Donald Trump’s ‘Obsession’ With Joe Scarborough Could Be A Sign Of Dementia, Psychiatrist Says

John M. Talmadge, psychiatrist and clinical professor of psychiatry at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center, is sounding the alarm on Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Joe Scarborough. While the president believes Scarborough was involved in the 2001 death of his former aide, Lori Klausutis, Talmadge claims Trump may be falling victim to symptoms of dementia. “Specifically […]

Donald Trump’s Slurring Might Be ‘Early Dementia’ Or ‘ADD’ Symptom, Says ‘Art Of The Deal’ Ghostwriter

Donald Trump‘s repeated slurring and mispronunciations of commonly used English words in his public speeches have become the subject of frequent viral videos. But on Sunday morning, a major media outlet also took notice of the quirk, when MSNBC host Joy Reid aired a compilation of clips that showed Trump stumbling over words that would […]

Donald Trump Is ‘Not Well’ Mentally, Former Republican Operative Claims

Donald Trump likely suffers from a “disordered” personality and is temperamentally unfit to be president, said former Republican operative Peter Wehner in The Atlantic. And his recent activities, including his steadfast insistence that he was right about Hurricane Dorian having been projected to hit Alabama (even though it never was) is evidence, Wehner said. Wehner […]

Kathy Griffin Speaks Out About Her Mother’s Struggle With Dementia

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently opened up about the emotional struggle she has been going through since her mother, Maggie Griffin, was diagnosed with dementia. Maggie won the hearts of many viewers when she became a regular on Kathy’s Bravo reality series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, according to CNN. Known for her brash […]

Dr. Suellen Lee Allegedly Borrowed $300K From Patient, Diagnosed Her With Dementia When She Asked For It Back

Doctors give, but this one takes it away. Dr. Suellen Lee, an internal medicine specialist from Tennessee, retired her license after being accused of cheating a longtime patient of her money. Lee reportedly borrowed nearly $300,000 from the elderly patient, but when the patient asked for her to return the money, Lee diagnosed her with […]

Maryland Man Walking Wife Around County Fair On A Leash Gets Arrested

A 66-year-old man from Hagerstown, Maryland, who walked around Pennsylvania’s York Fair with his wife on a leash was arrested on Saturday, September 15. According to the York Daily Record, who viewed official court documents, an eyewitness reportedly saw Walter William Wolford Sr. leading his wife, Catherine Wolford, around the outdoor fair using a red […]

Legendary Playwright Neil Simon Dead At The Age Of 91

Legendary playwright Neil Simon has died at the age of 91. TMZ reports that he had been suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s and that one of his kidneys was failing before he passed. Simon had a kidney transplant in 2004 following an extended period of kidney problems that resulted in multiple dialysis treatments a week. […]

Donald Trump Eats Paper: Omarosa Says She Saw Him Chew Up Possibly Secret Document After Michael Cohen Meeting

In her new book titled Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House, former Donald Trump aide and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Maginault makes a number of shocking claims about Trump, including as The Inquisitr has reported, that Trump is a racist who regularly uses the word “n****r” to refer to African-Americans, and that he […]

Nichelle Nichols, Television Actress Who Portrayed Lt. Uhura In ‘Star Trek,’ Diagnosed With Dementia

When Nichelle Nichols, portraying the perky and self-motivated Starfleet communications officer Lt. Uhura, smooched the captain of the Enterprise — William Shatner portraying the impetuous and impulsive Captain James Tiberius Kirk — in an episode of the ’60s sci-fi staple Star Trek, it made the history books according to the Hollywood Reporter. The episode in […]

Man Accused Of Murdering Grandmother Suffering From Dementia, Said He Did Not Want Her To Live In Pain

Police in Chandler, Arizona, are investigating the murder of an 81-year-old woman early Sunday morning, as her grandson has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder. The 30-year-old grandson, identified as Brandon Smith, said he was the only person taking care of his grandmother, Helen Smith, who suffered from dementia, according to Fox 10. Police were […]

Robin Williams’ First Wife Opens Up About His Infidelity, Says She Allowed It

Robin Williams’ first wife, Valerie Velardi, has come out with the revelation that she not only knew about the late comedian’s romantic dalliances but that she also softly endorsed them as well according to reportage coming from PageSix. Velardi was married to the comic actor and stand-up comedian while his career was entering its upswing, […]

Whitney Houston’s Mother Suffering From Dementia & Her Son’s Molestation Accusations Are Causing ‘More Pain’

Whitney Houston’s mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, is currently in the throes of dementia, and she claims that her son Gary’s accusations of molestation by his aunt are only “causing her more pain.” According to Radar Online, who broke the distressing news, the late singer’s mother — who wrote a tell-all book called Remembering Whitney […]

