‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Cyrus’ Fascination With Laura Concerns Lulu

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 21 tease that Cyrus Renault will be back on screen once again, tormenting the people of Port Charles. One of his favorites for a game of cat and mouse is Lulu Falconeri. On Monday, they will once again run into each other and he is expected to […]

Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Robert Continues To Spiral After Holly’s Death, Laura Tries To Help

Robert Scorpio got some bad news a few days ago that his ex, Holly Sutton, was dead. This past week on General Hospital showed the aftermath as he and Holly’s friends got together to reminisce and pay tribute to her. However, Robert is taking it quite hard and spoilers tease he will continue to spiral […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cyrus Continues To Play Games And Make Threats

Cyrus Renault seems to be having a bit of fun by making the people of Port Charles squirm. This past week on General Hospital had the mobster making his rounds and leaving behind a series of subtle threats. He has made several residents uncomfortable, and even angry, especially Curtis Ashford. As seen on Thursday’s show, […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Laura Lashes Out At Lulu Over Charlotte

The General Hospital previews for Tuesday’s episode reveal that Laura is angry, and it’s not directed at Valentin Cassadine this time. She will be lashing out at her daughter Lulu for putting her hatred for Valentin above Charlotte’s welfare. When Laura gets angry, the people around her know it. On Tuesday, it looks like the […]

Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Kevin Meets With Cyrus, While Robert & Laura Make Plans

It looks like Cyrus Renault is about to be released from prison soon on ABC’s General Hospital, and many people in Port Charles will be up-in-arms about that. Jordan, Curtis, Sonny, and Jason have cooked up a plan to get rid of the mobster once and for all. However, the mayor is not in on […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura’s Family Rallies Around Her In The Aftermath Of Mob War

Laura Collins got caught right in the middle of the recent mob war that took place on the docks during this week’s General Hospital. She was injured during the shootout that unexpectedly broke out. The incident also involved Michael, Sasha, and Josslyn. Now she is undergoing surgery to remove the bullet as her family rallies […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Wants To Help Charlotte & Kevin Offers His Expertise

Charlotte Cassadine has been chatting it up with Nikolas, as seen recently on General Hospital. She thinks that he is her bodyguard, but little does she know that he is actually her uncle and the one who is out to destroy her father. The little girl mentioned something to her grandmother, Laura, and now there […]

Genie Francis Talks Laura’s Betrayal By Kevin, What She Hopes ‘General Hospital’ Writers Do Next

Laura finally knows the truth about Kevin hiding Ryan at Ferncliff for months. General Hospital viewers watched this past week as she tried to wrap her head around the truth of it all and spoilers suggest that this may drive a permanent wedge between the two. However, actress Genie Francis is opening up about the […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Finds A Way To Keep Laura At Arm’s Length

This past week on ABC’s General Hospital had Ryan Chamberlain trying his best to keep Kevin’s wife from getting too close to him. It’s been quite a challenge as Laura is desperately seeking her husband’s attention, only he is not really her husband. She wants a little love in the afternoon, or whenever she can […]

‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Genie Francis’ Return As Laura After Lengthy, Unwanted Hiatus

Last winter, General Hospital wrote Genie Francis and her character of Laura off of the show, and it came as quite the shock. It quickly emerged that Francis herself hadn’t asked to take a break from the show, and the sudden departure had clearly wreaked havoc on the storyline that had been playing out at […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nicolas Bechtel Confirms Upcoming Return As Spencer Cassadine

General Hospital spoilers reveal that another popular actor is returning to the show this fall and fans will be anxious to see what comes with this development. Nicolas Bechtel is back as Spencer Cassadine and viewers hope that this return is a long-term one. As the Inquisitr recently detailed, actor Jon Lindstrom recently posted a […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jon Lindstrom Teases Return Of Laura, Spencer Seemingly Returning Home Too

