New Jersey Mom Of Teen With Down Syndrome Sues School For Allegedly Discriminating Against Her At Prom

A New Jersey mom, whose teenage daughter has Down Syndrome, is suing the girl’s school for alleged discrimination following the events that took place at the young lady’s prom in May, USA Today reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the way Hillsborough High School reportedly handled the special-needs students at its prom on May […]

Florida Teacher Adopts Her Special Needs Student Upon His Dying Mother’s Request

When Floridian special needs teacher Kerry Bremer first met Jake Manning — one of Bremer’s students with down syndrome — she instantly fell in love. At the time, Jake’s mother, Jean Manning, was a single mom who was dying of cancer. According to Today, Jean offered guardianship to Bremer after seeing how well the teacher […]

Children With Down Syndrome Spread A Positive Message During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week may have technically wrapped up more than a month ago, but the show is far from being over. This past week, new models stunned on the runway at Gigi’s Playhouse Fashion Show in New York. While it’s typical to see models that are tall, skinny, and fit a certain mold on […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Caterina Scorsone Opens Up About Daughter’s Down Syndrome

During a recent episode of the Motherly podcast, Grey’s Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone – who plays the role of Amelia Shepherd – opened up about how her perception of motherhood shifted after she gave birth to her second daughter Paloma, who she has affectionately nicknamed Pippa. As the actress’s 1.9 million Instagram followers know, Caterina’s […]

Model With Down Syndrome, Kate Grant, Inspires Many As New Brand Ambassador For Benefit Cosmetics Ireland

Twenty-year-old Irish model Kate Grant has never let having down syndrome hold her back from accomplishing her dreams. Now she is creating a beautiful change in the beauty industry as the newly named Brand Ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics Ireland. Her new prestigious title is helping to create a positive difference in makeup branding, leading to […]

Jamie Foxx Attends Event For The Global Down Syndrome Foundation In Support Of His Sister

Actor Jamie Foxx had a great time at an event raising money for Down syndrome research, People reported. This cause is particularly close to his heart as his sister, DeOndra Dixon, has Down syndrome. Dixon herself was in attendance of the event — the 10th annual BBBY Fashion Show for Global Down Syndrome Foundation — […]

Federal Judge Blocks Ohio Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

A federal judge has put the brakes on a controversial new Ohio Down syndrome abortion ban, which was slated to go into effect on March 23. Under the new law, women would not be able to legally terminate a pregnancy after a diagnosis of fetal Down syndrome. In the event that a woman did abort […]

Utah Bill Banning Abortion In Cases Of Down Syndrome Moves Closer To Becoming Law

A controversial Utah bill banning abortion in cases of fetal Down syndrome is one step closer to becoming law in the predominantly conservative state. House Bill 205 was approved by a House Committee on Monday evening, reports Fox 13 Now, and will now be moving to the state Senate floor for debate and consideration. House […]

Leah Messer Accused Of Treating Ali Differently: Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Making Situation Worse?

Leah Messer is often praised for being a great mother to her three daughters, especially to Ali, who is struggling with muscular dystrophy. Ali struggles with walking, standing, and running, and she’s often using a wheelchair to get around. While Corey Simms is optimistic about his daughter, Leah is often encouraging Ali to use her […]

Model Brother Surprises Sister With Down Syndrome To A Secret Birthday Photo Shoot

Rising fashion model Chris Garafola proved the whole world that family always comes first when he organized a secret birthday photo shoot for his sister who has a Down syndrome. He documented the entire planning on his Instagram account, and recently, he shared with People some intimate behind-the-scene details of this sweet brotherly gesture. Chris […]

No, Iceland Isn’t Requiring The Killing Of Unborn Babies With Down Syndrome [Debunked]

Iceland isn’t eliminating Down syndrome from its population by mandating mothers to abort unborn children who tested positive for the genetic condition. In an in-depth report recently released by CBS News, it was revealed that the occurrence of Down syndrome in the Icelandic population is diminishing. Correspondent Elaine Quijano travelled all the way to Iceland […]

Iceland Under Fire Over Controversial Method Of Nearly Eradicating Down Syndrome Births

Iceland seems to be leading the world in the eradication of Down syndrome; on average, only one or two babies suffering from the condition are born in the nation of 330,000 each year. As Mayo Clinic reports, Down syndrome is caused by an abnormal cell division involving chromosome 21 resulting in extra genetic material, which […]

Shia LaBeouf Exposes Himself While Peeing On The Set Of ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’

Actor Shia LaBeouf was photographed relieving himself in the ocean with his male parts exposed while on the set of his new movie The Peanut Butter Falcon. LaBeouf was filming the new movie on location at Tybee Island in Georgia when nature called, and despite the fact that the place was swarming with paparazzi snapping […]

