Nikki Haley Seemingly Defends Confederate Flag, Says It Showed ‘Service, And Sacrifice, And Heritage’

On Friday, former U.S. ambassador to the UN and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley seemed to defend the confederate flag in an interview on Blaze TV with host Glenn Beck, arguing that its meaning had been skewed by convicted mass murderer Dylann Roof. According to The Daily Beast, Haley was addressing her decision to move […]

The U.S. Department Of Justice To Begin Using Capital Punishment Following Nearly Two-Decade Break

It’s been over 15 years since the federal government used capital punishment on prisoners, but the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday that it would be resuming the practice, per The Washington Post. U.S. Attorney General William Barr directed the Bureau of Prisons to schedule executions for five men currently on death row. As The […]

Dylann Roof’s Sister Morgan’s Snapchat Message Hoped Students ‘Get Shot,’ Singles Out Black People

In a Snapchat message, Morgan Roof stated that she hoped the students protesting gun violence “get shot” and assumed that it will be “nothing but black people walking out.” Morgan’s Snapchat message led to many searches for her Instagram page, forcing an Instagram user with the same name to declare that she is not the […]

Dylann Roof To Plead Guilty To State Murder Charges

Dylann Roof, the white supremacist already sentenced to death for killing several people in a 2015 church massacre, will plead guilty to state charges as part of a plea agreement. Roof, 22, had befriended members of the predominately black Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, when on June 17, 2015, he shot […]

Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooter Sentenced To Death, Victim’s Families Say Justice Has Been Served

Dylann Roof, a convicted murderer, has been sentenced to death. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Roof was convicted last month of murdering nine African American church goers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a Bible study in June 2015. Last week, Dylann, who was representing himself, gave his opening statement to the jury, telling […]

Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death after jurors deliberated for nearly three hours. Roof, who was arrested in 2015 for killing nine black people in a Charleston church as they attended Bible study, has shown no remorse for his crimes, leading jurors to condemn him to death on Tuesday. Vice reported that during […]

Dylann Roof: Full Transcript Of Charleston Church Shooter’s Opening Statement

Dylann Roof, the convicted Charleston church shooter, started making his case in court on Wednesday as jurors prepared to hand down the death sentence for his heinous crime. According to CNN, below is the full transcript of Dylann Roof’s opening statement. “My opening statement may seem a little out of place. You may have heard […]

Dylann Roof Addresses Court During Sentencing, Denies Claims That He Is Mentally Incompetent

Dylann Roof addressed the court for the first time during a sentencing hearing on Wednesday. Although he appeared timid while reading his statement, the message was crystal clear. The convicted killer denied his attorneys claims that he is, or ever was, mentally incompetent. On December 15, 2016, the 22-year-old man was convicted of 33 criminal […]

Judge Rules Mass Murderer Dylann Roof Fit For Sentencing

A federal judge ruled that Dylann Roof is competent to face the penalty for the slaughter of nine African-American parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel ruled that the 22-year-old is fit to stand trial before a jury, who will then decide whether he will face a lifetime […]

Dylann Roof Guilty: Charleston Shooter Convicted Of Murdering Nine People

A South Carolina jury has just come back with a verdict in the Charleston church massacre, and they have found Dylann Roof guilty of murdering nine black people, in cold blood, as they worshiped in church. According to NBC News, self-proclaimed white supremacist Dylann Roof is guilty of several crimes, including 24 crimes that fall […]

Dylann Roof: Judge Allows Emanuel AME Shooter To Act As His Own Attorney

Dylann Roof has made the decision to represent himself in his upcoming trial for the Emanuel AME mass shooting. On Monday, November 28, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Gergel accepted Roof’s request to act as his own attorney despite having some reservations. Roof reportedly made the request right before prospective jurors entered the courtroom. According […]

Dylann Roof Found Competent To Stand Trial For South Carolina Church Shootings

Dylann Roof has been found competent to stand trial for the shooting deaths of nine black victims of a South Carolina church shooting last year according to a federal judge on Friday. U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel’s ruling means that jury selection for Roof’s trial will begin on Monday. On November 7, the process of […]

Dylann Roof: South Carolina Church Shooter’s Jailhouse Attacker Rises To Fame, Gets Out Of Jail [Video]

Dylann Roof rose to worldwide notoriety last summer — that’s when the young white man opened fire in a historically African-American South Carolina church, killing nine worshipers. Roof was arrested soon after the deadly mass shooting, which took place on June 17, 2015. He is currently in jail awaiting trial for his crimes, crimes so […]

