Indiana Girl Scout Dies In ‘Freak Accident’

An 11-year-old girl scout has passed away in what authorities are referring to as a “freak accident” after a 45-foot high, 3-foot wide tree fell on her and three others at an Indiana campground called Camp Koch on Monday. Jasper, Indiana resident Isabelle Meyer died after suffering from both head and torso injuries. According to […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claps Back At Girl Scout Cookie Column

A conservative columnist named Jane Chastain, who writes for the website World Net Daily, wrote a column earlier this week with the headline “AOC Was a Girl Scout… Just Say No To The Cookies.” In the column, Chastain, herself a onetime Girl Scout, argued that because New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a Girl […]

Girl Scouts Of The USA Is Suing The Boy Scouts Of America

The Girl Scouts of the USA formally filed a federal lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for trademark infringement, according to NPR. This matter has been brewing since October when the Boy Scouts decided to make history by allowing girls to join the organization beginning in 2019. The Girl Scouts spoke out against the […]

Wisconsin Man Who Mowed Down Girl Scouts Was Huffing At The Time Of Crash

Colten Treu is the name of the man arrested for hitting three Girl Scouts and a parent supervisor who were picking up trash along the roadside in Lafayette, Wisconsin. Treu had been huffing or inhaling chemical vapors from a can of air duster used to clean computer keyboards when he crashed his truck into the […]

Girl Scout Cookies Can Now Be Sold Outside Of Pot Dispensaries, Colorado Council Says

Girl Scout Cookies can now be sold outside of marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, according to a directive from The Centennial State’s statewide council, the Cannabist is reporting. For the past few years, ever since states started legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana, stories have been popping up around this time every year of enterprising Girl Scouts […]

San Diego Girl Scout Allegedly Sells More Than 300 Boxes Of Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary

A savvy Girl Scout from California may be in trouble for selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary. Complex notes that over Super Bowl weekend, a young seller set up shop outside of an Urbn Leaf store in San Diego. She ultimately ended up selling more than 300 boxes of cookies in about six hours. […]

Girl Scout Leader Allegedly Steals $15K Worth Of Cookies And Then Disappears

In a bizarre turn of events, a 26-year-old Girl Scout leader from Kentucky has been accused of lifting $15,000 worth of the beloved Girl Scout cookies and disappearing. After the event, a grand jury had indicted her on a charge of felony theft by unlawful taking, but she went into hiding after her bizarre alleged […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Stars In Girl Scout Cookie Campaign

Leonardo DiCaprio has become the unofficial face of Girl Scout Cookies after one intelligent troop spotted the perfect marketing opportunity when the recent Academy Award winner was seen snacking at the Oscar’s, TIME Magazine has reported. Prior to Leonardo DiCaprio scooping the Best Actor award for his performance in The Revenant, DiCaprio was seen eagerly […]

The Archbishop Of Saint Louis Claims Girl Scouts, And Their Cookies, Are Promoting Homosexuality

The Archbishop of Saint Louis has a problem with you buying Girl Scout cookies: namely, that doing so supports an organization whose beliefs about homosexuality, transgender rights, and other social issues are at odds with Catholic teaching. As the New York Times reports, Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of the Diocese of Saint Louis, sent a […]

San Francisco 49ers Reschedule Girl Scout Event At Stadium After Canceling Event For More Lucrative Event

The San Francisco 49ers have been able to save face by rescheduling a Girl Scout sleepover at Levi Stadium on May 14. The 49ers initially decided to cancel the sleepover event due to a clause in the contract that allowed the football team to cancel the event if another group came along that would provide […]

Transgender Girl Scout Fights Back Against Bully Who Refused To ‘Buy Cookies From A Boy In A Dress’

A transgender Girl Scout has taken a bad experience from a local bully and turned it into a positive experience, selling thousands of boxes of cookies after her story went viral, Buzzfeed is reporting. Nine-year-old Stormi (her last name has not been disclosed, in order to protect her and her family’s privacy) is biologically male, […]

Girl Scout Cookies Go High Tech

It’s almost that time of year again, when little girls dressed in green start to peddle their boxes of cookies. There was a time when Girl Scouts would go from door to door selling their Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas. Somewhere along the way, someone got wise and sent their parents off to work with […]

Melissa Benoist’s ‘Supergirl’ Is Already Inspiring A Whole Troop Of Girl Scouts

Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist has often said that one of her motivations for taking on the lead role in the CBS live action comic book adaptation is to inspire younger generations of girls and show them that anything is possible. Now, it looks like that’s exactly what she’s doing, even before the series pilot has aired. […]

Girl Scouts Return Transphobic $100K Donation And Double Their Money In A Couple Days

A girl is a girl, period. That’s the stance the Girl Scouts have taken recently, after it returned a $100,000 donation when the donor stipulated the money couldn’t be used to help transgender kids. The Washington group was thrilled when they first received the donation; the $100,000 represented a quarter of their budget and would […]

Girl Scouts Return $100,000 Donation — When You Find Out Why, You’ll Agree

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington recently turned down a generous donation of $100,000. That might seem like a shocking amount of money to refuse, but the group had a surprisingly good reason. According to Refinery 29, the person who donated the $100,000 specifically asked that the money not be used to support transgender Girl […]

Girl Scout Troop Suffers Shocking Racist Harassment From Group Of Maryland Adults [Video]

A group of Girl Scouts from Cecil County, Maryland, decided to get involved in local politics earlier this year after seeing reports that their local animal control unit had overcrowding issues. The Girl Scouts attended the organization’s open meeting, armed with homemade signs that decried the abuse they felt the animals were facing — little […]

Girl Scouts Transgender Policy: Will The Latest GS Controversy Cause Memberships To Drop Even Lower?

