WWE News: Popular NXT Stable Finally Debuts On ‘SmackDown Live’ Main Roster

In mid-April, WWE held its second Superstar Shake-Up with different names heading from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live, vice versa, and a number of NXT call-ups. One of the most interesting moves was the call-up of the popular NXT stable known as Sanity, but their absence since that time has been rather strange. Well, […]

WWE News: WWE NXT Star Eric Young Helps Triple H Accomplish A 10-Year Mission

WWE NXT star Eric Young has been doing well since arrival to the yellow brand, but his biggest accomplishment may have already happened when he helped Triple H accomplish a mission of his that has taken him a decade to finally do. Eric Young is a former TNA World Champion and has been all over […]

WWE News: Eric Young Makes NXT Debut With New Faction SAnitY

The Eric Young NXT debut finally happened, and it took place during a huge moment on the weekly show on the WWE Network. This was the second appearance of Eric Young, a former TNA Impact Wrestling world champion, but is the first since he agreed to an official WWE deal. WWE.com reported that the debut […]

WWE News: Former TNA World Champion Eric Young Finally Signs With WWE — When Will He Appear?

Former TNA World Champion Eric Young made quite an impression when he showed up for one random WWE NXT episode months ago, where he took on another former TNA World Champion and then NXT Champion Samoa Joe. While Young lost his match with Joe, the impression he made in the match was more than enough […]

WWE News: WWE Set To Bring Up Far More NXT Stars To The Main Roster Than Originally Anticipated

The WWE brand split is coming up fast, and a lot of things are possibly going to change. Of course, the WWE Draft will help us determine who will end up on each brand, but clearly, the split means WWE has to fill up two major brand rosters. That means they have to go outside […]

WWE News: Eric Young Reportedly ‘In’ For Upcoming NXT Stint

After his recent appearance on NXT, former longtime TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Eric Young is “in” as a NXT superstar, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. On the May 4 edition of NXT, Young confronted recently-crowned NXT champion Samoa Joe and faced him in the main event that evening. Young lost to […]

WWE News: Former TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young Expected To Be WWE NXT Regulars Very Soon

Coming off of a fantastic WWE NXT Takeover: The End event, fans had a lot of questions regarding NXT and its future. Triple H told people on Facebook live after the show that NXT is not ending, but rather it is the end of the beginning. That means the NXT brand is no longer what […]

WWE News: Triple H Confirms He Is Trying To Officially Sign TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young

It should go without saying that Triple H is a WWE legend. You can love or hate him, but it does not erase the accomplishments he has had during his career. Due to his understanding of the pro-wrestling world as well as his ability to know the business itself, he was the perfect person to […]

WWE News: Upcoming WWE NXT Takeover Special Not ‘The End’ Of NXT Specials, New Format Coming?

When WWE NXT began to get noticed, the WWE knew they had gold on their hands. The company knew that they basically had a brand in NXT and could almost separate it from the WWE in some ways. As a completely different product compared to WWE, it still has the marketing and great production behind […]

TNA News: TNA Officials Months Behind On Paying Production Crew

TNA Impact Wrestling has remained in shambles for months, despite tweeting and talking about “high morale.” That stemmed from a hashtag and rumor that said Impact Wrestling was experiencing low morale. Even though most wrestling fans know that it’s true, Dixie Carter and the rest of the TNA roster want everyone to think they have […]

WWE Rumors: One Former TNA World Champion Signs With WWE And Another Is Very Close

Ever since it was revealed that Bobby Roode and Eric Young were done with TNA, there were rumors of the two former World Champions heading to WWE. In early April, Roode was shown on camera at NXT Takeover: Dallas. This past week, Eric Young appeared on NXT and took on Samoa Joe in a really […]

WWE News: Former TNA Star Eric Young Has Not Signed With WWE Despite WWE NXT Appearance

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young made his WWE debut last night on the WWE NXT taping. He came out very early in the night to confront new NXT Champion Samoa Joe. The two then fought later in the night with Samoa Joe winning after a good match with the two. It was noted […]

‘WWE NXT’ Results: Eric Young Debuts Against NXT Champion Samoa Joe

WWE NXT is going through a “new era” of its own, just like the WWE main roster. Eric Young debuted this week against new NXT Champion Samoa Joe, and it is widely known that Samoa Joe will defend the NXT Championship against Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver in June. If the WWE’s new generation depends […]

TNA News: TNA Wrestling Owes Former TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young Around $100,000

TNA Wrestling has been the subject of various rumors for months. When they first began openly taking on investors, many knew the true meaning behind this. They needed money, and they needed it badly. TNA will tell you that financial woes are not a problem and that talent is perfectly happy right now. I guess […]

TNA Rumors: Ring Of Honor Owners Could Be Interested In Purchasing Company – Some TNA Stars Owed Six Figures

For years, there have been rumors that TNA Impact Wrestling was going to be sold to new owners, but the speculation has really picked up steam in the past few weeks. It certainly seems as if the company is really going to be sold before too long, and it’s the only way it would survive. […]

WWE News: Big Updates On Two Former TNA World Champions And Their Status In NXT

Two former TNA world champions have shown up in NXT over the course of the past few weeks, and many are wondering what exactly is going on with them. At NXT Takeover: Dallas, Bobby Roode was shown on camera, but he hasn’t yet made his debut for WWE. Last night, Eric Young shockingly showed up […]

WWE News: Former TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young Part Of WWE NXT Tapings Tonight?

