Michael Brown’s Mother Is Running For Office In Ferguson, Missouri

Lezley McSpadden, the mother of slain teenager Michael Brown, is running for city council in Ferguson, Missouri. CNN reports she made the announcement standing just a few feet away from the spot where her 18-year-old son was killed by police in 2014. “Almost four years ago to this day, I ran down this very street, […]

Spokesman For Republican Candidate Says Majority Black Cities Are ‘S**tholes’

According to The Daily Beast, Republican Senate Candidate Corey Stewart’s spokesperson, Rick Shaftan, referred to majority-black cities as “S**tholes.” Shaftan also warned businesses not to open new stores in majority-black neighborhoods. Currently running as the GOP Senate candidate in Virginia, Corey Stewart has alienated himself from a significant portion of the Republican party by refusing […]

UFC Star Tony Ferguson Doesn’t Want His Son To Become A Professional Fighter

In the build-up to his UFC 223 fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at the Barclays Center in New York on April 7, Ferguson talked to Newsday about stepping into the octagon for his son. “I fight so that he doesn’t have to, that’s the ultimate truth. I do my thing and I’ll get punched in the […]

Diata Crockett, Father Who Fatally Shot 8-Month-Old Son, Turns Himself After Intense Manhunt

Diata Crockett, a 34-year-old man from St. Louis, Missouri, turned himself into his lawyer on Wednesday after an intense manhunt that began when Crockett shot and fatally wounded his 8-month-old son Tuesday afternoon. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said during a press conference on Tuesday that after an argument, Diata Crockett forced his unnamed […]

Starbucks Opens First Location In Ferguson, Missouri

In an effort to help lower-income neighborhoods, Starbucks debuted its first store in Ferguson, Missouri, today. Video: Why @Starbucks is opening a store in #Ferguson, https://t.co/2iEDeKuLqM pic.twitter.com/USUC55W0Hp — Starbucks News (@StarbucksNews) April 29, 2016 The Seattle-based coffee chain says it “plans to open similar stores in at least 15 low- to medium-income communities across the […]

Ferguson Sued: Justice Department Sues Missouri City For Trying To Revise Police Reform Deal

The U.S. Department of Justice has sued the city of Ferguson, Missouri, the embattled Saint Louis suburb with a history of racially-biased policing, after the city rejected key parts of a Justice Department plan to reform policing in the city. Ferguson, Missouri, a city of about 12,000 people in Saint Louis’ northern suburbs, became the […]

Justice Department Sues Ferguson For Changing Its Mind On Police Reform

The U.S. Justice Department will sue the city of Ferguson, Missouri, says Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday, according to CNN. The lawsuit is brought forth amid allegations of consistent occurrences of unconstitutional police work in the troubled city. .@LorettaLynch announcing the lawsuit against the City of Ferguson pic.twitter.com/SMoRGsWMbR — Mashable News (@MashableNews) February 10, […]

‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Named One Of The Lies Of The Year

The “hands up, don’t shoot” meme that emerged in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting has been named one of the biggest lies of the year by the Washington Post fact-checker in his annual roundup. On August 9, 2014, Ferguson cop Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, 18, which prompted a nationwide, racially […]

Comedy Central Attempts To Spin Trevor Noah’s Poor Ratings For ‘The Daily Show’

Statistics show that Trevor Noah’s ratings are very low, although it’s possibly too early to predict how he will do in the long run. As the Wrap notes, The Daily Show has been down 37 percent in total viewers since Noah took over. However, Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless tells the Wrap that she isn’t […]

‘Ferguson Cover-Up’ Documentary Claims To Expose The Lies About Michael Brown

Not long after the Ferguson play was announced, dramatizing the death of Michael Brown and allowing the audience to decide the truth, a new documentary claims to hold the actual truth surrounding the controversial events in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the Huffington Post, Ferguson Cover-Up is the upcoming work of filmmaker Jason Pollock, who claims […]

Ferguson: Man Charged With Killing 9-Year-Old Jamyla Bolden

A St. Louis, Missouri man was charged Thursday with killing nine-year-old girl Jamyla Bolden. Jamyla was doing her homework while sitting on her mother’s bed when shots were fired into her home on August 18. St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch charged 21-year-old, De’Eris Brown, of O’Fallon, Missouri, with second-degree murder in the killing of […]

