WWE News: Eddie Guerrero’s Daughter Sends Heartfelt Message To Father On 15th Anniversary Of His Death

Shaul Guerrero took to Twitter earlier and sent a heartfelt message to her father, Eddie Guerrero, on the 15th anniversary of his passing. The Hall of Famer’s daughter stated that his legacy goes beyond wrestling to her. She revealed that he raised her to be the person she is today and talked about his upbeat […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Sees ‘Raw’ Superstar As A ‘Young Eddie Guerrero’

Although the recent firing of Monday Night Raw executive director Paul Heyman has led to rumors that some of the red brand’s superstars may soon be losing their push, that might not be the case with up-and-coming Mexican wrestler Angel Garza. As a new report suggests, WWE chairman Vince McMahon is so impressed with the […]

WWE Rumors: Saudi Arabia Keeps Asking For Dead Superstars To Appear At Upcoming WWE Events

In the last couple of years, there have been three WWE events in Saudi Arabia, but there are many more on the way. The Kingdom signed a 10-year deal with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world for huge events designed specifically for them and the fans. While the events usually result in WWE bringing […]

WWE News: Former ‘SmackDown’ General Manager Thinks Chris Benoit Deserves A WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

There are numerous names out there who aren’t in the WWE Hall of Fame and may get there one day, but a lot of them are long overdue. One of those who has never had his name read at an induction ceremony is former World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. After the actions taken by Benoit […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Visits Eddie Guerrero’s Grave For The First Time Ever, And The Pic Is Heartbreaking

More than 13 years ago, the world lost one of the most popular and talented wrestlers of all time in Eddie Guerrero. Fans and the entire professional wrestling world were shocked at the news that came out on November 13, 2005, and it’s still hard to believe that he’s gone. One of his closest friends […]

Rey Mysterio Suggests That He Is The Missing Ingredient To WWE’s New Era Of Latin Superstars

Rey Mysterio is a talented man. With all of the titles that Mysterio has held throughout his illustrious wrestling career, there could be title which has eluded him, but it does not include the Universal Championship. Rey Mysterio wants to be a mentor. And he believes that the WWE is the right place for him […]

WWE Reveals The 10 Biggest Signings In Their History – Some May Surprise You

Over the years, there have been more WWE signings than anyone can even begin to imagine, as some you may recognize and others you may have never even known about. It’s hard to pinpoint which signings could have been the most successful or complete bombs, but to be signed by the company is a huge […]

WWE Superstar Pays Touching Tribute To Eddie Guerrero

It has been over 12 years since Eddie Guerrero passed away at the age of 38. At the time, Guerrero was one of the top stars in the WWE and left behind not only a legion of fans but also a family. The WWE helped out where they could, even employing his wife, Vickie Guerrero, […]

Chris Jericho Dedicates Wrestle Kingdom 12 Match To Chris Benoit And Eddie Guerrero, Internet Loses Its Mind

On Thursday night, New Japan Pro Wrestling is going to present Wrestle Kingdom 12, which will be headlined by Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega, but there is much more to everything. Jericho has been a WWE guy for many years and spent a good bit of time in WCW, as well, and he made a […]

Edge Recalls The One Match That Started His Career-Ending Neck Injury

After nearly 20 years as a performer, and 15 of them in the WWE, Adam “Edge” Copeland was forced to retire due to an ongoing neck condition. During his time in WWE, Edge had to leave his in-ring commitments due to complications from injuries suffered. Despite numerous memorable matches and feuds, the dark cloud of […]

WWE Looks At And Honors The Career Of Rey Mysterio, Which Has People Talking As He Approaches Free Agency

WWE always has an interest in signing new talent and bringing back superstars from the past who may have one more run in them, and that means teasing the fans about who may get back in their ring. There have been rumors of Rey Mysterio returning to WWE ever since he parted ways with the […]

WWE News: Jinder Mahal Is About To Break Records Set By The Undertaker, The Rock, And Many Other Legends

A lot of wrestling fans could not believe it when Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship months ago, and now, he’s on the verge of topping the records of some of the biggest legends ever. As things currently stand, Mahal is on a collision course with Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title at Hell in […]

WWE News: Kurt Angle Calls Chris Benoit One Of The Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time

If one wrestler in WWE history is considered persona non grata, it is Chris Benoit. Ever since Benoit murdered his wife and young son and then killed himself, the WWE has erased him almost completely from their history. The only place to see Chris is on classic PPV events on the WWE Network and they […]

WWE News: Former World Champion Says He Won Title Because Brock Lesnar Left WWE

Hard work and perseverance is what leads to championships in WWE, but there are also those times when luck just seems to be in the favor of the superstar. Most of the time, the company has plans in place for several weeks or months and adjusts them as needed, but injuries and other unforeseen circumstances […]

WWE News: Chavo Guerrero Sr. Passes Away – Long Live ‘Chavo Classic’

The world of professional wrestling lost a classic superstar from one of the most legendary wrestling families of all time. Chavo Guerrero Sr. passed away on Saturday afternoon at the age of 68, and the news was brought forth by his son Chavo Guerrero Jr. For those that are wondering and aren’t truly aware of […]

Chris Benoit Movie Update: Conspiracy Theories Once Suggested, WWE Reaction

A biopic about the life and death of wrestler Chris Benoit is back in production after six years of inactivity, but controversial suggestions for the movie resulted in major changes, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc. Richard O’Sullivan, the original writer for the movie, Crossface, left the project due to the suggestion […]

Five WWE Dream Matches That Could’ve Happened, But Didn’t

Most of the time when dream matches are discussed, they’re matches that couldn’t have happened for several reasons, with the most common one being that the two participants were in their prime in two completely different generations. Another common reason is that the two guys – like Bret Hart and Kurt Angle for example – […]

WWE Rumors: Could WWE Bring Back The Cruiserweight Championship?

