Gerard Depardieu Accused Of Rape By Actress In France

French actor Gerard Depardieu is no stranger to controversy, but he has now been accused of rape by a young actress who says she has been devastated by the attack. The woman claims that she was assaulted at one of Depardieu’s French properties, despite the fact that he renounced his French citizenship in exchange for […]

French Actor Gerard Depardieu Banned From Ukraine For Five Years – The Origin Is More Economical Than Political

French actor Gerard Depardieu has been declared “Persona Non Grata” for a period of five years by the National Security Service of Ukraine. Interestingly, the Ukrainian Culture Ministry perceives Depardieu as a national threat. While the ban against Gerard Depardieu is enforced with immediate effect, other Russia-friendly international film stars are being closely monitored and […]

Gerard Depardieu Lions: Actor Says He Ate Lions After Killing Them On African Trip

Gerard Depardieu says he ate two lions while he was in Africa after he killed them. The French actor says he killed them “in legitimate self-defense” when he was in Burkina Faso, New York Daily News reports. He tells The Independent Magazine in an interview that once they were killed, he ate them. When Depardieu […]

Drunk Gerard Depardieu Disrespects Memory Of WWI Heroes With Plastered Poetry Reading

Gerard Depardieu showed up drunk to a remembrance ceremony for the heroes of World War I in Belgium Sunday night, where he turned a solemn poetry reading into a profanity-laced farce, enraging some in the crowd — but amusing others. Depardieu, an icon of the French movie industry whose intense acting style earned him accolades […]

Gerard Depardieu: Male Prostitute, Thief In Younger Days, Autobiography Reveals

Once upon a time, Gerard Depardieu was a male prostitute, and the actor is now revealing some of the sordid details from his youth. Depardieu has had his troubled times over the years, but his new revelations provide some interesting context into the actor behind the headlines. As the Daily Mail notes, the actor has […]

Quintuple Heart Bypass Survivor Gerard Depardieu Confesses He Still Drinks 14 Bottles of Wine A Day

Gerard Depardieu may be a titan of French cinema but it would appear the quintuple heart bypass survivor has an ongoing battle with the bottle. Well, 14 bottles to be precise. That’s how much wine Depardieu told French magazine So Film he can absorb in one day. Such is the French thespian’s love of the […]

Gerard Depardieu Says He’s ‘A Citizen of The World’

French actor Gerard Depardieu, who famously pulled up stakes in his home country for Belgium because of high taxes, says he is now actually a “citizen of the world.” Despite his well-publicized row with politicians, in an interview with French media Depardieu, 64, claims that the French public still loves him and the feeling is […]

Gerard Depardieu Misses Court Date In Paris

Gerard Depardieu recently skipped out on a court appearance in Paris. The actor is currently in the United States filming a movie. His lawyer said this is the reason he was unable to make the court date. He previously failed to show up for an appearance back in January. Gerard Depardieu will be required to […]

Gerard Depardieu Announces Plans To Open A Restaurant In New Russian Homeland

Gerard Depardieu, newly accepted citizen of Russia, plans to open a restaurant in his adopted homeland. The French actor — who left his native country after very public war of words with the French government over their plans to impose a 75 percent super tax on residents earning over million Euros a year — also […]

Gerard Depardieu Returns To Russia And A New Address On ‘Democracy Street’

Gerard Depardieu has returned to Russia for a slew of public engagements and to see his new address on “Democracy Street.” The French actor was granted a Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin in early January, after a very public spat with the French government over President Francois Hollande’s move to impose a 75 percent […]

Gerard Depardieu Fails To Show In Paris Court Over DUI Charges Because Of A Film Role

Gerard Depardieu has stayed failed to show up for a pre-scheduled date with a Paris court to face a drink-driving charge, three days after taking Russian citizenship over a tax row. The Cyrano de Bergerac star previously pleaded guilty to riding a scooter while three times over the alcohol limit in November. On November 29, […]