Black Lives Matter: Mom Protests Black On Black Crime In Viral Video

One mom of African American heritage has made a stand against black on black crime in a video that has gone viral posted to #BlackLivesMatter. Peggy Hubbard is from the area of Ferguson, Missouri, where violent protests have been ongoing since the shooting death of Michael Brown last year. The Washington Post reported on the […]

Who Sent The Oath Keepers To Ferguson? Paramilitary Group Called ‘Unnecessary And Inflammatory’

As activists and citizens mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, an armed paramilitary group called the Oath Keepers is on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri once again. Oath Keepers arrived in Ferguson in the small hours of Tuesday morning, heavily armed and focused on a nebulous, unspecific mission. According to The […]

Ferguson: 150 People Have Been Arrested From Protests, State Of Emergency Declared

The first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown has caused a resurgence in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Not long after the riots and looting started to slow down, Ferguson protesters began blocking highways and sparking intermittent bursts of violence in the city. The authorities have been forced to arrest approximately 150 people as […]

Oath Keepers Arrive In Ferguson Amid Michael Brown Anniversary Protests

The Oath Keepers are in Ferguson to help protect local businesses and residents, the group says. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the presence of the organization primarily comprised of current and former police, military, and first responders, is both “unnecessary” and “inflammatory.” The current Ferguson protests began on the anniversary of the […]

Michael Brown: One Year On Cops Have Killed Another 1,083 Americans

Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9 2014. Brown was unarmed and officer Wilson fired his weapon 12 times. It is thought that the final shot was the one that ended the life of 18-year-old Brown. As a result of Brown’s death there was a […]

Police-Related Shooting? Shots Fired In Ferguson On One-Year Anniversary [BREAKING]

What started as peaceful memorials on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death turned violent Sunday night in Ferguson, Missouri, as shots were fired and businesses were looted. According to NBC News, St. Louis County police confirmed shots were fired in Ferguson late Sunday night. Video captured during the shooting can seen below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZovKA4DmqiM The […]

Ferguson Protesters Face Off With Police, Shots Fired [Breaking]

Ferguson, MO has been the site of protests, marches, and memorials today, one year after the death of Michael Brown. Now, breaking reports on social media are indicating that shots have been fired as a protest has turned violent. Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported that a controversy had been sparked when a police officer posted […]

Samuel DuBose: Cincinnati Riots Coming? Video Of Fatal Shooting By Cop ‘Not Good,’ Police Chief Says

Samuel DuBose, a 43-year-old African-American man, was killed by a white police officer, Ray Tensing on July 19 during a traffic stop in Cincinnati, Ohio, when the unarmed DuBose was pulled over because his car was missing a front license plate. Now the family of the slain DuBose are demanding that police release a video […]

People Are Photoshopping The Confederate Flag Into Photos To Prove — What, Exactly?

With the Confederate flag in South Carolina coming down, a lot of people have some point to make about the symbol. For most, it seems to be an attempt to prove that the flag isn’t a symbol of racism. Strangely, the effort to prove this seems to involve photoshopping the Confederate flag into images of […]

Michael Brown Memorial Removed, Brown To Get Permanent Plaque Near Shooting Site

The makeshift memorial for Michael Brown that had emerged following the fatal shooting that polarized the nation was cleared away today from the shooting site on the Ferguson, Missouri, street of Canfield Dr, where Brown lost his life. Volunteers showed up Wednesday — on what would’ve been Michael Brown’s 19th birthday — despite the pouring […]

Obama Administration Moves To Curtail Police Militarization

The Obama administration will announce Monday that local police departments will no longer receive some forms of surplus military gear in a move designed to combat the expanding militarization of local police forces, NBC News is reporting. Obama is in Camden, New Jersey – long considered one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. […]

Solange’s New Tribute Song To Baltimore And Ferguson Has PR Stunt Written All Over It

Solange debuted her new song “Rise” during a performance in Los Angeles on Thursday. The song, according to Pitchfork, was a tribute to the fallen men who were victims of police brutality in Ferguson and Baltimore. Some music critics believe that Solange hit the nail on the head with “Rise” because of its length and […]

House Speaker John Boehner Calls Relations Between Police, Black Community ‘National Crisis’

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), in an interview with NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday, indicated that he sees relations between police and black communities as a “national crisis.” Boehner told NBC that “I think that if you look at what’s happened over the course of the last year, you just got to scratch your […]

Police Celebrated! At least In ‘Surf City’ Huntington Beach, California

Police and their police-work are actually being celebrated in Huntington Beach, California, an event seemingly bizarre and confusing at a time when city police departments, sheriffs, and other law enforcement entities are the subjects of primarily negative reports. But seemingly like a satirical story from The Onion, the police department of Huntington Beach, also known […]

Baltimore Riots: Is Social Media Helping Or Making Things Much Worse?