In a world where we all expect to see the best wrestling product possible, WWE has attempted to give it to us with WWE NXT. NXT may be considered the “developmental” product for WWE, but to most, that is not the case at all. To NXT fans and to people like Triple H, it is […]

TNA News: Investors Reportedly Keeping TNA Alive But Won’t For Much Longer Unless Dixie Carter Gives Up Majority Stake

It has been rumored for quite some time that TNA Wrestling is going through a bit of a financial problem. They are obviously not making the kind of television revenue they made with Spike TV. They, of course, aren’t even making as much as they did with Destination America reportedly. The major issue for TNA […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Debut Or Shocking Return Happening At ‘WrestleMania 32’ – Here Are The Top Possibilities

On Sunday, WWE is going to present WrestleMania 32, and the card is now set with all matches confirmed and in place. While the majority of what will happen is known, the results of most of the matches are still up in the air. There is also the possibility of many surprises and shocking happenings […]

WWE News: WWE Has Contacted Both Bobby Roode And Eric Young, When Could They Arrive In WWE?

TNA Wrestling has lost a lot of things over the past few years, from TV contracts to money. However, one thing that is most killer to them has to be the departure of a good chunk of their TNA Originals. AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Kaz are among the few that […]

WWE Rumors: Another Longtime TNA Star Announces Their Departure — Heading To WWE?

Just a little over a week after the TNA departures of Bobby Roode and Eric Young were announced, yet another longtime veteran of the company is done. TNA Knockout Angelina Love has officially revealed that her contract with the company has expired and she will not be going back. Yes, she did just recently give […]

WWE News: Former TNA Star Eric Young Claims Going To WWE Is ‘A Definite Possibility’

TNA Wrestling has been going through a lot lately. Whether programming was good or bad, the ratings didn’t always reflect the hopes of fans. TNA fans believe that the company is giving out great content, but the critics claim TNA is trying to play WWE’s game and losing at it. Regardless of what side of […]

WWE News: Update On TNA Stars Eric Young And Bobby Roode Coming To WWE

TNA Wrestling has been suffering for a while when it comes to United States viewership. While ratings are generally positive overseas in places like U.K. and even India at times, they haven’t clicked well in the States. It is for various reasons of which we do not have enough time to even get into right […]

TNA News: Major Problems At Recent TNA ‘Impact Wrestling’ Tapings, Talent Unhappy With Company Yet Again

TNA has gone through its fair share of issues over the years, none truly greater than losing some of their top stars and original roster members. Some would even say losing two television deals in the span of two years would also be considered a problem. TNA Wrestling was a good alternative to WWE, but […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Update On Eric Young And Bobby Roode Possibly Heading To WWE After Leaving TNA

On Saturday night, two longtime TNA faithfuls and former world champions ended runs that spanned more than a decade. Eric Young and Bobby Roode have been two of the key faces of Impact Wrestling since 2004, and they’ve done just about everything imaginable with the company. It wasn’t exactly known why they ended up leaving […]

WWE Rumors: Two Former World Champions Leave TNA — Are They Heading For WWE?

TNA held tapings last night in Orlando for some upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling, and there were some really big happenings. Yes, a number of titles changed hands, but there are bigger things that took place. Two longtime stars for the company, and two former world champions at that, are officially done with the company. […]

TNA News: TNA Originals Bobby Roode And Eric Young Gone From Company, Bound For WWE?

In what can only be seen as a major blow for TNA Wrestling, it appears that they have once again lost again a TNA Original. Correction, they have lost two TNA Originals. Many felt that if there were two men that would go down with the ship after all they had done for the company, […]

TNA Rumors: Former WWE Star Fired After Wrestling A Match Under The Influence

Many wrestlers have seen the consequences for failing a drug test and it has ranged from suspension to fines and even termination. It’s one thing to be caught backstage or off camera under the influence of drugs, but in the ring? A former WWE star was just fired by TNA Impact Wrestling due to allegedly […]

WWE Rumors: Big Name Cancelled For NXT Appearance After Showing Up On TNA Television

One of the biggest events of the year for NXT so far was back in the middle of May when they traveled to Philadelphia. The NXT Live Event was huge and took place in front of a gigantic crowd that loved the action, but rumors kept flying that an ECW Original would show up for […]

WWE News: WWE Is Incredibly Amused By Eric Young Winning TNA World Title

WWE has been building up the Daniel Bryan character for the last year now. Once they saw the WWE fan base behind a man that they didn’t foresee becoming as popular as he has become, they saw a huge storyline opportunity that was not only easy to pull off, but badly needed. Arguably. Bryan has […]

Mets’ Eric Young: Sportsmanship At Its Best [Video]

During the Mets-Braves game on Wednesday night, New York outfielder showed the fans what sportsmanship is all about. Atlanta Braves starter Tim Hudson was in the middle of a shutout against the New York Mets when Eric Young Jr. hustled to first base, which Hudson was covering with his foot. That’s when tragedy struck. Young […]