Secrets And Lies Threaten To Unravel The ‘Mountain Monsters’ AIMS Team [Spoilers]

So far, the new season of Mountain Monsters has been a difficult one for the AIMS team. The Mountain Monsters team hasn’t been able to spend any time hunting cryptids because they’re so worried about team member Jeff and what his unhealthy connection to the Dark Woods is doing to him both physically and emotionally. […]

‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: The Mysterious Rogue Team Reveals The Deal They Want To Make With The AIMS Team

The elusive Rogue Team has been a thorn in the side of the AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team for quite some time now, and it looks as though that won’t change anytime soon. After meeting up with members of the Rogue team, AIMS members Buck, Jeff, and Huckleberry find themselves with their hands […]

TNA News: TNA Not In Talks To Return To Spike TV, Pop TV Deal Expiring Soon?

It was noted over the weekend that Jeff Jarrett was in talks with a Spike TV official regarding a major return to the network for TNA, but that may not be exactly what happened. As mentioned, Jeff Jarrett, who is now back helping to run TNA Wrestling, met with a Spike TV official. Many took […]

Impact Wrestling: Latest On Company Returning To Spike TV

Over the past few years, Impact Wrestling has been bouncing from networks, aiming to simply stay on a television screen. During the heyday of Total Nonstop Action, the company was aired on Spike TV, which reaches over 93 million homes according to Zap2It. After starting the company with weekly pay-per-views, the TNA landed a spot […]

‘Ghost Brothers’ Scares Up A New Season On Destination America

Last season, Ghost Brothers provided plenty of spine-tingling moments as TV’s first African-American paranormal investigation team. The Hollywood Reporter shared that production is now underway on the hit series, and the new season of Ghost Brothers should debut sometime in 2017. When they were children, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey each had paranormal […]

‘Mountain Monsters’ Renewed For Another Season By Destination America

This popular monster-hunting series has been renewed for a fifth season and according to TV Series Finale, filming is scheduled to begin this month, which should make the show’s fans very happy. During the previous season of Mountain Monsters, the team turned their focus to hunting the elusive and secretive creature best known as Bigfoot. […]

‘The Hauntist’ Blog Is The New Interactive Companion To Destination America’s Supernatural Programming

Destination America is quickly becoming the network to turn to for the best paranormal programming available on the small screen today. Now, they are offering something more to their fans with the launch of The Hauntist. The Hauntist blog is a new online destination for paranormal investigations, entertainment, and news involving anything creepy, spooky, or […]

‘Paranormal Lockdown’ Shares Some Exciting News With Fans At Comic-Con

Paranormal Lockdown posted to their Facebook page that co-hosts Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman are at Comic-Con International in San Diego and teased that there would be a special announcement regarding the popular series on July 22. So what exactly was the big news that was announced exclusively at Comic-Con? Great night with good people […]

‘Ghosts Of Shepherdstown’ Is A Haunting New Series From Destination America [Spoilers]

Shepherdstown is the oldest town in West Virginia, and is best known for the local arts scene, the historic attractions, and the university. Now, this community of 1,750 people will become known for something else entirely different. According to Real Screen, a recent surge in supernatural activity has forced the town’s chief of police, Michael […]

TNA News: Pop TV Excludes TNA Wrestling From Upfronts Listing, Possibly Dropping TNA Programming?

TNA Wrestling has gone through a lot the last number of years. A while back, they were dropped by Spike TV after nearly a decade of time spent on the network. They never drew amazing numbers there, but they were respectable enough to where some thought they could be considered an excellent number two option […]

Watch Ann The Haunted Doll And Enter The Contest For A Chance To Own Her

For some people, just being around dolls can make them feel uncomfortable. Take a doll such as Ann, which is rumored to be haunted, and the creep factor rises a hundredfold. There are several other famous dolls, such as Robert, who many claim is easily offended if you don’t ask permission first to take his […]

New Series ‘Ghost Brothers’ Scares Up Top Ratings

Destination America has been serving up some frighteningly good shows. Ghost Brothers may be following on the heels of other paranormal shows such as the popular Ghost Asylum (now in its third season) and another new series, Paranormal Lockdown, but the premiere episode generated some very impressive ratings. #GhostBrothers the show everyone's talking about. Join […]

TNA News: TNA May Be Selling Majority Stake Soon, Dixie Carter Trying To Make Deal That Leaves Her Still In Power