Dwayne Stafford: Black Inmate Who Beat Dylann Roof Talks About Incident For The First Time

Dwayne Stafford, a black inmate who attacked mass shooter Dylann Roof in jail, is now speaking about the violent incident for the first time. Stafford was able to post his $100,000 bail thanks to the donations by individuals who learned about his story via a crowdsourcing website. The 26-year-old Dwayne Stafford sat down with the […]

Dylann Roof: Charleston Shooter Assaulted By Inmate In Jail Shower

Dylann Roof made national headlines last year and set off a political firestorm due to his action of committing a hate crime by murdering nine black churchgoers in South Carolina. Currently, Roof is being incarcerated in the Charleston County Detention Center. It was there that Dylan Roof was assaulted in the shower by Dwayne Stafford. […]

Dylann Roof Assaulted In Jail: Alleged Charleston Church Shooter Roughed Up By Another Inmate

Dylann Roof, the man who allegedly shot and killed nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina church last summer, has been assaulted in jail the Charlotte Observer is reporting. Authorities at the Charleston County Jail say that Roof was showering at about 7:45 a.m. Thursday when another inmate, identified as 26-year-old Dwayne Stafford, attacked him. […]

Dylann Roof’s Attorneys Challenge Constitutionality Of Death Penalty

Attorneys for Dylann Roof, the man charged with killing nine people at a church in Charleston in June 2015, are challenging the constitutionality of the death penalty filed by federal prosecutors against him. Roof’s lawyers filed a motion Monday stating that the death penalty and federal death penalty law violate the 5th and 8th Amendments, […]

Charleston Church Shooter: Dylann Roof Waives Jury Trial

Last year, a white man entered a Charleston church and killed nine of its black parishioners. The accused, Dylann Roof, has waived his right to a jury trial, according to Reuters. Attorneys filed a notice Thursday in U.S. District Court. Roof has opted to have his sentence handed down by a judge instead. Prosecutors are […]

Dylann Roof To Face Death Penalty For South Carolina Church Shooting

On Tuesday, federal prosecutors announced that Dylann Roof, the man charged with killing nine black parishioners almost a year ago in a South Carolina church, will face the death penalty. The Washington Post reports that Roof, 22, faces 33 federal charges after he allegedly entered the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, on June 17, 2015, […]

Justice Department Seeks Death Penalty Against Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof

The Justice Department announced today that it will be seeking the death penalty in the upcoming case against Dylann Roof, the accused Charleston Church shooter. Dylann Roof is accused of gunning down nine people at a historically African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina late last year. Roof allegedly entered a bible study class at Emanuel […]

Dylann Roof Update: Friend Pleads Guilty To Withholding Knowledge About Church Attack

A friend who knew that accused murderer Dylann Roof planned to shoot numerous people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, pleaded guilty to withholding knowledge and lying to federal officers. The New York Times reports that Joseph C. Meek, Jr,. 21, faces up to eight years in prison and $500,000 in fines for failing to […]

Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooter’s Trial Delayed Until 2017

A South Carolina judge has delayed the trial of Dylann Roof, who is accused in a mass shooting that killed nine people in a Charleston church in 2015. On Wednesday, Judge J.C. Nicholson granted Roof’s defense team’s request for supplementary psychiatric testing. Roof’s attorneys contend doctors need between two and six months to make a […]

Charleston Shooter’s Friend Joey Meek Arrested, Accused Of Hiding Information On Dylann Roof

Charleston shooter Dylann Roof may have had unwitting help, according to the FBI. It seems the shooter’s friend Joey Meek may have been able to stop him from following through with the Charleston massacre but didn’t. Meek even allegedly denied having anything to do with it. Dylann Roof could be facing the death penalty if […]

Dylann Roof Will Be Put To Death If Prosecutors Get Their Way

South Carolina prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the young white supremacist accused of killing nine people in a Charleston church this June. Court documents labeled as a “notice of intention to seek the death penalty” were filed on Thursday on behalf of Dylann Roof and were signed by South Carolina Solicitor […]

New Posters For Julianne Moore And Ellen Page Gay Rights Drama ‘Freeheld’

Julianne Moore and Ellen page are lovers and gay rights advocates in the Peter Sollett-directed drama Freeheld, based on the Cynthia Wade-directed Oscar-winning documentary short of the same title. The plot is listed on IMDB as the true story of New Jersey police lieutenant, Laurel Hester (Moore), and her registered domestic partner, Stacie Andree (Page), […]

