Leah Remini Demands Answers About Missing Scientology Leader’s Wife On Latest Episode Of A&E Series

Leah Remini is demanding answers about the missing wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Shelly, in the latest episode of her A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. It is a question that has haunted the ex-Scientologist turned whistleblower for over a decade, ever since Shelly Miscavige was missing from one of the biggest […]

Jada Pinkett Denies Leah Remini’s Scientology Claims

Jada Pinkett-Smith categorically denies claims made by Leah Remini that she is a closeted Scientologist. “I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the the merits of Study Tech, but I am not a Scientologist,” Will Smith’s wife posted in a series of tweets Monday night. “I practice human kindness, and I believe that we each have […]

Leah Remini Believes Jada Pinkett Is Longtime Scientology Member

Leah Remini insists Jada Pinkett-Smith remains a closeted Scientology member. “I know Jada’s in,” Remini told the Daily Beast. “I know Jada’s in. She’s been in Scientology a long time. I never saw Will [Smith] there, but I saw Jada at the Celebrity Centre.” The Celebrity Centre would be the Hollywood facility the church once […]

Leah Remini Claims Scientology Leader David Miscavige Ruthless In Rising To Power

Leah Remini accuses Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige of using any means necessary to rise to power following the death of founder Ron L. Hubbard. In the latest Season 2 episode of her A&E network docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Remini accuses Miscavige of spending the last 30 years pushing out all […]

Leah Remini Rips Scientology Poster Boy Tom Cruise As ‘Diabolical’

Leah Remini is blasting Church of Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise as “diabolical.” The former King of Queens star has seemingly made criticizing the church she joined as a child a daily task ever since bolting from its ranks just four years ago. In the case of Mission Impossible star Cruise, she minced few words. […]

Scientology Church May Be Getting Own Channel, Rips Leah Remini Series Renewal

The Church of Scientology may be getting its own 24-hour cable channel by the summer of 2017. Several media outlets are reporting after a brutal year of public relations headlined by former member Leah Remini’s harsh depiction of the church in her Scientology and the Aftermath docuseries on A&E, Scientology Media Productions could be headed […]

Leah Remini: Scientology Would Let Travolta, Cruise Get Away With Murder

Leah Remini thinks the Church of Scientology caters to star members like John Travolta and Tom Cruise so much either of them could get away with murder in the eyes of fellow members. “It’s called ethics protection,” she said during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience show. “There’s another policy called the responsibility […]

Leah Remini Warring With Giovanni Ribisi Over Church Of Scientology

Hollywood actor and lifelong scientologist Giovanni Ribisi wants the world to know he’s no fan of Leah Remini’s docu-series chronicling the controversial religion. The 42-year-old Saving Private Ryan actor recently took the famed actress to task over her critical portrayal of the church in Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. “There’s a lot of money […]

Leah Remini Boldly Asks For Proof The LAPD Investigated The Whereabouts Of Shelly Miscavige

Leah Remini is taking on Scientology and exposing the religion for what she believes everyone should see. The battle began when she had a very public split from the church. Remini grew up knowing only Scientology and as she aged, she progressed into higher rankings within the church. Other celebrities have also been affiliated with […]

Leah Remini To Produce Scientology Tell-All Series

In 2013, Leah Remini did something that had seemed impossible – leaving the Church of Scientology. Having been raised under the tenets of Scientology, the decision to leave was not an easy one for Remini, but she knew it was the right thing to do for herself and especially for her children. Since parting ways […]

Church Of Scientology Opens New Movie Studio, Tom Cruise Set To Film There

Many headlines have been written recently about the possibility that longtime supporter and spokesperson Tom Cruise may be leaving the Church of Scientology, but those reports conflict with recent news about the opening of Scientology Media Productions. The new movie studio opened its doors on May 28 after five years of renovations, the Daily Mail […]

Lisa Marie Presley Allegedly Screamed At Scientology Leader David Miscavige

David Miscavige, as the leader of Scientology, is the target of many attacks right now, led by his own father, Ron Miscavige, with his new tell-all book, Ruthless. Now, details of Lisa Marie Presley’s split with the Church of Scientology and her own personal feelings about David Miscavige are surfacing, creating even more questions about […]

Scientology’s Attempts To Protect Tom Cruise And David Miscavige Against Tell-All Book Backfire

It sounds like Scientology is imploding right now, and due to an unlikely source, as Ron Miscavige, the father of Scientology ruler and puppet master David Miscavige, is the one behind the current attack. Scientology leaders are scrambling to protect the church and its most valuable asset, Tom Cruise, from a huge amount of exposure. […]

