David Sweat And Richard Matt: Investigation Into How Inmates Escaped Reveals Unsettling Security Lapses

Convicted murderers David Sweat and Richard W. Matt escaped from a maximum security prison in New York due in part to the inattention of correctional officer Ronald Blair. According to reports, the men had been watching Blair for months, noting his work schedule and the fact that he rarely, if ever, made late-night rounds. In […]

Joyce Mitchell: Prison Worker Who Helped Murderers Escape Sentenced To Seven Years

Joyce Mitchell, the prison worker who this summer helped two convicted murderers escape from an upstate New York prison, was sentenced Monday to up to seven years for her role in the escape, NBC News is reporting. Appearing before Clinton County (New York) Court Judge Kevin Ryan for her sentencing, a tearful Mitchell, 51, begged […]

Joyce Mitchell: Prison Employee Who Helped Murders Escape Pleads Guilty

Joyce Mitchell, the prison employee who helped convicted killers David Sweat and Richard Matt escape Clinton Correctional Facility, has pleaded guilty. According to Reuters, Joyce Mitchell is accepting the consequences of participating in the escape. She faces a maximum of seven years in prison for one felony count and one misdemeanor charge. Joyce Mitchell struck […]

David Sweat: Inmate Left Cell Almost Nightly For Six Months Before Prison Escape

David Sweat escaped from his prison cell almost every night in order to dig his way out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. According to the New York Daily News, David Sweat would wait until the guards fell asleep before sneaking out of his cell through a hole he had cut. He and […]

David Sweat Moved To New Prison: No More ‘Honor Block’ For New York Prison Escapee

New York prison escapee David Sweat is back in prison after being released from Albany Medical Center on Sunday. Almost one month after Sweat and his now-deceased partner in crime, Richard Matt, escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, the convicted murderer is now locked up at the Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus, […]

David Sweat Weaving Tall Tales Of Escape With Richard Matt — And Police Are Done Listening

David Sweat alluded police for three weeks — two days longer than his accomplice Richard Matt — in the thick woods of the Adirondacks, at one point perching in a hunter’s tree stand while he watched officers search beneath him. At least, that’s the tale he’s told authorities. They’ve spent a couple days interviewing David […]

Twelve Clinton Prison Workers Placed On Leave As Heroin Ring, Corruption Probed By FBI, State

Richard Matt and David Sweat’s daring prison break may have failed, but the drama is only just beginning over at Clinton Correctional Facility. Twelve prison workers have been placed on leave — including the superintendent — as the FBI investigates corruption at the maximum security facility. This news comes as Sweat continues to tell tales […]

David Sweat: Escaped Prisoner Opens Up About Ditching Richard Matt

Escaped inmate David Sweat is in serious medical condition after law enforcement shot him in the torso while he tried to evade capture. Yet, the convict is opening up about former inmate Richard Matt, who he left behind a few days before being captured. People reports that Sweat, 35, who was captured a little over […]

Richard Matt Drunk? Report Says Escaped Prisoner’s Corpse ‘Reeked Of Alcohol’

As the story on convicted killers and prison escapees David Sweat and Richard Matt continues to unfold, new reports are painting a picture of Matt’s last days. Police officials say he was likely sick and quite miserable. And also drunk. On Wednesday night, two days before Richard Matt would ultimately be found and killed, police […]

Meet The Local Hero Who Shot Escapee David Sweat As He Sprinted For Canadian Border

It only took one extremely brave New York State Trooper to take down fugitive David Sweat. The Canadian border was never so close, yet so far away as local Sgt. Jay Cook shot him twice in the torso, ending a three-week saga in rural Northern New York. The story came to an end one quiet, […]

Clinton Correctional Facility: Over-The-Wall Transfer Of Possible Contraband Has Public Concerned [Video]

The Clinton Correctional Facility has been in the news a lot lately since convicted murders Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from prison a few weeks ago. It was during one news report, however, that this prison was put on the map for another reason. According to NPR, some folks tuning in to a Fox […]

David Sweat Shot And Captured Alive: What Brought 3 Week Manhunt To An End? [Video]

New York prison escapee David Sweat was shot and captured, bringing to an end an intense three-week manhunt. The 35-year-old was taken into police custody nearly two miles from the Canadian border. Earlier reports suggested he and 49-year-old Richard Matt were near Pennsylvania — about 200 miles from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. […]

David Sweat Search Concentrated 30 Miles From Clinton Correctional Facility

One of two dangerous escaped convicts, David Sweat, remains on the loose in upstate New York following a breakout from Clinton Correctional Facility three weeks ago. Following the fatal shooting of Sweat’s partner in crime Richard Matt, the search has intensified, covering a wooded area 30 miles from the facility in which both men were […]

Escaped Fugitive Richard Matt Shot And Killed: Police Still Looking For Accomplice [Video]

