WWE News: Seth Rollins Opens Up About Dean Ambrose’s Shocking Heel Turn Following Roman Reigns’ Leukemia News

Seth Rollins opened up about a variety of topics during a recent appearance on the Gorilla Position podcast, one of which was Dean Ambrose‘s heel turn on last year’s episode of Monday Night Raw where Roman Reigns announced his leukemia diagnosis. The segment featured Rollins and Ambrose winning the Raw Tag Team Championships, only for […]

WWE News: Jon Moxley Calls WWE’s Travel Schedule ‘Stupid’

It’s no secret that WWE superstars spend most of their time on the road. While most wrestlers enjoy traveling the world, it takes a major toll on their bodies as the WWE schedule is known to be demanding. In recent years, many superstars have voiced their displeasure with the hectic tour dates, leading to the […]

WWE News: Chris Jericho Shares Funny Story About Being Upstaged By A Plant

During their respective tenures in WWE, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose were two of the most popular superstars on the roster. Therefore, it’s quite surprising that their rivalry against each other is more remembered for an inanimate object as opposed to anything that happened during the in-ring action. As noted by 411Mania, Jericho recently sat […]

WWE News: Roman Reigns Finally Speaks Out On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE For All Elite Wrestling

When WWE announced that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing with the promotion after his contract expired in April, people weren’t sure what to think. The Shield wasn’t just going to split up again, but they were likely going to be done for good. It has now been a few months since Ambrose, now known […]

WWE News: Seth Rollins Takes Shot At Dean Ambrose’s Complaints – ‘He Took His Ball And He Went Home’

During his time in WWE, Dean Ambrose was almost always associated with Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns in one way or another. As the day drew near for his time in WWE to come to an end, Ambrose partnered with his brothers in The Shield and after he was gone, some rather negative things were […]

WWE News: Seth Rollins Reveals The Last Words Dean Ambrose Told Him Before Leaving WWE

When it was announced that Dean Ambrose was not going to re-sign with WWE, many couldn’t believe that The Shield was done for good. Now, Ambrose is gone, Jon Moxley has returned, and he’s a member of All Elite Wrestling. As the time drew closer for Ambrose to leave WWE, he spoke with his brothers […]

AEW Announces Huge Match With Former WWE Champion Vs. Kenny Omega At ‘All Out’

All Elite Wrestling officially kicked things off last year with the All In event, an event which took place before AEW was firmly established. In May, they presented their first true event as a distinct promotion with Double or Nothing, and that pay-per-view has set off a massive chain of awesome events. On Thursday, the […]

WWE Rumors: The Line That Dean Ambrose Refused To Say To Roman Reigns Was Extremely Tasteless

The last few months have been wild for Jon Moxley, the man formerly known as “Dean Ambrose” in WWE. He has left the company and joined All Elite Wrestling with a multi-year contract, and he has since spilled virtually everything about his time there which includes the reasons he really left. All of that included […]

WWE News: Jon Moxley Reveals What The Shield Said To Him When He Said He Was Leaving WWE

They will go down in professional wrestling history as one of the most popular stables ever, but all good things must come to an end. After the WWE revealed that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing once his contract expired, The Shield’s time was very limited. Now, Ambrose has transitioned into Jon Moxley of All […]

WWE News: Former WWE Champion Says Vince McMahon Is Allowing Brock Lesnar To ‘Ruin His Company’

Brock Lesnar has been on a part-time schedule with WWE for many years, and he does not wrestle much for the company. Despite that fact, he has been featured in numerous main events and held the WWE Universal Championship for a lengthy period of time. Some don’t agree with the things that the promotion allows […]

AEW News: Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose Reveals Hard Truth About Why He Left WWE, Calls Vince McMahon An ‘Old Man’

Jon Moxley’s debut at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing signaled the end of Dean Ambrose for quite some time as he did sign a multi-year deal. Earlier this year, WWE publicly announced that Ambrose would not be re-signing with the company and it was just strange, but it still happened. Now, Moxley has come […]

WWE News: The Former Dean Ambrose Confirms He Is Going To New Japan Pro Wrestling, Too

All you had to do was look at the expression on Jon Moxley’s face when he entered the arena for All Elite Wrestling to know he was “home.” At Double or Nothing, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE revealed that he was now with another promotion and showcasing the freedom he wanted […]

AEW News: Details On Jon Moxley’s Signing, In-Ring Debut Date, And Will Dean Ambrose Ever Return To WWE?

