Glenn Beck Says French Government Will ‘Keep It Quiet’ If Notre Dame Fire Was A Terror Attack

Glenn Beck said on Tuesday that he believes if the Notre Dame fire was caused by terrorists, France will cover up the information to prevent further unrest in the country. On BlazeTV, per a YouTube post, the controversial host likened the fire to France’s 9/11 or losing the White House in the U.S. to terrorism, […]

Glenn Beck Walks Out On Live CNN Interview When Asked About His Failing Website, ‘TheBlaze’

Glenn Beck walked off a live interview with CNN‘s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter Sunday after Stelter asked him about a recent story on the Daily Beast that indicates that TheBlaze is in trouble. TheBlaze is a conservative news and entertainment network founded by Beck back in 2011. The two men had been speaking about […]

Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze Close To Collapse, Buyout Deal Falls Through

Digital media company TheBlaze, founded by conservative commentator Glenn Beck, may be on the brink of collapse. Earlier this week, the company laid off all but roughly 50 employees after a potential buyout fell through. Speaking to The Daily Beast, an inside source said conservative media corporation The Daily Wire, owned by right-wing pundit Ben […]

‘South Park’-Like Series Looking For Tips On Possible LDS Church Tax Fraud

When new policies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were leaked two-and-a-half years ago, the public learned that children of gay parents could only be baptized when they turned 18, and Mormons in same-sex relationships would be considered heretics. That led Fred Karger “to go after something that’s sacred to (the church), […]

Tomi Lahren Berated On Twitter For Obamacare Hypocrisy—Here’s What People Are Saying

When Tomi Lahren, a right-wing commentator and Obamacare opponent, admitted she benefits from a key provision of the Affordable Care Act in a recent debate with comedian Chelsea Handler, Twitter users sent out a barrage of tweets ridiculing her for taking up such a hypocritical stance. Lahren has a long history of railing against the […]

Tomi Lahren Breaks Her Silence On Everything From Glenn Beck To Lady Gaga

After being ousted from TheBlaze by Glenn Beck, Tomi Lahren was left high and dry to ponder what future may lie ahead, even before her wrongful termination lawsuit was settled. Now, as the dust settles, Ms. Lahren is proving she won’t be defeated and she won’t be silenced. In recent weeks, Tomi has returned to […]

Tomi Lahren Settles Lawsuit With Glenn Beck And ‘TheBlaze’

Tomi Lahren has reached a settlement with the Glenn Beck and his media company TheBlaze over their bitter legal squabble in a very busy day for media industry news. In early April, Lahren filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Beck and TheBlaze after she was yanked off the air, even though she was collecting her […]

Glenn Beck Files Countersuit Against Tomi Lahren As Feud With ‘TheBlaze’ Heats Up

Glenn Beck and his media company TheBlaze filed a 35-page countersuit against Tomi Lahren today in Dallas County court. The legal filing accusing Lahren of breach of contact came in response to a wrongful termination complaint filed by Lahren earlier this month. “The countersuit states that Lahren was never fired from the network. Instead, the […]

Tomi Lahren Interview Puzzles Her Employers At ‘The Blaze,’ Who Say She’s Not Being Truthful

According to the powers that be at The Blaze, disgraced conservative maven Tomi Lahren wasn’t telling the whole truth in her recent Nightline interview on the ABC network. Tomi made waves in the right-wing world recently when she publicly admitted to being pro-choice, apparently a big no-no for the young, blonde, feminine mouthpiece of Glenn […]

Tomi Lahren Suing Glenn Beck And The Blaze Over Wrongful Termination

A little while back The Blaze permanently banned their young conservative and controversial host Tomi Lahren over expressing her feelings of being pro-choice, and now she’s firing back at them with a lawsuit. Tomi Lahren is known for her controversial show, but mostly for the last segment of it called “final thoughts.” The idea of […]

Tomi Lahren Files Lawsuit Against Glenn Beck And ‘The Blaze’

Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck and the Dallas-based TheBlaze media network for wrongful termination. A non-compete clause and access to her Facebook page may go to the heart of the legal dispute. Lahren, 24, famously and abruptly lost her TheBlaze TV gig when she revealed her pro-choice leanings on The View, which created a […]

Tomi Lahren Bargaining With Beck And ‘TheBlaze’ Over Her Facebook Page

When Tomi Lahren officially cleans out her desk at TheBlaze, she wants to take her millions of Facebook followers with her. It turns out, however, that the Glenn Beck-owned media company controls her social media page, the future status of which has become an issue as the parties negotiate a severance agreement. Lahren famously and […]