General Hospital spoilers have teased that there’s a lot of great stuff on the way this fall and some interesting arrivals are on the horizon. It has been known for a while now that Genie Francis will be back as Laura and it looks like her first episodes will air soon. A social media post […]

‘General Hospital’ Cast News: Genie Francis Set To Return As Laura, Much To The Delight Of Fans [Spoilers]

General Hospital fans were furious when the show decided to let actress Genie Francis go earlier this year and they have been quite vocal in the months since Francis’ departure that they wanted her back. Now, spoilers reveal, Genie is going to be back in the mix of things as Laura and viewers are hoping […]

‘General Hospital’ Icon Genie Francis Speaks Out In Defense Of Frank Valentini Regarding Laura’s Exit

General Hospital fans have been in an uproar since Genie Francis was taken off contract. Laura Spencer has been an iconic character on the show for decades. Francis’ portrayal of her helped draw millions of viewers when Laura married Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) in the early 80s. She is a fixture for General Hospital and […]

‘General Hospital’ Is Bringing Genie Francis Back, ABC Executive Says It’s Gonna Be Huge

General Hospital fans would be pleased to know that ABC is working on bringing back Genie Francis. The actress has been dropped to a recurring status, which disappointed many fans, particularly those who have been watching the daytime soap for decades. In a recent interview with podcast Daytime After Dark, ABC executive Nathan Varni confirmed […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Genie Francis Getting Back On Contract? Fans Hope So

Last month, the soap world was rocked by the news of Genie Francis’ departure from General Hospital. The veteran actress has been demoted to a recurring status, upsetting GH fans. With a rumor that a soap opera is planning to bring back a soap’s vet, GH viewers hope it is Francis. Thousands signed petition to […]

Genie Francis Outrage: Daytime Actors Speak Out In Support Of ‘General Hospital’ Actress

Genie Francis being demoted to recurring status on General Hospital has ruffled a lot of feathers. Fans have been speaking out on social media, tagging the show’s executives in tweets about how angry they are. A petition was started to give Francis back her full-time role as Laura Spencer. Unfortunately, it seems that General Hospital […]

‘General Hospital’ EP Frank Valentini Reportedly Refused To Talk To Genie Francis

Over the weekend, General Hospital fans were shocked by the news that their beloved daytime star, Genie Francis, has been demoted to recurring status. New information revealed what happened when Francis was told about her status. Genie Francis, who portrays Laura Spencer, was reportedly told she was out of full-time contract the day she taped […]

Genie Francis Moves To ‘Days Of Our Lives’ After Being Demoted On ‘General Hospital’ [Rumor]

General Hospital has been receiving some flak among viewers after revealing that one of its actresses, Genie Francis, has been demoted to a recurring role in the ABC soap opera. While viewers are fighting for justice for Francis, a new report suggests that the actress might have another role waiting for her on the NBC […]

‘General Hospital’ Fans Demand Official Explanation Why Genie Francis Was Demoted To Recurring Role

General Hospital has dropped Genie Francis’ contract and bumped her into a recurring role. Many disappointed fans are demanding an official explanation from management. The news also brought to light the gender equality issue on soap operas, especially as it emerged at the time of 2018 Women’s March. Genie Francis, who plays Laura Spencer on […]

Does ABC’s ‘General Hospital’ Need Another Luke And Laura-Like 1981 Phenomenon For Ratings?

The year was 1981 when more Americans sat in front of their TV sets to watch Luke and Laura’s wedding on ABC’s General Hospital than they did for the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was during that era when Luke and Laura were almost like American royalty for the soap opera […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Voyages To America, Ava Has A Visitor, Laura Holds A Gun On Valentin

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava (Maura West) gets a surprise visitor. She is shocked when Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), the man of her dreams, arrives at the clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, to rescue her from the sinister Doctor Klein. Griffin travels to Russia just to see how Ava is faring. He confirms his […]

‘General Hospital’ Cast: Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom Heading Back To Port Charles