The Girl Scouts transgender policy has provoked backlash against the organization once again. The “Meaning of Serving All Girls” website post defines a girl not by physical gender but by how the child is “recognized” by school, community, and family. Critics of the Girl Scouts transgender policy have started a petition to promote the overturning […]

Girl Scouts Transgender Statement Draws Backlash From Religious Organizations

The Girl Scouts have released a statement on their website, saying that they have created a new policy that will now accommodate and offer a safe place for transgender boys. The message, titled “The Meaning of ‘Serving All Girls,” and written by Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Ph.D., Chief Girl Expert, GSUSA, explains the importance of diversity […]

‘Blank Space’ Filled In By Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

“Blank Space” and these determined Girl Scouts will make you buy those famous cookies. No more blank looks and negative answers when you answer the door to Kaylee and Lexi, and if you don’t want to give them space, the Girl Scout Cookie Monsters will invade your space. The girls have turned Taylor Swift’s “Blank […]

South Pasadena: Man Buys Girl Scout Cookies With Bogus $100 Bill, Steals The Change

A South Pasadena, California, man stole $85 cash and $15 worth of cookies from a group of Girl Scouts by paying for the delicious cookies with a fake $100 bill and making off with the change, KABC is reporting. Police are looking for the unidentified suspect, who was caught on surveillance camera leaving the Von’s […]

Girl Scout Cookies: The Dark Side Of Deliciousness

Each year, Americans eagerly purchase Girl Scout cookies — sumptuous little morsels sold by fundraising youngsters. These treats seem sweet and innocent, but there’s a dark side to the deliciousness, and you might be surprised to find out what it is. USA Today reports that workers at a Girl Scout cookie factory are being forced […]

Radical Brownies: Black Panther Twist On Girl Scouts Sparks Backlash

Radical Brownies are young girls in a new, non-Girl Scout troop in Oakland, California. The groups reportedly focus on social justice and participates in Black Lives Matter protests. Some claim that the Radical Brownies are also fostering a message of racism. The groups of Radical Brownies are comprised of girls ages eight to 11 and […]

9-Year-Old Girl Scout Shot In Leg While Selling Cookies

A 9-year-old Girl Scout in Indianapolis was shot on Tuesday while selling Girl Scout Cookies in her neighborhood. The Washington Post reports that Sinai Miller left her apartment around 4 P.M., ready to offer Girl Scout cookies to her neighbors. A blue Ford Expedition drove past a nearby street as the shooter’s arm emerged through […]

Pennsylvania Scout Leader Charged: Heather Belford Accused Of Stealing $10,000 From Scout Troop

A Pennsylvania scout leader has been charged after allegedly stealing $10,000 from her Girl Scout troop. According to Fox News, Heather Belford was arrested after being accused of taking money from the troop using an ATM bank card and making personal purchases with the cash. “Police say the 30-year-old Lansdale woman used a Cub Scouts […]

New Scout Cookies: Gluten-Free Treats Added To Girl Scouts’ 98-Year-Old Tradition [Video]

New Scout cookies are added to the 98-year-old tradition of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Every year since 1917, the Girl Scouts sell cookies as one of their major fundraiser for local scout groups. This week, the Girls Scouts of U.S.A. announced they would debut three new Scout cookies this coming season. The Girls […]

Now You Can Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix Online

You will no longer have to wait eagerly by your door for a Girl Scout to knock on it and offer to sell you Thin Mints, Savannahs Smiles, or any of the other delicious varieties of Girl Scout cookies. Starting this cookie season, you will be able to buy boxes of your favorite cookies online […]

Girl Scouts Coming To An End Or Splintering Into Two Groups?

Girl Scouts is facing sharp declines in both adult volunteers and youth membership. Just days after the end of the Girl Scouts USA 53rd annual convention, talk has once again turned to the possible splintering of the longstanding organization. The Girl Scouts’ rumored ties to Planned Parenthood is one of the reasons cited by those […]

Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Marijuana Dispensary And Rakes In The Cash

A California Girl Scout sold cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary. Some are shocked by the thought of Girl Scout Cookies being sold outside of a pot shop, but others have simply deemed the San Francisco Girl Scout “one smart cookie” for her entrepreneurial endeavor. Girl Scout Danielle Lei is perhaps due a special merit […]

Man Allegedly Pulls Shotgun On 7-Year-Old Girl Scout Selling Cookies

A California man who allegedly pointed a shotgun at a Girl Scout who was going door-to-door selling cookies has pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on $25,000 bail. The seven-year-old selling Girl Scout cookies from a wagon that she was pulling around the neighborhood knocked on the man’s […]

