All The Easter Eggs And Throwbacks In The Trailer For ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

After the third film in the Ghostbusters saga hit theaters in 2016, many fans thought that would be the nail in the coffin of the franchise. Lo and behold, Jason Reitman is bringing Ghostbusters: Afterlife to the big screen this summer, and the first trailer for the film dropped on today. Not only does Reitman […]

‘Ghostbusters 2020’ Will Honor The Legacies Of Harold Ramis And Egon Spengler

A lot of old-school movie fans are looking forward to the summer of 2020, due to the release of what they consider to be a true sequel in the Ghostbusters‘ franchise. Harold Ramis passed away in 2014 at the age of 69-years-old and obviously won’t be able to be in the new film, but he […]

The Original ‘Ghostbusters’ Is Returning To Theaters For Its 35th Anniversary

Next summer, Jason Reitman is bringing a new Ghostbusters movie to theaters which will pick up where his father left off with the original films. While there was a reboot in 2016, this is the third film in the franchise that fans have always wanted. In order to prepare for that huge movie and to […]

‘Ghostbusters 2020’ Director Teases New Characters In First Photos From The Set

The director of the new Ghostbusters film, Jason Reitman, shared a teaser on what the newest addition to the supernatural comedy film franchise will look like. According to NME, Reitman tweeted out a photo from the Canadian film set Friday with the caption “The Family’s All Here.” The photo posted by the Oscar nominee showed […]

‘Ant-Man’ Star Paul Rudd Joins The Cast Of ‘Ghostbusters 3’

After the reboot of Ghostbusters in 2016, many felt as if the franchise had received a death sentence and would never be touched again. Interestingly enough, the next film will hit theaters next summer, and it won’t even acknowledge that the female-led team existed. As mystery continues to surround the new film, which is set […]

Bill Murray Is Ready To Do More ‘Ghostbusters’ Movies If They Ask Him

Back in 1984, a team of four men banded together to fight ghosts and they let everyone know they were ready to believe them. Ghostbusters is by no means a bomb or to be considered a failure, but the movie is so much bigger than the $295 million it took in at the worldwide box […]

‘Captain Marvel’ Star McKenna Grace Confirmed As Lead Of The New ‘Ghostbusters’

With Jason Reitman making a new Ghostbusters movie for Sony, all eyes are on the cast and story of the new project. In an exclusive The Hollywood Reporter story, it’s been confirmed that the sequel to the original 1980s movies has found their lead actor in the up and coming actress McKenna Grace. Reitman announced […]

Leslie Jones Is Furious About The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie

Not everyone is excited about the news of the new Ghostbusters movie. The new movie was just announced and will be set in the same universe as the original films. It will not be associated with the all-female reboot Ghostbusters flick which debuted in 2016. The reboot starred Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and […]

Surprise ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Sequel Trailer Just Released, And It Features The Original Ecto-1

Drop everything, Venkman — we’ve got a trailer. Just a day after it was revealed that there is going to be a reboot of the classic 1984 film Ghostbusters, fans were treated to a surprise teaser trailer — and, per YouTube, it features the original Ecto-1, a vehicle that everyone knows and loves. Movie lovers […]

Jason Reitman To Direct New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie – Direct Sequel To 1989 Film Will Ignore 2016 Version

When the 2016 version of Ghostbusters was revealed to be about a new all-female team, many fans were skeptical of what may end up in theaters. The film that ended up in theaters is one that made $229 million at the global box office on a budget of $144 million, and almost all talk of […]

Bill Murray And Dan Aykroyd Will Reportedly Be In ‘Zombieland 2’

A sequel to the 2009 hit Zombieland is set to start production in January of 2019, reuniting the original cast of Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin. In addition to that, Geeks Worldwide reports that Bill Murray will be back as well, and he’s bringing fellow Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd with him. Murray’s […]

‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Part 2 Not Confirmed, But Paul Feig Would ‘Love’ A Sequel

While many detractors of the new Ghostbusters felt like they had Slimer’s residue left on them, despite disappointing box office numbers, the female-led 2016 reboot did attract a great deal of fans. As Digital Spy reported, Ghostbusters (2016) director, Paul Feig, said that the trolling that took place before its release hampered sales; that the […]

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Follows Specific Meal Plan To Shed Over 75 Pounds

When Melissa McCarthy started to lose weight, people shifted from wanting to know her comedic punch line techniques to her weight loss diet secrets. Everyone remembers the Ghostbusters star as a plus-sized actress, but she is now trying to turn her life around and be a healthier version of herself. Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss has […]