Cissy Houston Battling Devastating Health Issue, Per ‘Radar Online’

A blockbuster story published by Radar Online alleges that the mother of Whitney Houston, legendary gospel singer Cissy Houston, is battling a devastating health issue. The 84-year-old Houston family matriarch is reportedly dealing with the early stages of dementia. “She’s in the early stages of dementia,” a source told Radar Online of the Grammy-winning Gospel […]

Robin Williams Suffered From An Undiagnosed Degenerative Brain Disease Prior To His Death, New Book Reveals

A new book called Robin, by Dave Itzkoff, reveals new information about Robin Williams that many people didn’t know until now. Williams had suffered from a degenerative brain disease called Lewy body for years prior to his death. Williams and his family did not know his exact diagnosis, although he had mistakenly been diagnosed with […]

Donald Trump Passes Mental Fitness Test, How About You? Take The ‘Montreal Test’ And Find Out For Yourself

Donald Trump was recently given the all-clear to return to his duties as president by his personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson. And during a Tuesday night press conference, Jackson revealed that Trump, at his own request, was screened for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using a cognitive test called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. According to the […]

Trump Deemed Sane And ‘Disappointment’ Erupts In ‘Asinine Questions’ Of ‘Life Expectancy’ And ‘Bone Spurs’

Donald Trump received a clean bill of health, which was revealed in the much-anticipated report during a press conference on Tuesday from the doctor who conducted the President’s physical. Instead of finding some comfort in this news, the liberal media wasn’t satisfied and they “embarrassed” themselves picking the doctor’s words apart, suggests Fox News. Navy […]

David Cassidy’s Dementia And Alcoholism Remarkably Similar To His Father, Jack Cassidy

In the passing of David Cassidy, fans had learned a lot about the Cassidy family and the dementia diagnosis which David Cassidy knew was always looming. While David Cassidy died of liver failure, his dementia had already started affecting his daily life enough that he had gone public to explain his sometimes erratic behavior. But […]

David Cassidy Hospitalized In Critical Condition, Placed In ‘Induced Coma With Multiple Organ Failure’

Actor David Cassidy has been hospitalized in Florida due to multiple organ failure, according to TMZ. He is reportedly in a critical condition, with his organs shutting down. A source with knowledge of the situation reportedly said he was placed in an induced coma, and that the situation “looks grim.” Sources told TMZ that Cassidy, […]

Trump’s Speech Deterioration Could Be An Early Sign Of Dementia, Experts Say

Experts claim to have compared Trump’s speech from several years ago to his speech in 2017 and found certain anomalous patterns that could be early signs of dementia. STAT asked neurolinguists and other speech performance experts to analyze Trump’s speech pattern in 2017, after he became president, and compare it with his speech pattern in […]

David Cassidy Talks About Dementia Diagnosis, Stage Fall With Dr. Phil [Video]

In an emotional interview with Dr. Phil McGraw that will air on Wednesday, the famous singer and actor David Cassidy revealed that he was diagnosed with “early stage” dementia about two and a half years ago, but he kept the diagnosis a secret. However, after footage emerged showing him falling off the stage, slurring his […]

David Cassidy Wants Fans To Know ‘He’s Okay,’ Says Dr. Phil

David Cassidy has spoken with Dr. Phil in his first interview since revealing a devastating dementia diagnosis, according to Today. Following the interview, which was pre-recorded and will be aired on Dr. Phil on Wednesday, Dr. Phil McGraw spoke with Today about David Cassidy’s diagnosis, his state of mind, and why he chose to reveal […]

David Cassidy Reveals Dementia Diagnosis After Disastrous California Performance David Cassidy, former child star of TV’s Partridge Family, has announced that he is battling dementia. The 66-year-old broke the news to his fans just days after an embarrassing, headline-grabbing performance in Agoura Hills, California. During the show, David Cassidy stumbled, appeared to forget lyrics to a handful of his own songs and even […]

Former WWE Announcer And ‘RAW’ GM Diagnosed With Dementia

Mike Adamle, the former NFL player and TV host who transitioned to the world of professional wrestling in the late-2000s, is suffering from dementia. This was confirmed by the 67-year-old ex-Monday Night RAW general manager in a recent interview with NBC 5 Chicago. A native of Kent, Ohio, Mike Adamle was a college football star […]

Dementia Symptoms: Do President Trump, Clinton, Or Bush Show Any Signs?

