‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Says Robert Kraft Should Take Deal In Prostitution Case

Daymond John, one of the stars of Shark Tank and a pretty savvy businessman, recently offered some advice to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Kraft was offered a deal after police discovered he was part of a prostitution sting they conducted at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, located in Jupiter, Florida. Police investigating […]

Children Of Late Firefighter Father Honor Him By Pitching His Kitchen Product On ‘Shark Tank’

Three siblings Kaley, Christian, and Keira Young gave one of the most emotional pitches ever seen on Shark Tank when they presented their product, the Cup Board Pro. According to USA Today, there was not one shark who was not deeply touched by the trio. Their product, a specially designed cutting board with a detachable […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 10 Guest Sharks Announced: Charles Barkley, Bethenny Frankel, Alex Rodriguez, And More

When Shark Tank returns with new episodes in the fall, it will be the groundbreaking show’s 10th anniversary, dubbed “A Decade of Dreams.” To celebrate, according to TV Insider, ABC has lined up some great guest Sharks to join the entrepreneurial-themed reality series’ regular investors Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, […]

Daymond John’s Story About Robert Herjavec Shows The ‘Shark Tank’ Stars Are Real-Life Friends

Every episode of Shark Tank brings some dose of drama, none so captivating, usually, as a bit of a tiff between the sharks. There’s real money at stake on the program, so when there’s potentially a great investment on the table, it’s no holds barred between the panelists. But Daymond John’s recent interview with People […]

The ‘Shark Tank’ Effect Can Fall Flat, As One Lori Greiner Investment Proved Two Years After Making a Deal

Part of the mythology of Shark Tank is the so-called “‘Shark Tank’ Effect.” Once the episode airs, entrepreneurs who are used to doing business out of their basements suddenly get an influx of orders, crashing their website servers and either pivoting their company into stratospheric success or miserable failure when they don’t have the capacity […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 9: Kevin O’Leary Offers Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like between pitches during a Shark Tank taping, Kevin O’Leary had the video for you on Sunday. The sharks, apparently not attending the Emmys like everyone else in prime time television, were on break from listening to entrepreneurs offering a stake in their businesses. O’Leary spent about a minute […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 9: Mark Cuban Takes Kevin O’Leary’s Center Seat At Least Once This Season

Fans of Shark Tank know at least one thing for sure: Kevin O’Leary always gets the center seat on the panel. The tradition goes back not only to the origins of Shark Tank but to O’Leary’s time on Dragons’ Den, the CBC show of a similar format that predated the ABC powerhouse. But during Season […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Shark Tank star Daymond John revealed today on Good Morning America that he was diagnosed with Stage 2 thyroid cancer earlier this year. During a thorough physical (called an executive physical usually administered to high-profile executives and other similarly situated individuals) in March, doctors found a small nodule on his thyroid. A biopsy suggested that […]

Daymond John Had Ulterior Motives For Considering A Job On ‘Shark Tank’

If you’re a fan of seeing Daymond John on Shark Tank, you can thank at least one person: Mark Burnett. The famed reality show producer, who brought Survivor, The Voice, and Celebrity Apprentice to the airwaves, asked to meet with John as he was putting together a team of panelists for what would become Shark […]

Daymond John Of ‘Shark Tank’ Has A New Initiative But You’ll Need Cash To Join

When Daymond John looks for a co-working space, he’s not into the ping pong tables and beer nights — even if those are the perks offered by many companies looking to attract startup entrepreneurs to their facilities. In the new age of mobile technology and remote teams, co-working spaces are a burgeoning industry. But their […]

Daymond John’s Mother Taught Him To Sew, Which Led To ‘Shark Tank’ Level Success

Many entrepreneurs have a moment they see, in retrospect, as the one that set them on the path to success. Shark Tank investor Daymond John has often credited his mother for many great things that happened to him in life — in an August, 2015, Inquisitr report John was quoted as saying he “couldn’t let […]

‘Shark Tank’ Deals Changed Seventy-Three Percent Of The Time After Taping According To New Report

It’s no secret that the deals that happen on Shark Tank are nothing more than handshakes until both parties — shark and entrepreneur — go through a period of due diligence and sign a contract. In 2014, Bloomberg reported on blogger T.J. Hale’s analysis that two-thirds of Shark Tank deals fall apart completely after the […]