All Elite Wrestling could not have had a more impressive debut than they did with Double or Nothing on Saturday night. It delivered a number of great matches from some incredibly talented wrestlers, along with a few surprises. The biggest shock came at the end, when Dean Ambrose, now going by Jon Moxley, made his […]

WWE News: Update On Return Of Dean Ambrose And Possibility Of Him Arriving In All Elite Wrestling

Dean Ambrose is no more as he is now known as Jon Moxley once again, but that hasn’t stopped WWE fans from wanting to see him again. Ambrose left the company last month, and there have been many rumors as to where and when he will show his face again. Some still believe that he […]

WWE Rumors: Former World Champion Believes Dean Ambrose Will Show Up At AEW’s ‘Double Or Nothing’

The card for All Elite Wrestling’s first-ever pay-per-view appears to be solidified and in place for next weekend. Double or Nothing is going to make history as the first step in AEW becoming a serious wrestling organization, but what surprises may be in store? While the roster and matches are set for now, one former […]

Update On The In-Ring Return Of Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

It has been a few weeks now since Dean Ambrose officially finished up with WWE and didn’t sign a new contract to remain with the company. There have been a lot of rumors as to what could be going on with him and as reported by The Inquisitr, he even revealed the return of Jon […]

WWE Rumors: Former Champion Believes WWE Could Be Behind Dean Ambrose To Jon Moxley Change

There has been a lot of talk happening on social media within the last 48 hours after the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose hopped on Twitter. As reported by The Inquisitr, Ambrose tweeted a video revealing the return of Jon Moxley, his former gimmick on the independent scene. A lot of people are wondering […]

WWE News: Dean Ambrose Returns As Jon Moxley And Drops Possible Clues To All Elite Wrestling

Back in January, WWE officially announced that Dean Ambrose would not re-sign with the company once his contract expired in April of 2019. A lot of people thought it was a work as WWE doesn’t do things like that and superstars usually just leave without much fanfare. Now, Ambrose is gone and a new video […]

WWE News: Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns Comment On The End Of The Shield And Dean Ambrose Leaving

On Sunday night, it will be the end of an era as The Shield will stand together for presumably the last time ever in a WWE ring. Dean Ambrose’s contract with the company is about to come to an end and it was revealed earlier this year that he would not re-sign with them despite […]

WWE News: Dean Ambrose’s Final Matches With WWE Announced, More On ‘The Shield’s Final Chapter’

Months ago, WWE officially announced that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing with the company and would leave after his contract expired in April. A lot of people thought that it was all part of an angle, but it most certainly appears as if he is actually leaving and he will be finishing up this […]

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Offered Insane Seven-Figure Contract To Sign With All Elite Wrestling

This week on Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose wrestled his last match in WWE even though it just ended with Bobby Lashley destroying him. After the cameras stopped rolling, Ambrose was given a proper goodbye by his brothers in The Shield and the fans, but what will he do now? After his contract is officially […]

WWE News: Dean Ambrose Bids Farewell To Fans In ‘Monday Night Raw’ Post-Show Segment

In the lead-up to WrestleMania 35, wrestling fans around the world hoped against hope that WWE’s confirmation of Dean Ambrose’s imminent departure from the company sometime in April was all a “work,” or part of a scripted storyline. However, it still appears that Ambrose is really on his way out of the company, with the […]

WWE News: Seth Rollins Comments On Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE, Says ‘This Place Can Be Frustrating’

With just a few days remaining before WrestleMania 35, the clock appears to be ticking on former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose as he seemingly runs out the remainder of his contract and prepares to leave the company. At the moment, he doesn’t appear to be booked to show up at WrestleMania on Sunday, and as […]

WWE News: WWE Promoting Big Superstar As Honorary Member Of The Shield At Upcoming Live Events

This past Sunday at WWE Fastlane, The Shield supposedly had their last match ever together as a stable. On Monday Night Raw the evening after, they gave their farewell address as they have officially disbanded for good. With Dean Ambrose reportedly still leaving WWE after his contract expires in April, The Shield should be done […]

WWE News: Roman Reigns Wants To Change His Character In WWE

Roman Reigns has gone through a lot in the past few months with his Leukemia coming back, taking time away from the ring, returning to the ring, and the official end of The Shield. While there has been some big news for him by way of storylines in WWE, his cancer battle has taken all […]