Dementia is defined as a chronic disorder that affects thousands of Americans, but is it affecting any of our living presidents such as George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or Donald Trump? Although many Americans were delighted to see George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at the inauguration of Donald Trump, there are […]

Does Donald Trump Have Alzheimer’s? Questions About GOP Frontrunner’s Mental Fitness Arise

To refer to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as crazy is certainly nothing new — many people are appalled by much of what Trump says. But perhaps there is something more substantial to that claim. Even beyond his extreme right-wing rhetoric, there seems to lurk something deeper, and some observers are beginning to wonder if Donald […]

Will Ferrell Backs Out Of Ronald Reagan ‘Alzheimer’s Comedy’

Will Ferrell has reportedly backed out of the upcoming Ronald Reagan “dementia comedy” after receiving blistering criticism from the families of Alzheimer’s sufferers, including Ronald Reagan’s children, who only recently lost their mother Nancy Reagan. As Inquisitr and other outlets have reported, Will Ferrell was attached to star as President Ronald Reagan in the upcoming […]

Will Ferrell’s Upcoming Ronald Reagan Comedy Blasted By Former President’s Son

Will Ferrell’s upcoming comedy about a dementia-addled Ronald Reagan in his second term in the White House has garnered quite the response on social media since it was first announced. While some have felt Will Ferrell is the perfect choice for such a role, others, such as the former president’s son, have called the very […]

You’re Caring For Someone With Alzheimer’s, But Who Is Caring For You?

Taking on the role of primary caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is an act of love and sacrifice. You’re giving them your time and other valuable resources, but who is caring for you? The daily routine of your loved one after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia is complicated, and […]

Care Worker Caught On Camera Torturing Comfort Dolls Of Dementia Patients Is Named

Two care workers have been suspended from their jobs at the Ashbourne House nursing home in Middleton, Greater Manchester, after disturbing video has surfaced. The video shows the workers tormenting dementia patients by taking their comfort dolls, which the patients think are real children, and “torturing” them. Now, one of them has had their name […]

Lamar Putnam: Mattie’s Call On 79-Yr-Old Georgia Man With Dementia, Missing Over A Week

A 79-year-old Carrollton, Georgia, man who disappeared without any warning on January 16 is still missing over a week later. Authorities are asking the public for assistance in locating the elderly man, who suffers from dementia. WSB Atlanta reports that Lamar Putnam was last seen leaving his home on Ferndale Road, in Carroll County, Georgia, […]

Hall Of Famer Tony Dorsett Optimistic About His Fight Against Brain Disorder

Tony Dorsett, the legendary Dallas Cowboys running back, was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease. Dorsett has chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease that has been linked to dementia, depression, and to suicides of NFL players. In 2013, Tony Dorsett, the Heisman Trophy winner, as well as College and Pro Football Hall of Famer who […]

Lewy Body Dementia Stole Robin Williams’ Mind And Body In His ‘Nightmare’ Final Months

It all started in November 2013. Within a year, Robin Williams disintegrated before wife Susan’s eyes. A year after his mystery symptoms appeared, Robin killed himself. But his widow said he likely only had three years to live. In her first interview since Robin’s death last year, Mrs. Williams said they would’ve been hard years, […]

Watch This Heart-Rending Video Of 5-Year-Old Singing To Her Great-Grandmother With Dementia [Video]

Sophie Flynn met her great-grandmother with dementia for the first time and touched the hearts of many people around the world. When 5-year-old Sophie, from County Offlay, Ireland, met her great-grandmother Brenda Brock, 82, in Norwich, Sophie’s parents Sarah Miller and William Flynn were concerned that Brenda would frighten the young child. Brenda is blind […]

What Dementia Looks Like: Man’s Touching Photo Essay Of Mom’s Dementia Battle Goes Viral [Photos]

A picture is worth a thousand words. While some people may only consider the quote to be just another notable cliché, it speaks volumes when viewing one man’s latest photo essay. On the morning of May 18, Jake Heath decided to share photos of his mom, Jacquie, with the world. So, he took to reddit […]

Henry Rayhons Accused Of Raping His Wife Who Suffered From Dementia, Found Not Guilty

An Iowa politician, Henry Rayhons, was accused of raping his wife who suffered from dementia. The nursing home told Rayhons that his wife was unable to consent to sexual intercourse any longer, as she did not have the capacity to make that decision due to her dementia and Alzheimers. However, Rayhons was found not guilty […]

Michael Juskin Domestic Issues: 100-Year-Old Man Hacks Sleeping Wife To Death In Murder-Suicide

Prosecutors say Michael Juskin had a history of “domestic issues” with his spouse and is one of the oldest persons to ever commit homicide. Police in Elmwood Park say the 100-year-old man killed his 88-year-old wife while she slept, in a murder-suicide on Sunday, according to a Daily Mail report. A motive has not been […]

Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s: President Suffered Symptoms In Office, Study Concludes

Ronald Reagan, America’s 40th president, likely suffered the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease while still in office, according to a new study that analyzed his speech patterns over the course of his term. Reagan maintained that he would abdicate the presidency at the first sign of mental decline, according to the Daily Mail. Despite this […]

