The Number Of Republicans Willing To Break From Donald Trump Grows

President Donald Trump is up for the fight of his political career in November, and it appears that he will have fewer Republicans behind him than he has in recent years. According to a report in Forbes, multiple high profile Republicans have taken a stand against the controversial president, putting him in a potentially vulnerable […]

Washington National Guard Leaders Asking For Investigation Into The Use Of Helicopters To Disperse Protesters

The District of Columbia National Guard has asked for an investigation into the use of military helicopters to force protesters in the George Floyd demonstration to disperse, according to comments received by The Hill. D.C. National Guard spokeswoman Air Force Lt. Col. Brooke Davis told the publication that one of her superiors has called for […]

Minnesota Officials Walk Back Their Estimations On Out-Of-State Protesters

Minnesota officials have retracted their statements about the number of protesters arrested in the George Floyd demonstrations who were from out of state, according to The Hill. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter changed his estimations on Saturday evening during a joint press conference with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and state Gov. Tim Walz, just hours […]

Minnesota National Guard Activated To Contain George Floyd Protests

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has activated his state’s National Guard in the wake of the George Floyd protests, according to a statement published by the office of Governor Tim Walz & Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan. Protests in the streets have morphed into what some have reported as a seeming war zone, with stores burning and […]

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Condemns China’s Controversial Hong Kong Measures

The ruling Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China is pushing controversial national security measures that will ban acts of treason, secession, and sedition in Hong Kong. It’s a move that many are decrying as a legal means to limit the freedoms of the region’s citizens and stamp out pro-democracy activism. In response to […]

Canada Police Were Reportedly Prepared To Shoot Indigenous Activists Using Snipers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada‘s national police force, was prepared to shoot Indigenous Wet’suwet’en activists that were defending land in northern British Columbia, The Guardian reports. According to documents viewed by the publication, RCMP commanders argued that “lethal overwatch” was required, referring to the deployment of snipers. The commanders also reportedly told officers […]

Donald Trump Signs Defense Bill, Officially Making Space Force The Sixth Branch Of The U.S. Military

Just days after the House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, he seemed unshaken as he signed a massive defense bill that included the official formation of America’s newest branch of the military: the U.S. Space Force. According to The Hill, Trump signed off on the bi-partisan National Defense Authorization […]

Back Pay Fairness Act Would Reimburse Federal Workers With Interest

Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama) has introduced legislation that would ensure federal workers affected by government shutdowns receive appropriate interest payments in addition to back pay, NBC reports. The Back Pay Fairness Act comes in time for the end of the longest partial shutdown in U.S. government history, which resolved at least temporarily on Friday after […]

Secret Service Creates ‘Challenge Coin’ For Work Without Pay

In many organizations, “challenge coins” recognize significant achievements or immortalize harrowing experiences. The custom-made souvenirs might be made to recognize anything from serving in a military unit to serving under a particular president. For the Secret Service, a challenge coin is now a way to remember the month (and counting) when they had to work […]

Smithsonian Losing $1 Million A Week

The partial government shutdown is currently costing the Smithsonian substantial revenue, wrote Smithsonian Institution secretary David J. Skorton in a Tuesday op-ed for USA Today. Skorton points out that unlike federal institutions that are suffering mostly from lack of direct funds during the shutdown, organizations like the Smithsonian, which rely in part on secondary revenue […]

Trump Vows To Carry On With State Of The Union Against Pelosi’s Wishes

President Trump intends to deliver the State of the Union address as planned on Tuesday, questioning the security concerns expressed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the New York Times reports. Pelosi had previously requested that the president choose a different date as the partial government shutdown continues. Trump made the announcement through a […]

Government Workers Reluctantly Turn To Pawn Shops Amid Shutdown

About 800,000 federal workers have now missed their first full paycheck due to what is now the longest partial shutdown in United States history. As these workers continue to feel the financial pinch, increasing numbers are turning to pawn shops to help make ends meet, the New York Times reports. In a typical “pawn” transaction, […]

Donald Trump Attacks ‘Fake News’ Media After CNN & Democrat Bomb Scares For Creating ‘Anger’ In Society

President Donald Trump made comments on Twitter attacking the media and “fake news” after CNN and several of his political opponents received pipe bombs in the mail on Wednesday, reports Business Insider. In addition to the pipe bomb sent to news organization CNN and addressed to CNN contributor and former CIA Director John Brennan, other […]

