Donald Trump Accuses Joe Biden Of Being A ‘Castro Puppet,’ Though The Cuban Leader Has Been Dead Since 2016

Donald Trump is making his closing election argument by apparently accusing Joe Biden of being a puppet of Fidel Castro, even though the Cuban leader has been dead for close to four years. The president took to Twitter on Sunday to level the charge, appearing to claim that his opponent was under the influence of […]

Democratic Group Likens Donald Trump To Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez

Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, has released a new advertisement attacking President Donald Trump, The Hill reported on Friday. In the 30-second video clip, Trump is likened to Latin American dictators Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. The ad begins with the narrator pointing to Trump’s mishandling of the public health crisis caused by […]

Cuba’s National Assembly Effectively Ends The Rule Of The Castro Family With Appointment Of Miguel Diaz-Canel

Cuba’s National Assembly has appointed Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel as the only candidate in the running to become the country’s next president. The 57-year-old long-standing Communist Party member, if elected, will replace current Cuban president Raul Castro. While the younger and more tech-savvy political figure is said to be in touch with the people, locals […]

Fidel Castro’s Eldest Son, ‘Fidelito,’ Commits Suicide, Cuban State Media Reports

The eldest son of Cuba’s late revolutionary communist leader, Fidel Castro, has reportedly taken his own life in Havana. According to Cuba’s state media, Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart had been battling with deep depression for quite a while and he has reportedly been receiving medical treatment for several months. Castro Díaz-Balart, or more popularly known […]

Gloria Estefan’s Daughter Releases Debut Album; Thoughts On Post-Castro Cuba

Gloria Estefan is such a musical superstar that her adult daughter Emily refused to sing in front of her throughout her childhood and adolescence. @Emily_Estefan makes it clear on her new album that she is launching a full-fledged musical career her own way. — Wire Magazine (@WireMagazine) February 16, 2017 The Detroit Free […]

Fidel Castro Had A Secret Love Child With CIA Agent Sent To Kill Him

This sounds like something straight out of a movie. It has just been revealed that the late Fidel Castro had a secret love child with the female CIA Agent who was sent to kill him. Is the mistress finally telling all now that the dictator is dead? According to Radar Online, Fidel Castro fathered a […]

Prince Harry’s Awkward Caribbean Trip Goes From Bad To Worse

Prince Harry is one awkward prince, according to E! Online. The 32-year-old prince had a rather awkward visit to the Caribbean, but at least the purpose of his visit was not so awkward. Prince Harry Visits the Caribbean, Maintains Hotness Levels: — Tom + Lorenzo® (@tomandlorenzo) December 5, 2016 While in Grenada, Prince […]

After The Fidel Castro Funeral, We Can Take A Look At The Castro Legacy

Fidel Castro was laid to rest Sunday, December 4 in Santiago de Cuba, the city in which he began his revolution, at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for more than a half century died on November 25 at the age of 90. The nine days between then and the Castro funeral […]

Castro Funeral: Leader’s Remains Laid To Rest In Santiago de Cuba

The remains of Fidel Castro were laid to rest in a private funeral Sunday at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in the city of Santiago de Cuba, where Castro launched his revolution decades ago. The Castro funeral ends a nine day period of national mourning in Cuba, the island nation which Fidel Castro ruled for over half […]

Pablo Escobar: How Fidel Castro Was Involved With The Colombian Drug Lord

Pablo Escobar is widely regarded to be the most powerful and richest drug lord to ever have lived. Born in Antioquia, Colombia in 1949, he was able to dominate the cocaine drugs trade in the late 80s and early 90s, supplying about 80 percent of the drug being used in the United States. Having come […]

Canadians Disappointed In Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has had a rough week. His constituents were angered both by his comments on Fidel Castro early this week, and now by his announcement that the Kinder Morgan pipeline will be expanded. While the handsome, young Liberal Party leader inspired Canada’s Millenials to vote in record numbers, his approval ratings took […]

Fidel Castro’s Four-Day Funeral March Underway

The death of controversial Cuban leader Fidel Castro is the end of an era. Since the first shots of Castro’s 1959 Communist revolution were fired, the Cuban people have lived under the shadow of their charismatic but controversial leader. His nearly 50-year reign ended in 2008 when he resigned following a lengthy illness, yet he […]

