‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoilers: Winner Of Final ‘CBB US’ Power Of Veto Competition Revealed

Saturday night the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests geared up for the very last Power of Veto (POV) competition of the season. The live feeds went dark for several hours but finally returned to reveal who was victorious in this final momentous POV challenge. Live feed spoilers prior to the POV indicated that houseguests chose numbers […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoiler: New Head Of Household Nominates Two Houseguests For Eviction

Things are moving quickly in the Celebrity Big Brother house, as the show’s finale takes place tomorrow evening. After a late night Head of Household (HOH) challenge Friday, the competition winner swiftly nominated two houseguests for eviction early Saturday morning. Immediately after the HOH competition was complete and live feeds from inside the CBB US […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoiler: Houseguest Wins HOH A Second Time, Has Sites On Target For Eviction

With the Celebrity Big Brother finale just two days away, one houseguest has secured a coveted spot as part of the CBB US final four by winning the most recent Head of Household (HOH) competition. This is the second time this cast member has garnered the crown and on live feeds could be seen strategically […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoilers: Brandi Confronts Ross, And Pranks Cause Tension In ‘CBBUS’ House

Things got heated Thursday night in the Celebrity Big Brother house when live feeds revealed Brandi Glanville had confronted Ross Mathews about his allegiances in the game, and pranks, meant to keep players calm and in a jovial mood, went very wrong. As was featured in Wednesday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Brandi was […]

‘CBB US’ Spoilers: Brandi Dares Players To Say Something Bad About Julie Chen, Upsets James With Insults

Tensions rose in the Celebrity Big Brother house Tuesday evening following the nominations of two houseguests for eviction. Presumably, to ease the tension and amuse herself, Brandi Glanville asked fellow CBB US players to say something bad about the host of the show, Julie Chen, and later got under the skin of James Maslow by […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: HOH Makes Nominations, Aftermath Reveals One Player Laughed During Ceremony

Live feed spoilers have revealed that the current Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household (HOH) has chosen two houseguests to sit on the eviction chopping block. Following the nomination ceremony, there was talk amongst CBB US cast members about the meeting and how one of the nominees was laughing, presumably about being nominated. It was […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: New HOH Is Crowned As Marissa Fumes Over Confrontation With Omarosa

After a jam-packed episode of Celebrity Big Brother that included a live Power of Veto (POV) competition and eviction, the houseguests took part in another Head of Household (HOH) challenge. Live feed spoilers revealed who was crowned the new HOH and also captured Marissa venting about Omarosa and a confrontation before the competition took place. […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: James And Mark Secretly Propose Final Four Deal To Nominated Houseguest

With Monday’s live Power of Veto (POV) challenge and subsequent eviction looming, Celebrity Big Brother houseguests are scrambling to tighten up allegiances to ensure safety. James Maslow and Mark McGrath have been close from the beginning of the series, and Sunday night, they decided they needed to make their alliance more secure by proposing a […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Ariadna Determines HOH Has Secret Deal To Evict Nominated Target

Some may see Ariadna Gutierrez as a demure Celebrity Big Brother houseguest, who avoids drama and does not get involved in any major conflicts. In actuality, the former Miss Colombia can be seen on live feeds moving stealthily around the CBB US abode, gathering information to use for her game. As such, Ariadna revealed to […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Brandi Slams James, Says He’s ‘Cocky’ And Told HOH About Final Four Plan

On Saturday evening, the reigning Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household (HOH) nominated two players to sit on the eviction chopping block. One of the cast members facing possible eviction is angry with fellow cast member James Maslow, claiming he is kissing up to the HOH, acting “cocky” as ever, and giving the HOH information […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Brandi Gets Flack For Throwing Vote To Shannon, As A New HOH Is Crowned