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Follows Specific Workout Routine To Shed Over 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy may be known for her comedic acts, but she has now become an inspiration for people struggling with weight issues. Although many have been impressed by her amazing body transformation, it wasn’t easy for the Ghostbusters actress to achieve her new slimmer figure. So how did she do it? For Melissa McCarthy to […]

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Shares Moment She Feels The Sexiest After Dropping Over 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy is reminding everyone that it is absolutely amazing to finally achieve a healthier version of yourself. The Ghostbusters star may still have a long way to go, but she is definitely proud to show off her hard work. She is not one to shy away from flaunting her body transformation by leveling up […]

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Takes Special Pill To To Achieve Slimmer Figure

Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss has been very impressive and inspirational at the same time. The Ghostbusters actress is certainly not one to shy away from flaunting her new slimmer figure and many wondered how she did it. The 46-year-old actress has been spotted looking a lot happier and healthier these days and it’s all because […]

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Drinks Special Smoothie To Help Shed Off Pounds

Although Melissa McCarthy is mostly known for her comedic acts, the Ghostbusters actress’ name is now being linked as one of the most successful celebrity weight loss stories to date. Being overweight most of her life, dropping off the pounds was definitely bound to happen. Now that the Gilmore Girls star is living a healthier […]

Ray Parker Jr. And Director Fran Strine On The New Movie ‘Hired Gun,’ Alice Cooper, ‘Ghostbusters’ And More

In short, within the musical world, a “hired gun” is a musician that an A-list talent knows they can depend on. Oftentimes, these musicians are in the background, which means that the casual music fan may not think twice about who is playing with that major artist. However, a lot of these top-tier musicians have […]

Henry Deutschendorf, ‘Ghostbusters 2’ Child Star Commits Suicide at 29

Henry Deutschendorf, the baby who appeared in the blockbuster movie, Ghostbusters 2, has died last week by committing suicide. He was found hanged at his home in Escondido, CA. He was 29. Deutschendorf was popularly known as baby Oscar in the sequel of supernatural comedy film that was released in 1989. He has a twin […]

Next ‘Ghostbusters’ Will Tackle Asian Spirits, Reintroduce The Original Crew

We all know that last year’s Ghostbusters was a total flop, and the director of the much more popular 1984 original wants to reinvigorate the Ghostbusters franchise by shaking up the location for the next film. Ivan Reitman says a major city in Asia or some similarly exotic locale would be a fresh and fun […]

Dan Aykroyd Attacks Paul Feig, Blames Director For ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Failure

When the long touted Ghostbusters remake was finally released last year, it failed to make as big of an impact as diehard fans of first two films had hoped. It has been suggested that this was due to a mixture of reasons, ranging from misogynist trolls that attacked the mere creation of the film long […]

Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes For The Original ‘Ghostbusters’ Unveiled

Last year, a remake of Ghostbusters with an all-female team was released and it caused a lot of controversy after fans never really gave it much of a chance. Since then, plans for a sequel have seemed to fade into obscurity, and there may never be another addition to the franchise. Still, all is not […]

Does The ‘Ghostbusters’ Franchise Have A Future? Ivan Reitman Breaks His Silence

When Ghostbusters was released in the summer, the reception was mixed and somewhat controversial, a theme that continues to linger around the production like an unwanted shadow. Everyone has an opinion on the film, but money talks, and with low box office figures rolling in, it seems extremely unlikely that a sequel will follow. The […]

Leslie Jones Won’t Be Kept Down By Social Media Trolls, And How Her Mom Taught Her About Confidence

Leslie Jones has clearly shown that she is a celebrity with a “never-say-die” attitude as she has surfaced yet again on social media. The actress took a brief hiatus after being criticized by a Twitter user in a brutal way. According to ABC News, Milo Yiannopoulus, Leslie’s social media nemesis and a tech journalist, took […]

Will ‘The Magnificent Seven’ Succeed Where ‘Ghostbusters’ And ‘Ben-Hur’ Failed?

