Air France Flight A380 Emergency Landing In Newfoundland After Engine Disintegrates Mid-Air

Passengers on Air France flight A380 survived a terrifying experience on Saturday when one of the super jumbo jet’s engines “blew apart” in midair. According to CTV News, the Air France flight was on its way from Paris to Los Angeles with no apparent problems when, without warning, the engine failed spectacularly. As flight A380 […]

Paris Labor Protests Take A Turn For The Violent

Paris labor protests took a turn for the violent, as 26 were injured in an open clash between protestors and the riot police force yesterday. Twenty of the injured were part of the police, while six were protesting civilians. As thousands marched in the French capital to protest revisions in existing labor laws, street protests […]

RAF Fighter Jets Engage UFO In Dogfight Over Northern England, According To Conspiracy Theorists — ‘Mass Panic’ After Sonic Booms Were Heard Over Yorkshire

A report has emerged in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claiming that a series of loud bangs — believed to be sonic booms — heard over several towns and cities in Yorkshire, Northern England, late on Monday, May 2, 2016, were due to a UFO that emerged from the North Sea and engaged British RAF Eurofighter […]

Air France Gay Flight Attendants Say No To Iran Route Citing Brutal Anti-LGBT Laws

Gay flight attendants working for Air France are not happy that the airline is once again reopening its route to Iran, as homosexuality is punishable by death in that country. They are demanding the right to refuse to fly on the Tehran route. The airline will be resuming flights to Tehran on April 17 after […]

Air France Dress Code: Airline Revisits Controversial Headscarf Requirement For Iran Flights

Air France has revisited its controversial dress code on Paris-Tehran flights, which originally mandated that female pilots and flight attendants wear a head scarf after leaving the plane in Tehran. As MSN reports, female Air France employees who disagree with the policy can instead opt out of the Paris-Tehran flight entirely. Air France has recently […]

Air France Flight Attendants Furious Over Order For Women To Wear Headscarves

Female flight attendants employed by Air France are absolutely furious about new dress code policies that will be enforced when flights resume from Paris to Tehran next month. According to a Mashable report, female Air France flight attendants are going to be required to wear loose clothing and headscarves when working flights to and from […]

Air France Orders Female Flight Attendants To Wear Headscarves In Iran

Air France female flight attendants are protesting a new order from the airline that they wear headscarves, loose clothing, and trousers when flying into Iran. The flight attendants union cites the dignity of women and secularism as a reason to strike when flights to Tehran resume later this month. One flight attendant union, the Syndicat […]

Woman Hid Child In Bag On Air France Flight, But She Had A Pretty Noble Reason

The list of things you’re not allowed to smuggle on planes is quite extensive. The banned items include matches, lighter fluid, aerosol containers, and fireworks. Those are quite obvious. It’s also common sense that passengers aren’t allowed to hide a child in a carry-on bag, but even so, a French woman was just caught doing […]

Baby Found Hidden In Carry-On Bag On Air France Flight

Passengers on board an Air France flight found a baby hidden inside a woman’s carry-on bag on Monday. One passenger said he knew something was amiss when a woman’s carry-on bag started moving around by itself, according to Fox News. Flight attendants subsequently opened the piece of luggage and found a baby inside. Metro quoted […]

Paris: Air France Jet Narrowly Misses Collision With A Drone

A major tragedy was averted at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle International Airport last month when an Air France jet descending towards the airport narrowly avoided a collision with a drone. According to the Local, the incident happened on February 19 but has only come to light now after officials released details about the incident on […]

Air France Confirm ‘Bomb’ Is A ‘False Alarm’: Kenya Flight To Paris Suffers A Terrorist Bombing Attack Hoax [Video]

Officials at Air France have confirmed that a bomb scare was a “false alarm.” Air France Flight 463 was flying from Kenya to Paris, France when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Mombasa due to the discovery of a suspicious object within the plane’s toilet compartment. Although it was originally feared […]

Air France Bomb Threats Deemed Hoaxes, Paris Flights Diverted To Halifax, Salt Lake City

Two Air France flights, Flight 55, from Washington to Paris, and Flight 65, from Los Angeles to Paris, were diverted on Tuesday after the airline received telephone bomb threats. The threats were received by Air France shortly after the flights took off from Washington and Los Angeles, reports the CBC. The threats were not said […]

Air France Passengers Get To See ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ 2 Days Before U.S. Release

Those of you who are clambering to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before it is released to cinemas on December 18 now finally have a way to do just that. You can get on an Air France flight, because the company is offering the opportunity to fly to France and then attend a screening […]

Air France Employee Protesters Attack Executives, Union Delegate Says Xavier Broseta, ‘Was Almost Lynched’ [Video]

