The ESRB Has Decided To Warn Gamers About Loot Boxes

The regulatory organization tasked with reviewing video game content — and prescribing age-based ratings for consumers — is introducing new parameters to its system. The aim of these new guidelines is to make parents, and consumers in general, more aware of games that include loot boxes and other forms of randomized in-game purchases. In a […]

Super Bowl 2020 Betting Odds & How To Place A Bet

Disclaimer: the following is presented for informational purposes only. The Inquisitr is not affiliated with any betting organization or sports book and does not endorse such behavior. Those interested in gambling should consult their local laws and be sure to wager responsibly. Super Bowl Sunday is not only one of the biggest days in the […]

Nintendo, Sony, And Microsoft Agree To Start Disclosing Digital Loot Box Odds

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced Wednesday that three of the biggest names in the video-game industry will begin publishing the odds of so-called “loot boxes,” Kotaku reports. Beginning some time in 2020, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will publish the odds of getting sought-after items when players purchase the loot boxes. The rules would apply […]

Gambler Pleads Guilty To Threatening Athletes On Instagram

A gambler and college soccer player from Massachusetts has agreed to plead guilty to charges that he sent violent and racist threats to certain athletes after he lost money betting on their games. Per MassLive, 23-year-old Addison Choi, a California native who played soccer at Babson College in Massachusetts, has pled guilty to a federal […]

‘Jeopardy’ Star James Holzhauer Loves Sports Betting

James Holzhauer has made a name for himself in recent weeks as the biggest game show star since Ken Jennings, and it turns out that Jeopardy isn’t the only place the young player likes to win big money, as TMZ reports. On Tuesday, Holzhauer appeared on FS1’s Lock It In and covered, among other topics, […]

Royal Baby Name Odds: The Latest Top Picks For Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Son

As the world waits for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to officially announce the name of their royal baby, bettors across the United Kingdom and Ireland are putting actual money on what they think the name will be. And so far, the leaders are Spencer, James, and Alexander, The Telegraph reports. Here in the United […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Betting Odds Favor Bran Stark To Rule The Seven Kingdoms

The final hours until the long-anticipated first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones are being ticked off the clock, and the betting public favors Bran Stark to be the person who ultimately occupies the Iron Throne, ESPN reports. You may be surprised to be reading about legal betting on the outcome of […]

New Pro Football League Will Allow Play-By-Play Gambling

The newly debuted Alliance of American Football is off to a modest start in terms of crowd sizes, but the new venture’s business model is about a lot more than filling stadium seats, USA Today reports. While the league does intend to draw crowds across its eight-team venues and has brokered network deals for airing […]

Donald Trump Is Likely To Win Re-Election In 2020: At Least, That’s What Casinos Taking Bets On It Say

Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020, according to European sportsbooks taking bets on that particular event. The idea of betting on the outcome of a political event may sound ridiculous to Americans, since here in the U.S. you can only put down money on casino games, lotteries, and sports — and betting on sports […]

FTC To Investigate Video Game ‘Loot Boxes’ As Potential Form Of Gambling

Federal Trade Commission chairman Joe Simons announced Tuesday that the agency would be investigating the use of micro-transactions, commonly referred to as loot boxes, in video games. According to NBC, there has been growing concern around the use of these loot boxes, which some view as a form of gambling designed to be addictive that […]

Lamar Odom Kidnapped, Girlfriend And Daughter Held At Gunpoint, Reports ‘Radar’

Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, was reportedly kidnapped in a gambling scheme gone horribly wrong, according to a new report by Radar Online. Odom reportedly spent two days with his captors, while his girlfriend and her 2-year-old daughter were “terrorized” at gunpoint, per the story from Radar. A source claims to Radar that Odom was […]

Sports Betting Is Now Legal, Supreme Court Rules, In A Blow To Professional And Amateur Sports Leagues

Sports betting cannot be outlawed by the federal government, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, handing a victory to New Jersey lawmakers who have been hoping to collect taxes from the practice. As Yahoo News reports, in a 7-2 decision in the case of Murphy v. NCAA, the Court ruled 1992’s PASPA law (Professional and Amateur […]

Texas Woman Wins $1.2 Million On $18 Kentucky Derby Bet, Here’s How She Did It

A Texas woman won big on the Kentucky Derby – so big, in fact, that her $1.2 million payout is more than winner Justify earned his owners for winning the prestigious race, ABC News is reporting. To understand how she got there, you need to understand a little bit about the sometimes-arcane world of betting […]