Tomi Lahren Has Been Permanently Banned From The Blaze After Pro-Choice Remarks

Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren recently spoke to The View where she claimed she was pro-choice, and The Blaze suspended her for the comments this past week. The View is a show hosted by all women who are normally on the liberal side. However, they also have conservative guests and memorably used Elizabeth Hasselbeck […]

Glenn Beck, Samantha Bee Go ‘Full Frontal’ Against Donald Trump [Video]

Glenn Beck and Samantha Bee are strange bedfellows, indeed. In the latest episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Glenn Beck and Bee came together to discuss a point the liberal and conservative commentators largely agree on, which was President-elect Donald Trump. Along the way, the two donned (very) ugly Christmas sweaters and found points […]

Obama Has Weird Sports Videos As Part Of His Legacy As President

President Obama’s goodbye video has American mourning the loss of another great leader, and part of the reason America loved him and the First Family so much is due to their sense of humor. Thankfully, for Obama fans, there are lots of weird sports moments that happened during his presidency that were caught on video. […]

‘Jill Stein Voters Are Brave, They Will Change Their Party,’ Raves Conservative Pundit

Jill Stein voters have become the black sheep of the Democratic Party this election season, deemed troublemakers by mainstreamers concerned about a Donald Trump presidency and what effect a viable left-leaning third party candidate may have on Clinton’s chances. There is too much at stake. Jill Stein needs to bow out. Her voters should take […]

Glenn Beck: WikiLeaks DNC Email Hack Is ‘Illegal’, Not ‘Moral’ Or ‘Ethical’

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck recently took on the question of the morality and ethics of the WikiLeaks DNC email hack – and found some troubling answers. Speaking on his podcast, Beck noted that whistleblowers need to be protected. He pointed out that he knows of “three or five whistle-blowers” who tried to do the same […]

Glenn Beck Endorsing Hillary Clinton: Conservative Moves Closer, Condemning Wikileaks

Glenn Beck, the conservative talk show host and former Republican icon, has moved closer to an endorsement of Hillary Clinton over the WikiLeaks releases. According to Beck on his Blaze radio program one night before the third presidential debate, he cannot endorse what Wikileaks is doing to Hillary Clinton, stating that people “have a right […]

Glenn Beck: Clinton Is ‘Moral, Ethical Choice’ For President Of United States [Updated]

On Saturday, before the second presidential debate, a Facebook post by Blaze founder Glenn Beck described Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the “moral, ethical choice” for president of the United States in the wake of the release of at least two lewd audio recordings featuring Republican nominee Donald Trump. The Glenn Beck Clinton endorsement […]

Ibtihaj Muhammad Slammed By Fellow Muslim For ‘Anti-U.S.’ Remarks

Ibtihaj Muhammad, the Muslim fencer who has taken center stage during the Rio Olympics for being the first woman to wear a hijab while competing for the U.S., recently sounded off on some of the Islamophobia that exists in her home country. While speaking to media outlets about her experiences in the U.S., she said […]

What’s Up With Glenn Beck? Conservative Relates To Black Lives Matter, Attacks Trump And Defends Media

Conservative media icon Glenn Beck has been acting out of character recently leading some people to wonder what caused the religious talk show host to have a change of heart. Beck spoke at the annual RedStateGathering Friday where he defended the media and said he had changed his mind on the Black Lives Matter movement, […]

Glenn Beck’s Confused Reaction To This Election Year Offers Insight Into The View Of The Political Insurgent

In a recent interview with Meet The Press, conservative talk show owner for The Blaze Network, Glenn Beck, talked about his frustration with this election cycle, over both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It’s been a while since Glenn Beck has made any big waves, ever since he left Fox News, which is likely fine […]

Anti-Trump Comments Get Glenn Beck Suspended From His Radio Show

Christian media icon Glenn Beck was suspended from his syndicated SiriusXM radio show this week following controversial anti-Trump comments made by author Brad Thor, a guest on the show. SiriusXM said Thor’s anti-Trump comments during an interview with Beck last week could be construed as advocating support for an assassination of Donald if he’s elected […]

SiriusXM Suspends Beck: Is This The End Of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’?