The Baltimore riots that began in protest to the mysteriously violent death of African-American man Freddie Gray have raised a lot of questions in America about the nature of racism and police behavior. President Obama recently broke his silence on the Baltimore riots, condemning the destructive protests as “senseless.” But the real conversation regarding the […]

Like A Super Hero, One Baltimore Mother Is A Light Amid The Darkness [Video]

It seems Baltimore has gone the way of Ferguson recently after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who was injured while in police custody. The alleged peaceful protest broke out into violence as buildings were burned and stores were looted and destroyed. One Baltimore mother stands out as a shining beacon of light within the […]

St. Louis County Back In The News — Newly Elected Mayor Impeached Before Her First Day In Office

St. Louis County in Missouri is back in the news again. To say the county has had its share of controversy in the last twelve months is a gross understatement. This time Betty McCray, the newly elected mayor of Kinloch, Missouri, was allegedly impeached before she started her first day in office for voter fraud […]

Starbucks Opening In Ferguson: Is This Another ‘Race Together’ Campaign?

Coffee giant Starbucks announced it is planning on opening a store in Ferguson, Missouri, the same location where riots broke out following the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by former police officer Darren Wilson. According to Fortune, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced plans for the new location at an event hosted by NationSwell, but he […]

Michael Brown Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against City Of Ferguson

Michael Brown’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson. The Brown family is seeking $75,000 in damages and attorney fees, according to lawyer Benjamin Crump. The parents of Michael Brown engaged in a news conference from the steps of the St. Louis County Courthouse moments after the Ferguson wrongful death suit […]

Michael Brown Wrongful Death Suit Sought Against City Of Ferguson

The family of Michael Brown reportedly intends to sue the city of Ferguson, Missouri, for wrongful death regarding the shooting of the 18-year-old man by police officer Darren Wilson. Mediaite reports that this news will be officially announced on Thursday morning. Will they be successful in their latest attempt at finding some kind of justice […]

Ferguson Police Standoff: Armed Suspect Barricaded Inside Home

Ferguson police are involved in a standoff with an armed suspect after the unidentified man allegedly shot his own brother. Both Ferguson police officers and St. Louis County law enforcement officers are now on the scene and positioned outside a duplex in the city. The Ferguson shooting victim has been transported to a St. Louis […]

Missouri National Guard Reportedly Called Ferguson Protestors ‘Enemy Forces’

According to new reports, members of the Missouri National Guard deployed to Ferguson following the shooting of Michael Brown last year referred to rioters as “enemy forces” and “adversaries.” The revelations come from documents containing internal mission briefings, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. An alderman from St. Louis, Antonio French, […]

Fired Ferguson Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty: Losing Job For Sending Racist Emails Was ‘Just Like Being Raped’

Mary Ann Twitty, the fired Ferguson City Court Clerk terminated because of racist emails she sent to colleagues, has news for rape victims. She knows exactly what you’re going through. That’s because, she tells KMOV, investigators latched on to racist emails she’d sent and made her a scapegoat for an increasingly tense situation. “It took […]

Here Are The Racist E-Mails That Got Two Ferguson Cops And A Court Clerk Fired

Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, released on Thursday the content of racist e-mails that cost two police officers and a city court clerk their jobs, Fox News is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Justice Department investigation of the Ferguson police department and courts found, among multiple other institutional problems, several racist and offensive […]

Arrests Made In St. Louis MetroLink Assault Reportedly Tied To Michael Brown ‘Situation’

St. Louis police have reportedly made two arrests in the vicious beating of a commuter on the St. Louis MetroLink light rail system. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a passenger on a St. Louis MetroLink light rail train was brutally attacked on Monday night after allegedly being asked what he thought about the Michael Brown […]

‘Ferguson’ Play: Audience Members Get To Decide If They Would Indict Darren Wilson

A play based on the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, is scheduled to open soon, and it will allow audience members to decide if they would have indicted former Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. The play, simply titled Ferguson, is looking to raise $93,000 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. At […]

Ferguson ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Was A Lie, Washington Post Columnist Admits