Kentucky Derby Odds, Post Positions: What The Early Betting Looks Like For The 144th Run For The Roses

Kentucky Derby Week is officially here! That means that horse racing fans, and those who don’t care a lick about the sport except for this one particular event, are all turning their eyes towards Louisville for the sport’s most prestigious race. And of course, what’s horse racing without a friendly wager? The race is still […]

Kentucky Derby Betting: How To Legally Place A Bet, And What All Those Strange Betting Terms Mean

Kentucky Derby Week is officially here! As CBS News reports, the 144th running of horse racing’s most prestigious event will take place on Saturday. And as such, the Derby is the race where people who otherwise wouldn’t pay any attention to horse racing may be willing to place a bet, just because. Fortunately, the Inquisitr […]

Loot Box Age Restriction And Transparency Bills Introduced In Hawaii, Other States Could Follow Suit

Lawmakers in Hawaii have just introduced four new bills, which are all aimed at regulating the sale of video game loot boxes. Regulatory bodies such as the ESA, PEGI, ESRB, and multiple gaming commissions are still debating about whether or not loot boxes can be classified as gambling, but Hawaii has apparently done more than […]

Super Bowl 2018 Odds: Who Do The Odds-Makers, Analysts, And The Betting Public Like For Super Bowl LII?

Super Bowl 2018 — or Super Bowl LII (52) if you want to get all official about it — is just around the corner, and with it comes the usual process of money changing hands in the form of betting. So what are the odds on the remaining four teams in the hunt to appear […]

Melania Leaving Donald? Irish Bookmaker Taking Bets That She Will In Light Of Body Double Controversy

Is Melania Trump leaving Donald? An Irish bookmaker has increased the chances of that happening by a whopping 25 percent in light of recent conspiracy theories that the first lady is sending a body double to stand in for her, Yahoo News is reporting. Irish betting website Paddy Power had been taking bets at 16-1 […]

Daily Fantasy Companies Draft Kings And Fanduel Fight Bid To Block Merger

The biggest daily fantasy companies, Draft Kings and Fanduel, are currently fighting a bid to block their merger. The Federal Trade Commission launched proceedings to halt the deal stating that it violated anti-trust laws and would create a near monopoly of the daily fantasy sports market. The two companies vigorously defended their merger, saying that […]

Trump Impeachment Odds: How To Make A Quick Buck On Trump’s Possible Ouster From Office

The Trump impeachment odds are in your favor! If you wanted to make a bet on whether Trump will be impeached — or possibly more accurately, when he will be impeached — now is the time, as foreign bookmakers are taking a variety of bets on the issue. Play your cards right (so to speak) […]

Chicago Cubs Vs. Boston Red Sox 2017 World Series? Vegas Odds Say Yes — And More

Two Major League Baseball teams that recently broke decades-long World Series droughts, the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox, will square off in the 2017 Fall Classic — at least according to Las Vegas oddsmakers who are greeting the opening of the MLB season this week by installing those two venerable teams as favorites to […]

Will President Donald Trump Be Impeached? You Can ‘Bet’ On It

Petitions for Donald Trump to be impeached are rising around the country at breakneck speeds. Daily, headlines crop up with updates and the latest news about President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment drives. However, for some, it may be a safe “bet” to take — especially if you’re a gambling person. On Sunday, Politico ran a […]

Trump Bets In U.K. Still Predict That He Will Not Become President

It might sound unimportant to Americans that bettors in the U.K. still think Donald Trump will not become president of the United States, but there is a long history of using gambling statistics to predict the outcome of elections. In the past, U.K. bettors have captured headlines because of their large bets on American politicians, […]

Does Trump’s Win Positively Affect Online Gambling In The U.S.?

