David Tennant Feels ‘Good Omens’ Is Timely, As ‘The Apocalypse Does Feel Like It’s In Sight’

David Tennant’s latest starring role is in the Amazon Prime series Good Omens opposite Michael Sheen, based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s co-authored 1990 novel of the same name. The novel is a tale which starts in the Garden of Eden and ends in a virtual detente. In an interview with The Independent, Tennant […]

James Corden Feels ‘Chubby’ Men In Films ‘Never Really Fall In Love’ Or ‘Never Have Sex’

James Corden recently appeared on David Tennant’s podcast, expressing how larger men aren’t looked at the same. He feels that bigger men still have a lack of opportunities when it comes to romantic leads and continue to be strongly identified with a specific character. “If you only watch television or films, if an alien came […]

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omen’s Trailer Features A Buddy Comedy With An Angel And A Demon

Neil Gaiman is considered to be one of the great literary forces of modern times. Having dabbled in comic books and long form novel territory, it’s not unusual for his works to be adapted into other mediums. One of Gaiman’s novels from the 1990s, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, […]

Lena Dunham’s New TV Show, ‘Camping,’ Premieres This October

Lena Dunham is moving on from Girls, and this probably means that fans should too. To help ease the pain, she’s coming out with a new HBO show that will debut October 14. Camping focuses on a couple, Kathryn and Walt, played by Jennifer Garner and David Tennant, who head for the desert for the […]

New ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals How Jessica Got Her Powers, David Tennant’s Return As Kilgrave

It has been a long wait, but the second season of Jessica Jones is finally set to premiere next month. There is little doubt that the snarky private investigator will find plenty of trouble again this March, but it also looks like the past will come back to haunt the only female Defender. What really […]

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 First Trailer Teases Krysten Ritter Going To Jail Possibly For Kilgrave’s Murder

It has been a long wait, but fans can finally expect to see Jessica Jones Season 2 next year. People have been hoping to see Krysten Ritter back in action after her awesome return as the wise-cracking private investigator in Marvel’s The Defenders. But will Jessica actually end up in more trouble this March? In […]

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Star David Tennant Confirmed For Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’ Amazon Adaptation

He has played a Death-Eater, a Time Lord, and a Marvel supervillain. Now, David Tennant will play a demon who is too cool for the apocalypse in Amazon’s Good Omens. The former Doctor Who star has just been confirmed to reprise his villainous role in Jessica Jones Season 2. David Tennant is evidently on a […]

Fans Wonder Who Kris Marshall Is As Confusion Sets In For Doctor Who No. 13 And The Christmas Special

Over the Easter weekend, the identity of Doctor Who Number 13 appeared to come out and fans were initially excited, but then, confusion and anger started to seep in. Rumors are swirling that actor Kris Marshall has been cast as the 13th lead for Doctor Who, but the BBC and representatives for the actor refuse […]

‘Broadchurch’ Season 3: New Teaser And Everything We Know So Far [Video]

WARNING: this post contains spoilers for all three seasons of Broadchurch. ITV and BBC America are taking us back to Broadchurch one last time. BBC America has posted the first official video teaser for the third season of the small-town crime series. The teaser is a mere 10 seconds, giving only glimpses of major cast […]

‘DuckTales’: New ‘DuckTales’ Voice Cast Includes ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘SNL,’ Sitcom Stars — Theme Song Cover Goes Viral

DuckTales is coming back to a TV channel near you — and it’s bringing a lot of familiar faces along for the ride! As is the case with nearly all Disney projects, news of the rebooted DuckTales cast was kept pretty “hush-hush” for quite some time. There was speculation and rumors circulating online about which […]

‘Doctor Who’ Reset: With Moffat Gone Can Doctor Who Return To The Quality In Had In The Tennant Years? [Opinion]

Is it time for a real Doctor Who reset? Most people seem to believe that the best years of Doctor Who, at least in the recent incarnation, were with David Tennant. With Tennant in the lead and Russell T. Davies at the helm, it was a golden age for Doctor Who. But, as reported by […]

‘Jessica Jones’ E.P. Teases ‘A Very Different Kind’ Of Villain

Jessica Jones is on its break between seasons and, while most shows rarely give insights into the forthcoming season so far off from the actual premiere, Jessica Jones creator and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg recently spoke about Season 2. The freshman season of the Marvel series introduced a villain of such charisma and ferociousness in […]

David Tennant Talks Essence of ‘Doctor Who’ Audio Adventures, Reunites With Billie Piper, Matt Smith At Wizard World