Sir Terry Pratchett: Fans Say Goodbye As ‘Discworld’ Author Passes Away

Bestselling author Sir Terry Pratchett has died at the age of 66. Pratchett had been diagnosed with a rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s, posterior cortical atrophy, in 2007. As the BBC reports, although after his diagnosis Sir Terry campaigned in favor of the right for assisted suicide, his publisher has confirmed that the author’s […]

Alive Inside: Music Has The Ability To Combat Memory Loss In Dementia Patients [Video]

Alive Inside is a documentary that explores the use of music to combat memory loss in dementia patients. The documentary won the Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Though there are medications that can lower blood pressure or blood sugar levels, modern medicine has not found a pill that can reawaken the mind. […]

Village In Amsterdam Where Everyone Suffers From Dementia

The isolated village of Hogewey lies on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the small town of Wheesp. Hogewey, which is roughly the size of 10 football fields, is a cutting-edge elder care facility that houses 152 residents, all of whom suffer from dementia. ‘Dementia Village,‘ as it has become known, is a place where residents […]

Robin Williams: Lewy Body Dementia, Hallucinations Led To Suicide Death

Robin Williams Death Update: Details regarding Robin Williams’ death are still coming out. According to the latest report by TMZ, Robin Williams’ death was brought on by Lewy Body Dementia, also known as Dementia with Lewy Bodies. It had been confirmed weeks ago that the actor and comedian’s suicide death could be contributed to dementia. […]

Meet The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Is Bravely Battling Dementia

Charlea Armstead is no different to many girls her age. She’s a fan of Justin Bieber and dreams of being a ballerina. The only thing that separates this 12-year-old from most of her peers is the fact that she is also bravely battling dementia. Although often mistake as a condition of old age, the debilitating […]

Malcolm Young’s Illness: Family Confirms That AC/DC Guitarist Has Dementia

Malcolm Young, one of AC/DC’s founders, has been confirmed by his family to have dementia. This is the reason for 61-year-old Malcolm Young’s retirement from the band. However, AC/DC has recently confirmed that they will be coming out with a new album called Rock Or Bust. This was before Malcolm Young’s dementia was released to […]

Senior Couple’s Marriage Questioned Because It Might Change Daughter’s Inheritence

Edith Hill, 96, and Eddie Harrison, 95, met over a decade ago while standing in line to buy lottery tickets – one of which turned out to be a $2500 winner – and have been companions ever since. No one objected to them being together until they married earlier this year. So what is the […]

When This Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Sees The Family Dog, A Small Miracle Happens

Alzheimer’s, as many of us who have known or lived with someone afflicted by the disease, can be one of the most heartbreaking conditions that exists. It can cause a loved one to seemingly disappear before your eyes, unable to recall the most basic facts of daily life. But sometimes, a beautiful moment can shine […]

Woman Accused Of Voter Fraud: ‘I Forgot I Voted’ [Video]

St. Peter, MN – An 86-year-old woman is accused of voter fraud after casting two ballots during last year’s presidential election. Her explanation? She has dementia and forgot she voted already. Grandmother Margaret Schneider of Minnesota has never gotten so much as a parking ticket in her entire life, but now she’s staring down a […]

Con Artist Admits Stealing $300,000 From Elderly Dementia Victim

A con artist has admitted to stealing $300,000 from an elderly woman in Manhattan, according to a report from The New York Post on Monday, February 25. Edward Lewando, the 52-year-old con man in question, targeted 91-year-old Ellen Korne in June 2009 while working at her bank. Lewando was able to convince Korne and her […]

Rock Star’s Dementia Nearly Costs Him Career

A rock star’s curable dementia nearly cost him his career until he finally received help after being diagnosed with NPH, also called normal pressure hydrocephalus. The star, Dick Wagner, enjoyed a successful career before he suffered a stroke and a heart attack in 2007. Before that, he played lead guitar for the likes of Alice […]

Dutch Village Offers Alternative Reality To Residents With Dementia

A long-term residential facility in The Netherlands is offering its residents with dementia an alternative reality. Director of Innovation and co-founder Yvonne van Amerongen offers a tour of the “Hogeweyk” facility in a video posted by BBC yesterday. The village, which is located near Amsterdam in The Netherlands, boasts a new concept in long-term care […]

Fallout Continues After Police Officer Beats Elderly Man Suffering From Dementia [Video]

A police officer in Florida are facing some serious charges after he beat and then had a fellow officer taser a 66-year-old elderly man suffering from dementia. Officer Derek Middendorf was responding to a knife call when he approached the older gentlemen. Almost immediately the officer proceeded to punch and kick Albert Flowers as he […]