The Magnificent Seven might be one of the few 2016 reboots to have a good run in theaters. Overall, it’s been otherwise disastrous for remakes. Disney’s live-action retelling of The Jungle Book was one of the rare bright spots, but with few studios know how to cater to nostalgia and families quite like Disney. So, […]

Leslie Jones Hack: ‘Ghostbusters’ Star’s Website Breach Being Investigated By Homeland Security

The Leslie Jones website hack this month has prompted fans and critics alike to spread their opinions on social media. Hackers managed to get into Jones’ official website and post personal information, as well as “nude photos” and “racist imagery,” as CNET reports. It’s a serious situation in more ways than one, which is why […]

Leslie Jones Website Hacked: Nude Photos And Passport Posted With Video Of Harambe The Gorilla

Ghostbusters and SNL cast member Leslie Jones has been hacked. The attack seems rather vicious, as it revealed nude photos of the celebrity in addition to her personal information. Echoing the online harassment Jones received recently, a video of the gorilla Harambe was posted at the top of her site as well. The internet trolls […]

‘Star Trek Beyond’: Reasons It Failed, The End Of The Franchise — Why Is No One Going To See It?

Star Trek Beyond has received some of the highest scores and most positive reviews for any film in the franchise in a very long time. It is being seen as the best of the new batch since J.J. Abrams took over, and rightfully so. The only problem is that it could end up hurting the […]

‘Ghostbusters’ 2016: Reasons It Failed, The End Of The Franchise, And Paul Feig Targets A Twitter User

A remake of Ghostbusters is something that immediately caused a big stir on social media as the entire film received an overhaul. Going from an all-male team to an all-female team and trying to make a cult classic didn’t exactly seem to help matters, but why did it ultimately fail? The massive losses that Sony […]

It’s Official, ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Is A Box Office Flop

Star Trek Beyond hit theaters with high hopes on July 22, and following a stellar opening weekend, ran into a brick wall with audiences. While it’s uncertain where the blame lies for that — there are theories that will be covered in a moment — the question remained as to whether it would be considered […]

‘Ghostbusters 2016’ Director Paul Feig, Amid Movie’s Failures, Sparks War With Internet Personality Bardock Obama

Bad publicity is supposed to be good publicity, especially when the product you’re trying to get people to look into is a summer blockbuster film. But, too much bad publicity may be a negative, especially when the product you’re trying to get people to look into is a summer blockbuster film. The most controversial film […]

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Reboot Already Underwhelming Those Who Want Original All-Female Production

The Ocean’s Eleven reboot officially titled Ocean’s Eight has added some big names to its cast. Unfortunately, the film still falls short in the eyes of some in the industry. The problem with the Ocean’s Eleven reboot is precisely the fact that it is yet another reboot. This isn’t a situation where there are people […]

Hugh Grant Hires Ghostbuster To Remove Ghost From House

When a strange sound goes bump in the night, who are you going to call? For actor Hugh Grant, the answer is all too obvious—The Ghostbusters. It all began when Grant’s son started complaining from an early age that he saw a boy roaming the halls of their London home, or rather a “friend’s house… […]

‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel Hopes Dashed: Blame Box Office

Ghostbusters is now in its third weekend at the box office, and by all accounts winding down in terms of performance. The all-female-led reboot of the classic 1980s sci-fi comedy landed with a large opening weekend starting July 15 but quickly receded amid mixed reviews and a politically charged culture. It also failed to score […]

5 Seconds Of Summer: Ghostbusters ‘Girls Talk Boys’ Music Video Debuts

5 Seconds of Summer’s Ghostbusters clip for “Girls Talk Boys” puts the 5SOS clan in the shoes of the film’s famed phantasm fighters. The new music video from the popular Australian band for their Ghostbusters soundtrack song premiered on Friday and already has over 2 million views on YouTube. “Girls Talk Boys,” the song itself, […]

Dan Aykroyd Defends Leslie Jones, Says ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Has More Laughs Than The Original

Dan Aykroyd, one of the original Ghostbusters, has recently spoken out in defense of Ghostbusters reboot star Leslie Jones. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dan Aykroyd defended Leslie Jones against internet trolls who made racist remarks and sexist insults directed at her. Hey Leslie Jones, @dan_aykroyd has your back — Hamilton Spectator (@TheSpec) July […]

Leslie Jones Gives First Interview Since Racist Attacks, Has Choice Words For Cyberbullies

Leslie Jones has given her first interview since the ugly Twitter scandal that caused her to temporarily leave the social media site on Thursday, sitting down with former Saturday Night Live co-star Seth Meyers on The Late Night, the Entertainment Tonight reports. Jones has become the target of online trolls since the all-female led reboot […]

Leslie Jones Returns To Twitter After Racist Bullying Has Her ‘In Tears’

It’s been a hard week for Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. While she should be celebrating the massive success of the Ghostbusters reboot, the SNL cast member and Ghostbusters star has had to endure an onslaught of racist bullying. After dealing with racism images, messages, and a bogus Twitter account made under her name to spew […]

