Burt Reynolds Replaced By Bruce Dern In ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Burt Reynolds’ passing left a hole in many lives, and a huge one in the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the 82-year-old Reynolds died on September 6, before shooting started, leaving director Quentin Tarantino with a huge decision: who should replace Reynolds in the role? Deadline reports that actor Bruce Dern […]

Al Pacino, Damian Lewis Added To Cast Of Quentin Tarantino’s Film About Charles Manson Murders

The Manson Family murders rocked Los Angeles in August 1969. Quentin Tarantino has assembled an all-star cast of Hollywood celebrities to explore these tragic events in the appropriately titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The latest set of A-list actors to sign on for this fictionalized biopic includes Al Pacino and Damian Lewis. Dakota […]

Quentin Tarantino Retiring? The Director Confirms Rumors, Says He’s Done After Two More Films

Quentin Tarantino has officially confirmed that he is retiring from directing films. Tarantino told onlookers at Adobe Max, a creativity conference hosted by the software company in San Diego, that he plans to stop directing films after completing his tenth feature-length movie, Indie Wire reports. For fans who are keeping track, there is a silver […]

Quentin Tarantino Divulges New Genres He Wants To Explore, Including A ‘Really Scary’ Horror Film

Quentin Tarantino’s newest film The Hateful Eight seems to be bringing plenty of positive reviews, which is a standard expectation for the revered director. But, as usual, Quentin Tarantino is already discussing the films he wants to do next. Despite much buzz about retiring after he completes ten movies, there are still lots of movie […]

Quentin Tarantino Is Losing His Touch, At Least According To These Numbers

Quentin Tarantino has long been revered as one of the greatest living filmmakers, but in recent years that acknowledgement is starting to fade. Some blame his unwillingness to make original movies, instead relying on a love for Grindhouse and a desire to pay homage to his favorite genres rather than forging new territory. There is […]

‘Django Unchained’: Quentin Tarantino Being Sued For ‘Hundreds Of Millions’ Over Copyright Claims

Film director Quentin Tarantino, Columbia Pictures, and The Weinstein Company stand accused of copyright infringement relating to the 2012 film Django Unchained. Quentin Tarantino is probably hoping to make millions from his latest Christmas release The Hateful Eight, and it looks like he’ll likely need to, as he is now faced with a copyright infringement […]

Daniele Watts: ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Sentenced To Community Service

Daniele Watts, the Django Unchained actress, has been sentenced to 15 hours of community service, ending a year-long court battle after she and her boyfriend Brian Lucas were accused of having sex in public. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, officers from the LAPD were called to an area near CBS studios, where witnesses claim […]

First ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer Hits The Web — Watch It Here!

The first official trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s second blood-soaked Western The Hateful Eight has made its way online. See Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and other stars as bounty hunters and outlaws in the video above. According to Coming Soon, The Hateful Eight is scheduled to be released by the Weinstein Company in select theaters […]

Improvised Movie Scenes That Changed Movies, Created Characters And Stole The Show

Improvised movie scenes are not as well publicized as they ought to be. Sometimes the real magic in a movie happens when the actors go off script and improvise based on their own understanding of their characters. Some of the most iconic lines and scenes in film history have been unscripted. Take for instance the […]

Quentin Tarantino Provides First Look At ‘The Hateful Eight’ [Photo]

Quentin Tarantino’s newest western is on the way, and he has provided his fans with a first look at The Hateful Eight on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. The cover shows Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in full costume. According to Entertainment Weekly, Quentin Taratino spoke about the style of The […]

‘Django Unchained’ Star Pleads Not Guilty To Having Sex In Mercedes With Boyfriend After Making False Accusations Of Racial Profiling [Audio]

An attorney representing Django Unchained actress Danielle Watts and her boyfriend entered not guilty pleas on the couple’s behalf during a brief hearing on January 27. The couple were charged with lewd conduct after an incident late last year, when police received calls saying that a couple was having sex in their car. After the […]

Was Misty Upham Actually Murdered?