Trump Administration Seeking To Reorganize Government Agencies Without Congressional Approval

A July report from Government Executive analyzing 32 government reorganization proposals unveiled in June was made public by the Federation of American Scientists this week. In an analysis completed by the Congressional Research Service, it was estimated that the Trump administration could act unilaterally on 10-12 of the potential changes, according to Government Executive. The […]

Most U.S. Citizens Would Not Be Able To Pass A Citizenship Test, Survey Finds

According to NBC, a new survey has found that most U.S. citizens are unable to answer the multiple-choice questions on the U.S. citizenship test. The poll — administered by Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation in conjunction with research firm Lincoln Park Strategies — used a test modeled after one given to immigrants when applying for […]

Robert Mueller’s Investigation Just Paid For Itself After Paul Manafort Surrenders $46 Million

Effectively consolidating and resolving the two criminal cases against him in Washington and in Virginia federal courts, former Trump Campaign Chief Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to two conspiracy charges brought up by Robert Mueller, CNBC reported Friday. Manafort’s guilty plea relates to money earned from consulting work on behalf of pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine, but […]

Nikki Haley’s Apartment Curtains Cost The State Department More Than $52K

President Trump’s ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, reportedly had curtains installed in her New York residence that cost the administration over $50,000, reports The Hill. The installment of the $29,000 curtains and $22,801 motorized opener for the curtains came at a time when the State Department was implementing budget cuts and a hiring freeze. […]

EPA Fails To Justify Scott Pruitt’s 24/7 Security: Watchdog

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s watchdog has said that former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s 24-hour security detail was not justified and was more than twice as expensive as that of his predecessor. The Inspector General’s report, released on Tuesday, said that EPA failed to properly assess Pruitt’s security threats before it spent $3.5 million for […]

Former CIA Director John Brennan Says Trump Is ‘Drunk On Power’

Former CIA director John Brennan, whose security clearance was recently revoked by the President Trump, is now accusing the Commander-in-Chief of being “drunk on power,” according to CBS News. Appearing on MSNBC‘s The Rachel Maddow Show on Friday, Brennan commented on the President’s shocking decision, saying, “The fact that he’s using a security clearance of […]

Russian Spy Caught Working At U.S. Embassy

According to CNN, a Russian spy was caught working at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for over a decade before being fired last year. The Russian spy reportedly worked for the U.S. Secret Service before the state department’s regional security office grew suspicious of her in 2016. The security office was alerted to the spy’s […]

Former FEMA Personnel Chief Under Investigation For Sexual Misconduct

According to The Washington Post, the former head of human resources at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Corey Coleman, is now under investigation over accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment. Coleman, who resigned only weeks ago, allegedly traded sex for jobs at the agency and engaged in inappropriate relationships with his employees. According to […]

Bernie Sander’s ‘Medicare For All’ Would Cost $32.6 Trillion, Study Projects

Bernie Sander’s proposed single-payer national healthcare program is projected to cost the federal government $32.6 trillion over the next 10 years, requiring historic tax increases. The plan builds on existing Medicare legislation, covering all U.S. residents and eliminating copays and deductibles for medical expenses. A study at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University conducted […]

Mike Pompeo Accuses Ayatollah Of Profiting From Billion Dollar Hedge Fund

According to CNN, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iranian leaders of creating mass violence across the Middle East in order to profit economically. At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Sunday, Pompeo said, “The ideologues who forcibly came to power in 1979 and remain in power today are driven by a desire to […]

Barack Obama Rebukes Trump, Warns Of ‘Strongman Politics’ In Powerful Mandela Speech

Former President Barack Obama offered an array of heavy-hitting rebukes against his successor, President Donald Trump, this morning at a speech given in honor of the 100th anniversary of South African revolutionary political leader Nelson Mandela. The Guardian reported that the speech, which may very well have been Obama’s most significant public speaking role since […]

22 States Are Likely To Ban Abortion If Roe V. Wade Overturned, Says Center For Reproductive Rights

With the recent controversy surrounding the 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationally, it appears that the new administration’s decisions regarding the medical process could potentially leave 22 states without legal means of performing such procedures on women. With the announcement of new Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a conservative traditionally religious […]

Liu Xia Finally Released From China’s Grips After 8 Years Of House Arrest, Thanks To Germany