Dolly Parton: My Grandma’s Ghost Saved Me From Fatal Airplane Crash

County music legend Dolly Parton reportedly claimed that the ghosts of her grandmothers saved her multiple times, once from a fatal plane crash and in another incident from financial disaster. She reportedly told a friend during a conversation that she was about to board a plane in Salt Lake City, Utah, some years ago, when […]

Chimpanzee With Down Syndrome, And Animals That Don’t Have It

On February 21, Springer Link published an article about a chimpanzee with Down syndrome, one of the few animals ever recorded to have the genetic disorder. The chimpanzee with Down syndrome is only the second reported case in the species, a disorder which is referred to as Trisomy 22. More specifically, Trisomy 22 involves chromosome […]

Sierra Leone Child With Down Syndrome Labeled ‘Devil Boy,’ Rituals Performed To Send Him Back To Devil

A Sierra Leone child was named the “devil boy” by members of the community after he was born with Down syndrome. Thomas was born as a triplet to his mother, Aminatta, five years ago. Sadly, his sisters passed away shortly after birth, leaving him the only surviving child. At first, no one realized he had […]

Georgia Boy With Down Syndrome Rejected By Advertising Agency Now Has Multiple Ad Contracts – OshKosh And Babies ‘R’ Us Line Up To Cast Asher Nash

A 15-month-old boy with Down syndrome will soon be featured in OshKosh B’Gosh’s holiday advertising campaign. Asher Nash, who was initially rejected by an advertising agency stating the company wasn’t looking for kids with special needs, now has multiple ad contracts, including one from Babies ‘R’ Us. Popular American children’s apparel company OshKosh B’Gosh has […]

Guatemala Presents Down Syndrome Designer At London Fashion Week 2016 [Video]

Earlier this year, Guatemala was represented at London Fashion Week 2016 by a young designer with Down syndrome named Isabella Springmuhl. Not held back by Down syndrome, Isabella first debuted at London Fashion Week’s earlier incarnation in February — where she was one of the youngest designers attending the prestigious event. Her mother, Isabel Tejada, […]

Girl With Down Syndrome Receives Promise Ring From Boyfriend, Watch The Touching Video

Ashley Greenhalgh and Danny Griffiths have been dating for two years and are preparing to take their relationship to the next level, which is why Griffiths purchased his girlfriend a promise ring for her birthday. While it isn’t unusual for a boyfriend to get his girlfriend a promise ring, for this couple, it was very […]

Down Syndrome Teens Release Trailer For Their $70,000 Zombie Epic

Tech Times was the first to report that the zombie flick helmed by two teenage boys with down syndrome that raised nearly $69,000 via Kickstarter last Summer is finally nearing release, and the first trailer for the film just went up online a few hours ago. The film is entitled Spring Break Zombie Massacre and, […]

Wrongful Conception: Michigan Woman Suing Doctor After Down Syndrome Baby Born Following Diagnosis Of Sterility [Video]

A Michigan woman is suing her doctor for “wrongful conception” because she got pregnant after her doctor allegedly told her that she had “no chance” of getting pregnant and no longer needed to use birth control. According to the Michigan woman, she had gone to her physician in 2008 to have her “tubes tied,” a […]

Mom Of Daughter With Down Syndrome Mails Letter To Doctor Who Suggested Abortion

When Florida mom Courtney Baker found out she was expecting her third child, she assumed it would be like her first two — very easy and relaxed. However, early on in her pregnancy, her baby was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. Courtney was scared and nervous, just as any parent would be, when she heard […]

Why Janet Jackson And Other Mothers Risk Having Babies After 40

Janet Jackson, the rocker with the perpetual grin, shocked the world when she announced her first pregnancy at 49-years-old. Jackson, famously postponing her “Unbreakable” world tour due to the pregnancy, made a public announcement in a video on Twitter. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I […]

Katie Meade: World’s First Model With Down Syndrome To Snare A Beauty Campaign

Katie Meade is rocking the beauty world as a pioneer: She is the first model with Down syndrome chosen to be a brand ambassador. Meade, 32, is the new face of Beauty & Pinups, for their product Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment. Kenny Kahn, CEO of Beauty & Pinups, told TODAY the decision to hire Meade […]

Down Syndrome Doesn’t Stop The Music, With A Little Help From Amanda Desousa And Steven Tyler

A 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was rejected by her original dance class was welcomed with open arms into Amanda’s Academy of Dance in Edmonton, Canada, and karma came back with a viral video. Having Down syndrome doesn’t stop Ana Malaniuk from putting on a dazzling show with her dance instructor to a mashup […]

Katie Meade: Model With Down Syndrome Is Making Beauty History — She’s Beautiful And Fearless