Django Unchained actress Misty Upham died from blunt force trauma to her head and torso, according to a Seattle medical examiner. Fox News reports that a manner of death still hasn’t been determined, even though the official findings have numerous people speculating on the possibility that she was actually murdered. Social media is abuzz with […]

Django Daniele Watts, Boyfriend Face Jail Time In Car Sex Case

Django’s African-American actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas have been charged for having sex in the car, according to a new report by TMZ. Law enforcement officials say actress Daniele Watts and her chef boyfriend are facing jail time of up to 6 months for lewd conduct. The hot couple were caught […]

Misty Upham’s Family Confirms Her Death – Former Co-stars, Meryl Streep and Juliette Lewis Express Grief And Shock

The family of actress Misty Upham confirmed that she is dead, after a body was found in the woods in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday afternoon. A spokeswoman for Upham’s family told The Hollywood Reporter that what was widely suspected was, in fact, true — the body found was that of the 32-year-old August: Osage County […]

Daniele Watts Refuses To Apologize Amid Heavy Pressure From Activists

Daniele Watts is sticking to her story, or at least she’s refusing to apologize for her lies. In a statement released by her publicist, Watts refused to apologize to the LAPD, the activists, or anyone else for that matter. The 28-year-old actress, known for her role as Coco in Django Unchained, ignited a small firestorm […]

Daniele Watts: Audio of ‘Django’ Actress Encounter with Police [AUDIO]

The LAPD is defending itself over a growing uproar over an officer’s detention and handcuffing of African-American Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts. In an exclusive interview with the LA Times, LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, who responded to the call in Studio City, California, said he had no idea it would turn into such a huge […]

Actress Danièle Watts Called Cops Racist For Cuffing Her, But Now A Different Story Emerges

Actress Danièle Watts claimed last week that she was handcuffed and detained by Los Angeles police who racially profiled her, believing she was a prostitute because she was seen kissing her boyfriend, who is white, in public. The incident took place on Thursday, September 11, outside the CBS television studio in Studio City, a neighborhood […]

‘Django Unchained’ Actress Confused for Prostitute by Police

Danièle Watts, an actress from the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained, claims she was accosted by the Los Angeles-area police on Thursday. Watts, who currently stars as Martin Lawrence’s daughter in the FX show Partners, posted an account on her Facebook page about the incident. The story was reported by both Variety and Mic. Watts […]

Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Gets A Distributor And Release Date

In what can be called not much of a surprise, the Weinstein Company is set to distribute Quentin Tarantino’s next film, The Hateful Eight, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tarantino and the Weinstein’s have worked together on every one of Quentin’s films, starting with Reservoir Dogs all the way up through Django Unchained. The Weinstein’s […]

Quentin Tarantino Confirms Surprising Choice For Next Film

Quentin Tarantino has officially confirmed his choice for his next film, and it’s a choice that’s surprising many. When Tarantino announced The Hateful Eight last year before a single frame of film was shot, the wunderkind director hatefully trashed the whole thing. Why? An early draft of his western script was leaked onto the internet, […]

Quentin Tarantino Is Hoping For A ‘Django Unchained’ Miniseries

It is amazing how popular Django Unchained is. The story was very good, it broke a lot of movie barriers, and holds the record for how many times the “N” word is used in a movie. Now there are reports that its director, Quentin Tarantino, wants to expand on the story on television in a […]

Quentin Tarantino Only Gave Leaked ‘Hateful Eight’ Script To ‘Six Motherf***ing People!’

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, director Quentin Tarantino has scrapped his project, The Hateful Eight, after the script was leaked online. “I’m very, very depressed,” Tarantino told Deadline. “I finished a script, a first draft, and I didn’t mean to shoot it until next winter, a year from now. I gave it to six […]

Quentin Tarantino Discusses Next Film, Updates Fans On Its Status

Quentin Tarantino has been discussing his next film, and he has revealed that it will be another western. However, he also confirmed that it won’t be a sequel to last year’s Django Unchained. Tarantino made this announcement during a visit to The Tonight Show, where he discussed his upcoming project with the show’s host, Jay […]

George Clooney Slams Sony Studios Investor Daniel Loeb

George Clooney is slamming Sony Studio investor and hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb. He told the guru in no uncertain terms to stop spreading fear at Sony. Clooney is one of the most recognized names in the US movie industry and has been rewarded for his efforts with Academy Awards, most recently with Argo, alongside […]

BREAKING: Christoph Waltz Cannes Interview Reportedly Interrupted By Gunshots [Video]