Liu Xia, who was placed under house arrest in 2010 in China, has been finally allowed to leave China after eight years of captivity. New photos show the woman beaming and happy, a stark contrast to the old photos where she appeared dejected and hopeless. Liu was never formally charged with any crime, and her […]

Woman Disappears After Throwing Ink At An Image Of President Xi Jinping In Live Stream

A woman named Dong Yaoqiong has gone missing. Media outlet Voice of America was told by the Shanghai Security Bureau that they knew nothing of the woman, while a Twitter user named “Communication Centre of Appealing” said that “Miss Dong was taken to Beijing by the officers from Domestic Security Department (DSD) and has been […]

Wallabies Starving And Trapped, Hurl Themselves At Fence As 80 Die In Two Weeks

A disturbing video has emerged which shows wallabies throwing themselves at metal fencing. Nikki Sutterby, the president of the Australian Society for Kangaroos, described how there are “hundreds of wallabies” that are trapped inside the Centenary Trinity Beach Bulldogs AFL Club park, while “many of those kangaroos died trying to escape, smashing themselves up against […]

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Bill Protecting Transgender Rights

Newly elected New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) signed three bills into law on Tuesday, all of which aim to expand and protect the rights of transgender residents in the state, reports the Huffington Post. The first and second bills allow transgender residents to change the sex or gender marker on their birth and death […]

‘Naked Hermit’ Forced Back Into Civilization After Leading A Solitary Life On A Japanese Island Since 1989

Although most island castaways are forced to survive on their own until they find rescue, Masafumi Nagasaki was the opposite. He chose to walk away from civilization in the late 1980s and made the Sotobanari island his home. For over three decades, he lived alone on a rarely-visited island. Because of the currents, fishermen don’t […]

Domino’s Pizza Begins New Initiative To Fix Americas Potholes

Domino’s Pizza has taken on an initiative quite different from its normal task of delivering people a variety of pizzas and other foodstuffs by offering to repair potholes across the nation. The new ‘”Paving for Pizza” initiative was announced on Monday, created and sponsored by the American pizza chain. The plan for all of this […]

Australian Government Recommends Massive Land Clearing, Concedes Area Likely Home To Endangered Species

It has recently been announced that federal officials plan to back a mass clearing of vegetation, primarily eucalyptus trees, at Kingvale Station on Cape York Peninsula. The proposed plans call for a destruction of nearly 2000 hectares of Queensland forest. The federal backing undermines the Turnbull government rescue package. The Sydney Morning Herald reported the […]

104 Abducted Girls Freed From Captivity, While Over 100 Girls Are Still Missing

In a surprising turn of events, Boko Haram returned 104 girls to their home in Dapchi, after abducting them on February 19. Initial reports from the freed girls suggest that five girls died during the abduction. Also, one girl, Leah Sherubu, is still being held captive. Apparently, Leah refused to convert to Islam because she […]

If The Utah Legislature Has Few Flavors, Its Menu Changed Greatly With Ballot Initiatives In Its 2018 Session

Vanilla and some chocolate — and this year, strawberry? Six ballot initiatives with the promise of changing 1.5 million voters into a legislature beyond which meets in Salt Lake City and could have brought to pass new mandates that polls say Utahns love went nowhere on Utah’s Capitol Hill, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Those […]

Turkey Up In Arms Over Dutch Government’s Decision To Recognise Armenian Genocide

The government of Turkey is furious with the Netherlands after a vote was put through by parliament to officially recognise the murder of 1.5 million Christians in Armenia from 1915-1917 at the hands of the Ottoman government, also known as the Armenian Genocide or Armenian Holocaust. Turkey has famously referred to the mass slaughter as […]

Trump’s Twitter Attack On ‘Chuck And Nancy’ Prompts Scorned Top Dems To Pull Out Of White House Meeting

Donald Trump was being Donald Trump this morning when he tweeted his thoughts on a meeting he was scheduled to have with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer; two people who are very much at odds with many of Trump’s ideas. Referring to the two Democrats as “Chuck and Nancy” in that tweet, Trump also shared […]

Bethenny Frankel Calling Out Major Companies For Skipping Out On Financial Help For Puerto Rico

Bethenny Frankel may be filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New York these days, but she’s focusing on fixing one of the country’s biggest issues as well. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, many people felt that the government let down their fellow Americans on the island. For weeks, people have survived […]

Maci Bookout And Husband Taylor McKinney Share Important Message Over The Weekend

Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney live private lives. Even though they film Teen Mom OG a few times a year, they only share some things with the fans and they only talk about certain issues on the show. This past season, Bookout felt it was important to figure out what was going on […]

What Is At The Root Of The Puerto Rican Problems? Five Things You Need To Know

After Hurricanes Irma and Maria slammed Puerto Rico, the island and its people have been in dire need of rescue, including water, food, and other supplies. And, many people have been casting blame on the U.S. government for its response to the crisis. But, a closer look at the what was going on in Puerto […]

Suffocating Venezuela: Maduro’s Fragile State

Cans of tear gas bounce off of riot shields, from which they came. Soldiers are reinforced by armored vehicles and fire trucks, but the rabble continues on in unmitigated protest. Armed with rocks and Molotov cocktails because – even though they outnumber the soldiers of the Bolivarian Revolution – an edge does not guarantee victory […]

Happy Birthday Barack Obama: Ex-President Turns 56 As Fans Send Well Wishes To First African American POTUS

He’s gone — from the White House, that is — but not forgotten. Today, Aug. 4, 2017, is Barack Obama’s birthday. The 44th President of the United States turns 56, and fans around the world are sending President Obama well wishes chock-full of terms of endearment. In keeping with the past, fans are celebrating Obama’s […]

Queen Elizabeth Rudely Challenged By Prime Minister Theresa May: Cancels 2018 Queen’s Speech Tradition

Everyone wished Queen Elizabeth a happy birthday twice in 2017, but it is clear that there is no way she could have had any type of fun with the large number of tragedies happening around her kingdom. Adding to this, she is also getting a lot of shade from a very unpopular prime minister named […]

President’s Travel Ban May Hinge On Supreme Court Swing Votes

President Donald Trump’ travel ban is now in the Supreme Court, and whether it is reinstated could fall on swing votes from two conservative justices. While Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is largely conservative, he has been known to vote along with the four liberal on the nine-justice panel. Some say he proved he is […]

Illinois Senate Passes Trampoline Bill Instead Of State Budget

As Illinois hasn’t had a budget in two years, the state senate, on May 30, took the time to pass a bill mandating safe trampolines. Introduce by Rep. Robyn Gabel, D-Evanston, the trampoline bill amends the Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Act. It gives the Department of Labor a way to charge registration fees to […]

Support Of Trump Impeachment Surpasses Approval Rating

Support for a Donald Trump impeachment has now surpassed the embattled president’s approval rating. As of Thursday, June 1, Trump’s approval rating was 40 percent. That’s three points lower than the Politico poll released Wednesday showing that 43 percent of voters support impeaching the president. Experts say the uptick in impeachment support is directly linked […]

US Department of Defense to Accelerate Its Windows 10 Upgrade

The US Department of Defense is making its upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system a priority for the rest of the year. Coming in the wake of last week’s global ransomware attacks, the organisation aims to “maximise its capability” by utilising new technologies. Historically, government organisations have upgraded to new operating systems years after […]

Trump Takes Golf Course Trip No. 14 In 10 Weeks: Golfs At Trump Club [Photos]

Photos of President Donald Trump’s motorcade arriving at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia, on Sunday, April 2, show a black Suburban driving past the gold lettering of the Trump National Golf Club. The Getty Images photo by Saul Loeb shows an older man walking a dog on a leash as they pause […]

HMS Queen Elizabeth Almost Finished, But Has Odd Problems

The U.K. has been excited about a new Royal Navy ship called the HMS Queen Elizabeth II — but is there a reason it is still docked and no one wants to work there? This ship is worth £3 billion ($3.75 billion) and will put Her Majesty’s military on the map because the HMS Queen […]

Kentucky’s Poor Troll Governor Bevin: Raise $165 Of His Unpaid Taxes

Kentucky has one of the highest poverty rates in America, but their governor has suggested in the past that the poor on Medicaid are not doing enough to pay their part, but the governor does not even pay his own taxes. According to WDRB, Matt Bevin stated in 2016 — as he was slashing the […]

Trump Latest News: Cuts White Racists For Muslims As Police ‘Infiltrated’

In Trump’s latest news, the media are exposing Trump’s side-kick, Steve Bannon, as fueling what many are calling a racist, white supremacist, or “Alt Right agenda” through his recent executive orders like the Muslim ban. On top of this, experts point out that, as the FBI continues to investigate white extremist infiltration in law enforcement, […]