Justin Trudeau’s Castro Statement Causes Internet Backlash

Justin Trudeau’s Castro statement has resulted in harsh criticism from the internet. He released the statement following the former Cuban president’s death on Friday. Unlike other world leaders who used Castro’s death to speak against his tyrannical dictatorship, Trudeau instead chose to honor him. The statement was posted on Trudeau’s website and praised Castro’s leadership […]

Alleged 1981 Prophecy That Castro’s Death Will Lead To Collapse Of U.S. Sparks Fears Of Catastrophe Under Trump [Video]

A claim being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere that a prophet, John W. Johnston, had received a revelation from God in 1981 that a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy will follow the death of Fidel Castro is causing anxious speculation online. The recent death of the Cuban dictator has fueled renewed interest in […]

Castro Conned Cubans, Lived A Life Of Luxury While His Country Starved [Opinion]

Fidel Castro lived a life of lies and luxury while his country starved. According to the Guardian, Fidel, who touted himself as a man of the people, claimed he made $43 a month and lived in a “fisherman’s hut” on the beach. Castro had rallied to power by overthrowing a corrupt government. When he was […]

Fidel Castro Survived More Than 600 Assassination Attempts, Many Of Them Endorsed By The CIA

Fidel Castro died of natural causes after surviving over 600 assassination attempts, CNN is reporting. The controversial Communist leader ruled Cuba under the brunt of a one-party state from 1959 to 2008. All through those years, the revolutionary leader who died aged 90, was a step ahead an avalanche of plots to kill him. At […]

Liam Neeson, Fidel Castro Comparisons Explode Internet After Former Cuban Leader’s Death

Liam Neeson awoke this weekend to find out he had exploded the Internet over the unlikeliest of reasons: the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The reason Liam Neeson and Fidel Castro have the Internet buzzing — as Mashable first reported on Saturday — is the striking facial features the two men share. While […]

Discussing Cuba: Journalist Predicts Trump Golf Course At The Bay Of Pigs

As worldwide contemplation continues over the death of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, a U.S. journalist has humorously predicted within ten years there will be a Trump golf course at the Bay of Pigs and, whether or not this comes true, optimism seems to be growing among those who left because they were not welcome on Castro’s […]

Colin Kaepernick On Fidel Castro: The Quarterback Says He Agreed With Castro’s Investment In Education And Healthcare, Not The ‘Oppressive Things’

Colin Kaepernick is raising eyebrows yet again. The politically embattled San Francisco 49ers quarterback has been taking as much flak for his off-field politics as he has for his on-field losses. Sports Illustrated is reporting that after Sunday’s 24-31 loss to the Miami Dolphins, which came just two days after the passing of former Cuban […]

Prince Harry Forced To Participate In Awkward Moment Of Silence To Mark Death Of Fidel Castro

Prince Harry found himself in an awkward position when he was forced to participate in a moment of silence to mark the death of Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. The incident occurred on Saturday when the prince was visiting the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The royal is currently in the middle of a 15-day tour […]

Cuban Exiles Celebrating In the Streets of Miami After Fidel Castro’s Death

Hundreds of Cuban exiles are flooding the streets of Miami, not to mourn – but to celebrate – the death of Cuban figurehead Fidel Castro on Friday. Castro, who was 90, died of undisclosed illnesses on November 25. The streets were filled with celebrations and revelry, the Miami Herald reported, befitting something GOOD taking place, […]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Calls Fidel Castro ‘Remarkable Leader,’ Says ‘My Father Was Very Proud To Call Him A Friend’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement on the passing of former Cuban Revolution leader and President Fidel Castro via his official website Saturday. “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President,” the statement begins. “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served […]

Fidel Castro Vs. Che Guevara: Cuban Leader Betrayed Friend, Historians Say — Let Revolutionary Leader Die In Bolivia

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was the number two man in the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro that overthrew the American-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959. But while Castro lived to be 90-years-old, finally dying this Friday, his close friend and fellow guerrilla fighter Guevara died in the Bolivian jungle 49 years earlier, at the hands […]

Gloria Estefan Says Fidel Castro’s Death ‘Is Filling The Cuban Exile Community With Renewed Hope’

Fidel Castro’s recent passing has left many at a loss as to understanding their feelings, but singer Gloria Estefan suggests that, however one feels about Castro, his death brings an opportunity for hope. Ms. Estefan recently shared her feelings with her Instagram followers, taking the time to write out her thoughts in English and in […]

Fidel Castro And His Death Are Mourned, Celebrated Across Social Media

Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 that brought down then Cuban President Fulgencio Batista, died Friday November 25 at the age of 90. A larger then life figure, Fidel Castro was a polarizing force, drawing sharp criticism from some and great praise from others, within his native island nation of Cuba […]