Friday night, CBS aired a two-hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which ended with a cliffhanger as houseguests took part in a live endurance contest for the title of Head of Household (HOH). Just prior to the challenge, Shannon Elizabeth was the third player evicted from the CBB US game. Every houseguest eligible to vote […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Fans React To Live Feed Sneak Peek Of ‘CBBUS’ Houseguests

The star-studded cast of U.S. Celebrity Big Brother entered their reality TV abode just a couple of days ago, and fans are clamoring to find out what is going on in the CBB US house. On Friday afternoon, CBS decided to give fans a sneak peek at the live feeds, which garnered mixed reactions from […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: CBS Finally Releases ‘CBB US’ Promo Photo Of Omarosa

Just days ago, the official cast of U.S. Celebrity Big Brother was announced during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. During the promo spot that was aired during commercial breaks, each of the houseguests was named; however, a clear emphasis was placed on one of them as being more important than the others: Omarosa Manigault. Although […]

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Key Things You Need To Know About ‘CBB US’ Houseguests Ahead Of Premiere

On Sunday night, the official cast of the U.S. Celebrity Big Brother was announced. Although the CBB US houseguests have gained notoriety in one way or another, many fans were left scratching their heads, not knowing who some of the named cast members really are. Thus, on Monday, a wildly popular podcast took a deep […]

Miss Colombia Scores First Acting Role In Vin Diesel’s ‘XXX’ Franchise

Miss Colombia, the 22-year-old who was falsely crowned by Steve Harvey, as Miss Universe, is bouncing back from the mortifying experience with a movie career. Ariadna Gutierrez, better known as Miss Colombia, just scored her first acting project, opposite mega action star Vin Diesel. Gutierrez has signed on for Vin Diesel’s xXx franchise, specifically xXx: […]

Steve Harvey: ‘I’ve Had Death Threats Against My Family, I Can’t Let My Kids Go Anywhere’

Steve Harvey hopefully won’t always be remembered for how he messed up when announcing the runner-up and winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. Steve Harvey announces the wrong name – https://t.co/sN4cQukDDE pic.twitter.com/wmjQ1R72Qv — Recently Viral (@recentlyviral) December 22, 2015 Perhaps no one really knows how bad he felt about it, until now. The New […]

Miss Colombia To Finally Face Steve Harvey On His Talk Show

Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, is finally ready to face off with Steve Harvey. Gutierrez is scheduled to appear on the January 18 episode of Harvey’s The Steve Harvey Show This will be the first time Harvey and the Miss Universe runner-up are going to face one another after Harvey made the much-publicized mishap at the […]

Miss Colombia Talks About Removal Of Crown As Pia Wurtzbach And Steve Harvey Effigies Burned In Colombia

It has been weeks since the Miss Universe debacle, but Miss Colombia is still talking about the removal of her crown. As readers may already know, Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned Miss Universe 2015, when Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach should have been the one crowned. The host, Steve Harvey, misread his cue […]

Miss Universe Rigged? Miss Colombia Says Goal ‘Succeeded’ For Ratings, But It ‘Humiliated’ Her

The 2015 Miss Universe pageant experienced a huge faux pas when host Steve Harvey accidentally called out Miss Colombia as the winner instead of Miss Philippines. Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was crowned briefly as the Miss Universe winner until she was told it was Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach who won the competition. It was a devastating and […]

Miss Universe Shows Class With Public Message To Miss Colombia

Miss Universe was crowned – and then the crown was given to the right person. That’s right. When the Miss Universe winner was announced at the pageant on Sunday, December 20, the pageant host, Steve Harvey, messed up big time. He announced the wrong winner and Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, was briefly crowned before things […]

Miss Universe Judge Perez Hilton Finally Breaks Silence After Beauty Pageant Mess

Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who was one of the four judges in the recently-concluded 2015 Miss Universe event, finally broke his silence following the controversy surrounding the massive announcement gaffe made by host Steve Harvey, The Inquirer reported. Perez Hilton shared his thoughts on the controversial event via his official podcast The PHP: The […]