Rumors of TNA Wrestling going downhill financially have been running for a while now. We all know TNA is not in the best position, but are they truly that bad off? Is TNA going to go out of business anytime soon? If the company makes the right decision, that may not be the case. TNA […]

‘Ghost Asylum’ Returns With A New Interactive Season Of Thrills And Chills

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) team of paranormal investigators are back for a third season of Ghost Asylum. Once again they will be exploring the dark and eerie halls of asylums, sanitariums, penitentiaries, and other haunted locations. Although their main goal in the past was to construct something that will allow them to actually capture […]

‘Ghost Brothers’ Coming To Destination America

Variety shared that Ghost Brothers is an unscripted, six-part series that will highlight the first team of African-American paranormal investigators on the small screen. The series will follow three friends, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey, as they try to discover for themselves whether some well known, iconic locations are really haunted. When they […]

TNA News: Ken Anderson Reportedly Fired Over Drug Issue

Ken Anderson was reportedly let go by Total Nonstop Action (TNA) after he showed up to a recent television taping under the influence and failed a subsequent drug test, according to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. The Inquisitr reported yesterday that Anderson had been fired by TNA due to an undisclosed behavioral issue. A […]

Destination America: Fan Favorites And New Paranormal Premieres

Destination America has been developing a niche in paranormal shows, and they are adding two more this month to their growing list of ghost hunters and things that go bump in the night. The first new premiere, Paranormal Lockdown, debuted last Friday to a lot of critical acclaim from serious paranormal investigators and ghost hunting […]

TNA News: Company Willing To Sell If The Right Offer Comes Along, Panda Energy No Longer Funding Them

TNA Wrestling has gone through its share of high and low times. At the height of their television viewership, they were drawing near a 1.5 cable rating on Spike TV. This was not bad, but for a company that had been around for nearly a decade, it was not terrific. Eventually, Spike TV got fed […]

TNA News: Goldberg Still A Top Priority As IMPACT Wrestling Moves To Pop TV

TNA IMPACT Wrestling is nearing its debut on a new network — Pop TV — and signing Bill Goldberg to appear on the company’s debut on the channel next month is a priority, according to Daily Wrestling News. Since leaving the WWE in 2004, the former WCW mainstay has mostly kept away from the industry, […]

TNA News: TNA Wrestling Not Getting Paid To Run ‘Impact Wrestling’ On Their New Network Partner, Pop TV

TNA Wrestling announced recently that they were able to land another network to show Impact Wrestling. This was huge for them, as they ended losing two TV deals in a row in Spike TV and Destination America. The fact that both moved away from TNA made many assume that TNA would not be able to […]

TNA News: Impact Wrestling On POP TV

Some positive TNA news for a change as Dixie Carter has now announced that Impact Wrestling will move to POP TV, according to a report from Wrestling Inc. For much of the past year, the sky has been falling for TNA. A substantial number of the promotion’s fans doubted that management could keep things afloat, […]

‘Exorcism: Live!’ TV Special Could Expose Participants To ‘Hidden Satanic Attack,’ According To Archdiocese

Exorcism: Live! participants better watch their backs. According to the Archdiocese of St. Louis, anyone who is taking part in the TV special is trivializing an ancient Roman Catholic rite, and performing a mock exorcism can have serious consequences — Satan might come after you for doing your best impression of Max von Sydow and […]

TNA News: TNA Stars Unhappy At ‘Bound For Glory,’ Half The Tickets Were Given For Free?

TNA Wrestling had its biggest event of the year last night, Bound for Glory. The PPV is usually a very fun show featuring major matches with all of your favorite TNA stars at the time. Every year, TNA hypes up the event as its WrestleMania. For TNA fans, the show is usually great. However, TNA […]

TNA News: TNA President Dixie Carter Accidentally Sends Destination America Executives An Email Ripping Them

There are slight mistakes, and then there are horrible mistakes. It seems TNA President Dixie Carter learned the difference in a hard way. It was rumored a couple months back that Dixie sent out a scathing email ripping Discovery Communications. It was meant to be seen by only someone within TNA. The email ended up […]

TNA Rumors: The Future Of ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’ On Destination America Finally Revealed

For months and months, there has been so much speculation and a lot of rumors going around regarding the future of TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America. After all the guessing and talking, it appears as if the truth is finally known and the rumors can stop. As of January 2016. Destination America will no […]

TNA News: Destination America Confirms ‘Impact Wrestling’ Will Be Cancelled In January 2016

It has been denied time and time again, but it is now official. Destination America, who broadcasts Impact Wrestling in the United States, has decided to not continue with the program after nearly a year of ratings lower than they hoped. It was thought that when the network brought in Ring of Honor, the writing […]

TNA News: Impact Wrestling Not Fully Cancelled From Destination America, TNA Signing Lesser Deal To Stay?