Brad Thor makes incendiary comments, then SiriusXM suspends Glenn Beck — while he is on vacation. The fallout from Beck and Thor’s interview shows no sign of letting up. If anything, it’s just getting started. As reported by CNN, the conflict is over extreme anti-Trump statements made by Thor — a science fiction writer and […]

Glenn Beck Suspended By SiriusXM Radio Over Threats

Glenn Beck has been that polarizing conservative talk show and media personality that has spent the past 8 years criticizing President Obama and all other liberal politicians and activists. But on his SiriusXM radio show, his host company felt like he and a guest took their conservative bias a little too far and suspended Glenn […]

Glenn Beck Discusses A ‘Patriot’ Removing Trump From White House If He Wins Election

Glenn Beck is known for his super-conservative views, and he’s definitely no fan of Donald Trump. Now, Beck is embattled in controversy over a conversation he had with suspense author Brad Thor on the Glenn Beck radio show last Wednesday. While Beck says that the media “misunderstood” the discussion he had with Thor about a […]

Donald Trump: Glenn Beck Tells Fox News Why He Still Won’t Endorse, Discusses Meeting With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg [Video]

Despite being the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump is still lacking the support of many conservatives, including talk show host Glenn Beck. In an interview with Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, Beck was asked, among other things, whom he plans to vote for, if not Trump. “That would be for me, and me to know […]

Can Donald Be Stopped? NeverTrumpers Announce Third Party Plan As Glenn Beck Voices Support

In a last ditch effort to stop The Donald from becoming president, an anti-Trump group is uniting in the search for an independent candidate who can defeat both the Republican front-runner and Hillary Clinton. Members of the NeverTrump group admit the chances of their third party candidate making it to the White House are slim, […]

Mark Zuckerberg Will Meet With Conservative Leaders

Mark Zuckerberg and his company Facebook have been under fire lately for allegedly suppressing conservative news in its trending news section. But there have been new developments in that case and Zuckerberg himself is planning to hold a meeting with some of America’s top conservative media voices. Although Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that his company […]

Is Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News? Joe Scarborough Stokes Rumors, Urges Kelly To Learn From ‘Failed’ Glenn Beck

In a manner of speaking, it is actually Joe Scarborough’s business to get involved in Megyn Kelly’s career. As the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the outspoken television personality often shares his opinions on a variety of hot-button issues. A veteran of the cable news circuit and a former member of the U.S. House of […]

Glenn Beck Says Americans Are Unknowingly Worshipping Ancient Pagan Gods, Idol Worship Destroying Country

Christian media icon Glenn Beck said Americans were unknowingly worshipping the ancient pagan gods Baal and Moloch, during an interview with evangelical preacher Samuel Rodriguez on his Blaze TV program Friday. Beck was responding to reports that a 2,000-year-old arch from a Syrian Temple of Baal would be reconstructed in Times Square as part of […]

Carly Fiorina To Be Ted Cruz’s Running Mate? She Says ‘Never Say Never’

Carly Fiorina, former candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, made headlines this week when she told press that she wasn’t ruling out the idea of accepting an offer to run as a vice presidential candidate instead. Since dropping out of the race, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the […]

New Tech Allows Customers To Pay Using Fingerprints, Sign Of End Times Or Communist Takeover?

The Japanese government is introducing new technology that will enable customers to access their bank accounts and credit cards with their fingerprint, but the new system is raising fears about biblical End Times prophecies. The new fingerprint currency is set to be tested this summer, and the Japanese government hopes to have the system online […]

Glenn Beck Talks Cruz Sex Scandal: ‘I Was Raped By Ted Cruz’

On Glenn Beck’s show Monday morning, Beck made a particularly strange and off-color joke about how he and his crew were all “raped by Ted Cruz,” referring to the Republican presidential candidate’s “Cuban fire” that Beck and his crew experienced during a recent interview. The rape joke comes at the top of Glenn Beck’s Monday […]

Glenn Beck Slams ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,’ Hollywood Is Destroying Our Heroes

Christian media icon Glenn Beck condemned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week, saying Hollywood is destroying our heroes with the new batch of rebooted superhero movies. Beck slammed the new movie from Warner Bros. as a disservice to America and questioned why Hollywood makes movies where superheroes fight each other, reports Right Wing […]

Glenn Beck Says Ted Cruz Was Anointed At Birth By God To Save Nation And Fulfill End Times Prophecy

Influential Mormon leader Glenn Beck told listeners of his radio show Friday that Republican candidate Ted Cruz was anointed by God to save America and fulfill a Mormon end times prophecy. Beck was responding to a Breitbart article in which Baylor professor Thomas Kidd criticized his comments urging Mormons to rise up and save America […]

Chuck Norris Campaigns For Ted Cruz In North Carolina Alongside Glenn Beck

Ted Cruz is hoping to win over voters in North Carolina with a little help from martial artist Chuck Norris. With the Texas Ranger star on his side, Cruz is hoping to sweep North Carolina during the March 15 primary. Chuck Norris isn’t the only famous face coming out in support of GOP presidential hopeful […]