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are reuniting for a series of Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures next month. Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures will be available to purchase individually or as a set. They include “Death and the Queen,” “Technophobia,” and “Time Reaver.” An exact date isn’t stated on the Big Finish […]

‘Doctor Who’: David Tennant And Catherine Tate Reunite For Three New Audio Adventures

Whovians rejoice! Our dearly beloved David Tennant and his Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) have reunited once more, this time for audiobook episodes in three new adventures titled Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures. A snippet has been made available online — have a listen to it below. Tate played Donna Noble […]

‘Jessica Jones’ Renewed For Season 2: Star Krysten Ritter Is ‘Very Proud’

Netflix officially announced that Jessica Jones has been renewed for season 2, and fans couldn’t be happier. The streaming service made the announcement Sunday at the Television Critics Association winter previews — two months after Jessica Jones debuted. Actress Krysten Ritter, who plays the title role, said of her character, “Jessica Jones is very rough […]

‘Jessica Jones’ Is Another Hit For Marvel And Netflix

Just seven months after the successful Marvel/Netflix series Daredevil was premiered to critical acclaim, Jessica Jones — which premiered November 20 — has been gathering just as much praise. The 13-episode noir-style show is based on a Marvel Comics character created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos in late 2001. Alias, the […]

‘Jessica Jones’: Krysten Ritter And David Tennant Talk About Their New Roles

Jessica Jones is the latest Marvel series available on Netflix. Before wrapping up filming, Entertainment Weekly was able to sit down with Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter to talk about the new 13-episode series. Jessica Jones is about a former superhero who suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She decided to open her own […]

David Tennant Hauntingly Evil In New ‘Jessica Jones’ Role

David Tennant has spent much of his on-air career as a force of good. That’s about to change, thanks to Jessica Jones. David Tennant, portraying the evil Kilgrave, is the focus of the latest trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones. The series stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, a gritty private investigator who […]

Latest ‘Doctor Who’ News: Capaldi Stays On, Tennant Returns, Sonic Glasses May Go

For fans of Peter Capaldi as the current Doctor Who (the twelfth Time Lord), it has been confirmed that he will continue on being the Doctor for at least one more season, according to the Mirror. It had been previously suggested that the 57-year-old Scottish actor may be tiring of the role due to the […]

New ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer Shows How Dangerous Kilgrave Is

Jessica Jones fans finally got to meet both the heroine and the villain in Netflix’s newest trailer dropped Friday. In addition to showing what Jessica Jones is capable of, the new trailer also introduces her main enemy, known to audiences originally as Purple Man. Later, he is revealed to be Kilgrave, a role played by […]

Critics Say Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Not For Kids, Sexuality Is ‘Shockingly Honest’

Marvel’s Jessica Jones lands on Netflix November 20, and if you were hoping to watch the show together as a family, you might want to think again. While David Tennant, perhaps best known from the family-friendly series Doctor Who, also stars in the Marvel series, critics say Jessica Jones is not for kids because the […]

‘Jessica Jones’: Everything You Need To Know And Why You Should Watch [Video]

All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones go live on Netflix on November 20, and with the show dropping in on New York’s Comic-Con and showing the pilot episode, the buzz for the show is steadily growing. And here’s all you need to know about Jessica Jones before you dive into her story. Jessica Jones Backstory […]

David Tennant Warns ‘Jessica Jones’ In New Teaser, ‘I Know About Your Gifts’ [Watch]

Netflix has been releasing teasers here and there for the upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter as a former superhero-turned-detective. The first teaser was just that – a tease, as it didn’t feature Jones but rather flashy special effects. Then Netflix introduced her in the second teaser – crushing an alarm clock playing […]

‘Jessica Jones’: Four Exciting Things Revealed At The Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.] Jessica Jones is Netflix’s second foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with the success of Daredevil earlier this year, expectations are high. But up until yesterday, the series was still shrouded in mystery. Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica Jones‘ showrunner; Ted Sarandos, Netflix President; and Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television, were […]

What Do ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘The Walking Dead,’ And ‘Image Comics’ All Have In Common?