Tom Cruise Played Into David Miscavige’s Hands When He Joined Scientology

Tom Cruise played into David Miscavige’s hands when he joined the Church of Scientology. Cruise was supposedly “lured” into the religion by the Scientology leader, according to Miscavige’s father — Ron Miscavige — who released the book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me. According to a bombshell report by Daily Mail, Ron Miscavige […]

Scientology’s David Miscavige Desperate To Block His Father From Releasing ‘Ruthless’ Tell-All

David Miscavige and his team of lawyers are trying their best to stop his father from publishing a tell-all book on the Church of Scientology. While publishers are still planning on releasing the book in the U.K., David has threatened to sue for defamation if the book is seen by the public. According to the […]

Scientology Leader David Miscavige Has Been Receiving Death Threats

David Miscavige, the head of Scientology, has reportedly been receiving a barrage of death threats, which has included a man repeatedly calling the main number for Scientology to threaten him. According to TMZ, a police investigation is now underway to try and track down the man who has been making these threats to David Miscavige. […]

L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Death Briefing May Be The Weirdest Thing You Hear Today

L. Ron Hubbard is known as being a deity of sorts to Scientology followers, a talented writer to mystery and science fiction readers, and an absolute nut job to everyone else. Such is the nature of religion. You back a course of faith, and to some you’re brilliant, while to others you’re crazy. But no […]

Tom Cruise: Scientology Network Preparing To Launch In $50 Million Hollywood Studio

Scientology CNN is a news network reportedly being developed by the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise. The TV news network call a $50 million Hollywood studio home. The Church of Scientology news network studio is being constructed by $.50-per-hour workers, former Scientologists familiar with the Scientology CNN allege. A Daily Mail report states that […]

Scientology Leader’s Dad Inks ‘Tell All’ Deal, Story Involves Guns, Private Eyes, And Homemade Silencers [Video]

Ronald Miscavige Sr., who is the dad of Scientology leader David Miscavige, signed a “tell all” book deal with St. Martin’s Press this week. His memoir, which will be titled If He Dies, He Dies, will tell the story behind the infamous church and its leader’s rise to power. The story behind If He Dies, […]

Scientology Leader’s Dad: Tell-All About David Miscavige Planned By His Dad, Title Is Quite Amusing

Scientology leader David Miscavige’s dad is writing a tell-all book with a great title. According to Slate, Ronald Miscavige, Sr. is likely planning on exposing a lot of information about the Church Of Scientology and about his son, who has led the church since the 1980s. Though Ronald Miscavige was once a member of the […]

David Miscavige Allegedly Used Scientology Funds To Spy On His Father

The alleged antics of David Miscavige, the charismatic and reportedly ruthless leader of the Church of Scientology, aren’t limited to the members who challenge him. According to an exclusive article in the Los Angeles Times, Miscavige hired private investigators Dwayne S. Powell to conduct round-the-clock surveillance on his father, Ronald Miscavige Sr., after the latter […]

Scientology Documentary: Shelly Miscavige Missing — Film Leaves Out Mystery Of Church Leader’s Wife

Going Clear, the Scientology exposé documentary that saw its initial airing on HBO Sunday night, has already sent shockwaves through Hollywood with explosive revelations about the self-styled “church” and its alleged involvement in human trafficking, as well as the involvement of major movie stars Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and others. But while the Alex Gibney-directed […]

Leah Remini Televises Her Break From Scientology

Leah Remini, the former star of the popular CBS sitcom The King of Queens, left the Church of Scientology last summer and her ongoing, and very public, battle with the secretive religious organization has been the subject of media scrutiny ever since. Both sides have claimed slander against the other, as Remini claimed that she […]

Church Of Scientology Wanted Brad Pitt, Bono, Almost Got One Of Them

It’s pretty well-documented that the controversial Church of Scientology targets incredibly influential celebrity figures for recruitment. They’ve promised everything from spiritual enlightenment to super powers, but some celebs just weren’t takers. Radar reports that Jenna Miscavige Hill, the defected niece of Scientology boss David Miscavige, revealed more about the church’s practice of recruiting celebrities in […]

Leah Remini Files Missing Person’s Report For Scientology Leader’s Wife

Leah Remini has filed a missing person’s report for Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Remini filed the report with the Los Angeles Police Department Wednesday, according to former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega. The Church of Scientology’s Gold Base headquarters are located in an unincorporated area of Riverside County, California, north […]