WWE has done an excellent job bringing back cruiserweight wrestling into its programming. For years, WWE hasn’t given cruiserweights the same changes that once were in the industry. When there is a WWE documentary or the great times of WCW are talked about, WWE has high praise for the way cruiserweights were utilized back in […]

WWE News: Sasha Banks Talks WWE Future And ‘The Boss’ Character

After making her return on Monday Night RAW this week, former NXT Women’s champion Sasha Banks appears to be back in the WWE Women’s championship hunt. Following Charlotte’s successful title defense against Paige, Banks made a statement by confronting both the champion and her sidekick Dana Brooke. Now, with her 2-month hiatus from WWE television […]

WWE News: Two WWE Superstars Suspended 60 Days For Violating WWE’s Wellness Policy

WWE has tried for years to make sure talent is safe in the company. While they have not been perfect with this over the years, they have improved each year as time has passed. After the passing of Eddie Guerrero, WWE instituted a Substance Abuse/Wellness Policy. It was geared toward making sure talent stayed away […]

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Returning To WWE May Very Well Be Considered A Guarantee Now

WWE has had a lot of issues trying to connect with the Hispanic audience. This audience grew exponentially in the days of Eddie Guerrero, but WWE also had Rey Mysterio to work with and even Chavo Guerrero. Sadly, Eddie passed away, and it was a big hit to all of us, especially the Hispanic audience […]

WWE News: Chavo Guerrero Talks Roddy Piper, WCW, And Legacy

A legendary member of the well-known and respected Guerrero wrestling family, Chavo Guerrero, continues to wrestle around the world. Staying true to his wrestling heritage, Guerrero’s wide variety of experience and history within professional wrestling has given him every feeling from the glory of championship gold to a seemingly never ending loss of those closest […]

WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Returning To WWE Soon?

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has been very busy since leaving WWE officially earlier this year. It was rumored that the lucha veteran was not able to truly work the WWE schedule without getting hurt. WWE is known to have one of the most grueling schedules in all of pro-wrestling and entertainment itself. WWE Superstars […]

Top 10 Debuts In The History of WWE – 16 Years Ago, Chris Jericho First Appeared On ‘Raw’

Sixteen years ago today, Chris “Y2J” Jericho made his long-awaited debut on Monday Night Raw. The debuts of superstars on WWE television today are great, but seem to lack a certain something since the phrase “jumping ship” isn’t as big in professional wrestling as it used to be. With that, let’s take a look at […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Gives Tell-All Interview — Reveals Real Reason He Left WWE And Speaks On Perro Aguayo’s Death

For a long time, Rey Mysterio hadn’t been seen in WWE even though he was still employed by the company. There were a lot of backstage rumors dealing with injuries, contracts, deal, and more. Now, as Mysterio gets ready to face Mysteziz (Sin Cara in WWE) at AAA Triplemania on Sunday, he is speaking out […]

WWE News: Backstage Update On The Morale In The ‘Smackdown’ Locker Room

In the past few weeks, WWE began to bring Smackdown back to where it once was. There was a point in time when Smackdown put out a better product than WWE’s primary show, Monday Night Raw. It wasn’t only the superstars who WWE placed on Smackdown, but rather the storylines and management behind WWE’s no.2 […]

WWE Opinion: Chris Benoit Should Be Acknowledged By WWE

It’s been over seven years since Chris Benoit nearly brought down not just WWE, but the entire business of professional wrestling when he committed a double-murder, killing his wife and son, then eventually killing himself. Since the Benoit family tragedy, WWE has stayed true to its word of never mentioning the name Chris Benoit ever […]

WWE Opinion: Why The Internet’s Over-Praise Of Chris Benoit Has To Stop

Yesterday, I was surfing the internet for stories to write. I went to Facebook, which I do every day, as I am quite the social media weirdo. I am a member of many Pro-Wrestling pages, which I enjoy as I can keep my ear to the ground about what the internet likes and dislikes. This […]

WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Suing WWE For ‘Egregious Mistreatment’ Of Their Wrestlers

WWE is no stranger to lawsuits, but the latest one has started to turn some heads. Former WWE Superstar Billy Jack Haynes is suing WWE for alleged mistreatment of talent and wrestler safety. Interesting enough, WWE has run into similar issues in the past. However, it appears Haynes is trying to capitalize on what former […]

WWE News: WWE Legend Superstar Billy Graham Says He Has Only 2 Years To Live

It is never a good thing to know that you are going to die, but one former WWE Superstar knows the feeling all too well. “Superstar” Billy Graham was told by doctors recently that he has perhaps 2 years to live at best. This is due to a liver problem involving Hepatitis C, something he […]

WWE News: WWE Cited For Racism, Are They Truly Against The Push Of Foreign And Black Athletes?

WWE has been known to be controversial in their time. The Attitude Era saw them breaking new ground in the entertainment industry and it seemed rules were simply guidelines, not forms of law. WWE pushed the limits consistently, and thus were given flak for such actions. The biggest issue people have had against the company […]