Dan Akroyd Steps Up To Defend Leslie Jones During Racist Twitterstorm

Leslie Jones has an inexplicable amount of haters on Twitter right now. The new Ghostbusters actress has at least one prominent defender in the person of the former Ghostbusters star, Dan Akroyd. It all started after Leslie Jones’ new movie finally launched after months of hatred and vitriol aimed at the flick. It appears now […]

Leslie Jones Situation Shows Real-World Cyberbullying At Its Core

As heartbreaking as it it, cyberbullying affects us all. When it comes to Leslie Jones, the star of the Ghostbusters reboot, BBC News reports the cyberbullying apparently directed by Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos only highlights just how rampant cyberbullying has become. The situation involving Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, who has been targeted for everything […]

Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos As ‘Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones Quits Platform Saying She Suffered Racist Abuse

In a debacle that is reaching nearly Shakespearean levels of drama, gay conservative activist and writer Milo Yiannopoulos has been expelled — reportedly permanently — from Twitter, due to the racist abuse Leslie Jones received over the last several days, reports Breitbart. The Twitter organization has been walking a tightrope as it attempts to strike […]

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Responds To Racist Tweets

Leslie Jones, the standup comedian turned star of the 2016 Ghostbusters remake, is having a difficult time in what should otherwise be an exciting week for the breakout star. Leslie has become the latest high-profile victim of racist and sexist abuse on Twitter. Twitter is widely known for the number of trolls that tweet racial […]

Milo Yiannopoulos, ‘Breitbart’ Writer And Agent Provocateur, Officially Banned From Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos, writer for Breitbart Tech, GamerGate’s “based journalist,” and agent-provocateur-in-chief, has finally been banned from Twitter after coming under fire for directing hate speech at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, beginning with a series of faked tweets. Yiannopoulos has drawn fire before for siccing an “internet hate mob” on his various targets through slanderous hit […]

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Received Online Racism And Misogyny

Audiences seem to have enjoyed Ghostbusters when it opened this past weekend, but Leslie Jones wasn’t in a celebratory mood. Rather, her enjoyment was taken from her when a bunch of racist and misogynistic Twitter users harassed and insulted her online, the New York Times reports. This Ghostbusters reboot has been followed by sexist and […]

Leslie Jones Gets Support From Hollywood After Internet Trolls Bully Her In The Worst Way Possible

Leslie Jones is standing up to social media bullies — and she has plenty of support in her mission, including the CEO of Twitter. Jones, who is best known for her hilarious work on Saturday Night Live, defended herself against an onslaught of racist and misogynistic tweets just days after the premiere of her new […]

#LoveForLeslieJ: ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Fights Back Against Racism On Twitter — ‘You Won’t Believe The Evil’

Comedienne Leslie Jones should feel like she’s on top of the world right now. Following months of negative critiques regarding the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, the movie ultimately disproved the condemning by bringing in $46 million during its opening weekend, according to Deadline. Unfortunately, celebration for Jones’ newly-minted status as a bonafide movie star has […]

Corey Feldman Talks ‘The Lost Boys’ Reboot With All Girls

The Lost Boys is about to fall victim to yet another remake from the current craze of reboots taking over classic horror films from the 1980s. But with all of the gender swapping going on, original The Lost Boys star Corey Feldman has weighed in on his thoughts for the project. Although The Lost Boys […]

Weekend Box Office: ‘Ghostbusters’ Does Well, But Can’t Overtake ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’

This is one of the weekend box office totals that many have been waiting for, and it didn’t turn out quite like many skeptics thought it would. Ghostbusters has gotten so much negativity coming its way, but it still had an impressive opening weekend, even though it wasn’t able to overtake last week’s winner in […]

Harry Styles Begins New Bromance, 5 Seconds Of Summer Explains Why They Suddenly Sound Like 1D Star

Harry Styles is reportedly making friends on the set of his first movie, director Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic Dunkirk. Meanwhile, it looks like the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have found a way to benefit from the hiatus that Harry and his One Direction bandmates are taking from making music together. The […]

13 Easter Eggs You May Not Have Noticed In The Original ‘Ghostbusters’ From 1984

The release of the Ghostbusters reboot on Friday has caused a lot of stir and plenty of talk, but it’s done pretty well at the box office so far. It has been 32 years since the original film was released in theaters, and the reboot pays tribute to it with cameos and numerous Easter Eggs. […]