David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) are set to star in the upcoming Image Comics animated movie, Chew. The part David Tennant will be voicing was originally set to be cast to Robin Williams before his suicide last year. Chew is a popular comic series from Image Comics and fans are […]

The Fifth ‘Doctor Who,’ Peter Davison, On The Best Doctor, His Son-In-Law, And His Latest ‘Doctor Who’ Projects

Doctor Who number five, the broccoli-sporting Peter Davison, is still doing his Doctor Who thing. Wales Online is reporting that Davison, who played the fifth reincarnation in Doctor Who from 1981 to 1984, is currently doing a press tour for the upcoming Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, celebrating the music of Murray Gold, who is responsible […]

David Tennant Admits That Rose Was The Doctor’s Girlfriend

Fans of the long running BBC series Doctor Who can finally settle a debate, The Doctor and traveling companion Rose Tyler were a couple, at least as far as David Tennant is concerned. It’s not as if David Tennant’s opinion isn’t valid. After all, in 2013 on the cusp of the 50th anniversary special, Tennant […]

‘Gracepoint’ Includes ‘Doctor Who’ Easter Eggs, Triggers All Our David Tennant Feels

Many Americans didn’t know about the reboot of Doctor Who until Matt Smith had joined the cast, but for a certain segment of fans, David Tennant was, and remains, their Doctor. The role of the time-traveling Time Lord, however, isn’t something that’s easily left behind. Tennant, sometimes referred to as “Ten” by fans, referring to […]

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special ‘Day Of The Doctor’ Coming To U.S. Theaters

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special “Day of the Doctor” is making its way into movie theaters throughout the United States. The special will debut on November 23 and will also be shown in 3D on movie screens in eight countries. Since the movie will only be showcased on a small number of screens, the […]

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary: David Tennant, Matt Smith Called A ‘Tremendous Double-Act’

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode has been filmed, and David Tennant and Matt Smith have been called a “tremendous double-act.” Those are the words of executive producer Steven Moffat, but it’s inevitably up to the fans to decide, and they will when the episode airs in late November. Steven Moffat says the chemistry between […]

David Tennant To Star In American Version Of ‘Broadchurch’ For Fox

Scottish actor David Tennant has landed a role in the American version of the British drama Broadchurch for Fox. Tennant, who is best known for playing “The Doctor” in Doctor Who, will reprise his role from the UK version, portraying Detective Inspector Alec Harding. The series was a big success for the British network ITV […]

British Drama Trailer, ‘Train Robbery, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Ripper Street’ More Coming To BBC One

A new trailer with a preview of some of the most anticipated new and old British dramas has surfaced and it promises an action packed fall for viewers. The Great Train Robbery, Sherlock, Ripper Street, The Musketeers, and more get a teaser in the clip. Who’s excited? Where to begin? Let’s start with what is […]

David Tennant Rumored For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

David Tennant is rumored to be up for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. The former Dr. Who star is reportedly up for the part of Rocket Raccoon. Although other roles are being filled at a rapid pace, this particular character has yet to be cast. Earlier reports suggested that James Gunn and producers […]

‘Fantastic Four’ Movie To Feature ‘Dr. Who’ David Tennant [Rumor]

Fantastic Four movie reboot planners have received perhaps the most compelling casting suggestion to date, and it came from none other than David Tennant of Dr. Who fame. In an interview with Collider, Tennant admitted that he was too old to play many of the superhero roles currently going around, but there is one that […]

David Tennant Will Return For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special

David Tennant will be returning for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. Tennant made his Doctor Who debut in 2005 and stayed with the show until January 1, 2010. For the 50th anniversary special, the actor will be reunited with his on-screen partner Rose Tyler who played Billie Piper on the show. According to […]

Dr. Who Delivers The Best Knock Knock Joke Ever

David Tennant tells the best knock knock joke ever courtesy of his Dr. Who character.

‘Star Wars’ Rumors: Billy Dee Williams May Return

Billy Dee Williams gave a short and sweet answer when asked if he would be interested in returning to the Star Wars universe, according to Slash Film. As news of the next movie begins to take shape, a number of the franchise’s stars have expressed interest in reprising their respective roles. Enter Billy Dee Williams, […]

BBC Wants Virgin Ads with David Tennant Axed

There’s a new commercial for TiVo floating around with past Doctor Who actor David Tennant, but if it was up to the BBC this ad would cease to exist. After several references to the popular BBC show Doctor Who in the new Virgin ads, BBC bosses aren’t pleased and are demanding the Virgin TiVo ads […]

David Tennant quits Dr Who

Sad new for Doctor Who fans, David Tennant, the 10th Doctor in the BBC hit series will not be returning to the show after 2009. Tennant made the announcement via televised hookup while collecting the Outstanding Drama Performance gong at the UK National Television Awards. Tennant spoke fondly of his time as the Doctor, saying […]