Church Of Scientology Fuming Mad At Oscar-Winner Paul Haggis

Church of Scientology members have struck back regarding a recent open letter that screenwriter and Oscar-winner Paul Haggis sent to Leah Remini by way of The Hollywood Reporter. Remini left the church earlier this month after 30 years as a member. Haggis himself was a member of the Church of Scientology for a number of […]

Leah Remini Speaks Out On Scientology Departure

Leah Remini has finally broken her silence over her departure from Scientology. “We stand united, my family and I, and I think that says a lot about who we are, and what we’re about,” the 43-year-old King of Queens star told People at the 15th annual DesignCare event in Malibu Saturday. “I believe that people […]

Leah Remini Thanks Media After Reports Of Split From Scientology

King of Queens star Leah Remini has issued a statement thanking the media, fellow actors, and fans in the wake of reports that she has split from the Church of Scientology. “I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues and fans […]

Twin Sister Of Scientology Leader Arrested On Drug Charges

Denise Gentile, the twin sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was reportedly arrested earlier this year for marijuana possession. The 52-year-old was pulled over on January 22 in St. Petersburg, Florida, after police found nine blunts in her car. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the black Dodge Durango that Gentile was driving was parked near a […]

Former Scientologist Claims Children Forced Into Labor Camp

Former Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill claims the church runs brutal child labor camps. The niece of Scientology leader David Micsavige also maintains she warned Katie Holmes about the child work ranch to protect the movie star mom and daughter Suri. The Church of Scientology has denied the claims in the former member’s new book. Jena […]

Scientology Expose From Pulitzer Prize Winner Levels Accusations Against Church, Draws Controversy

A Scientology expose written by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has unloaded some heavy claims against the church, saying that its founder lied about much of his background and its current leader is known for brutalizing subordinates. The widely anticipated book from journalist and author Lawrence Wright, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, […]

Scientology Article Published And Then Quickly Erased From Website

A Scientology sponsored article was published by The Atlantic and then quickly pulled from the website after controversy ensured. The “advertorial” garnered a plethora of comments that allegedly lead to the removal of the Church of Scientology article. The post about David Miscavige and the progress of the Church of Scientology was published just after […]

Tom Cruise’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend And Ex-Scientology VIP’s Get Personal In Anti-Cult Song [Video]

Remember Nazanin Boniadi, the Iranian actress-model now Amnesty International spokesperson who allegedly auditioned for the role of Tom Cruise’s wife back in 2004 and was mistreated in the process? She’s back. This time, however, it’s not courtesy of Vanity Fair’s Maureen Orth, who wrote a devastating hit-piece on Cruise back in September featuring Boniadi as […]

David Miscavige: Scientology Leader’s Niece Writing Tell-All Book About The Church

David Miscavige’s niece is writing tell-all memoir about Scientology. The book describes Jenna Miscavige Hill’s experiences growing up in the church, which some claim is more of a cult than a religious group. The 28-year-old author maintains she witnessed both physical and mental abuse while growing up in the church which boasts Tom Cruise as […]

Tom Cruise, Hollywood’s Newest Persona Non Grata? Fights Back Against “Lies”

It’s not been the best of summers for Tom Cruise. But if you thought the knives were out for Cruise after Katie Holmes blindsided him with a divorce filing on June 28 — then you haven’t met Maureen Orth. Infamous hit-piece journalist or ‘special correspondent’ (take your pick), Orth’s latest upcoming article which will be […]

Tom Cruise Allegedly Helped By Scientology For “Wife Audition” Process

Tom Cruise allegedly had help from the Church of Scientology in a process to audition a wife, a new report is claiming. In the wake of Cruise’s divorce with Katie Holmes this summer, allegations were leveled that before the pair got together, Tom was working with Scientology on a process to “audition” a wife, The […]

LAPD Investigating Death Of Church Of Scientology Leader’s Son – Hadn’t Been Seen In Public Since 2004

The LAPD is investigating the death of the son of the former President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch, Alexander. The 27-year-old man who has not been seen in public since public since 2004, was found dead July 2, according to Radar Online. Alexander Jentzsch was found dead inside the home of his wife’s […]

Scientology Head’s Niece Warns Katie Holmes: Fear For Your Daughter

One of the most interesting side-effects of Katie Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise is the latest wave of negative media scrutiny stemming from and pointing to the controversial religion of Scientology. If you thought that completely agreeing with Rupert Murdoch on something was the biggest surprise in the media blitz, wait until you hear the […]