The “hands up, don’t shoot” movement in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri, shooting was based on a false narrative. That is the conclusion of liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, also an MSNBC commentator, who was among the many pundits that completely bought into the mantra. On August 9, 2014, Ferguson cop Darren Wilson […]

Orange County High School ‘Black Lives Matter’ Program Sparks Controversy In Virginia

Orange County High School in Virginia is at the heart of a racial controversy after a “They Don’t Care Abut Us” program that was a part of a Black Lives Matter presentation at the school. The Black History Month program caught national attention after a Virginia police officer and his wife shared the program from […]

Death Threat For Michael Brown Autopsy Poem — Kenneth Goldsmith Responds

A controversy has recently arisen over a poetic work that a well-known poet named Kenneth Goldsmith wrote based on the autopsy of Michael Brown. As the injustices surrounding Michael Brown’s death are being addressed, the latest in the Michael Brown and Ferguson issue has been a long list of resignations. Most Americans take the incidents […]

Saint Louis County Police: Ferguson Shooting Suspect Arrested

Saint Louis County police confirmed Sunday that a 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the Thursday shooting of two police officers during protests in Ferguson, CNN is reporting. An arrest has been made in connection with the shooting of two police officers in #Ferguson. Thank you for your help. #saferstl — St. Louis […]

John Muhammad: City Worker In Saint Louis Suburb Suspended For Saying Ferguson Shooting Was A ‘Setup’

A city employee in the Saint Louis suburb of Uplands Park, Missouri, has lost his job after claiming that the shooting of two police officers during recent protests in Ferguson was a “setup,” Fox News is reporting. Last week, protests took place in Ferguson, Missouri, following the Justice Department’s release of a scathing indictment of […]

As Tensions Remain High In Ferguson, Residents File Affidavit To Recall The Mayor

The situation in Ferguson is anything but calm lately. The Department of Justice released a scathing report detailing shocking racist treatment of black residents from the city’s police department. The city has since seen a string of resignations, from City Manager John Shaw to Police Chief Thomas Jackson, as well as two other police officers. […]

Megyn Kelly Blasts Ferguson Reporting, Wants Apologies For ‘Misleading America’

Megyn Kelly was speaking on a short fuse Thursday night as she opened her Fox News show with commentary on false reports that have trickled out of the media since the Michael Brown shooting happened last August. Kelly began by pointing out how she feels the media is shaping the narrative — on the events […]

Ferguson Activists Remain Focused Despite New Tensions With Police

Ferguson authorities remain on the hunt for anyone with information regarding the Thursday shooting of two St. Louis area police officers. The shooting occurred amidst ongoing demonstrations and a number of noteworthy developments surrounding a federal investigation into the August, 2014, shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Although a Department of Justice report released earlier […]

Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot Outside Police Department [Breaking]

Two Ferguson police officers have been shot outside the city’s police department, according to breaking news reports as well as on-the-scene accounts from Twitter. The policemen have not been named, but both were loaded into ambulances and rushed to Barnes Hospital. Thus far, nothing is known about the extent or the severity of the injuries, […]

Fox News Megyn Kelly: Racist Emails Found In Most Companies, Nothing Unusual About Ferguson

Fox News host Megyn Kelly offered a differing perspective on the numerous racist emails uncovered by a United States Justice Department investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri, police department and court system, or her Monday, March 9, broadcast — saying that the type of email correspondence found by the Justice probe were no different from those […]

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson Resigns: Who Will Be Next? [Video]

Numerous reports are circulating that claim that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has agreed to resign. CNN claims that they were informed by an anonymous source at the Ferguson, Missouri, City Hall. The official, who spoke to the media on the condition of anonymity, said that Jackson would announce his intent to resign sometime Wednesday […]

Unarmed Man Shot: Georgia Cops Shoot, Kill Naked Black Man, Use Of Force Probed

Residents in a Georgia community are trying to process why an unarmed naked black man was shot and killed by white cops Monday. Anthony Hill died from two gunshot wounds when he allegedly charged police officer Robert Olsen, who received the call of a man acting erratically. The fatal shooting is under investigation, and at […]

Students In Madison Jam State Capitol Building To Protest Killing Of Tony Robinson [Video]

Nearly 2,000 students in Madison took to the state capitol building on Monday to protest the fatal shooting of black teenager, Tony Robinson, 19, by a white police officer in Madison, Wisconsin. Robinson’s cousin, Justice Muse, 14, told the Guardian he appreciated the efforts of protesters. “It was great what they’re doing for him,” Muse […]