Katie Meade is making beauty history. She’s the first model with Down Syndrome to land a major beauty campaign. Not only is the former Special Olympics athlete beautiful, but she’s fearless as well! According to International Business Times, Meade is the face of Beauty & Pin-Ups’ new haircare line. The brand is all about women’s […]

Rachel Grace: Teen With Down Syndrome Gets Accepted Into College, Her Reaction Warms Millions Of Hearts [Video]

A Pennsylvania teen with Down syndrome is warming hearts with a video showing her unrestrained excitement after she finds out she’s been accepted into East Stroudsburg University. In the video at the top of the page you can see Rachel Grace reading the letter sent by the college, upon which she realizes she was accepted. […]

The Thieves Who Stole Easter: Easter Eggs Meant For Child With Down Syndrome Stolen From Front Lawn [Video]

Residents of a city in California were outraged this past Easter to learn that a pair of middle aged thieves, and their kids, had stolen Easter eggs meant for a toddler with Down Syndrome. Janet and Michael Ford were preparing to spend the Easter holiday with their son, Gabriel. Their idea involved having a trusted […]

Toddler With Down Syndrome Is The New Face Of Bonds Baby

Three-year-old toddler Parker Abianac has won the People’s Choice award for toddlers in the Bonds Baby Search 2016. Abianac has Down syndrome and is the first toddler with Down syndrome to win the Australia-wide competition. Abianac won the competition dressed in a Bonds floral onesie, that according to Facebook trolls, is meant for a girl. […]

Rory Feek’s New Life As Single Parent Of A Special Needs Child

Rory Feek is learning about life from a child with Down syndrome. Feek, a musician, lost his wife, and other half of the band Joey+Rory, on March 4. Joey’s death came after a May, 2014, diagnosis, followed by a long and devastating battle with cervical cancer. Rory is left with their child, a 2-year-old girl […]

Canada Immigration: Syrian Refugees Are Welcome But Children With Down Syndrome Are Not

The United Nations has praised Canada for its progressive Syrian refugee efforts, noting that the country is allowing 44,000 refugees from various countries to settle there by the end of the year. Despite the touted “humanitarian” nation’s efforts with Syrian refugee resettlement, an Ontario professor says they haven’t been so open to his family despite […]

Pediatrician Michael Geraldi, Father To 88 Children, Has Lost His Battle To Mesothelioma Cancer

According to, pediatrician Michael Geraldi lost his battle to mesothelioma cancer just one day after his 73rd birthday on Tuesday, March 8. At the time of his death the pediatrician and his wife, Camille Geraldi, had adopted (or become the full legal guardians of) 88 different children. The Miami Herald reports that 31 of […]

Olivia Wilde Stars In PSA For Down Syndrome

Olivia Wilde emerges as a spokesperson for Down Syndrome in a touching new video, “How Do You See Me?” Ms. Wilde worked on the video along with her co-star, AnnaRose Rubright, to mark World Down Syndrome Day. The public service announcement was produced by Coordown, Italy’s national organization for people with Down syndrome. Coordown […]

Madeline Stuart: Model With Down Syndrome Stuns In Wedding Photo Shoot

Madeline Stuart, the first ever supermodel with Down syndrome, recently stunned in a new wedding photo shoot. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Madeline, who enjoys dancing, cheerleading, and gymnastics, decided she wanted to make a career out of modeling last year when she started living a healthier lifestyle. According to her mother Rosanne Stuart, Madeline […]

Madeline Stuart: Model With Down Syndrome Smashes Stereotypes In Fairy Tale Wedding Photo Shoot [Photos]

Madeline Stuart, the Australian model with Down syndrome who stunned the modeling world last year after losing 44 pounds in a period of 18 months, is once again in the news for all the right reasons. As if her unprecedented struggle from being an outcast in her own community to becoming the face of some […]

Madeline Stuart: Model With Down Syndrome To Walk In New York Fashion Week

Since Madeline Stuart launched her modeling career last year, she has been busy with photo shoots and runway shows, and she will now be heading to New York Fashion week to walk in the FTL Moda show on Monday, February 15. The 18-year-old model, who was born with Down Syndrome, is the only professional model […]

16-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Suing Valentin Chmerkovskiy From ‘DWTS’ For $6 Million

Valentin Chmerkovskiy, or Val for short, is in hot water right now. He posted a meme, a photo made into a meme, of a 16-year-old girl with Down Syndrome, who is also obese, on social media a couple of weeks ago with the caption on the meme that read, “Letting your kid become obese should […]

Val Chmerkovskiy Sued By Girl With Down Syndrome After Sharing Photo Mocking Her Weight

