iconic photo have provided […]

Trump Administration Officially Moves Forward With Bump Stocks Ban

The Trump administration has officially moved to ban so-called “bump stocks,” that is, devices that can be assembled onto a semi-automatic weapon in order to increase its rate of fire, WTTG-TV (Washington, D.C.) is reporting. On Tuesday morning, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker signed the new legislation, which will go into effect 90 days after […]

Parkland School Commission Calls For New Safety Measures To Protect Students From Gun Violence

It’s been nine months since the tragic Valentines Day Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. The shooting led to 17 deaths at the Parkland County High School in Florida. In the months following, there has been much speculation as to who could have done more to prevent the senseless tragedy. […]

Doctors Publish Editorial Calling For Gun Research In Response To The NRA

Doctors are hitting back at the National Rifle Association after the organization tweeted that doctors should “stay in their lane,” CNN is reporting. The tweet was in response to several research papers published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine that documented statistics regarding firearm injuries and deaths as well as discussed possible ways to […]

A Call To Strengthen Gun Laws Was One Of The Winners In Last Week’s Elections

Several factors led to Democratic gains in last week’s elections, especially in the House of Representatives. Some gun-violence prevention organizations are also claiming that their efforts helped pave the way to many of those wins. Giffords PAC, for instance, a political action committee formed by former Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords (who herself was a […]

Tamera Mowry-Housely Noticeably Absent From ‘The Real’ Following Niece’s Death In Thousand Oaks Shooting

Monday’s episode of The Real featured a noticeably smaller group of co-hosts, as Tamera Mowry-Housley skipped the show to grieve with her husband, Adam Housley, and their family following the tragic death of their niece. Alaina Housley was a victim of the shooting at the Borderline Bar and Gril in Thousand Oaks last week, USA […]

15 Democrats With An F-Rating From The NRA Defeated Republicans With A-Ratings On Tuesday

With all of the mass shootings this year, many U.S. citizens are passionate about changing gun laws, reports the Wall Street Journal. After the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6, it appears that the country adapting new regulations related to gun control might actually become a possibility. A total of 15 Democratic candidates who were […]

Dianne Feinstein Implores Politicians To Vote For Gun Control Bills In Wake Of Thousand Oaks Shooting

In the aftermath of a shooting in Thousand Oaks that left 12 people dead — including the gunman — on Wednesday night, California Senator Dianne Feinstein sought to bring a handful of gun control bills to a vote on Thursday, according to a report from Business Insider. In the statement that she released on Thursday […]

Sarah Palin Says People Need God, Not Gun Control After Pittsburgh Shooting

Sarah Palin refused to concede that firearms are a contributing factor to the nation’s growing tide of mass shootings on Monday, October 29, choosing instead to lean on the common narrative that poses it not the trigger that kills, but the person who pulls it. Therefore the masses need to look to a higher being […]

Obama Urges Americans To ‘Fight The Rise Of Anti-Semitism,’ Calls For Gun Control

Hours after a gunman — later identified by the media as 46-year-old Robert Bowers — opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue, former President Barack Obama addressed the nation via Twitter, The Hill reports. Obama expressed his condolences for the victims of the shooting, and urged Americans to “fight the rise of anti-Semitism.” “We grieve for […]

Ivanka Trump Slammed Following Tweets About Jacksonville ‘Madden’ Shooting

Courtesy of the current president, anyone with the last name “Trump” carries a heavy target on their back. Even when members of the Trump family are extra careful about their word choice, social media users still sometimes find a way to poke holes in what was said. Ivanka Trump – like many other celebrities – […]

Protesters Descent On NRA Headquarters, Even As Gun-Rights Organization Claims It’s Going Broke

Protesters descended upon the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday, calling for stricter gun control laws, CBS News is reporting. The protest comes amidst NRA court filings that suggest the gun-rights advocacy group is going bankrupt. March for Our Lives, which sponsored the rally, scheduled to occur on what would have […]

A Landmark Legal Shift Opens Pandora’s Box For DIY Guns

Cody Wilson, a 25-year-old libertarian, invented and uploaded blueprints to a .380-caliber pistol five years ago. When the government attempted to stop Wilson, he sued and ultimately won. Later this month, Wilson and his non-profit, Defense Distributed, will relaunch, reports Wired. This could potentially give access to the DIY gun to millions of people. While […]

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: The Federal Government Can’t Do Much To Ensure School Safety

While discussing the escalation of school shootings in the U.S. during a speaking engagement at the Community Arts Center in Danville, Kentucky, on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he didn’t think there was much the federal government can do to fix the issue beyond “appropriating funds.” According to CNN, McConnell’s proposed solution for […]

Parkland Shooting Survivors Slam Betsy DeVos For Doing Nothing About Gun Violence And Exploiting The Tragedy

On Sunday morning, two Parkland survivors-turned-activists announced their “Road to Change” bus tour. The initiative aims to push youth voter registration as a means to pass gun control legislation. MSNBC’s AM Joy host Joy Reid interviewed Ryan Deitsch and Jaclyn Corin about their two-month campaign and learned that they were none-too-impressed with U.S. Secretary of […]