Thousands of Americans are still feeling the aftermath of the presidential election that just took place. With Trump’s win, some feel ashamed and embarrassed to be an American, while others feel that he will bring out a positive and welcoming change to the U.S. After all, his slogan does read, “Making America Great Again,” doesn’t […]

Man Bets $200K On Hillary Clinton As Political Bettors Gear Up For ‘Last 100 Days’

Has America’s race for president become the next Super Bowl with millions of people betting on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Furthermore, can these overseas bets be a way to predict if Hillary Clinton will win in November? Reports have emerged that a man in Australia is currently betting an estimated $200,000 on Hillary Clinton […]

Daily Fantasy Sports: FanDuel Announces New Bill Of Rights To Kick Off August

With the NFL returning on August 7 and baseball in the dog days, it’s only fair that the popular — and sometimes pun-filled — commercials for daily fantasy sports return for six to seven airing within a thirty-minute period. Fresh off a victory in New York that would allow residents there to spend their money […]

Guy Loses Money Gambling On Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Sues Game Manufacturer Valve For His Losses

A Connecticut man who lost money gambling on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – a game that was never intended for gambling – has sued manufacturer Valve for its role in an illicit gambling industry that is obliquely – and illegally – connected to the game, The Seattle Times is reporting. Michael John McLeod of Fairfield, Connecticut, […]

Liam Payne, Zayn Malik Still Friends One Year After One Direction Split

Evidently, Liam Payne’s latest clock tattoo was a sign that he has time for everyone … including Zayn Malik. As it appears, just as Zayn Malik is about to release his new solo album and simultaneously celebrate the one-year anniversary of his split from One Direction, Liam Payne is in the same city as him. […]

The Cruel And Bloody Sport Of Horse Fighting Is Still Alive

Horse fighting is a cruel and bloody sport most prevalent on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. At present, thousands of horses are involved in hundreds of fights on the major island, as well as other parts of the world. In a horse fight, two stallions are provoked to fight each other over […]

Louis Tomlinson Bets: Paternity, Soccer Manager, Pregnancy Outcome

Louis Tomlinson has been the center of many enticing headlines during One Direction’s final days of their North American tour. However, it is alleged that he might be taking on a lot of gambles in his personal life — and in a strange twist of fate, Louis Tomlinson himself is the focus of a new […]

$25 Million Ticket: Missouri Mega Millions Winner Finally Comes Forward

The $25 million Mega Millions ticket, sold in Missouri, has finally been claimed. The ticket, with the winning numbers of 28, 32, 33, 40, 46, and the Mega Ball 10, was sold on July 31 in the southwest corner of the state at the Rio Alce convenience store, located at 441 N. Highway 59, in […]

Lotto Tickets, Gas Pumps: California Selling Lottery Tickets At Gas Pumps, Fuels Controversy

Purchasing lotto tickets at gas pumps may seem far fetched. However, California is now allowing gas stations to sell lottery tickets at the pump, which has started fueling controversy over gambling issues. Apparently, the “convenient stores” aren’t as convenient as one might hope, and the California lottery officials are hoping to gain lottery sales from […]

Floyd Mayweather Wins Again, Cashes In On $827,000 In Bets

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. truly lives up to his name. Aside from being an undisputed boxer, he is also a notorious gambler famous for his huge gambling wins. Last year around October, he enjoyed a winning streak betting on NFL games which gained him almost $4 million. His wins over the past four days might […]

Exacta? Trifecta? Superfecta? How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby Like A Pro

Today is Kentucky Derby day, and if you’d like to place a wager on the race, but you’re confused by all the betting terms gamblers throw around, you’re not alone. This post will teach you the basics of not only the classic “straight” bets — Win, Place, and Show — but also how to understand […]

Isle Casino Hotel Doesn’t Have To Pay Hopeful Grandmother $41 Million Winnings

The Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo, Iowa, was the sudden birthplace of plans and dreams of 90-year-old Pauline McKee after the penny slot machine she was playing told her she had won over $41 million. Her reaction was quite calm, even knowing the amount of money she had won was astounding. According to the Chicago […]

Atlantic City Gamblers Win $1.5 Million Thanks To Casino Error – The Casino Wants It Back

A group of gamblers who took an Atlantic City casino for $1.5 million thanks to an un-shuffled deck of cards – a mistake the casino admits – have sued to be allowed to keep their winnings, Yahoo News is reporting. In August 2012, 14 gamblers were playing Mini Baccarat at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Casino […]

Powerball Winning Numbers Results March 4: $90 Million Jackpot Up For Grabs, Did Anyone Win?

Feeling lucky? Check your Powerball ticket to see if you have the winning numbers in the March 4 drawing — you could be an instant multi-millionaire tonight if you match all five numbers and the Powerball. Tonight’s jackpot is $90 million, which should be enough to make most of your dreams come true. There were […]

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Results: Did Anyone Win The Jackpot March 3?