Will Val Chmerkovskiy be able to waltz his way out of the fallout from the massive social media mistake that he made earlier this month? The Dancing with the Stars pro, who is known for ripping off his shirt and showing off his abs, is under fire for publicly humiliating an overweight little girl with […]

Wrestler Deven Schuko Sacrifices Winning Streak To Give Opponent Victory Of A Lifetime

A high school wrestling match doesn’t usually make national news. But undefeated champion and senior Deven Schuko’s simple act of kindness for a fellow wrestler have caught the country’s attention. Deven’s opponent at the Saturday match was Andy Howland, a 21-year-old transition student at a nearby high school. Howland has Down syndrome and has many […]

No Free Speech In The UK? Celeb Faces Jail Over Down Syndrome Opinion

Is there really no free speech in the UK? Reality show celeb Ursula Presgrave is being prosecuted over an opinion she shared about Down syndrome on her Facebook page, according to the Daily Mail. The Call Centre star has long been known for her controversial personality, but this time she apparently went too far for […]

Madeline Stuart: Model With Down Syndrome Steals The Show At New York Fashion Week

It seems nothing can stop Madeline Stuart from fulfilling her dreams. The 18-year-old Australian model with Down Syndrome, who first came to worldwide attention after inspiring thousands of people by writing about her experiences on Facebook, has now added another feather to her cap. On Monday, Madeline Stuart became the second model with Down Syndrome […]

Newborn Baby Girl With Cancerous Brain Tumor Defies The Odds

Newborn baby girl Abigail Noelle Jones is one special little lady. As an 18-week-old fetus, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Sadly, an ultrasound at 30 weeks gestation showed the growth of a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. The baby girl was not expected to live past birth, but she has defied […]

Alexis Cain Becomes First Student With Down Syndrome To Join Sorority At Kentucky’s Murray State University

Alexis Cain has become the first student with Down syndrome to join a sorority at Kentucky’s Murray State University. Every parent wants what is best for their children, including acceptance. When Alexis’ mother Camme Cain heard that Alpha Sigma Alpha had accepted her daughter as one of their sorority sisters, she was overjoyed, albeit a […]

Leah Kirwan Sings Duet With Her Biggest Little Fan, And It’ll Bring Tears To Your Eyes [Video]

Leah Kirwan is a teenager from Ireland with a gift for singing, and that gift was on full display in a recent video that has gone viral, racking up close to 700,000 views and attracting the attention of People magazine. But while Leah’s voice is undoubtedly angelic as she croons “Titanium” by David Guetta and […]

Father Writes Beautiful Tribute To Daughter With Down Syndrome On Her Wedding Day

Paul Daugherty, a doting father, shared a beautiful tribute he wrote for his daughter, Jillian, on her wedding day. Fathers dream of the day they will be able to walk their daughters down the aisle to meet the man of their dreams; however, Daugherty noted that he feared that day would never come as his […]

New York Fashion Week: Model With Down Syndrome To Walk Catwalk

Dreams will come true next month when a model with Down Syndrome walks at New York Fashion Week. The 18-year-old Australian model, Madeline Stuart, will walk at New York Fashion Week with MODA in association with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, according to Cosmopolitan. Not only is New York Fashion Week in store for Stuart, but […]

Brit Mom Now Seen Throwing And Dragging Her Toddler Son With Down Syndrome In A New Video

A British mom who was attacked and questioned by the police recently for having posted a photo on Facebook of her toddler son in a washing machine finds herself in the midst of another controversy. A few hours ago, another video emerged online where Courtney Stewart, 21, is seen throwing and dragging the same toddler, […]

See Moment Special Needs Chinese Orphan, Lucy, 6, Meets Adoptive Parents In Houston [Video]

The video (see below) shows the emotion-filled moment on Monday night, when a special needs Chinese orphan, Lucy, 6, with Down syndrome, arrived in Texas from an orphanage in China and met her adoptive parents for the first time. Houston couple Brent and Audrey Shook, who already have five biological children of their own, had […]

Antonio Martinez: Police Thrashed Man With Down Syndrome, Offered Turkey Dinner As ‘Apology’

Antonio Martinez was walking the few blocks from his family’s home in Vista, California, to the Martinez family bakery back on December 12, 2012, when he was suddenly stopped by San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Guy, who excitedly pulled his cruiser directly in front of the young man, who stands just 4’11” and weighs […]

Down Syndrome: Meet Four Inspiring People With Down Syndrome Who Never Gave Up

Down syndrome has not stopped these people from pursuing their dreams. Days after Madeline Stuart, an Australian teenager and aspiring model with Down syndrome landed two big modeling contracts with American clothing brands, we burrowed down the web tunnel looking for other inspirational stories. And here is what we found. Laura Green, a 28-year-old […]