Anti-Semitic Elmo Sentenced To One Year, Still Hates The Girl Scouts

Anti-semitic Elmo has been sentenced to one year behind bars. Homeless man Dan Sandler made national news when he went on an anti-semitic tirade in New York City’s Times Square. While dressed as Elmo the crazed man attempted to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts. Sandler plead guilty to attempted grand larceny and misdemeanor […]

Girl Guides Remove ‘God’ From Oath, So Church Removes Their Meeting Place

Girl Guides, Britain’s version of the Girl Scouts, has removed “God” from its promise oath, causing Christian groups and churches in England to turn right around and remove the group’s longtime meeting place… the church. Religious leaders will no longer allow the 103-year-old Girl Guides organization to use their facilities as meeting places, finding that […]

‘Evil Elmo’ Pleads Not Guilty In Girl Scouts Extortion Case

Dan Sandler, also known as “Evil Elmo,” has pleaded not guilty in an extortion case involving the Girl Scouts. The street performer is known for portraying a sinister version of the beloved Sesame Street character. Sandler has even taken the act on the road; he’s performed everywhere from San Francisco to New York City. Evil […]

Vandals Destroy Girl Scout Cookies

Monroe, WA – Vandals destroyed several hundred boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Authorities said the teenagers responsible for the break-in destroyed anything within reach inside Jeff and Dee Brown’s garage. The couple discovered the teenagers inside their home early Sunday morning. According to KIRO-7, the vandals destroyed the Girl Scout cookies before pouring motor oil, […]

13,200 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Destroyed

A news report about 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes that were destroyed in California has raised questions and criticism toward an organization usually considered to be charitable. Thousands of unsold Girl Scout cookies were smashed to bits at a waste warehouse in Riverside, California last year before being hauled to a local landfill. There was […]

Girl Scouts’ New CEO Nicknamed ‘The Cookie Monster’ After Firing Staff

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez has recently been nicknamed “Cookie Monster.” And it’s not because she really, really likes Girl Scout cookies. The new CEO of the widely known organization is “getting no badges of honor from her co-workers,” cites The Daily Mail, after firing many long-term employees for allegedly disputable reasons. A group […]

Girl Scouts Scrutinized By Catholic Bishops

Girls Scouts of the USA are facing an official inquiry by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops over concerns regarding potentially offensive program material in addition to assertions that the Girl Scouts are associated with groups whose stances conflict with the teachings of the Catholic church. The Scouts have numerous troops sponsored by various parishes […]

Thieves Steal $200 From Girl Scouts In Walmart Parking Lot

Two Girl Scouts who were selling Girl Scout cookies outside a Houston Walmart lost $200 this week when a man walked up to the girls, asked how much the cookies were selling for and then stole all of their hard earned cash. The thief ran to his getaway car and the girls chased after him. […]

Republican Lawmaker Calls Girl Scouts a “Radicalized Organization” [Video]

Bob Morris, a Republican lawmaker from Indiana, will not vote in favor of a resolution in support of the Girl Scouts for their 100 year anniversary. Morris says the Girl Scouts are a “radicalized organization” that “sexualizes” young girls and promotes homosexuality. Morris sent a letter to lawmakers saying he will not support the Girl […]

Wisconsin Mother Asked To Leave Girl Scouts Over Evil and Satanic Life

Stacy Hintz has found herself championing a cause that never appealed to her…The Girls Scouts. The 28 year old mother of a nine year old daughter was removed from her position as assistant scout master when the troupe leader found out she helped her husband run a Gothic website called Wisconsin Sickness. The website’s about […]

Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive This Year

If you want to treat yourself to some Girl Scout Cookies this year you’re going to have to pony up an extra 50 cents. The Girl Scouts have raised their cookie prices from $3.50 to $4.00. Denise Eberspeaker, a spokesperson for the Chesapeake Council, said that Girl Scout Cookies have been $3.50 for 8-years but […]

Girl Scout Cookie Locator App Helps You Buy Thin Mints From Your Smartphone

So, the Girl Scout Cookies sale is on for the season, and once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year. While cookie season hasn’t been without controversy- a rogue Girl Scout has garnered international attention for calling a boycott over the inclusion of transgendered girls in troops- demand for girl scout cookies seems higher than […]

7-Year-Old Boy Wants to be a Girl Scout

What do you do if your child wants to be a Girl Scout? You take your child to the troop leader to sign-up. This is a different case though because Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy from Denver wants to be a Girl Scout. Montoya’s mother Felisha Archuleta spoke with 9News in Denver and revealed her […]

Recall: Put down the Girl Scout Cookies and step away from the box

The bad news: there’s a recall going on of Girl Scout cookies that may have an “off” taste or smell. The good news? It’s not any of the totally awesome ones like Samoas or Thin Mints. One of the upstart-type flavors, Lemon Chalet Creme Cookies, sparked the voluntary recall. Little Brownie Bakers, the manufacturers of […]