Prison fugitive Richard Matt, who escaped from New York prison Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora on June 6, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers Friday. He was shot in a heavily wooded area in northwest New York state. Police still don’t know where his accomplice is located. New York escapee Richard Matt, right, […]

David Sweat: Escaped Inmate Still On The Loose

Despite recent speculations that David Sweat was killed during a battle with authorities, the escaped inmate still remains on the loose after fellow escaped inmate, Richard Matt, was fatally shot on Friday New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico stated on Friday evening that Sweat, 35, remains on the run. However, authorities think that he’s […]

David Sweat Killed? Reports Indicate Police In Gun Battle With Escaped Inmate After Richard Matt Killed

Escaped inmate David Sweat may have been killed after reports indicate that he got into a gun battle with police not long after fellow escapee Richard Matt was also shot and killed. The pair had escaped from a maximum security prison in the northern part of New York earlier this month, not far from the […]

New York Escapee, Richard Matt, Shot And Killed By Law Enforcement

Escaped prisoner and murderer Richard Matt was shot and seriously wounded by law enforcement, knowledgable sources told The Daily Beast. Since this story first broke, Matt has been pronounced dead. One of two escaped prisoners, Matt was shot near Lake Titus, New York. This area is one that has been heavily searched by law enforcement […]

Lyle Mitchell Still Loves His Wife Despite Role In Prison Break, But Unsure He’ll Stick Beside Her

At the heart of the prison break that has transfixed the nation’s attention is a human story. That story is one of heartbreak and betrayal, and a husband — Lyle Mitchell — stunned by his wife’s alleged involvement. Richard Matt and David Sweat now run free through the thick wilderness of northern New York, evading […]

New York Escaped Prisoners Update: Police Urge Campers To Take Extreme Caution

Authorities discovered items in a cabin this weekend near Owl’s Head, New York, which may be linked to escaped prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat. Police are urging all campers in the area to take extreme caution. Today, Major Charles Guess of the New York State Police released a statement indicating that a cabin owner […]

New York Escaped Prisoners Update: Mom Of 5 Shares Details Of Spotting Escapees

As police continue to search for the New York escaped prisoners in a strong “hot spot,” a tipster, stay-at-home mom Brandy Thompson, reveals that she saw two suspicious men near her home, which may have resulted in massive amounts of police swarming the area of Friendship, New York. New York Daily News reports that Thompson […]

David Sweat And Richard Matt: Could Infamous Escapee Bucky Phillips Have Helped Missing Inmates?

David Sweat and Richard Matt have been spotted in rural areas of New York’s Southern Tier weeks after escaping from Clinton Correctional Facility, raising some questions of whether another infamous escapee could have helped the pair. Ralph “Bucky” Phillips made national headlines in 2006 when he escaped from the Erie County Correctional Facility and went […]

Escapees Spotted? David Sweat And Richard Matt Could Have Made It To Pennsylvania [Video]

Were two New York prison escapees spotted near Pennsylvania? An eyewitness reportedly informed police that 35-year-old David Sweat and 48-year-old Richard Matt had made it as far south as Friendship, New York. This discovery puts the escaped convicts within roughly twenty miles of Pennsylvania. New York State Police spokesman William Duffy told reporters it was […]

David Sweat And Richard Matt Spotted: Escaped Inmates Seen Again On Saturday, Appear To Be Moving Westward

David Sweat and Richard Matt were spotted again on Saturday, with witnesses saying the two escaped inmates were walking in a rural area in Western New York about 90 miles from Rochester. The sighting was reported on Saturday afternoon in the town of Friendship in Allegany County. The town is located along a major traffic […]

Prison Escapees Spotted: Escaped New York Prisoners Seen Near Pennsylvania Border

It has been almost two weeks since the two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility escaped. The escapees have led authorities on a massive manhunt across New York. For most of the search, authorities have focused on towns near the prison where Sweat and Matt had escaped. Last week, the prison escapees were spotted near […]

David Sweat, Richard Matt Spotted: Police Reveal New Details In Escaped Convict Case As Manhunt Continues

Reports indicate that escaped convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt may have been spotted recently in two separate incidents in New York after their prison escape. The two men escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York on June 6, and a massive manhunt has been taking place ever since. Police are now sharing […]

Corrections Officer Suspended After NY Prison Escape, Expert Says Escapees Won’t Survive In Wilderness

As escaped prisoners David Sweat and Richard Matt remain on the run, a New York state corrections officer was suspended on Friday in connection with their escape. Yahoo! News reports that although authorities didn’t indicate how the corrections officer played a part in the escape, there is enough evidence to indicate that the officer helped […]