Fidel Castro Remembered: Putin, Modi And Other World Leaders Weigh In On Cuban Leader’s Death

In the wake of former Cuban President Fidel Castro’s death overnight, leaders from around the world have made statements in memory of the noted Marxist revolutionary who toppled the previous Cuban government in 1959. Among the most prominent world leaders to have issued statements thus far are Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra […]

Fidel Castro’s Life And Legacy Made Revolutionary Mark On History

Fidel Castro, the man who defied the world’s largest superpower for more than five decades, died at the age of 90. Fidel Castro left his mark on history, with some even calling him the “Cuban Revolutionary.” "The Chinese people have lost a good and true comrade. Comrade Castro will live forever" Xi Jinping — […]

Fidel Castro Dead: Former Cuban President, Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Passes At 90

The BBC and NBC are reporting that the “father of communist Cuba,” Fidel Castro, has died at 90 years of age, according to Cuban state television. The health of the communist leader was described as being a “topic of intense speculation” since he first disappeared from the public spotlight in 2006. While Fidel Castro’s cause […]

Fidel Castro Turns 90: Thousands Of Cubans Celebrate

Fidel Castro turns 90 today, and thousands of Cubans have already gathered to celebrate. After scores of assassination attempts against him and even having made enemies with the most powerful nation in the world, El Comandante, as he is sometimes called, quietly passed a milestone in his notoriously secluded life. Meanwhile, the Cuban people celebrated […]

Kardashians Make Their Way To Cuba And People Are Not Thrilled About it

The Kardashians have arrived in the nation of Cuba and have brought their TV cameras and camera crew with them to make sure their antics and adventures are all caught on tape for the reality show that is all in the family. Ugh! The Kardashians are already being annoying about their trip to Cuba […]

Without Fidel Castro, Will Raul Still Remain Defiant Against The U.S.?

Cuban leaders came together at their seventh party congressional meeting where current president Raul Castro was re-elected for another term as the party’s first secretary with support from Fidel Castro. According to an article by NPR’s Morning Edition, the idea that Cuba will change anytime soon was defied by former Cuban president Fidel and his […]

Fidel And Raul Castro Caught With Cocaine-Filled Cuban Ship, Says U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

One U.S. representative is blaming Fidel and Raul Castro for a Cuban ship filled with 410 kilos (882 lbs.) of cocaine that was intercepted in the island nation on Thursday. Panamanian authorities stated that they had found the ship in Colón, a small port about 50 miles north of Havana, where Fidel and Raul live. […]

Fidel Castro’s Obama-Bashing Gets Response From White House

Fidel Castro didn’t see President Obama when he visited Cuba, but he said his piece. In a blistering commentary following Obama’s historic visit, the former dictator let fly in an open letter riddled with sarcasm, basically telling the President of the United States not to let the door hit him on the way out. Castro […]

Fidel Castro Slams Obama Cuba Visit — Why?

Fidel Castro has angered, undermined, and ultimately outlasted every U.S. president since 1959, when his Communist Revolution took over the island nation of Cuba. That trend continued today. In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba last week, the first by a U.S. president since 1928, Castro penned an often-rambling and disjointed op-ed […]

Fidel Castro Banned The Beatles In Cuba, 50 Years Later The Rolling Stones Play For Free In Havana

Fidel Castro famously said “no” to Beatlemania in 1964 — sure that such a vulgar, consumerist group was just another tool of capitalist America, even though they were British. Cubans, promoted Fidel, should be listening to their island’s own music. Yet on Friday, The Rolling Stones played a free show to as many as millions […]

Fidel Castro Meeting With Barack Obama In Cuba Won’t Happen — Here’s Why

Fidel Castro meeting with Barack Obama in Cuba may seem like political suicide for the United States president, but in Latin America, the revolutionary’s reputation is much more divisive. Many on the continent and its accompanying islands see Fidel and his right hand man Che Guevara as symbols of a fight against American and European […]

Jennifer Lawrence To Play Fidel Castro’s Devious Lover Marita Lorenz In Sony Biopic

Joy star Jennifer Lawrence has signed on to play sexy siren Marita Lorenz in Sony Pictures’ upcoming biopic Marita, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Lorenz is the German-born American woman who had an affair with Cuban leader Fidel Castro in 1959, and in January 1960, she was recruited by the CIA to assassinate her former […]