An appearance by Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz at the Cannes Film Festival was reportedly interrupted by a man who fired two gunshots. Police took the man, who may have fired blanks, into custody immediately. It was initially believed that the disturbance was caused the fireworks. This occurred in the middle of […]

Christoph Waltz To Make Opera Debut (Don’t Worry, He’s Not Singing)

Christoph Waltz has decided to take a break from winning Academy Awards and direct his first opera production, according to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times. The Quentin Tarantino favorite, who has appeared in Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, will helm a new production of Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss, the newspaper reported. […]

‘Django Unchained’ Takes Top Slot On Home Video Market

Django Unchained may be out of theaters, but it continues to reign supreme on the Rentrak sales charts for home video in Blu-ray, DVD, and video-on-demand (both rentals and sales). On Tuesday, the company released data for the week of April 15 through April 21 (April 14 to April 20 for disc sales), and revealed […]

‘Django Unchained’ Returns To China On May 7

Django Unchained will return to theaters in China on May 7. The film was slated to open in cinemas earlier this month. However, the flick was pulled immediately after its release although it had previously been cleared by censors. Quentin Tarantino’s bloody western has essentially been sitting around without a release for roughly three weeks. […]

Jamie Foxx Working On Horror Anthology For SyFy Network

Jamie Foxx and SyFy have worked out a deal to put together a horror anthology that will air on the network. The Django Unchained actor will be going through his Foxxhole Productions in order to put the mini-series together. Talking about the project, the Academy Award winner said that, “this is a project that I’ve […]

‘Django Unchained’ Pulled From Theaters In China

Quentin Tarantino’s controversial western Django Unchained was pulled from theaters in China. Sony Pictures was quite shocked to learn that the director’s acclaimed Civil War-era movie had been yanked from cinemas on Thursday. A studio spokesman said the decision to remove the film from theaters caught everyone completely by surprise. “We regret that ‘Django Unchained’ […]

Will Smith Explains Why He Turned Down ‘Django Unchained’

Will Smith recently explained why he decided to turn down a role in Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed western Django Unchained. The Reservoir Dogs director originally reached out to Smith for the role of Django in the flick. Although the character is central to the story, the actor didn’t feel he was the lead. The role would […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Film Violence, Argues ‘Film Is Forever’

Leonardo DiCaprio does seem to mind film violence. At least, it doesn’t deter him from making films that he believes have artistic merit. Following the tragic events last December in Newtown, Connecticut, part of the national conversation has shifted toward film violence, with some wondering whether or not fictional depictions of violent acts are capable […]

Leo’s Django Burn

Christoph Waltz’s Oscar win was much deserved, but the internet could not help but caption Leo’s imagined reaction.

Kids Recast In Best Picture Favorites

Every year while Oscar pundits and bloggers fight with each other over who will win for months on end, a sweet and charmingly hilarious video is released to calm everyone down momentarily. This sweet side to the Oscar race comes in the form of a viral video. The video covers most of the Best Picture […]

SNL: Christoph Waltz Is ‘DJesus Uncrossed’ [Video]

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and though there were plenty of laughs to be had, the best skit saw the Austrian actor as Jesus Christ among other Tarantino-esque versions of our lord and savior’s Biblical posse. In an obvious and clever parody of Tarantino films like Django Unchained, Kill Bill, […]

Christopher Dorner Like ‘Django Unchained’ In Real Life: Professor [Video]

Christopher Dorner was a real-life super hero … like Django Unchained in real life … it’s kind of exciting. That’s what Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill claimed on CNN in attempting to explain the outpouring of social media support for the alleged killer in part because of the grievances expressed in his so-called manifesto […]

Jamie Foxx Controversy: Actor Says ‘Black People Are The Most Talented’ [Video]

Jamie Foxx is sparking controversy once again for saying that black people are the “most talented people in the world.” The Django Unchained star has earned a fair share on controversy in the recent past for calling President Obama our “Lord and Savior” and seemingly celebrating the fact that he got to kill white people […]

Kerry Washington Wins 3 Trophies At NAACP Image Awards, Dedicates Them To ‘Ancestors’

Scandal star Kerry Washington cleaned up at the NAACP Image Awards Friday, taking home three trophies. At the 44th annual awards ceremony, Washington picked up awards for outstanding actress in a drama series for Scandal and outstanding supporting actress in a motion picture for Django Unchained. She was also awarded the President’s Award, which acknowledges […]