Two senior Air France executives were attacked by employee protesters as they attempted to leave a meeting about job cuts. The men had their clothing torn from their bodies, and they were forced to climb a fence to flee the angry mob. The Guardian reports that tension between Air France employees and management has been […]

AirAsia Plane Crash: Experts Share Leading Theories On Causes Of Tragedy

As recovery efforts for the AirAsia plane crash continue in the Java Sea, experts are stepping forward to share leading theories on what caused the tragic crash on Sunday. One theory is that a small explosion caused AirAsia flight Qz8501 to crash. According to John Nance, a former Air Force pilot and current news consultant […]

Air France Pilots Sleeping: ‘F***, We’re Dead!’ Says Co-Pilot In Crash That Killed 228, Report Reveals

Two Air France pilots were sleeping when their Airbus 330 ran into unexpected trouble over the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 — and one is heard on a black box recording saying, “F***! We’re dead!” seconds before the plummeting plane slammed into the water, killing all 228 people on board instantly, a new investigative […]

Air France, Lufthansa To Avoid Ukraine Airspace After Malaysian Plane Crash [Update]

Earlier today, reports that a Malaysian plane crashed over Russian airspace began to appear on social sites, and now, Air France has reportedly decided to temporarily re-route flights away from affected airspace. As of now, information on the Malaysian jet crash is scant, but statements have been issued on behalf of the involved governments. Ukranian […]

Air France Bomb Threat Thought To Be Terrorist Bombing Plot

An Air France bomb threat is thought to be a potential terrorist bombing plot. The French anti-terrorist unit believed Air France flight 385 flying from Caracas, Venezuela to Paris might be the target for terrorists. Miguel Rodriguez, Venezuela Minister for the Interior, explained the Air France bomb threat: “It was assumed that explosive had been […]

Fake Pilot Talked His Way Into Plane Cockpit

A fake pilot bluffed his way into the cockpit at the Philadelphia airport. Phillipe Jernnard, a man described as an anti-American French national, successfully impersonated an airplane pilot. The massive breach of Philadelphia airport security remains under investigation. Phillipe Jernnard reportedly entered the US Airways cockpit dressed like an Air France pilot. The Philadelphia plane […]

Air France-KLM ousts CEO, moving to boost financial performance

In light of overwhelmingly poor financial performance over the past year, Air France-KLM is being forced to shake up the company a bit, starting with the ousting of Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, the now-former CEO. Air France announced today that Gourgeon’s position as Air France-KLM CEO will be passed on to Jean-Cyril Spinetta. Additionally, Air France put […]

Two Passengers on Crashed Air France Plane Linked to Islamic Terrorist Groups

French government agents working out of Brazil have confirmed that 2 of the passengers who died on the crashed Air France flight 447 jet were linked to Islamic terrorist groups. Immediately after it was confirmed that the Air France jet crashed, agents with France’s DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), the French equivalent of […]

Officials confirm “bodies found” in Air France crash

Officials have confirmed remains and wreckage have been located in the crash of Air France Flight 447, the BBC has confirmed. Information is currently scarce regarding all details of the find, but at a news conference, a spokesperson was quoted as saying: “We confirm the recovery from the water debris and bodies from the Air […]

Confirmed: Riverdancer Eithne Walls was on Flight 447

There’s a bit of Google News confusion right now surrounding the loss of young Irish doctor and Riverdance alum Eithne Walls on Flight 447. Information has been difficult to locate due to a widespread misspelling of her name as “Eithne Wallis.” Walls, 28, hailed from Co. Down. During her six years in medical school at […]

Little known about the fate of Air France Flight 447

French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted that the chances of finding any survivors from missing Air France Flight 447 are “very low,” as family members and press crowded Charles de Gaulle International Airport waiting for any news on their missing loved ones. Last known contact from Flight 447 occurred just after 9:20PM EST, transmitting a report […]

Confirmed: Missing Air France Flight 447 has Crashed in the Atlantic

The missing Air France flight en-route from Rio de Janerio to Paris has been confirmed by Air France to have gone down in the Atlantic ocean, with little chance of any survivors. The following statement from Air France CEO, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon was released to the press a short time ago. Air France regrets to confirm […]

Air France Airbus 330-200 missing over the Atlantic

An Air France Airbus 330-200 flight from Brazil to Paris has gone “missing” over the Atlantic. The aircraft left Rio de Janeiro on Sunday at 7 p.m. local time and was expected in Paris on Monday at 11:15 a.m. (0915 GMT), a spokesman said, with 216 passengers and 12 crew on board, including three pilots. […]