Fan favorites are coming back to General Hospital. Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom are reprising their roles as Laura and Kevin, respectively. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Laura is returning to town soon, which means that Kevin is also on his way. They were in Europe to help Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) settle in school. General […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: 10 Spoilers Reveal Laura Livid With Valentin As He Plays Doting Uncle To Spencer

Step aside ordinary townies of Port Charles, there’s royalty in town! With the return of Prince Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel), General Hospital spoilers reveal that fans can expect a drama-filled May sweeps season, becoming of highfalutin folk coming back to town. Spencer’s paternal grandmother, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) had enrolled her grandson into a high […]

‘General Hospital’ Stars Celebrate Easter: How Did They Spend The Holiday?

Some of the stars of ABC’s General Hospital took some time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the Easter holiday weekend with family and friends. They have shared their special moments with their fans on social media, and it looks like they had a wonderful time just relaxing with their loved ones. Michelle Stafford, […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Unraveling The Anna Mystery, How Valentin Comes To Her Rescue With Nina’s Help

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is acting strangely and does not seem like herself, and General Hospital fans have caught on that something is amiss. Anna has been acting mysteriously and frustrating the agenda of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) since leaving town and returning. Could Alex be impersonating Anna? Does Cesar Faison have something do […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Does Laura’s Dream Mean That Nikolas Is Alive?

There has been an ongoing feud between the Spencers and the Cassadines on General Hospital for many years. While things are a little different these days, there is still the animosity going on in Port Charles with Valentin Cassadine and mother-daughter team, Laura Spencer and Lulu Falconeri. Now a particular dream that Laura just had […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Genie Francis Gives Stellar Performance, Will Laura Be Able To Save Kevin’s Life?

Most longtime General Hospital viewers remember actress Genie Francis in her portrayal of a young Laura Webber just starting out on daytime TV. She has been off and on over the years, but she is now back and has delivered quite the drama this past week. The chaos on Cassadine Island has gotten even more […]

‘General Hospital’ Genie Francis Unveils 40-Pound Weight Loss, Gave Her A New Lease On Life — Read Her Story

General Hospital superstar Genie Francis, who portrays Laura Spencer, unveiled her weight loss success by slipping into a pair of skinny jeans. Francis revealed it was that moment when she realized she had conquered her weight demons and could do anything, whether it was weight loss or other life goals, reported ET on Monday. Genie […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Laura Stop Liz And Jake’s Wedding To Make The Big Jason Morgan Reveal?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors are running rampant, especially when it comes to the big Jason Morgan reveal that is supposed to be coming up soon. Fans of the ABC soap have been waiting a long time for everyone in Port Charles to find out that the supposedly dead Jason has been walking around as […]

Anthony Geary ‘General Hospital’: Actors React As Luke Exits Port Charles, Genie Francis’ Laura Becomes Vixen [Video]

Anthony Geary and General Hospital‘s Luke Spencer are forever tied together in the minds of soap opera lovers. Anthony portrayed Luke, faithfully showing the highs (and tear-jerking lows) of his love for Laura as the two participated in a TV wedding that put The Bachelor‘s final rose ceremony in the shade. And now, it’s time […]

‘General Hospital’ Says Goodbye To Luke Spencer, Anthony Geary Gets Farewell Messages From Co-Stars

On July 27, Anthony Geary will have his last air date on General Hospital. Soap fans will be saying farewell to his longtime character, Luke Spencer, as he leaves Port Charles for good. The actor had announced his retirement from the ABC daytime drama that he has been a part of for decades. Not only […]

Anthony Geary’s ‘General Hospital’ Exit: Actor Talks Final Storyline, Luke Spencer Farewell

General Hospital fans have known for some time now that Anthony Geary would be leaving Port Charles and the role of Luke Spencer this summer. Luke and Laura had one last wild adventure to set the stage for his departure and now just a few more episodes remain before Spencer leaves town for good. What […]