Hoping to win the Mega Millions jackpot tonight? If you match all six winning numbers on March 3, you will take home the $15 million lottery prize — or share it if there is more than one winning ticket sold. At $15 million, Tuesday night’s jackpot isn’t a whopper, but the lump sum payout of […]

Judge: Gamblers Ordered To Return Big Winnings For Casino’s Unshuffled Cards

Some unlucky gamblers who mistakenly thought they were very lucky when they figured out cards weren’t shuffled won $1.5 million at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A judge broke the news to the gamblers when she ordered them to return the winnings to the casino. According to the Associated Press, State Superior Court […]

Powerball Winning Numbers Results February 11: Are You The $500 Million Jackpot Winner?

Did anyone win the Powerball $500 million jackpot on Wednesday night? If you are hoping to quit your job and enjoy life as a mega-millionaire, get ready to check your tickets to see if you have the winning numbers for the February 11 drawing. The Powerball results are announced at approximately 11 p.m. ET. Anxious […]

From The Kitchen Counter To The Poker Table: Swedish Trainee Chef Wins World Series Of Poker

In a historic game of World Series of Poker (WSOP), that for the first time did not include an American finalist, an unlikely Swedish trainee chef has emerged as the winner. The Washington Post reported that Sweden’s Martin Jacobson won the $10 million World Series of Poker prize. The 27-year-old trainee chef got his start […]

Rolls-Royce Gets Its Largest Order, Ever!

The $20 million question everyone is asking is, who is the man behind the largest order for Rolls-Royce Phantom? His name is Stephen Hung, a 55-year-old business man from Hong Kong. According to Business Insider, the real estate entrepreneur has placed an order for 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms, the largest order to be made in Rolls-Royce […]

Will New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Allow Pete Rose Back Into Baseball?

Now that Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is stepping down – and being replaced by Rob Manfred – Pete Rose is hoping that he will finally be allowed back into baseball, The Celebrity Café is reporting. Earlier this week, Rose spoke to ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap and discussed the upcoming transfer of power at the […]

Pete Rose’s Baseball Comeback: One Time Stunt Or Sign Of Things To Come?

Pete Rose returned to baseball last night, managing the Bridgeport Bluefish, an independent Atlantic League team. Rose, whose lifetime ban from baseball came about because of a gambling scandal, made jokes about Donald Sterling’s recent ban from the NBA. He also talked about the possibility of Bud Selig pardoning him before his retirement in January. […]

New Jersey Man, Who Won Nothing, Was Sentenced to 17 Years for Trying to Cheat Casino

Derek Bethea, a man from New Jersey, was sentenced to 17 years in a state prison for attempting to cheat three separate Atlanta Ccasinos. According to Reuters, Bethea was placing craps bets after the dice had already been rolled. The story goes like this, the man was at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlanta […]

Borgata Casino Lawsuit Says Phil Ivey Cheated, Poker Champ Won $9.6 Million

A Borgata Casino lawsuit filed Wednesday accuses Phil Ivey, the world’s best known — and by many accounts, best — poker player of cheating the casino out of $9.6 million during a series of visits to the Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino in 2012. The Borgata is also suing the manufacturer of playing cards that, […]

John Daly Gives Extensive Interview At The Masters, Talks About His Life

John Daly sat down with Monday to discuss his very colorful life, including golf, his drinking, public mishaps, and gambling. Daly is as well known for his off the course incidents as for being a two-time major winner. He won the 1991 PGA Championship, and the 1995 British Open. He was the ninth alternate […]

Powerball Numbers Miss For 10th Straight Drawing, Jackpot Nears $200 Mil

The Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday night were 11, 23, 28, 32 and 47, with a Powerball number of 20 — and for the 10th straight time, no one in the 43 states, plus the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands where Powerball tickets are sold, hit that entire six-digit combo. That means that the […]

Powerball Numbers Again Produce No Big Winners, Jackpot Hits $171 Million

The Powerball numbers for January 25 are in, and for the ninth consecutive drawing, no one matched all five numbers plus the final Powerball number. That means that Wednesday’s jackpot is currently estimated at $171 million, according to the multi-state Powerball lottery’s own web site. The total will probably rise as Powerball fever picks up […]

Powerball Numbers Unlucky For 8th Drawing, Jackpot Now $152 Mil

The Powerball numbers picked in the Wednesday, January 22 drawing failed to match a single ticket. It has now been one month since anyone won the 45-state Powerball lottery, meaning the jackpot is starting to edge toward the astronomical numbers that generate long lines at every local 7-11 and retail outlet that sells lottery tickets. […]