Glenn Beck Will “Fast” for Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck, the conservative talk show host and commentator, is asking his followers to fast with his family for Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz, so he can win big over Donald Trump, according to Newsweek. “I would like to ask you to join me and my family Monday in a fast for Ted Cruz, our […]

Glenn Beck: God Killed Antonin Scalia For Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck said during a radio broadcast Tuesday that God killed Antonin Scalia so we could have Ted Cruz as president, reports CNN. Assuming the voice of God during the broadcast, Beck answered the question posed by co-host Pat Grey. “I just woke the American people up, I took them out of the game show […]

Donald Trump Fires Back At Glenn Beck — ‘Doesn’t Have The Right To Vote In The Primary’

Donald Trump has developed a reputation this election cycle for lashing out at reporters and television personalities who say anything against him, and Glenn Beck is no exception. In his latest tirade, Trump has declared Beck “dumb as a rock,” and is questioning Beck’s party registration. Glenn Beck’s recent vocal criticism of Trump was harsh. […]

Glenn Beck Slams Donald Trump & Endorses Ted Cruz, Hailing Texas Senator As ‘The Next George Washington’

The Republican primary race had prospective voters reaching for their scorecards again today as the mounting rivalry between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz brought forth another high-profile endorsement. As reported by CNN Money, prominent radio personality Glenn Beck endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz during an event at Faith Bible College in Iowa. “We need a […]

Glenn Beck Questions Donald Trump’s Conservative Bonafides, Trump Calls Him ‘Dopey’

Former FOX News host and conservative personality Glenn Beck made a conservative case against Donald Trump during an appearance Friday night on The O’Reilly Factor. In the interview, Beck accused Trump of voting for Barack Obama in 2008, a claim which appears to be based on a fake tweet from the website, according to […]

Glenn Beck Says What Everyone Is Thinking About Black Friday Shoppers

Glenn Beck is not often referred to as a unifier. While many on the political right love the man, those on the left find him harder to take. However, it is difficult to find disagreement — save for the bit of “all terrorists are Muslims” fear mongering at the beginning — with a recent Facebook […]

Political Smackdown: Donald Trump Calls Glenn Beck A ‘Wacky Nut Job’

Conventional political wisdom would put GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and conservative media kingpin Glenn Beck on the same side in the battle to wrest control of America from the Democrats in 2016. But much to the chagrin of right-wing true believers, the schism between these two larger-than-life personalities runs deep and there’s no sign of […]

Glenn Beck Doesn’t Understand The Conservative Love For Donald Trump

Glenn Beck is honestly confused as to what conservative pundits see in Donald Trump. Glenn Beck is actually so confused about the love Donald Trump is getting by conservatives, and conservative voters in general, that he took to Facebook to voice his general confusion, while claiming that he wasn’t trying to attack Donald Trump, but […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Has Advice For Surviving A Post-Apocalyptic World, According To Glenn Beck

To many viewers, The Walking Dead is a fun, thrilling show. Every week, they tune in to see which characters will survive and which ones will die. But to talk show host Glenn Beck, The Walking Dead is a show that is giving people advice on how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Beck isn’t […]

Glenn Beck, Christians Furious With ‘Family Guy’ Over Depiction Of Jesus Christ

After all the times Family Guy has depicted Jesus Christ negatively, you’d think the world would be numb to its off-color jokes. But another episode of the cartoon show starring Jesus has infuriated Christians across the world, and none so much as conservative radio host Glenn Beck. In this particular episode of Family Guy, Seth […]

Bill Cosby Was ‘Raped By The AP’: Glenn Beck Follows Other Conservatives In Defending Comedian

Bill Cosby was raped by the Associated Press, according to Glenn Beck. The conservative commentator is no stranger to controversy, and this latest comment is sure to kick up a firestorm. Beck is echoing what many fans of Cosby feel since rape allegations began anew against the legendary comedian. When discussing Cosby’s art collection in […]

Glenn Beck’s Scary New Christmas Story Features Santa Claus As Jesus Christ’s Warrior Protector

Glenn Beck has found a wacky way to put “Christ” back in “Christmas” — the former Fox News host is turning kids’ favorite jolly old elf into Jesus’ boar-killing bodyguard. Glenn Beck recently made headlines by claiming that he suffered from a mysterious brain ailment that was miraculously cured by a “chiropractic neurologist,” and talking […]

Glenn Beck Reveals That He Has Major, Painful Health Problems He’s Been Hiding For Years

Conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck revealed on The Blaze Monday night that he’s been battling – and hiding – several serious and mysterious health problems for several years. CNN reports that Beck’s health problems have included vocal-cord paralysis; the inability to remember names, faces and conversations; eyesight problems; and paralyzing pain in his extremities that […]