It has been rumored for months now that TNA’s Impact Wrestling program will most likely be cut from Destination America after the end of September. It is now September, meaning the rumor would have to become true or false in the coming weeks. For now, however, those rumors are only slightly false. However, it is […]

‘Project Afterlife’: Life After Death, Modern-Day Resurrection Stories Told In New Destination America TV Series

Project Afterlife is a lively new TV series that is slated to air this weekend on the Destination Network. Project Afterlife will explore the experiences of those who have died and crossed over and those who have performed modern day resurrections. The interviews highlight the exact moment that they transitioned, with vivid descriptions of what […]

WWE Rumors: Update On WWE Meeting With Destination America — Are TNA And Ring Of Honor Out?

There has already been a lot of drama this year when Destination America announced the signing of Ring of Honor wrestling programming. TNA Impact Wrestling had said they were blindsided by the acquisition, and the two now coexist on the network, but it may not matter. Rumor has it that WWE has met with Destination […]

WWE Rumor: WWE To Meet With Destination America — Looking To Get NXT On Television?

With Destination America becoming a popular location for professional wrestling, there is a rumor that WWE may be the latest promotion to have its product aired on that channel. According LordsOfPain, there is a rumor going around that WWE is set to meet with Destination America executives about hosting some of their secondary, lower tier […]

TNA News: Destination America Set To Remove Both Ring Of Honor And TNA Wrestling At The End Of 2015

We know by now that Destination America is set to remove TNA Wrestling from it’s line-up by September. However, there are rumors that the network could remove the show by the end of the year. Now, it looks like Ring of Honor is also in danger of seeing the boot from Destination America at the […]

Kurt Angle Still Looking For A Match With Daniel Bryan

Leave it to a guy who once won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck to never, ever give up. Despite the fact that he’s currently recovering from emergency surgery to alleviate a life-threatening condition — and despite the fact that he’s still one of the most prominent grapplers on TNA’s roster — Kurt […]

TNA News: Update On How TNA Wrestling Is Planning To Survive Without American TV Deal

TNA Wrestling is by no means in a great place right now. Not only are they losing some of their top stars, but they are also potentially losing their television deal with the Destination America network in the next few months. TNA has survived many things over the last number of years, including the loss […]

TNA News: Jeff Jarrett Talks TNA Return, GFW/TNA Relationship, And More

In one of the more surprising moments in recent memory, former TNA co-founder and multiple time World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett returned to the company he helped to create. Considering his new-found endeavor with his new promotion Global Force Wrestling, it led many to think there was a working relationship between the two companies. That […]

The Latest On Why Jeff Jarrett Returned To TNA, How Long He’ll Be There, And More

Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night was a shock to many in the wrestling world. Not so much because of the way he exited the company in the first place, but Jarrett’s return was shocking due to the way Jarrett’s name has been rubbed in the dirt by Dixie Carter and […]

TNA News: Numerous TNA Wrestlers Concerned That The Next TV Tapings Will Be The Last, Late Payments Yet Again?

There have been rumblings for months about TNA Wrestling and their status with Destination America. When Ring of Honor arrived on Destination America to the world’s surprise, many felt that this was the death-nail in the DA/TNA relationship. We heard a week or two before this that TNA was potentially going to lose their TV […]

WWE News: Jim Ross Talks Vince McMahon, John Cena, And Ring of Honor

One of the most respected announcers in the history of professional wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, has never been one to shy away from giving his honest take on the wrestling business. In all fairness, with over 30 years of experience under his belt, Ross and his opinion are highly valued. In the […]

WWE News: WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler Set To Leave WWE Very Soon

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler may be a popular star in WWE right now, but he is not at the top of the list in management. That can be frustrating for many, especially when they have other interests that entice them as much as competing in WWE. The lack of being used well, and the fact […]