Anthony Geary Joins Genie Francis In Leaving ‘General Hospital’ As Laura & Luke Spencer Bid Adieu [Video]

Anthony Geary ended his reign on General Hospital. Known for his role as Luke Spencer, Anthony exchanged emotional farewells with friends that he had made after more than 30 years on the soap opera that Geary helped to make so beloved, reported MSN. And social media gave his co-workers the opportunity to share their admiration […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Genie Francis Teases Luke And Laura Summer Adventure, Lucky’s Return

There is a wild adventure ahead this summer on General Hospital as Luke and Laura are reunited and scramble to save their son, Lucky. Viewers know that this is all leading to a farewell to Anthony Geary and the character of Luke Spencer, but many of the specifics are still under wraps. What are the […]

Jonathan Jackson, Nathan Parsons Return: ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal Family Send-Off For Luke Spencer

Fans will be saying goodbye to Luke Spencer this summer on General Hospital, and it seems the show is pulling out all the stops. Now reports indicate that as many speculated, Jonathan Jackon and Nathan Parsons are returning in the roles of Lucky Spencer and Ethan Lovett to be a part of the storyline of […]

Jonathan Jackson, Noah Parsons Return To ‘General Hospital’ As Anthony Geary, Genie Francis Reunite Before Luke Exits

Jonathan Jackson and Noah Parsons return to General Hospital? Yes, that rumor is based in reality for the popular soap opera, just as Anthony Geary, who played Luke Spencer, prepares to say goodbye, reported The Wrap. Fans of the ABC soap opera are already mourning the fact that Geary will exit the show soon. As […]

Soleil Moon Frye: Bathing Suit Shows Soleil’s 40-Pound Weight Loss On Nutrisystem With Genie Francis, Melissa Hart [Photos]

Soleil Moon Frye adores flaunting her newly slim body in a bathing suit. So when it was time to show off her 40-pound weight loss accomplished just in time for revealing summer attire, Soleil took it (almost) all off in her choice of swimsuit, reported Us Weekly. Trying to lose weight after having her third […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anthony Geary Confirms Show Exit, Luke Spencer Set To Leave Port Charles

After months of speculation, Anthony Geary confirms he has quit General Hospital and the role of Luke Spencer. Though Geary has taken lengthy breaks over the years he’s been in the role, it seems that this time he won’t be coming back to Port Charles. Michael Logan of TV Insider broke the news that had […]

Laura Spencer: ‘General Hospital’ Welcomes Genie Francis Back To Soap Opera Role After 30-Pound Weight Loss

Laura Spencer reigned as one of General Hospital’s most iconic characters for years. Now Genie Francis, the 52-year-old actress who portrayed that dynamic diva, is getting cheers from her fans with the announcement that she is returning to the show, reported People. Although she began her General Hospital soap opera success journey in 1976 before […]

Laura Spencer To ‘General Hospital’: Genie Francis Set To Return To Port Charles

Fresh on the heels of Genie Francis appearing with Anthony Geary at the Daytime Emmy Awards show comes big news for General Hospital fans. Though little is known yet in terms of specifics, it seems that Laura is returning to Port Charles for a spin. What’s the scoop? In the midst of the news that […]

‘General Hospital’ News: Genie Francis, Tony Geary To Reunite At Daytime Emmy Awards Show

General Hospital fans will definitely want to be tuning in to the Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast when it airs Sunday, April 26 on PopTV. There had been some rumors and teasers that there might be a big appearance at some point during the broadcast and now the news is out. Which fan-favorite duo is reuniting […]

Genie Francis Weight Loss: Actress Explains How She Lost 30 Pounds

Actress Genie Francis opened up about her impressive weight loss in a recent interview with People. Francis confirms that she was able to rely on the Nutrisystem program to successfully lose 30 pounds in seven months. The 52-year-old actress claims that her significant weight gain was caused by menopause, in addition to the stress of […]