Guns In Church: North Carolina Pastor Will Arm Congregation

Congregants carrying guns in church isn’t completely unheard of, but neither is it so common a sight as to go unremarked. For one congregation, though, it will be a regular occurrence within the year, if the pastor’s plans are carried out. Since the mass murder carried out in a church in Charleston, S.C., in June, […]

Charleston Shooting Suspect, Dylann Roof, Pleads Not Guilty [Gallery]

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof pleaded not guilty to the 33 federal charges in the June shooting at Emmanuel African Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Earlier this month, Roof was indicted by a grand jury with 33 counts, which included federal hate crimes and firearms charges, in the shooting that killed nine people. Twenty-one-year-old […]

Black Officer Leroy Smith Photographed Helping White Supremacist During KKK Protest In South Carolina Responds

Black police officer Leroy Smith photographed helping a white supremacist overcome by the intense afternoon heat during a Ku Klux Klan rally held outside the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, has spoken about the incident, saying he is overwhelmed by the response to the photo. According to the Associate Press, Smith initially declined interview requests […]

Black Police Officer Helps White Supremacist During KKK Protest In South Carolina [Viral Photo]

A photo has emerged online, capturing the moment that black South Carolina police officer Leroy Smith assisted a member of the white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan, to safety after he suffered from the heat during a protest rally on Saturday, July 18. The KKK rally was in protest of the decision by the […]

Gun Rights Group Calls Background Checks ‘Utter Failure’ In Light Of Dylann Roof’s Gun Purchase

Dylann Roof, the South Carolina man who has been charged with killing nine people attending church services in a racially-motivated incident, was able to purchase a gun despite a drug arrest history. Gun rights group Gun Owners of America calls this an “utter failure” and states that background checks are not effective tools in keeping […]

Defending The Confederate Flag Isn’t Racist, But You Should Still Give Up The Fight

Since the Charleston shooting, wherein a young man named Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in a South Carolina church, the country has been hotly debating the Confederate flag. While many people from the South defend the flight of the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of states’ rights, others believe it is inherently […]

Dylann Roof Charges Include Nine Counts Of Murder, Three Counts Of Attempted Murder

Accused Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was officially indicted Tuesday on charges of murder and attempted murder, The Washington Post is reporting. Charleston County prosecutor Scarlett A. Wilson officially presented the charges against Roof to a grand jury. Those charges included nine charges of murder – one for each of the victims of the Charleston church […]

South Carolina Senate Holds Landslide Vote To Remove Confederate Flag — But Will It Survive The House Of Representatives?

The horrific Charleston shooting perpetrated by white supremacist Dylann Roof sparked a major outcry among American citizens against the Confederate flag. While some people have defended the symbol as a representation of state’s rights, many politicians have actively called for its removal from public property. This week, South Carolina became the first state to take […]

John Schneider: ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Speaks Out About TV Land Cancellation

John Schneider, who played “Bo Duke” on Dukes of Hazzard, is lambasting the decision by TV Land to drop the classic television show. The Confederate flag controversy, which somehow evolved after the Charleston church shootings by Dylan Roof, also prompted store bans of the Southern Cross flag. TV Land announced that Dukes of Hazzard was […]

Shocking Number Of Black Churches Being Destroyed By Fires — New Church Goes Up In Warrenville, South Carolina

Following the horrific Charleston shooting, more crimes have been committed against African American civilians in the United States’ southern states. A previous report from the Inquisitr covered the suspicious fire that appeared to be intentionally set in a North Carolinian, predominately black church. Since then, a black church has gone up in flames in at […]

Charleston Shooting, Churches Burned — Dylann Roof’s Inspiration Says More To Come

On June 17, 2015, Dylann Roof entered a church in Charleston, South Carolina. His purpose was to kill the people inside, and to start a race war. Roof cited a number of inspirations for his acts, including a group called the Northwest Front, run by one Harold Covington. Since Roof’s crime was carried out, further […]

Dylann Roof AR-15: Charleston Church Shooter ‘Wanted Even More Ability To Kill’

Before he killed nine people at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Dylann Roof was hoping to get his hands on an AR-15 in the hopes that he could possibly take out more. That’s according to a field interview document that was recently released by the Columbia Police Department. According to the State, Roof […]

Dylann Roof Receives $4M In Donations From ‘Hate Crime’ Supporters: Hoax Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage

On June 17, Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people during a Bible study class at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The 21-year-old’s detailed manifesto reportedly explains his hatred toward African Americans and other races. He even revealed why he chose the historical black church for the hate crime he committed. Following his […]

Confederate Flag Underwear Photo Gets North Charleston Cop Fired After Photo Was Posted To Facebook

The Confederate flag has always been a point of contention between its supporters and detractors, but perhaps never more so than in recent weeks after it was a main focus in pictures posted online by Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old Charleston mass murderer who opened fire on a historic black church, killing nine people. Following Roof’s […]

Homegrown Radicals Vs. Jihadis: Which One Is More Dangerous?

Are homegrown radicals more dangerous than jihadis? This is the question that is on a lot of Americans’ minds after the recent string of mass killings in the U.S. The murder of nine African-Americans in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, is just the latest in a series of deadly attacks by people who advocate […]

Kyle Rogers: Conservative Christian Council Leader Denies Dylann Roof Connection

Kyle Rogers, an official for the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), says he is not a white supremacist. Rogers’ beliefs allegedly inspired Dylann Roof to commit the Charleston shooting. “I am not a racist,” Kyle Rogers, 38, said during an interview with the Daily Mail. “I would not marry a black woman as I want […]

Jonathon Hill – South Carolina GOP Rep Says Confederate Flag Isn’t Racist Symbol

Jonathon Hill, a Republican representative in the South Carolina legislature, is taking a stand for the Confederate battle flag. In the wake of the shootings in a South Carolina church, where Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people, including a state senator, a new awareness of the Confederate flag flying on government land has been […]

Dylann Roof: NC Judge Defends Cops’ ‘Burger King’ Treat, Explains Why It May Have Been A Good Idea

Dylann Roof is making headlines yet again. However, this time it’s the Shelby Police Department that is being scrutinized. By now, everyone has probably read reports about the 21-year-old Charleston shooter being treated to a Burger King meal after being arrested. As previously reported on Inquisitr, Roof complained of hunger following his arrest so the […]

Dylann Roof: Burger King Treat For Charleston Shooter Outrages America

Dylann Roof was treated to Burger King just hours after he shot and killed nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, a day earlier. According to the Huffington Post, the 21-year-old shooter was in police custody when he was brought a meal from a local fast food chain because he was hungry. Dylann was arrested a […]

In The Wake Of Charleston Shooting, More States Looking To Ban Confederate Flags And Introduce Hate Crime Legislation

Since the horrific Charleston shootings perpetrated by Dylann Roof took place, the United States has been in a fierce debate over the Confederate flag and whether or not it can be considered a symbol of hate. Walmart stores have taken a bold stance by banning all merchandise featuring the Confederate flag, and the governor of […]

Texas Firefighter Fired For Facebook Post Praising Charleston Shooter Defends Himself, Says He Was Taken Out Of Context

A Texas firefighter who was fired for a Facebook post that appeared to praise alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof claims that his remarks were taken out of context, and that he did not intend to praise the alleged killer or his mass killing spree, KFOR (Oklahoma City) is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, […]

Walmart Confederate Flag Merchandise Yanked From The Shelves

Walmart will no longer sell Confederate Flag merchandise in any of its stores. Sears has also announced plans to stop selling Confederacy-themed items. A massive “remove the flag movement” launched almost immediately after the Charleston shooting, where nine Emanuel AME Church members were allegedly killed by Dylann Roof. A massive “remove the Confederate Flag movement” […]

Dylann Storm Roof Treated To Fast Food After Arrest

Dylann Roof was treated to fast food after his arrest in the Charleston shooting case. The Shelby Police Chief who arrested Roof reportedly treated him to Burger King for a free meal not long after he was handcuffed for confessing to killing nine people at the Emanuel AME Church. Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford said […]

Shelby NC Police Officers Took Dylann Roof To Burger King After Being Arrested, Report Says

By now, everyone has read about Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old who shot and killed nine African Americans during bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. Although it definitely didn’t take long for law enforcement to track him down, there’s reportedly a number of shocking details about his arrest that recently surfaced. Apparently, Dylann […]

Charleston Shooting Sparks Hashtag #WeWillShootBack

The Charleston shooting at historic Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina has sparked calls for unity and the taking down of the Confederate flag; now it has sparked a call to African Americans to bear arms via the trending hashtag #WeWillShootBack in the wake of what some call an increase in violence against the African […]