Christoph Waltz To Host ‘SNL’ A Week Before The Oscars

It’s just been announced by Deadline that Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz will be hosting Saturday Night Live a week before the Oscars. For those who are in the Oscar campaigning know, this is a huge push for Waltz who is competing in the Best Supporting Actor category for the Tarantino film Django Unchained. Christoph […]

‘Django Unchained’ Inspires Man To Create ‘The Sims 3’ Plantation [Photo]

After being inspired during a view of Quentin Tarantino’s controversial western Django Unchained, a gamer used The Sims 3 to create a functional southern plantation. Reddit user BourgeoisBanana set to to create a colonial-era plantation that was as accurate in design and execution as the game would allow. According to PC Gamer, the individual used […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Stepping Away From Movies And Into The Environment

COMMENTARY | Leonardo DiCaprio is stepping away from the movie business for a while, claiming he needs to take a break and help save the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio, 38, may be a top-billed star who can make you decide to see a movie, but he isn’t letting his head swell over it. He claims he’s […]

‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures Banned From eBay

The Weinstein Company’s discontinued Django Unchained action figures have been banned from eBay. Fans of director Quentin Tarantino’s controversial western had taken to the popular auction website to obtain the items after the figures were yanked from shelves. According to TMZ, the company has decided to pull any and all listings featuring the rare toys. […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Taking A Break: Mid-Life Crisis?

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the acting game a long time, over 25 years in fact. Now, at the not so old age of 38, the actor wants to take a break. And from the sounds of it, he doesn’t mean a long weekend. During recent European press rounds for his latest film, Quentin Tarantino’s […]

Here’s A Shocker: Django Unchained Slave Toys Have Been Discontinued

Who would have thought that a group of Django Unchained action figures would fail to become run away hits. The controversial toys were released just in time for the movies Christmas Day debut. Immediately upon there release the toys came under fire from various African American groups who called for their boycott. Among groups attacking […]

‘Django Unchained’ Becomes Quentin Tarantino’s Highest-Grossing Film

Less than a month after it hit theaters, Django Unchained is quickly becoming director Quentin Tarantino’s highest grossing film to date. The Weinstein Company, the independent film studio that co-produced the film with Columbia Pictures, said Django Unchained is nearing $130 million in the domestic box office, making back 76 percent of its $100 million […]

Samuel L. Jackson Defends ‘Django,’ Says He’s ‘Not Disturbed’ By N-Word [Video]

Django Unchained has seen its fair share of praise and controversy since release, and one of the film’s biggest advocates is Samuel L. Jackson, who played the villainous Stephen in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film. Though you get the sense that our culture seems to like Django Unchained (even if we don’t exactly know what to […]

Tom Cruise’s ‘Jack Reacher’: Sequel Unlikely

The Tom Cruise actioner, Jack Reacher, is unlikely to spawn a sequel. Although the film has grossed just over $153 million worldwide — $72,628,585 domestic and $80,400,000 overseas — Reacher needs to gross $250 million for Paramount to consider a second chapter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s domestic box office is unlikely to […]

Quentin Tarantino Says ‘N**ger’ During Golden Globes Press Conference, Don Cheadle Responds With A Joke

Quentin Tarantino set the Golden Globe Awards press room ablaze on Sunday night when the controversial Django Unchained writer/director used the word ‘N**ger’ during a discussion about the use of that very word. The N-word is employed numerous times throughout Django Unchained’s 165 minute run time. The movie itself is about a liberated slave who […]

Ben Affleck Jokes About Oscar Snub At Critics’ Choice Awards As ‘Argo’ Triumphs: A Look At The Rest

Ben Affleck joked about his best director Oscar snub as Argo won big at the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards (CCA) last night. In a reference to the glaring directorial omission in the Oscar nominations that were announced yesterday, Affleck accepted the CCA’s award for Best Director, saying: “I would like to thank the Academy. […]

Quentin Tarantino Loses It In Another ‘Django Unchained’ Interview: ‘I’m Shutting Your Butt Down!’

Quentin Tarantino is not a man to to be trifled with. Hot on the heels of a recent testy encounter with NPR’s Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, the director has chewed out yet another interviewer over the subject of whether movie violence affects real life violence. And it wasn’t pretty. On the day that Tarantino’s […]