‘Shark Tank’: How Mark Cuban Mentored One Young Entrepreneur After His On-Air Deal Fell Apart

After the fan fare of Shark Tank, there is work to be done behind the scenes. Henry Miller, the spiced-honey entrepreneur who landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec when he was only 16 years old, discovered that. When you attempt to be prepared, things don’t always go as planned, and in business […]

Pitching ‘Shark Tank’? Here’s When To Catch The Investors In Their Best Moods, According To Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank premiered Season 8 on Friday night, and according to Entertainment Weekly, it’s bound to be a big one. The magazine reported that the sharks made a combined investment of more than $100 million, proving that the television phenomenon is not just for show — the investors put their money where their mouths are. […]

Daymond John Says He Doesn’t Watch ‘Shark Tank’

Viewers of Shark Tank might have learned something new about Daymond John if they read this weekend’s New York Times piece on the business mogul’s Sunday routine. It turns out he spends time in nature, socializes with loved ones, and watches television — but not the reality program for which he’s so widely known. Instead […]

Why Robert Herjavec Of ‘Shark Tank’ Looks For The ‘Initial Vibe’ When Hiring Someone

Candidates for jobs at Robert Herjavec’s company shouldn’t be surprised if their interview starts off with general chit-chat. While it may be a common tactic to put nervous would-be employees at ease, the Shark Tank star wrote in Fortune that it’s also his way of assessing the candidate’s potential fit. Ultimately, Herjavec says, they have […]

Why Daymond John Will Sport A New Look For ‘Shark Tank’ Season 8

Anyone who’s thought Daymond John sports a bolder look on Shark Tank than his fellow investor Kevin O’Leary is right. According to John, it’s a deliberate choice to dress like himself and to match the dynamic presence expected of a television personality. He told Men’s Health in August 2014 that O’Leary “dresses traditionally and understated, […]

What ‘Titin’ Founder Patrick Whaley Shares With ‘Shark Tank’ Investors Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, And Daymond John Might Surprise You

According to the University of Michigan, between five and 10 percent of people have dyslexia, but the number may be as high as 17 percent. On the Shark Tank panel, that number is fully 50 percent: three of the six investors — Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary — all have dyslexia. It turns […]

‘Shark Tank’ Success ‘The Natural Grip’ Takes Robert Herjavec’s ‘Beyond The Tank’ Advice

When Robert Herjavec landed a deal with Natural Grip entrepreneur Ashley Drake, Daymond John was none too pleased. As the FUBU mogul told Business Insider back in November 2014, he thought he was the best fit for Drake’s product, which combined his interests in apparel, fitness, and crossfit. “The deal was apparel-based, it was fitness-based, […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Says Business Success Is All About The Customer

Think you have the next big thing? If you want to market your product so it will sell, Shark Tank star Daymond John has some advice: listen to your customers. In a new article posted on Fox News, John said entrepreneurs should actually tailor their product to please their buyers, so they know they are […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Announces Birth Of His New Baby Girl

Daymond John might have a newfound interest in the baby products that are pitched on Shark Tank. Us Weekly has confirmed the clothing and branding mogul became the father to a baby girl on Wednesday. It is the first child John, and his longtime girlfriend, have had together. Perez Hilton reported that it is John’s […]

Daymond John’s ‘Favorite Kind Of Nut’ Is His ‘Shark Tank’ Co-Star Barbara Corcoran

Fans of Shark Tank don’t often see Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran on the panel at the same time — but that doesn’t mean the two entrepreneurs are not friendly in real life. In fact, there seems to be a fair bit of teasing going on, at least from John. Last month during a Reddit […]

TurboPup Riding High After ‘Shark Tank’ Investment From Daymond John

When Kristina Guerrero pitched the Shark Tank last year, her company had a mere $7,000 in annual sales. But she had an attractive dog, Odin, and a great idea: a pet product that’s not a treat, but a complete meal. Guerrero explained she came up with the idea while hiking with her dogs and ran […]

Why Chris Sacca Finally Agreed To A ‘Shark Tank’ Guest Spot: Twitter, Halloween And Mark Cuban