WWE News: Tonight On ‘Monday Night Raw,’ The Shield Will Hold Their Farewell Address, Batista Returns

WWE does some really strange things at times, but for longtime wrestling fans, this may top all of them. Back in January, WWE officially announced that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing with the company when his contract expired. They have given his departure a lot of attention and tonight on Monday Night Raw, The […]

WWE News: Roman Reigns Speaks On Rumors Of The Usos And Dean Ambrose Leaving The Company

Roman Reigns recently returned to WWE and Monday Night Raw after taking months off to battle the return of his leukemia. He is thrilled to be back in the ring and is even partnering with his brothers in The Shield for a match at Fastlane on Sunday. Now, there have been a lot of rumors […]

WWE Rumors: Update On Dean Ambrose’s Plans To Leave WWE, Backstage Ideas For Final Feud

The rumors surrounding former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose have gone back and forth over the past few weeks. On Monday, The Inquisitr reported that per Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez, the general feeling was that Ambrose would sign a new contract with the company, effectively changing course after deciding earlier in the year that he […]

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose May Not Be Leaving WWE After All

A little over a month ago, WWE took matters into their own hands and revealed that Dean Ambrose would not re-sign with the company after his contract was up in April. Since that time, Ambrose has been involved in a few different angles and may even be involved in another reunion of The Shield. Now, […]

WWE News: Dean Ambrose Removed From Post-‘WrestleMania 35’ Live Event Listings

Earlier this week, reports seemed to hint at the possibility that Dean Ambrose might not be leaving WWE after all, despite his previous decision not to renew his contract with the company. Per The Inquisitr, WWE officials had recently expressed hope that Roman Reigns, who had returned on Monday to announce his leukemia was in […]

WWE Rumors: Another Huge Hint Dropped For A Reunion Of The Shield – Dean Ambrose’s Status With The Company

With the return to the ring of Roman Reigns, WWE now needs to figure out what to do with him and what storyline to throw him in. As fans saw on Monday Night Raw, he aligned with Seth Rollins once again, and as reported by Inquisitr, hints were dropped at another reunion of The Shield. […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Working On Match Options For Roman Reigns And John Cena At ‘WrestleMania 35’

There is still more than a month until WrestleMania 35, but that leaves a lot of time to build up a full card for the event. It’s not yet known who will be in most of the matches, but there are two names rumored to have a spot even though they haven’t been on WWE […]

WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Might Help Dean Ambrose Change Mind About Leaving Company, Per ‘WrestlingNews.co’

If a new report is to be believed, Roman Reigns could play a huge part in Dean Ambrose potentially reconsidering his plans to leave WWE once his contract expires in April. According to WrestlingNews.co, it appears that WWE officials are hoping Reigns could help convince Ambrose to stay with the company. The publication noted that […]

WWE News: WWE Hints At Another Reunion Of The Shield On ‘Monday Night Raw’

The Shield is easily one of the most popular stables of all time in WWE and fans have loved it when they’ve been together, but should it happen again? Last year, there was a reunion of the “Hounds of Justice” which ended when Roman Reigns revealed his Leukemia diagnosis and needing time away from the […]

WWE Spoilers: Roman Reigns Returns, More NXT, And An Angle For Ric Flair’s Birthday Set For ‘Monday Night Raw’

Another week has arrived, and that means a new episode of Monday Night Raw. This episode could be one of the biggest in a long time. Over the weekend, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair had a surprise birthday party thrown for him, as reported by The Inquisitr, but Monday brings even more celebration. Making things […]

WWE Rumors: WWE Already Has An Angle In Place For The Return Of Roman Reigns

Near the end of October last year, Roman Reigns revealed that his leukemia had returned, and that he would be stepping away from the ring for a while. He had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship, and no-one had any idea when he may be back for action — but all wished him the best. […]

WWE News: Dean Ambrose Went Off The Script On ‘Monday Night Raw’

By now, wrestling fans of the world know that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE in April as he’s chosen not to re-sign once his current contract expires. Many people still think that it could be a work and all part of a storyline, but it’s difficult to know what the truth actually is. Especially when […]

WWE News: Nia Jax & Dean Ambrose’s Intergender Match Is No Longer Happening

As previously reported, WWE has been planning an intergender match between Nia Jax and Dean Ambrose for a house show. Scheduled for February 22 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the match was announced through a local commercial. The intergender match is now reportedly scrapped. Per Wrestling Observer, it has been announced that, per WWE’s conversation with Dave […]