Cuban Troops In Syria Running Russian Tanks Spark World War 3 Fears

Cuban troops have arrived in Syria. The military forces from the communist nation President Barack Obama recently decided to normalize relations with are believed to be preparing to staff Russian tanks. The Cuban soldiers are also reportedly going to advise the armed forces under the control of President al-Assad and may be going to fight […]

Pope Meets Fidel Castro After Mass In Havana

Pope Francis met with Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro, on Sunday after warning believers against the dangers of ideology in a mass which drew thousands to Havana’s Revolution Square. The meeting between Argentine-born Pope Francis, 78, who many believe is revolutionizing the church, and Castro, 89, communist icon of the 20th century, was informal and […]

Pope Francis Visits Cuba, Celebrates Mass At Revolution Plaza In Havana

Pope Francis visits Cuba and celebrates mass at Havana’s Revolution Plaza attracting hundreds of thousands of people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, on Sunday. The Holy Father’s controversial trip to Cuba, comes ahead of a much-anticipated and equally controversial trip to the United States. The Vatican played a central role in negotiations that ended the decades […]

U.S. Embassy Reopens In Cuba In A Historic Move Towards Better Diplomatic Relations

Friday became the start of a new era in Cuba/U.S. diplomatic relations as Secretary of State John Kerry took a trip to Cuba on Friday ahead of the reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana. On this historic day Kerry also raised the American flag above the U.S. Embassy in an act that has not […]

Fidel Castro Makes Rare Public Appearance During Cheese Summit In Cuba

Fidel Castro made a rare public appearance during a cheese summit on Friday. The former Cuban president’s outing comes just three days after his brother, Raul Castro, announced a formal agreement to normalize diplomatic relations with the United States. The photos of Fidel Castro, 88, appear to show that the former leader of Cuba is […]

Fidel Castro Makes Rare Public Appearance, Meets Cheesemakers

A rare public appearance by Fidel Castro made headlines over the weekend. The former Cuban dictator who turned power over to his brother in the last few years has been one who has been out of the public eye since the handover. These days, Fidel Castro is something more of a legendary figure and that […]

Fidel Castro Trafficked Cocaine From Cuba Like A ‘Godfather,’ Claims Former Bodyguard

While Fidel Castro has always been perceived by the West as shady at best and a sworn enemy at worst, a former bodyguard of the Cuban leader recently made allegations that Castro operated a sophisticated cocaine trafficking ring from Cuba, which he ran “like a Godfather.” The claim, featured in a new tell-all book co-written […]

Fidel Castro Makes First Public Appearance In Over A Year

Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba, made a rare public appearance — his first in well over a year, reports NBC News. The 88-year-old Castro was pictured greeting several delegates from Venezuela and appeared “full of vitality,” the Cuban state media reported on Saturday. Pictures released by the Cuban State media showed Castro greeting […]

Late Night First: Conan O’Brien Films In Cuba

Conan O’Brien has now done what no other late-night show host has never done before — he has filmed his show in Cuba. is reporting that O’Brien and a small crew headed to the island country this weekend to shoot some segments for an episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to air on […]

New JFK Conspiracy Theory: Warren Commission Lawyer Claim Of CIA Cover-Up Just More Disinformation?

More than 51 years after John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, a new conspiracy theory about the JFK assassination has emerged from a highly unlikely source — so unlikely that it raises questions about whether this latest conspiracy theory is just the latest installment in what assassination researchers believe to be cover-up that […]

American Express Charges Into Cuba After Announcing Job Cuts

American Express announced that it plans to start operating in Cuba in the wake of the Obama administration lifting bans on U.S. financial institutions doing business there. American Express said that its business activities would fall within the new rules drafted by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. The Miami Herald reported that […]

Fidel Castro Paves The Way For Relations Between U.S. And Cuba

It seems that retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro has thrown his weight behind attempts to secure new diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Reuters reports today that Castro appeared to lend his support to talks with the United States in his first comments about his longtime adversary since both countries agreed to restore diplomatic […]

Fidel Castro Dead? Yes, He Is… But The Cuban Leader Is Alive, Death Rumors Proven False

Is Fidel Castro dead? Yes, a man named “Fidel Castro” has died, but he’s not the famous Castro you might be thinking of. The prospect that the leader of Cuba might have died is circulating on the internet, and the rumors claim Fidel Castro’s death was supposed be announced at an official conference, according to […]