Gerard Depardieu Finally Gets His Russian Passport From Putin, But Remains French At ‘Heart’

Gerard Depardieu was presented with his new Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin on Saturday. The pair dined at the president’s villa on Saturday in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, the Kremlin announced on Sunday. Putin’s official spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said “a brief meeting between the president and Depardieu took place. On the occasion […]

Gerard Depardieu Lands On Russian Soil, Meets Privately With President Putin

MOSCOW — Gerard Depardieu has taken his first steps on Russian soil as a recently accepted Russian citizen. In what is perhaps an uncommon occurrence for most Russians, the French actor will also be granted a private audience with President Vladimir Putin. According to BBC News, a Kremlin spokesman said the president will meet privately […]

Brigitte Bardot Threatens To Follow Gérard Depardieu To Russia Over … Elephants

Brigitte Bardot is threatening to follow Gérard Depardieu’s example and apply for a Russian passport. The aging sex symbol’s announcement isn’t because of the controversial 75 percent tax on France’s super-rich — recently dismissed by a French court as unconstitutional — but over the treatment of two circus elephants. According to The Guardian, the two […]

Welcome, Comrade! Gerard Depardieu Offered Russian Citizenship

Actor Gerard Depardieu is leaving France and plans to fully renounce his citizenship there over steep, Draconian taxes on the wealthy. Though he was rumored to be eye-balling Belgium as his new home, Depardieu has been offered “asylum” by his own native Russia. The Green Card star recently shared his displeasure with France’s highly Socialistic […]

Depardieu Declares Court’s Ruling That French Super-Tax Is Unconstitutional ‘Changes Nothing’

When Gerard Depardieu says “Non” he means it. The Frenchman has declared that the decision by France’s Constitutional Court on Saturday to dismiss the new 75 per cent tax rate on France’s super-rich, “changes nothing.” In a statement to Le Parisien on Sunday, referring to French president Francois Hollande’s stated intention to pursue the tax […]

French Millionaires Tax Declared Unconstitutional

France’s Constitutional Council has tossed the 75 percent tax on millionaires because a major loophole made it discriminatory in the way it applied to certain households. The new tax rate is a key component of the agenda of the country’s socialist president, Francois Hollande. The new tax rate would have gone into effect on January […]

President Vladimir Putin Offers Gerard Depardieu A Russian Passport, But Will The Actor Take It?

Gerard Depardieu’s high profile tax row has now led to a passport offer from Russian President Vladimir Putin. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the actor has already left his native France in protest over a tax increases under President Francois Hollande’s government. A 75 percent tax for French citizens earning over one million euros […]

Gerard Depardieu Renounces French Citizenship Over Rich Supertax

French actor Gerard Depardieu already left France over a seriously high supertax for the rich, but now he is bidding his French citizenship “adieu” as well, adding insult to injury. Depardieu put up his historic Paris mansion, asking 50-million euros as he cleared out of the country for Belgium in light of high tax rates […]

Actor Gerard Depardieu Puts Paris Mansion Up For Sale

French actor Gerard Depardieu is getting out of Dodge, actually Paris to be exact. He has put his Paris mansion up for sale, presumably because he is serious about moving to Belgium to avoid France’s new 75 percent millionaires tax. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, France’s most famous actor has already bought a home […]

Actor Gerard Depardieu Flees France To Avoid The Tax Man

Gerard Depardieu has said adieu. France’s most famous actor has moved to the village of Nechin in Belgium, just over the border from France, to avoid his home country’s new 75% millionaires tax implemented by the socialist government of President Francois Hollande. Depardieu is reportedly planning on establishing legal residency in Belgium. Nechin Mayor Daniel […]

[Video] Watch Anderson Cooper’s Uncontrollable Gigglefit

Anderson Cooper does his best Beavis and Butthead impersonation on last night’s show. Just like the rest of us, Anderson Cooper giggles uncontrollably at YouTube videos. Heh. Heh, heh. He’s like, “I like what I see.”