None of the investors on Shark Tank are hurting for cash. Part of the appeal of the program is watching the mix of entrepreneurs at different stages of success, pitching the value of their businesses to investors who don’t really need to make any more money. If there’s a likeable entrepreneur, sometimes viewers secretly plea […]

‘Shark Tank’: Three Jerks Jerky Adds A New ‘Jerk’ As Daymond John Invests

For two Shark Tank entrepreneurs, necessity was the mother of invention. The former roommates behind Three Jerks Jerky were unhappy with other brands of the classic meat snack. So, they got up off the couch and made their own. As The Los Angeles Times reported in May of 2014, Jordan Barrocas used the dehydrator he’d […]

Daymond John Of ‘Shark Tank’ On His Mother’s Influence: ‘I Couldn’t Let Her Down’

Daymond John is a self-made business mogul and entrepreneur, but the Shark Tank investor is quick to credit those who have influenced him in his rise to the top. In a new interview with People, John singles out his mother as a driving force of his own ambition. John’s parents divorced when he was 12. […]

Daymond John Is Okay With That KKK Guy Wearing FUBU, But Wants Him To ‘Change His Ways’ [Video]

Daymond John says FUBU is for people of all colors. But he does wish the KKK supporter who wore FUBU shoes to a Confederate flag rally would “change his ways.” As The New York Daily News reported, journalist George Chidi spoke with an unidentified man with a KKK tattoo who was at the rally in […]

Daymond John Of ‘Shark Tank’ On Why Customer Service Is King

Daymond John may pass judgement on the investment opportunities that come his way on Shark Tank, but the founder of FUBU has made his own financial blunders. John told Inc. that he was taking money out of his growing company when he should have kept it in the business. He denies his spending was “lavish,” […]

Christopher Gray’s App ‘Scholly’ Enjoys Success After Sparking A Fight On ‘Shark Tank’

Christopher Gray may long be known as the entrepreneur whose pitch started a fight in the Shark Tank. His episode, which first aired in February, showed Lori Grenier and Daymond John offering to invest in Gray’s scholarship app, Scholly, before many substantive questions had been asked. The resulting scuffle saw three sharks — Mark Cuban, […]

Barbara Corcoran Of ‘Shark Tank’ Touts The Benefits Of Daydreaming

Barbara Corcoran made a fortune with her real estate company before becoming a Shark Tank panelist. What she didn’t make, as a self-described “straight-D” student, was the honor roll. On Wednesday, during a Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), Corcoran emphasized that poor marks should not be an obstacle to entrepreneurial success. “The great thing about […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Gives Entrepreneurs Social Media Tips

Followers of Daymond John know the Shark Tank star is very active on social media. On occasion, he opens his Facebook page to entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and has been known to tweet out a picture of an alarm clock at a very early hour. Entrepreneur compiled some words of advice from John about […]

‘Shark Tank’ Success: Christopher Gray Showed Entrepreneurial Spirit Years Before Scholly App

Last month on Shark Tank, Christopher Gray was part of one of the most dramatic moments in the show’s history. The Drexel University student presented his app, Scholly, to the panel and asked for an investment of $40,000 for a 15 percent stake. Lori Greiner and Daymond John invested quickly, offering Gray the exact terms […]

‘Shark Tank’ Success: Best To Be A Woman Or Part Of A Team

Shark Tank isn’t just one of the most popular reality shows on television, it’s one of the most popular shows, period. The idea of watching someone with an idea and a dream go from small time to big time is very “American dream,” so it’s no wonder people flock around the set each week to […]

‘Shark Tank’ Producer Denies Reports That Most Deals Do Not Close Off-Air

Shark Tank, the Friday-night success on ABC, is set to start season 6 next week. In anticipation, Entertainment Weekly spoke with the “sharks” and a show producer about what viewers can expect this year. When questioned, producer Clay Newbill refuted an earlier report that two-thirds of Shark Tank deals do not get finalized after the […]

‘Shark Tank’ Parodied By MAD Magazine: Check Out The ‘Snark Tank’

Shark Tank gets the MAD magazine treatment in issue 529, on newsstands tomorrow. As Zap2It says, the parody is not kind, but “fairly accurate.” The spread features artistic renderings of the “sharks” along with two groups of would-be entrepreneurs. In ghost-like form are famous inventors from history, who’ve achieved monumental success on the basis of […]