Joyce Mitchell’s Husband Shocked Over Prison Escape Plans

Lyle Mitchell, husband of Joyce Mitchell, the prison tailor accused of helping two men escape from a New York prison, says he is “blown away” by the lies his wife has told. Both Joyce and Lyle Mitchell were employed as instructors at the Clinton Correctional Facility where the escaped men, Richard Matt and David Sweat, […]

New York Escaped Prisoners Still Not Found, Lockdown Lifted On Prison While Police Expand Search Area

As the two New York escaped prisoners remain on the run, authorities lifted the lockdown today on Clinton Correctional Facility, the prison where convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped earlier this month. They’ve also expanded the search area. The Wall Street Journal reports that although authorities aren’t any closer yet to capturing Matt, 48, […]

Joyce Mitchell: Claims Made That Former Prison Worker May Have Wanted Her Husband Dead

Joyce Mitchell’s story keeps getting more intense with each and every report that comes out. The former prison worker who allegedly helped two prisoners escape a maximum security prison in New York over a week ago allegedly confessed to enlisting the prisoner’s help in killing her husband following their daring escape. News of this alleged […]

Joyce Mitchell: The Dreams Of A Tailor Shop Instructor

As the search for two escaped Clinton Correctional Facility inmates intensifies after 10 days, society is learning more about the lovesick 51-year old tailor shop instructor Joyce Mitchell and how she’s now battling for her own freedom – not the prisoners. With sleight of hand, two murderers had all the tools necessary to cut through […]

New York Escaped Prisoners May Be In Mexico, Governor Says

As the marathon manhunt continues for two escaped Clinton Correctional Facility inmates, the governor of New York announced today that the two convicts may be in Mexico by now, or at least close to it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that “we don’t know if they are still in the immediate area or if […]

‘Marathon’ Manhunt For Escaped Prisoners Enters Ninth Day, Killers Still On The Loose

It’s now being described as a “marathon”: the manhunt for two escaped prisoners in New York has now entered its ninth day, Fox News is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on June 6, two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility — a maximum security prison in upstate New York — were reported as […]

Detective Who Put Killer Richard Matt Behind Bars Fears He May Be Targeted By The Escaped Convict — ‘I Know What You Did’

The story of escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat keeps getting more and more interesting. After it was revealed that a prison employee named Joyce Mitchell did, indeed, aid in the convicts’ escape, another disturbing detail has surfaced regarding the criminals at large. According to the New York Daily News, one of the detectives […]

New York Manhunt: Authorities Have A Potential Break In The Search For The Escaped Prisoners

The New York manhunt for the two escaped prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility may have received its first big break. Two sets of footprints were found at the Mobile gas station in Dannemora, New York. Dannemora is the town where the Clinton Correctional Facility is located. This information was given to CBS News by […]

Joyce Mitchell’s Husband Allegedly In On Plot To Help Prisoners Escape

Joyce Mitchell’s husband could have also been involved in helping two escaped prisoners breach the maximum security prison in New York, police says. The New York Daily News says a State Police document obtained by the Albany Times-Union revealed Friday that Joyce Mitchell’s husband may have assisted Richard Matt and David Sweat escape the Clinton […]

Escaped Prisoners Scent Picked Up By Bloodhounds In Cadyville, New York

The manhunt for the two escaped prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility has led police to the small town of Cadyville, New York, on Thursday. A law enforcement official commented about this new lead. “At the moment it’s our No. 1 lead. We are aggressively investigating this area based on the lead that was developed.” […]

Joyce Mitchell: Married Prison Worker Who ‘Fell In Love’ With Escaped Convict, Will Be Charged

Joyce Mitchell told police investigating the case of the escaped New York convicts that she “fell in love” with one of the men. The married, Clinton prison worker — who has been a seamstress for the facility for five years — confessed she was set to drive the getaway car for what is being called […]

Two Friends Scream At Intruders On Their Lawn Not Knowing They’re Escaped Killers

An unnamed man and woman were shocked to find two strangers in the man’s backyard. The owner of the house yelled at the men to get lost, only later learning both men were escaped killers who had been convicted of violent murders. According to the Huffington Post, David Sweat and Richard Matt had escaped from […]

New York Prison Inmates Missing, But David Sweat And Richard Matt Left A Jailbreak Note

After two New York prison inmates went missing, authorities were surprised to find a note left by David Sweat and Richard Matt which told police to “have a nice day.” The mocking message only adds to the mystery, since authorities are uncertain how the two convicted murderers managed to pull off such a complex jailbreak. […]

2 Prisoners Escape Upstate New York Jail

On Saturday, two prisoners escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in upstate New York. The prisoners, who are both convicted murderers, escaped around 5:30 a.m. and are still at-large, CNN reports. This is the first time since the prison’s inception in 1865 that a prisoner has escaped. Clinton Correctional Facility is the largest […]