Adam Cole Talks Ring of Honor On Destination America: ‘We Were Just As Shocked As You’

Former Ring of Honor champion Adam Cole appeared on this week’s episode of The Greg Demarco Show on the VOC Nation Radio Network and discussed his current work in ROH and commented on the company’s television deal with Destination America. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the partnership between Destination America and ROH took many by […]

Maria Kanellis ‘Very Thankful’ For WWE Release

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis was the guest on a recent episode of the In The Room podcast. Maria discussed a number of topics, including her current work in Ring of Honor and her time in WWE. Kanellis was released from WWE in 2010, which caught many fans off guard due to her popularity and […]

Exclusive: Mr. Anderson Talks Legends of Wrestling, TNA/ROH on Destination America, And More

In a decorated 16-year career as a professional wrestler, former WWE superstar and current TNA wrestler Mr. Anderson, formerly known as Mr. Kennedy, continues to be a focal point of the wrestling industry. Holding championship gold and being involved in top storylines for a majority of his career, Anderson continues to remain what he has […]

ROH And TNA Viewership Increases This Week, What Does It Mean For The Future?

So far, it appears that the sharing of the Destination America network between Ring of Honor and TNA has benefited both companies. The June 10 edition of Ring of Honor Wrestling on Destination America, the second show ROH has aired on the network, showed an increase in viewers. The June 10 ROH show drew 161,000 […]

TNA Impact Rating Suffers On New Night, Ring Of Honor Strong

The first TNA Impact rating on its new night is in, and the numbers don’t look very promising. In fact, Ring of Honor, which debuted as a lead-in for the struggling wrestling promotion had a stronger opening all things considered. Before getting into the guts of these numbers, there first needs to be a little […]

WWE Rumors: Two Big Stars Returning This Week And WWE Interested In Two Former TNA World Champs

Elimination Chamber is happening tonight, and there will be a lot of big things happening. Still, that doesn’t mean that WWE isn’t looking ahead to the future and what will or may happen. This week will mark the return of two big-time stars to WWE television, and rumor has it that WWE is also interested […]

WWE News: Big Update On Samoa Joe’s WWE Deal, Is ROH’s New TV Deal Pushing WWE To Sign Joe Exclusively?

Former TNA star Samoa Joe signed with WWE recently. He made his debut with the company last week at WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. His debut brought a ton of cheers into the Full Sail Live Arena, but social media also exploded with people talking up Samoa Joe. Joe’s debut did more for NXT than most […]

TNA News: Dixie Carter Holds Conference Call With Talent Today Following ROH Announcement

With today’s news concerning Ring of Honor Wrestling coming to Destination America on June 3, talent within TNA were said to be shell-shocked and blindsided by the news. TNA’s Dixie Carter held a conference call this afternoon with her roster that reportedly lasted 90 minutes, though a failure to address what the ROH news means […]

TNA News: Ring Of Honor Thrilled At Destination America Deal — TNA Talent Totally Blindsided, Reactions From Both

Huge news out of the wrestling world today has revealed that Ring Of Honor will be coming to Destination America to provide a “One-Two-Punch” with TNA Impact Wrestling. The news is huge for wrestling fans and ROH talent has been promoting their happiness on social media, but the exact opposite is coming from the talent […]

ROH News: Ring Of Honor Coming To Destination America, Taking The Place Of TNA’s Impact Wrestling?

In possibly the biggest shocker of the week, Discovery Communications property Destination America has decided to sign Ring Of Honor to be part of it’s line-up, this according to Destination America’s official twitter account. ROH is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting and has been on their random networks throughout the United States for quite some time. […]

WWE: 3 Reasons A McMahon TNA Buyout Would Make Sense

WWE issuing a TNA buyout may not be realistic, but at this point, it sure would be welcome. Dixie Carter has had every opportunity to turn her Impact Wrestling program around, and after losing her Spike TV deal and, possibly, her Destination America deal (rumored for September), it appears the promotion is circling the proverbial […]

TNA And Billy Corgan Refute Claim That TNA Is Losing TV Deal — Corgan Says It’s ‘A Sloppy Angle’

For the last several years, wrestling fans have been expecting TNA Wrestling to go out of business, and, with viewership rapidly falling since their move to Destination America, it’s beginning to be even more of a possibility. As a matter of fact, it was reported yesterday by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that Destination […]