WWE News: Intergender Match Between Nia Jax And Dean Ambrose Announced For Live Event

A few weeks ago, WWE confirmed that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing with the company after his contract expires in April. At the Royal Rumble, Nia Jax entered the men’s match, which saw physical interactions with other superstars. Now, those two situations appear to be combining into one, as WWE is playing off of […]

WWE Rumors: All Elite Wrestling Makes ‘Outstanding’ Offer To A Big Time WWE Star, Per WrestleVotes

All Elite Wrestling has already caused a lot of excitement and speculation in the realm of professional wrestling — and they’re preparing to shake things up even more. Chris Jericho is already under contract to AEW, and many thought he’d never stray from WWE. There have been many others who are rumored to be connected […]

WWE News: Update On Dean Ambrose’s Schedule Before He Leaves WWE, Backstage Reaction To His Departure

This past week, the shocking news was revealed that Dean Ambrose will not continue working with WWE once his contract expires in April of this year. Rumors started flying that he would be leaving, and then, WWE confirmed it by announcing it across their social media sites. Now, many are wondering if the “Lunatic Fringe” […]

WWE Rumors: More Details On Dean Ambrose’s Impending Exit From WWE Reported By ‘PWInsider’

New information has emerged on Monday Night Raw superstar Dean Ambrose’s decision to leave the company once his contract expires in April. With WWE confirming the news in a short statement posted on its official website, PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson offered further details on the situation, providing an audio update on the terms of the contract […]

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Set To Leave WWE After ‘WrestleMania 35,’ Per ‘PWTorch’

A new report suggests that former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose has given his notice to company officials and will likely be leaving the promotion by the end of April, once his contract expires. In a report published on Tuesday, veteran wrestling journalist and PWTorch editor Wade Keller wrote that Ambrose had spoken to WWE officials, […]

WWE Spoilers: Huge Triple Threat Title Match, ‘Royal Rumble’ Build-Up Continues On ‘Raw’

With the Royal Rumble only two weeks away, the build-up for the big event is going into high gear and that will continue on this week’s Monday Night Raw. The big battle royales are going to be a huge part of WWE’s first pay-per-view of 2019, but there is so much more going on. On […]

WWE News: A Lot Of New Superstars Added To Both ‘Royal Rumble’ Matches During ‘Monday Night Raw’

On January 27, WWE will present its first pay-per-view of the year with the Royal Rumble that will have title matches and two big battle royals. Thirty men and 30 women will compete in two matches for the main event spots at WrestleMania 35, but who will get the chance? On Monday Night Raw, a […]

WWE News: WWE Quietly Gets Rid Of Longtime Rule That Helped Former Champions

There are many things that change about wrestling and some people never even notice it, but the hardcore fans do. When something simple or subtle changes, the longtime wrestling fans are going to sit up and take notice. Well, WWE has actually decided to quietly change a rule that has been in place for a […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon Was ‘Furious’ With One Of The Co-Main Events From WWE ‘TLC’

WWE TLC took place on Sunday night, and it was the last pay-per-view of 2018 before the company gears up for the “Road to WrestleMania.” With falling ratings, WWE hoped that this PPV would be one that could help viewership for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live to round out the year. Things were not […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Angle For Seth Rollins To Lose Intercontinental Title Scrapped By WWE, Per ‘WrestleVotes’

The feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose is continuing on with a match at TLC in their near future, but it may likely end up going on past that too. Right now, the WWE Intercontinental Title is going to be on the line between the two former members of The Shield, but that wasn’t […]

WWE ‘Raw’ Results: Bliss In Charge, Rollins Open Challenge, Balor Versus Corbin

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw was packed with action including the huge beatdown of Elias, a Seth Rollins Intercontinental Championship open challenge, a tag team title match, and lots more. The show took place at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 8 p.m. ET. It aired on the USA Network in the United […]

WWE News: Roman Reigns’ Battle With Leukemia Is Going To Be Used More In Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins Feud

Weeks ago, Roman Reigns came out and let the entire world know that his battle with leukemia had returned and that he would be relinquishing the WWE Universal Championship. Since that time, his brothers in The Shield have blown up on one another and they are at odds on Monday Night Raw. As the feud […]